Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Gift Set

Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Gift Set

This set has the essentials to help you. The Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide bottles feature the micro channel vent technology that helps prevent mixing air from mixing with milk, and the Natural Shape Wide nipple that is shaped like the breast with a wide raised, textured area that helps baby latch on for easier breast bottle transition. Plus the angled bottle supports the semi upright feeding position that helps prevent ear infections. Includes: 5 VentAire advanced wide bottles (3 6 ounce . and 2 9 ounce .). Extra nipples (both slow and fast flow), extra bottle caps, extra vent disks. A clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles. BPA Free.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Includes: 5 VentAire Wide bottles three 6oz and two 9oz, extra nipples slow and fast flow, extra bottle caps, extra vent disks;Angled bottle supports semi-upright feeding position to help prevent ear infections
  • A clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles
  • The BPA-free baby bottles feature a new and improved silicone vent, which allows for an improved flow rate, making it easier for baby to drink

Verified reviews


The niece said they were great

Well , they weren’t for me. At 53 , my wife and I have “been there , done that” with the baby thing.Our son is 24 , and if I never feed another baby it’s fine with me.The niece was very appreciative of the gift , and said the product was great. Easy to use , durable and reliable.And although I don’t even know the name of the kid that these were used on , I’m glad my niece was pleased.

Margot Rawlings, MD

2 stars just because the bottle is cute

my baby girl had the worst colic and gas while using these bottles. i was so upset because i invested in about 20 of them. i’ll admit i was atracted the pretty colors and neat design first of all, which is why i registered for these bottles. my baby could barely suck any formula out of these and would become tired and frusterated and would take an hour to eat a 4 oz bottle. reluctantly i tried the Dr Browns bottles and thank goodness i did. they are fabulous, she finishes her bottle in no time and is much happier and no gas. too bad Dr. Brown’s bottles are not “pretty” but who really cares when you have a happy baby who eats and is not up all nite with colic ?? I found the price of both brands of bottles to be about the same and both have extra parts to wash, but Dr. Browns are worth it.For those of you that do like the Vent Aires i have one caution i would like to mention: do not skip the removal of bottom ring and disk when washing to save time… grime builds up on the disk and ridges in bottom ring if you dont wash all parts separately ( i found out that husband and other care takers didnt know that all parts had to be removed when washing and ended up with some gunk in a few of my bottles) Also make sure that the disc is perfectly fitted into the bottom ring before screwing onto bottle and adding milk b/c it will leak (found that out the hard way)

Maria Caddo, TX

Chose a bottle that resembles your nipple shape

I love these bottles though a little more timely to clean they really help with gas. I have used the natural shape nipple as a transition between breast and bottle because it most resembled my nipple shape and my son did great.

Nita Zumbrota, MN

I don’t like these bottles!!!

I bought 4 of these bottles for my son I tried a couple of different bottles for my son. I know not all kid’s are the smae so your child might like them but I had to get rid of them. My son took 45 min or more to drink 6 ounces out them when he only took about 20 min to drink out of the Avent stage one nipple even. I also tried using these at a day care I worked at and other babies had the same problem the nipple on them is to firm so it takes longer for the baby to suck milk out and by the time they are done their jaw is tired. If you like the nipple shape and design the playtex nurser works like a dream with the Multi Flow nipples. Avent bottles are awsome too.

Ora Hackberry, LA

I really love these

This is a perfect newborn set. It comes with three small bottles, two large bottles, slow flow, and fast flow nipples so there isn’t anything you need to buy down the road. I used these bottles when my daughter was a baby 12 years ago and like them then. Wow, they sure have come a long way. The valve in the base works great and is super easy to pop in and out to clean. The bottles are BPA free and the wide mouth makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, you can just tell from the feel that they are good quality bottles. I would highly recommend this set to anyone starting out with a newborn.

