Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser with Drop In Liners, 5 Pack

Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser with Drop In Liners, 5 Pack

Drop-Ins Premium Nurser is a sleek, contoured bottle that holds Drop-Ins liners that collapse for an air-free feed. This unique system has been clinically shown to help reduce gas, colic, and spitting up. The pre-sterilized, disposable liners collapse to keep air out of the bottle and your baby’s system. After each feeding, the liner is discarded, so there is one less thing to clean

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Ergonomic and designed for comfort
  • Reduces gas and colic for baby
  • Use pre-sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time
  • Playtex is pediatrician recommended bottle brand
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


Rings are not interchangeable with "original version"

I purchased these to add to a set of "original" playtex drop in bottles that we own. The original ones have very straight sides and I do find that this version (the "nursers") are more ergonomically friendly. These bottles also allow more expansion of the plastic drop in liner so you don’t have to stand and wait for the water and powder to absorb before adding the last few drops of water. My only gripe is that the mouth of this bottle is larger and therefore the rings are not interchangeable with the "original" style bottles. Otherwise, we love them! And, my husband discovered that the cover snaps onto the bottom of the bottle for safe keeping while you’re feeding your baby which is nice for middle of the night feedings when you don’t want to turn on a light to find the bottle cover.

Rebekah Industry, IL

The best

Need we way more about Playtex. They are one of the oldest companies around. These are the way to go. Still A1 in my book! Thank you!

Cornelia San Antonio, FL

Playtex is perfect!

I’ve never gone wrong with these bottles and now with LO #3, I’m using them again! These appear to be sturdier than the previous style I used.

Kathryn Freedom, CA

used these 4 years ago and am I repeat user with our new daughter

I used playtex nurser bottles with our son 4 years ago and knew when I found out we were expecting again that these would be our bottles of choice.I love that the liners collapse as the baby drinks, creating no need for the baby to work out vaccuum flow issues.The liners are single use, which for me, is a great sanitary perk.The only piece that I have to worry about washing and sanitizing is the nipple, the rest of the parts I cycle through the dishwasher, only if they come in contact with milk, which most feedings they do not!

Corinne New Bedford, IL

Most reliable and easy to use bottles we’ve used

You’ve probably seen the complicated "venting" bottles with the little contraptions between the nipple and the bottle. The idea is the if the bottle allows air in, a vacuum won’t be created as the milk draws down, and baby won’t end up sucking harder and harder to fight the vacuum, which is what supposedly leads to the baby swallowing air. We’ve used Dr. Browns and Born Free, and have been mostly happy with both. However, the Dr. Browns sometimes just plain leak, as their design is prone to siphoning if you get milk in the tube while shaking it, and the gadget in the Born Free bottles can be a pain to put together and clean.These Playtex bottles, on the other hand, achieve the same effect by not requiring venting at all: the plastic insert collapses as the baby drinks, and no vacuum is created. The bonus is that there are no gizmos to clean, and making at bottle at 4 am is really easy, with nothing to fumble with. You won’t find an easier to use bottle or one that performs better, and we’ve tried a lot.The downside to these Playtex bottles is that every feeding involves throwing away a piece of plastic. The plastic is recyclable, and the inserts are incredibly thin, so you’re really not throwing away too much. Still, it’s a downside to these that you’ll have to weigh against the convenience. Because of that, we decided to just use these as back up bottles or for traveling. Having said that, given how hard it can be with a baby–especially when you’re in the heavy sleep deprivation stages–I wouldn’t judge anybody for using these 100% of the time.No matter what bottle you choose, good luck!

Tracie Fair Play, MO

A Godsend!

My son had colic and would cry for hours on end. I tried so many different things and these bottles made the difference! These are the BEST thing ever! My son is a completely different kid since switching to these bottles. I have my happy baby back!

Debbie Malone, TX


Why are these not sold in stores. Thank goodness I found these bottles on line. They sould be using these in hospitals. Babies have less gas when using these bottles. Please bring these back to the stores.

Janine Mohawk, NY

Just OK

These bottles are ok, but they really don’t do anything to reduce colic, and the nipples left blisters on my baby’s upper lip. I really like the drop-in concept, but these did not work for us. I sold them on eBay after just a few uses.

Chrystal Littleton, CO