Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail, White

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail, White

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail is the ultimate hands-free diaper disposable system that’s available in an ergonomic design. This set contains a pail and a refill cartridge that can hold various diapers. The foot pedal is a hands-free opening system that makes it easy and comfortable to use. Why You’ll Love It: Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail is made with patent pending double locked pail design that holds diapers, and the multilayer refill helps to lock in odors and germs. The protection can help your baby to stay protected from allergies and skin diseases caused by microbes. Features Ergonomic design Leaves behind no residue Foot pedal system for ease of use Offers protection

Main features

  • Formerly called DIAPER GENIE II ELITE – Same great product with new name and new packaging
  • Our most advanced Diaper Disposal System
  • Foot pedal for easy, hands-free diaper disposal
  • Built-In Antimicrobial protection inhibits odor causing bacteria
  • Contains One Pail that holds up to 38 diapers and One Refill Cartridge that holds up to 270 diapers

Verified reviews


You can use garbage bags in this!

Okay, I’m just baffled at how many people haven’t figured this out yet! LOL! Simply take an empty refill ring, put a regular ol’ garbage bag down into the center, then simply overlap the top of the bag over the ring and tuck it under the ring when placing it into the genie. Simple, cheap, and works just as well.

Tricia Hancock, VT

I hate this thing. Diaper Dekor is MUCH better

I got rid of the Diaper Genie II and bought the Diaper Dekor instead…we’ve been very happy with the Diaper Dekor and recommend that.- holds very few diapers — must be changed every few days(Diaper Dekor holds at 5x as many diapers…and only needs to be changed weekly, every 8-9 days)- refill does not last very long…gets expensive(Diaper Dekor refill lasts forever — like 2 months, I think! Way cheaper…)- what I hated most: I scratched up my hands every time I stuck a diaper in it…there is a plastic ring around the refill that sticks out…I honestly bled almost every time. It was awful.(Diaper Dekor has a step pedal, so hands never have to go inside.)- don’t really have a problem with smell control with either of these, but our 6mo old is exclusively breastfed and of course, smells like roses 🙂

Elvia Hingham, WI

Went in the garbage with the diapers

I’m on my 3rd baby and have had 2 different models of this item. BOTH lids have broken, and that is with light use. It also does pathetically little to keep the smell down. My current model is pretty much a paperweight in the corner of the nursery and we have been using grocery bags to dispose of the diapers.I just got the Munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper pail to evaluate before its release next month and I tossed my old Diaper Genie right in the trash. 😉 I figure it can’t be any worse, LOL!

Lynnette Mandaree, ND

just helping NEW MOMMYS save their money

i registered for this and got this as a gift, i too used this for about a month or 2 then i went right in the trash along with the diapers! now i just keep walmart plastic bags in the baby room in a little basket under my changing table and tie up the plasitic grogery bag & toss it. NO MATTER WHAT if the diaper genie stays in the room, it will give the room a little stinch. The diapers now just go right out with the trash in the kitchen! Register or buy something else for your baby not for their dirty diapers! 🙂

Christian Watton, MI

Diaper Genie II Elite

I wanted to review this product after having used it for almost 2 years. I have to say, even after that long it’s still going strong! Something I would recommend would be to only use it for poop diapers (this helps conserve the refills which can be pricey) and spraying the cavity with Lysol every time you empty out the “diaper sausage”. Because of the Lysol thing we don’t have any phantom poop smells that a lot of people seem to be complaining about. Overall I’m extremely pleased with this product and a friend of mine loved it so much she got one for each floor of her house.

Lois Beverly, MA

Piece of junk

The lid on BOTH of my Genies gets jammed EVERY time I change the bags. It takes 5 min. to change it and a broken nail. This product is JUNK don’t buy it or you’ll regret it.

Tina Huron, TN


Still waiting for our son to be born but so far it seems great… it was almost too easy to put together. Pretty tall and very white…I look forward to using it.

Shawn Mason, KY

the refill cartridges skin my knuckles

The only design flaw with this product is a pretty bad flaw… The refill cartridge has an exposed sharp circular lip that can catch and skin on your knuckles as you go to push the used diaper through the springloaded flap. I’ve got a handful of spots on my hand where I’ve skinned myself while doing this. It hurts like hell and I get bleeding wounds from it.