Rosalia Milpitas, CA

How far they have come

My brother is about to have a baby so I thought to get these for my niece due the end of Jan…wow…these are cool…the gift set is a really great size for a new mom to start with…gas reduction in babies is a big thing…after filling one with colored water, I can see how they work and even though I used food dye the bottle did not stain…big thumbs up from this aunt to be

Paige West Branch, IA

2nd Time Father POV

Nothing quite gets my goat more than waking up in the middle of the night covered in milk because of a leaky bottle. Temper, angry words, hurt feelings, the inevitable rest of the night sleeping on the lumpy couch because you blamed your wife for leaving the bottle on the bed after putting the newborn back in the crib. These were the events that followed due to the dysfunction of every set of bottles I have ever owned before receiving the Playtex VentAire bottle set.These bottles do not leak as long as you screw the lid on tightly. I am really glad that these bottles do not contain BPA and relieved that they are supposedly easy to clean but what makes me really pleased is that if the bottle makes it through a night on the bed I do not wake up doused in milk.For the good of your relationship with your SO, for the sake of your back, for the sake of the environment because of all of the laundry required due to a leaky bottle just go ahead and add this item to your shopping cart.

Meghan Wyoming, RI

The best of the bottles that we tried

We didn’t use bottles much early on – I breastfed exclusively for 13 1/2 months because early attempts with pumping and bottles were a dismal failure – so we ended up using these bottles late in the game and can’t really say if or how these would work with a newborn. But we did try a few bottles… here’s what we hated and why we love these.We tried the classic Playtex nursers with the bag. They were OK but the bag part seems wasteful and you still end up with a bunch of parts to wash so what is the point? Also the classic Playtex nipples just seem weird to me. We had some success with the “orthodontic” one but nothing but problems with the flat and round tops ones that are supposed to pop out when baby latches on.We tried Avent and HATED those. They leak around the neckband and even the number 1 newborn nipple flowed MUCH too fast for my baby. Only tried these because they came with my Avent pump which I also hated. Then a maybe even bigger problem with the Avent is, the nipple can be pushed down inside the bottle… all the way down inside, so it actually detaches from the ring. At that point your child is free to dump milk all over himself or whatever else he pleases.We started to use these around the time I really wanted to get my baby to sleep through the night, around 10-11 months I guess. I would have my husband go in with a bottle of water or milk instead of me going in to nurse. Now I use them if he needs a night time milk bottle, which is pretty rare, or if it is day time and I can’t find a clean sippy cup or he is, for whatever reason, demanding a bottle. These bottles are really great. There are very few parts to wash and the parts there are wash easily. We have had no problems with leaks. My baby is able to drink smoothly from the bottle because of how well it is vented. I love the angled aspect of the bottle, makes it easier to hold the baby semi-upright and still tilt the bottle to get all the milk out.Curious toddlers cannot dislodge the nipple.And… the colors are pretty. :-)If we have another baby, we will definately use these from the beginning (assuming I have better pumping success…)Make sure to get the NATURAL SHAPE bottles/nipples, not the regular VentAire.

Nell Morristown, TN

Works like a charm!

I’ve been using these since I bought my son home from the hospital. He’s now almost five months old and I do believe this is his favorite bottle. He’s never had a problem taking this bottle (nor the Avent ones for that matter) he’s hungry and he’s gonna eat no matter what. So, I’m lucky that way.Why do I love these bottles? They are a snap to clean! Everything is removable and dishwasher safe. I’ve been throwing these in the dishwasher and they come out great every time. I have had some trouble with the Avent bottles washing but these none at all.As far as leaks we’ve had a few. But, that’s only because I didn’t put them together right. Besides screwing both ends on the bottle there is a plastic piece that fits on the bottom so the air can escape. You HAVE to make sure that piece is tightly in place or you will get leaks dispite having screwed everything together propertly and tightly.FYI, if you get the newborn set be careful! The larger bottles come with the stage two nipple so it comes out a lot faster. My son had a bad choking spell because I didn’t realize that. Otherwise, fantastic!

Patty Portage, UT

Leaky Bottles-Waste of Money

I did my research and decided to buy this product but it did not work out for me and my little one. Half the time these bottles leak from the top or the bottom even after closing them well. Cleanup involves a lot of parts to wash. And my little refuses to drink from these bottles now that we discovered the Nuk Orthodontic nipples. We have started to use those with a standard size bottle. Its airflow system works good as well. And it was an inexpensive option compared to Playtex. I just wish I had found it sooner.