Susie Republic, WA

This *is* worse than the regular Diaper Genii II

When the movers broke our regular Diaper Genii II we replaced it with your Diaper Genii II Elite. We figured that as good as the regular product was, the “Elite” version had to be better. We were wrong.Every time you open it to drop in another diaper the smell is unbearable. Since we had been using the original product we have a basis for comparison and know the newer model is much, much worse.It is nice to be able to step on a pedal and drop in a soiled diaper. However, that convenience does not outweigh the problems of odor control.

Alba Capitol Heights, MD

An Awkward, Overpriced garbage can

This system works as promised. You can easily insert a diaper and it is closed in, to help inhibit odors. The only problem I have with these is that you have to buy refills. Can we say unnecessary expense? Ugh. Bad enough I have to buy diapers and wipes. And the biggest reason I dislike this unit is that it takes forever to fill up. I mean how many diapers to you really change in a day. My regular garbage goes out every 2-3 days. This will take 1-2 weeks to fill. Not really inhibiting odors if they’re just sitting in this container for days and days on end. It stinks when you finally empty it. And there’s no way of cleaning this thing out. Ick. And then there’s the problem of what to do with it once your child uses the potty. Not cost effective for regular trash like the Diaper Genie is. So, save money and throw your dirty diapers into your regular trash. Get a lid for your trash can and save tons of money on this.

Gertrude Eagle River, AK

Does what it was designed to do

I appreciate the height of this Diaper Genie and the ease of set-up/disposal. It’s a solid product and does exactly what it was designed to do: hold dirty diapers while trapping the smell inside the bag, though it did take me a week to figure out that I have to press the lever on the bottom all the way down to prevent the smell from escaping.Now we just have to give it more time to see how well it holds up over time…

Adriana Evarts, KY

Not living up to the hype

Everyone told us this was the best use of plastic they’ve encountered, that it is a dream come true, etc. Frankly, it’s only ok. We have a vipp (I know, super expensive), and that is amazing. The genie is perhaps only amazing if your alternative is an open plastic trash can? For those into simple human, or other products with sophisticated engineering, you will not be impressed. The latches don’t latch well, the plastic doesn’t line up, etc. Frankly, I’d get a simple human trash can over it if I had to do it over.

Mamie Dickens, IA

Ends the argument about lid up or down

Prior to receiving this via Amazon Vine, we had been using the standard Diaper Genie that a friend lent us. They are about to have their next child, so it was time to return this to them.Yes, it’s a glorified trashcan. Yes, refills are expensive. No, it is not a lifesaver or a ‘required item’ by any means. However, it is a great little device that I have found very handy to use, especially as our son pooped 3-5 times a day (usually towards the high end) for the first 4 months of his life. As we reached the 9 month mark, he still poops about 3 times a day, so our pail gets a fair amount of use. Even so, the regular pail manages to hold almost an entire week’s worth of diapers. It’s also helpful because our trash requires disposable diapers to be double bagged, so the inner bag helps meet that requirement.The Diaper Genie confines the smell to the pail, if there is any odor at all. Otherwise, we’d be going through quite a few trash bags, as we’d need to empty the trash multiple times a week. In addition, now that my son is mobile, it keeps the dirty diapers out of his hands, as he is certainly adept at getting into everything. If the diapers were in the regular trash, he’d likely dig in there and bring up some unwelcome surprise(s).My husband and I have had some disagreement over the regular Diaper Genie: if the top should be up or down. I say down, because closed is neater, and would help to contain any smell. He said open because it’s easier to just drop the diaper in, and you don’t need a hand to lift the lid. With the Diaper Genie Elite, it ends the argument, since there is a pedal that opens the lid. The Elite also is larger than the regular, which means it does last an entire week of diapers.My one gripe about the Elite is that the bottom and top pieces don’t always line up well when changing/removing the bag, and it requires some fiddling to get them latched correctly. The regular Genie did not have that issue.Overall, this is a bonus, very nice to have item, and the pedal adds convenience.

Annabelle East Carondelet, IL

Diaper Pail Lacking in Quality and Functionality

I was hoping this diaper pail would work smoothly as advertised, but I have been disappointed. The parts snap together in somewhat of a shoddy fashion because the plastic molding seems just a bit off, the pail fills very quickly, and, as it gets full, it can easily jam up when you try to place another diaper in the pail, resulting in a horrible mess that is frustrating to fix. I find myself having to tinker with it way more than I should have to for a product marketed for convenience. That said, I continue to use the product because I’m not aware of a better option, and, even given its flaws, it does a good job of eliminating all diaper odor (obviously a very important quality for a diaper pail). The bags are also very easy to cut and remove from the pail, so when it’s working as its supposed to, it’s a decent product.

Billie Mariposa, CA

Yes and then no…

We’ve used a Diaper Genie since our eldest daughter was born, and we’ve always liked its convenience, even if its necessity has never been truly present. Like some have noted, there is nothing overtly special about the Diaper Genie. It is a glorified trash can. It does its job in that it houses your diapers, but there are certain cons to this product, despite the masses who claim it a godsend. First off, the refills are atrociously overpriced. I find this issue to be even more present with this new Diaper Genie Elite because it does not hold nearly as many diapers as the previous Genies did. While they eliminated (or took strides to) the offensive odors that can leak out of the open lid (lifting the lid to dispose of a diaper has been a struggle at times) by adding the step-pedal and the compartment inside that closes off the diaper below, it also shortened the occupancy, leaving you less space to store your diapers before needing to change out the bag. Also, the separation compartment doesn’t always work as well as it should. The design is slightly cheapened by the plastic material used to make the Genie and so it doesn’t always close completely, leaving a gap for odors to come through. That said, I still use it and it does keep the smells hidden better than simply filling a trash can with dirty diapers. I just wish that it could really justify its own existence. Instead, it’s more convenient than practical.

Sonja Piermont, NY

No one’s going to stop you, but…

We’ve been using this Genie for nine months. Broke after 3 months. Now only use if I have to. Would not buy again.I went into this purchase KNOWING it was ridiculous. But, the way I saw it, buying a Diaper Genie was a fun rite-of-passage as a new parent. You’re not stupid; you know it’s an overpriced garbage can, with overpriced bags you will be committed to buying forever. But it’s a DIAPER GENIE! Makes diaper time fun-time, right!?The first three months were great. People had bought us tons of refill rings so no expenses there. Each bag holds a lot of lil newbie-sized diapers and all their smells. Each refill ring has about 4 bags worth of diapers. If you don’t smell it, you don’t always remember to empty it, but I suppose that’s nice. Foot pedal is AWESOME, as you can’t have too many free hands when diapering. Worked as promised. That right there pays for itself, yes?Well, I hope so. Because eventually the refills ran out and regular trash bags just didn’t hold as many smells or diapers. I stuck with refills. Then it broke in month 4. A TEENY, TINY plastic post broke off somewhere in the mechanism and now one of the plastic doors don’t “magically” close anymore. READ: Doesn’t hold the smell in anymore. The Genie inside our plastic eyesore has died.No worries, still works …as a regular garbage can. There is nothing magical about a garbage can that doesn’t hold in smells. We have those in every room. They cost much, much less and they don’t force you to cram a now 9-month-sized diaper into a tiny hole eight times a day.In summary, now that the “newness” has worn off of diapering and the “magic” has worn off this garbage can I WOULD NOT buy one of these – or any – diaper pail. I would invest in a nice stainless steel kitchen-grade garbage can with a nice solid foot pedal. It would not hold in smell because it’s “magic” but because it’s MADE WELL and will be useful for diapers of ALL SIZES and anything else that needs to be thrown away in a nursery – using regular ol’ garbage bags. After baby grows I would have an attractive, solid garbage can for regular garbage.The only amazing thing about this is how it convinces normally sane people it’s worth $35.

Summer Mountain, WI

Works well

I bought this when the grand baby was born and haven’t yet noticed any bad diaper smells from the vicinity of the pail. It is easy to put together, easy to use, overall a great investment.

Ursula Merrillan, WI

Great diaper pail!

No smell, no mess. Just empty it regularly and you won’t have problems. You can buy it at Wal-Mart for 39.99 with a 3 pack of refills for 17.50.(Don’t go for the $99.99 price they were trying to charge here on Amazon! That’s ridiculous!)