Cathryn Winterville, MS

VentAire bottles = less upset tummy for baby

I used these VentAire bottles for the first time two years ago, and I’ll never use a standard bottle again. The bent angle took some getting used to, but it does encourage a more upright feeding position, which is now recommended to reduce ear infections (which it did in my case). But more than that, the venting system built into these bottles is like magic. It’s very noticeable if you’ve ever feed a baby with a standard bottle before that the VentAire bottle are so much better for your baby’s tummy.This is a nice set because of the size variety, and the slow and fast flow nipples are great too, although it’s quite a shock to your baby the first time you switch to fast flow 🙂

Tracie Silverpeak, NV

Baby loves it and that’s all that matters

I decided to give this to my girlfriend who just had her baby since my baby isn’t due for another month and I’ve decided to go with theComotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle Double Pack, Green/Pink, 150mlfor my own baby. I plan on exclusively breastfeeding for the first 3 months and the Comotomo’s had excellent reviews. My girlfriend who both bottle and breastfeed swears by these bottles. She was previously using theNUK 3 Pack Orthodontic Silicone BPA Free Nipple Bottle, 5 Ounceand said that her baby didn’t enjoy using those bottles. She introduced these to her baby and her baby took to it immediately. The unique design makes it easy to feed without having to tilt the bottle greatly to get everything out of it. She was a bit skeptic about it leaking and wasn’t sure about the removable bottom but now states that there is no leakage and the removable bottom makes it really easy to clean. Not all babies would love it as hers do but if your baby isn’t too picky with his/her bottles then this is a good cheap choice.

Doretha Fort Howard, MD

A Healthier bottle for your baby!

Playtex VentAire Wide Bottles are great for reducing gas and the shape of these bottles help cause less spit-ups as well. The reason I selected these bottles were to determine if they help reduce ear infections and they have seem to do that, but I’m not sure if the bottles are the reason but any little think we can do to keep my niece healthy we will give a try. The bottles had little to no leaks and the nipples didn’t crack or crumple with repetitive washing. My niece was quite partial to the Nuk brand of nipples so I was a bit hesitant to switch her over, but to our surprise she liked them so much we are switching her over to the Playtex brand. These bottles are very durable and easy to clean because you can remove the bottom and clean really good where cereal or formula tends to get stuck or try to hide.The gift set comes with three six ounce bottles for in between meals or juice and two nine ounce bottles for the larger feedings. Great product for your baby and a great baby shower gift that every new mom should have.

Tara Elma, WA

Too wide and large for baby to try to hold

For me, using formula to feed my daughter, this just wasn’t the right choice. The bottles are said to be ergonomically designed to make it easier for baby to hold, but my little one has an easier time getting her hands around and even supporting the much heavier standard glass bottles!The flow is also really slow, even on the faster nipples, and although the bottles don’t seem to leak, they don’t seem to have any real advantage over standard glass bottles, and are much harder to clean.

Rae Medora, ND

Love them! Same nipples used for Playtex disposable bottles

These bottles are wonderful! They are super easy to clean and although a reviewer mentioned six parts (its only five) its not any harder to clean as the parts come apart without effort but fit securely everytime that I have never ever had any leaking- ever. I also use the Playtex Disposable bottles and these bottles use the same nipples as those. A HUGE convienence and money saved on nipples which can be expensive! I just cant say enough about them! Love love love these bottles! I highly recommend these and the other disposable bottles! As for the review mentioning the nipples are too long, not so, although my daughter was not a premmie. I did breastfeed only up until she was 2 months and then introduced formula between breastfeedings. Switching back and forth between breast to bottle was rocky the first two days but afterward it was a breeze and has been ever since. These nipples also have a much slower flow than the other more narrow nipples used in the other ventaire bottles that I would not recommend if you want to breastfeed, or at all for newborns because the flow is so fast. Wonderful bottles- definitely a grand choice!

Lawanda Puunene, HI

Despite trying other bottles, Ventaire is the bottle we use

I started to prefer these bottles when my daughter was born in 2005. I’ve had 2 more children (one in 2008 and the other in 2012), and each time we will try out different (and pricier) options before confirming once again, these bottles are the ones we prefer to use. I can always find these at any grocery store, our babies have never had issues with spitting up or gas, and they do not leak. My infant easily goes back and forth from this bottle to breast.You will have to disassemble these down to clean them properly. Some prefer this, I find it a little annoying to keep track of so many pieces.I continue to purchase these for my son and have given this Newborn starter kit as a gift. It comes with five bottles (2 stages) and 2 variations of the nipple (including slow speed which is critical for new babies and a faster flow as they become more accustomed to eating). It’s the perfect variety to get a new mom started.

Bertie Medora, IL

Have this set and love it

I already have this set and love it. I got another one once my sister told me she was expecting. This is a great set for new mommies. You get a verity of bottle sizes (4oz and 8oz) which you’ll need as baby grows. The wide bottles are great for when baby starts to show interest in holding their own bottle and the bottle liner style is easy to clean. I find these types of bottles clean better than the non-bottle liner ones.Highly recommend!

Jean Confluence, PA

can’t confirm that they’re better, but comfortable to hold

It is amazing how many baby bottles are out there. I am used to using the classic Evenflo glass bottles, so the technological advancements of baby bottles overwhelm me. But then I’ve been blessed to avoid experiencing kids with severe digestive problems. Also, I burp the kiddos often.Honestly, I can’t tell the difference if these work better. But they are comfortable to hold. I think children’s nipple style preference varies so much that I can’t assert that these will work better for more kids than others. But they’re well-priced and easy to find parts for.And yes, these do have many parts, but then all baby bottles have many parts. Even the simple Evenflo glass bottle has 5 parts, so this isn’t that much more. Thankfully, everything can go in the dishwasher, but the base has to be set in a tricky side position because water will collect if it’s flat, regardless of being right side up or upside down. It’s annoying to empty out (and sometimes rinse out) the little bit of water that collects, but it’s not a dealbreaker.But if I were interested in saving money, I wouldn’t get a newborn starter set and only get the larger bottles with various nipples. I never understood the purpose of smaller bottles when bigger ones can hold less liquid than indicated. Besides, anyone who only needs 6 oz per feed will not be able to hold the bottle anyway, so I find the smaller bottles to be useless.

Tabitha Beverly, KY

Very good bottle set

These bottles are well made to stand up to the constant use of a newborn. The bent shape make it comfortable to use while feeding and the ease of transferring nipples will make for good swaps if your baby is particularly bite-y. One issue for some parents, for those who don’t want to upgrade after the newborn stage, I don’t think these will be good for upwards of the first year of a child’s life. The size and setup don’t really seem like something for anything but newborns.Regardless, it’s a good newborn set that should satisfy all needs, because it can be used in conjunction with breastfeeding & formula.

Hallie Henderson, IL

Great Bottle!

I have been using Avent bottles for my previous two children and after they redesigned it with the insert I found I didn’t care for them. I tried these out as an alternative with my third child and I love them. I had tried Playtex in the past but didn’t care for the smaller nipple and found that if I wasn’t really careful with sealing the bottle it would leak. I find that this new Advanced bottle has a wider nipple similar to the Avent bottle and that the pieces in the bottom fit better when closing, My baby hasn’t had any colic issues with these and we were able to take her off Gripe Water and she still doesn’t have issues with colic. Therefore, I believe these bottles are doing a great job with keeping the air from going through the nipple. They are easy to clean and store. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a wider nipple and something that is easy to clean but will still prevent airflow to your child.