Susie Missouri Valley, IA


I researched extensively before I bought this, so I was surprised it ended up being such a bad product. Doesn’t hold 270 diapers; the lid doesn’t open easily and comes off the hinges; you have to push each diaper through to make room for more. Someone said this was a glorified garbage pail, but the reality is a normal garbage pail wouldn’t cause problems.

April Driftwood, TX

The Elite has nice improvements over Diaper Genie 2 – new features help but bag refills still cost

This product, along with the disposable Diaper Cake shaped to look like a wedding cake, is probably the first thing expectant moms register for if they are not using a diaper service. In our family, we’ve done it both ways – Diaper service and disposables. If you are gonna go the disposable route, you simply have to have a Diaper Genie and the new Elite has solved a few of the issues that used to bug me about the last one I had. The odor sealing technology works a fair amoun better and now you have the foot pedal operation which makes it easier to manuever around the room with a full diaper in one hand and a clean baby squiriming on the changing table or on your hip! My advice though is to give the foot pedal few trial runs before you load the bags in because my foot pedal was a little sticky the first few pumps. I had to really step hard on mine a few times before it worked properly. Once it was working as intended, I loaded the bags and all was fine. If you’ve never had a Diaper Genie before, don’t expect it to magically catpure all odors out of the room the moment the lid is down; but do know that it really does its job well at not letting any stench from the diaper you wrapped in the bags to leak out. Once the lid is closed, and in-between changings, you may not mind paying for the refill bags since the Diaper Genie Elite really does puty the Kabosh on the stinkies. What I like about the foot pedal most is that your hands never have to touch the Genie.The next new thing is the handle which works well if you tend to let the thing fill to capacity. It holds 38 diapers and the refill bags, which can be expensive, have a five layer system to seal in any odor or bacteria. We tend not to let the thing fill up that far just out of habit. Dirty Dipaers can get heavy and the more you have in there, the btter the chance that some odors might escape. We empty it every other day on average but our child is young and not making super stinky dipes just yet. The plastic that the pail is made of is also made with a type of plastic that incorprates antimicrobial properties to help prevent the growth of germs and bacteria on the inside or outisde in between cleanings. It’s just as easy to use as in the past and easier now with the foot pedal. Set-up is easy too. As another reviewer said – there is a rewason why this is the Number One Shower Gift and they are right! I’m very happy with mine. Honestly, I think Diaper Genie should make something like this for scoopable cat Litter and call it Litter Genie but I don’t think they can because of that washable litter system that has copyrighted the name. There is however something called Litter LockerLitter Locker II Hygenic Soiled Litter Disposal Systemthat looks an awful lot like the Diaper Genie and uses a similar system.In Summary – if you are going to use Disposbales either exclusively or when you visit relatives, you need this new Diaper Genie Elite. If you factor in all the expenses, including the refill bags , you’ll see that this comes out about the same as the diaper service. it’s really a personal choice and there are Carbon Footprint factors to consider in each choice. I can’t choose for you but I can tell you that this method is less stinky and less trouble than the Diaper drop off & Pick up service. If you are a disabled Mom as I am, who has trouble with joint pain, you may find this preferable to lifting heavy bags of soiled diapers once a week. The handle on the pail allows me to move it around easily even when full. That’s why I won’t switch back to a service.

Socorro Coleman, GA

Overpriced plastic garbage bin. Equally functional and lower priced options available.