Lynette Hayes, LA

Great for all our kids…

We bought Playtex bottles for the first 2 kids, and just in time for the new baby, we received this set free from Amazon. My wife is a Family Nurse Practitioner and she considers this type of bottles the best for our kids. The main reason? When the baby drinks her milk out of the bottle, pressure builds up inside. With regular bottles, it is very easy for the silicone/plastic nipple to contract so it makes up for the milk that was taken out. That in turn makes it hard for the baby to continue drinking. One solution would be to constantly turn the regular bottle or just take it out and pull the nipple out once in a while. With this Playtex set, you do not have to worry about it. It is very convenient and the nipple does not get stuck to the bottle. The only potential downside is having more pieces to clean – as each bottle has 2 extra pieces to help with the pressure flow on the bottom. This is definitely recommended. For kids 1-year and older, we prefer thePlaytex 3 Pack BPA Free Ventaire Crystal Clear Standard Bottles, 9 Ounce, as they have a smaller diameter and easier to hold.

Shawna Minburn, IA

No leaks or other problems

When searching for bottles, I really liked some of the features of these bottles like the venting, the wide nipple, and being able to take them apart to clean them. I was unsure about getting them because several people have reported problems with leaking. But I went ahead and gave them a try and have had no problems with leaking or anything else. Our baby is now 9 months and we have used them a couple times a week from the time he was 3 weeks.He has never had any problem switching between these nipples and breastfeeding. The slow nipple is pretty slow, but then those first few months our baby was very slow when he breastfeed as well. We tried the fast nipple with him early on and even though the tiny hole seems insignificantly larger than the slow-flow hole, he would choke. I think it was around 4 months when he was ready to switch to the fast flow nipples.They wash up easily, although I now think that bottles that only open from one end would be just as easy to clean as these ones if you use a good bottle brush. The multiple parts do make for slightly more work, but little things like that don’t bother me. If they bother you, you might want to go with something else.I haven’t tried any other bottles because we haven’t had any wish to, so I don’t know how these compare, but we like them. And the price here on Amazon has been about $5 cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.

Kristie Eighty Eight, KY

What a nice gift pack for yourself or a friend with a baby

Have a new baby or have a friend who is having one? This is a nice starter pack, and even if you are breast feeding these are a great size for saving breast milk for when you have a sitter or are at work. And babies also like water, so even if you are breastfeeding use the bottles for water. Well designed and its so nice that they come in different sizes and all in one gift pack.

Lucy New Braunfels, TX

One of the only bottles I could use

My daughter is pretty much exclusively breastfed. But there were times when I needed to leave her with someone else and a bottle. I went through so many different kinds, including several that were toted as being as close to the breast as you could get. She wouldn’t use any of them. Finally I found the Playtex VentAire. I have no idea what made these different to her, but she would only take these if mom was not there. They have 2 kinds of nipples, some that are smaller and more like a traditional bottle, and others that are a bit wider. I also liked being able to take the bottle apart, including the venting system at the bottom, which has an additional silicone bit.This starter kit was perfect. It contains both big and small bottles and was reasonably priced. Worked great for this mostly breastfed baby.

Cleo Fulton, KS

Great bottles for our baby girl!

*UPDATE* I still really like these bottles. However, we ended up switching to the “Standard” bottles versus the “Wide.” She prefers the standard nipples, and it has helped to keep more milk in her mouth instead of on her clothes. Just FYI. I think it just depends on your baby. Some like wider, some like smaller. I’ve also noticed that the standard bottles NEVER leak! Sometimes the wide bottles would leak for no reason, and I’d have to reassemble them multiple times to get it to stop.After trying Tommee Tippee, Playtex Drop-Ins, & Dr. Brown’s bottles, we finally found a bottle that works for our baby girl. While we loved the Drop-Ins, it started to become tedious to squeeze all the extra air out of the bag each time we made a bottle. With the Dr. Browns, I got sick of scrubbing all the various parts. Too much trouble! I decided to give the Ventaire’s a try, and I’m so glad I did! Even though there are several parts to the bottle, I just throw them all in the sink with hot, soapy water, let them soak, and then rinse them. Voila! Putting the bottles together is a breeze, and the only time I’ve had issues with leaking is when the cap isn’t tight enough, which is my fault. I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in her air intake, and she burps much more easily after eating. Cosmetically, they are super cute, and I like that the colors are gender neutral. Overall, I love these bottles, and you certainly can’t beat the price. Give them a try! 🙂

Mildred Alton, IL

We Like Them!!

While my first son almost never spit up, my second spits up ALL the time. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still a good bit. We’ve only been using these a few weeks, but he hasn’t spit up near as much. It may be because he’s getting older and eating more baby food and all, but I’ll gladly give credit to the bottles!I’m going to point out a few things about these bottles that we’ve observed and you can decide whether that part is positive or negative.-After using “straight” bottles, these do take a bit of getting used to. Since the top is curved, it’s easier to spill the formula if you don’t turn it with the lower side towards you when pouring it in.-The small bottle is 6 ounces as opposed to 5 ounces on all the other bottles we’ve used. At first, I was really excited about this, but you still can’t make a 6 ounce bottle using powdered formula. There’s not enuogh room to mix it up. So, you can still only use it as a 4 ounce bottle IF using powdered formula. There’s plenty of room if you’re using liquid or breast milk for 6 ounces.-There’s 6 pieces to put together for each bottle. Two pieces go together at the bottom, and 3 at the top. I’ll admit sometimes it gets to be a pain with so many peices, but most bottles these days have a lot of pieces.-There’s different colors, so there’s a variety. I like that the colors are gender neutral. When you’re putting the bottles together it does take a little more time trying to match up the tops and bottoms according to color, but that part isn’t absolutely necessary. I like them to match, though.-The “slow” nipple is VERY slow! The “fast” nipple is VERY fast. I would prefer and in between. If you’re using breast milk, the “slow” nipple is perfect. If you put cereal in the bottle, the fast nipple is perfect for that. It’s fast enough that you don’t have to widen the hole or anything.Overall, we are VERY pleased with them! Even my husband is happy with them. 🙂

Taylor Torrington, WY

Daughter will take with the latex nipples

My daughter would not take to a bottle unless it had the latex nipple. Unfortuantely the VentAire bottles only come with silicone nipples so we had to buy the Playtex NaturaLatch latex nipples after the fact. Highly recommend to anyone struggling to get their infant to accept drinking from a bottle.

Luella Colton, SD

Great for babies transitioning to bottle from nursing

Great product! Moms need to try different products to see what will work for your particular baby- I registered for Dr Browns however received this through the Amazon Vine program.These bottles are BPA free, and the gift set is awesome because it contains 6 and 9 oz bottles as well as 2 extra nipples and 2 vent discs.The shape of the bottles do look different however its to allow the air to vent and remain at the back of the bottle.The bottle and parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack, however I do recommend getting one of those dishwasher racks specific for baby bottles parts so you can keep everything nice and together :)Update: I love these bottles the only thing is that I use a Medela breast pump and I’m not able to pump directly into them. I work partime and nurse on demand and home, so I literally pump on work for the next day so I don’t need storage bags.They are awesome in the dishwasher since they open at both ends.My husband complains about loosing the vent discs, but I havent had any issues with that.

Erika Laneview, VA


Cleans easy, vents great, works perfect for newborns. These bottles also fit into standard size heating element. Easy to fit into the mouth as well. Lovely new invention!

Ida Ashford, AL

great starter set

Like many others, I was worried these bottles would leak but they don’t! Hurray!I love that the set comes with 6 oz and 9 oz bottles. I prefer to have multiple sizes to work with.I really wanted to try these to see if they’d cut down on burping. They don’t appear to do so, at least not significantly, but my baby is not exclusively bottle-fed.Pros:- They don’t leak!- They are super-easy to get very clean (quickly!) because the bottom comes off. This is great when I’m out and about without my bottle brush.- The sizes are great for growing babies.- The shape of the bottle is easy for me to hold and for the baby too.- DISHWASHER SAFE!- The set comes with extra nipples and vent disks… which is always handy.Cons:- Water will get into the bottom cap if you warm your bottles in water (but once you realize that it’s easy to shake it out).- Can’t tell if the bottle cuts down on burping and gas.

Carolyn Boones Mill, VA