The purpose of a diaper pail is to hold soiled diapers until those are taken out to the large trash bin outside for weekly disposal. I don’t understand the rationale for cramming poop/bacteria infested diapers into a plastic pail and try to withstand the coma-inducing odor until it reaches the maximum capacity of 38 then dispose. I believe in getting those crappy diapers out of the house ASAP on a daily basis. Let’s evaluate this Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail:Likes:>Easy assembly.>Convenient foot pedal for no-hands operation during diaper changes.>21.5″ high means no bending/straining of lower back: step on foot pedal then drop in rolled up/soiled diaper.>”Antimicrobial protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria”. ANY sealed/tied plastic bag will isolate odor and minimize the spread of bacteria. NO plastic surface is truly anti-bacterial; only a medical grade copper surface is bactericidal (actively kills bacteria).>Nifty diaper pail that looks the part in the baby’s nursery. That’s right, consumers like function-specific products.Dislikes:>”Our most advanced Diaper Disposal System” requires the purchase of plastic bag cartridge:Playtex Diaper Genie Disposal System Refills (810 count total – 3 pack of 270 each). *Note: The refills are specific for the newer model Diaper Genie and not the older model Diaper Genie II (odd why the older model was designated “II”). Other reviewers had suggested that generic 16-gal. trash bags will fit.>Extra effort with use of plastic bag cartridge. To empty: cut top of filled bag, tie a knot at the end then dispose; To refill: pull bag to full length of pail then tie a knot. Diaper changing is smelly/stressful enough without all this extra work!>The lid opening is not very wide; will need to cram in larger/heavily pooped diapers which is always risky for getting crap on one’s hands (it helps to wear latex-free disposable gloves when changing diapers).>$70.99 for a plastic diaper pail; are you serious?Bottom Line:Save yourselves some money and just buy an appropriately sized garbage can with a foot pedal (example):simplehuman 10L-Liter / 2.6-Gallon Slim Step Trash Can, White Plasticand use much lower priced generic plastic trash bags. Simply empty daily into the large trash bin outside to avoid the pungent poopoo odors and maintain a sanitary nursery.

Tami Bagdad, FL

No twisting, good height, keeps odors out, good improvements

Overall I think this is a 3.5 star product, but I am rounding up to 4 stars. Read my review for some of the gripes.Assembly:=========1. Assembly was a little ridiculous. The entire product is plastic and does not come assembled. To assemble, all you have to do is snap the Top-Lid onto the bottom pail portion, hah! Either the tolerance on mine was too tight, but using all of my weight, this would not snap in place – I was practically lifting myself from my palms while trying to get this to snap in. Persistence finally paid off when I heard that beautiful “Snap” sound after several minutes of trying.Instructions:==============1. Pretty poorly written and the photos are ‘indiscernible’ as if they were taken in the 70’s and over-exposed. Yes it comes in several different languages, but they should really have clearer documentation.Intial Set-up:==============1. This is the strange part, if you follow the instructions to a “T”, then you won’t feed the bags through the pail easily. The “claw” that keeps out bag odors, grabs onto the bag whereby you can physically lift the entire pail system by the friction from the claw. You have to slightly depress the foot pedal to “ease-up” the claw so that you can feed the bag through. You only need to figure this out once, but, the gripe then goes back to the poorly written instructions. (This was really my “half-star” deduction)2. In any case, this is FAR better than the diaper disposals that require you to twist and twist and twist, this is a nice improvement.Fit and Finish:================1. This is my 1-star deduction. When you dispose of the diapers, there’s a nice “finger-safe-cutting blade” that will cut the bag so you can tie in a knot to close. You’re gonna open and close the lid a lot to do this. Whenever you put the top-lid back on, (at least on MINE) it doesn’t clasp perfectly. You have to squeeze the plastic bottom pail in the right places to make the top-lid seal correctly. Why must you seal it correctly? Because if you don’t then you can’t push the button that unhinges the top-lid very well as the the top lid plastic somewhat covers it. Now repeat this 200 times, are you going to properly seal the lid each time or just leave it looking “slightly-off” ? The top-lid should open and it should cleanly shut and no other effort needed.What would have made this 5-stars?===================================1. The hinged-design could be thought of as slightly flawed. We store our pail next to the wall, stepping on the foot-pedal works great and all that for disposing of diapers. But when you want to empty the pail, you need to constantly move it away from the wall so you can unhinge the top-lid (which folds backwards) and reposition it. A better design would be to unhinge to the side or have a front-accessible door to open, cut the bag and pull the bag through. Yes, I know, that’s pretty picky, but if you could design the perfect 5-star product you need to think these everyday steps through. Whatever you can do to make parents’ lives easier, do it and they will buy!2. Better fit and finish. Sure this is all white (flimsy) plastic, but that’s no excuse! I should be able to open the top lid and shut it and it should seal cleanly. I shouldn’t have to squeeze in one side just to make it shut properly. They could have reinforced the two-halves a little or simpy a better design so it closes properly. (Personally, I’d pay more for a pure stainless steel or aluminum can, but that’s just me…)3. Re-do the instructions and pictures, they are currently insufficient.4. The dang first-time assembly was ridiculous, putting all my body-weight and pushing hard just to get the hinge to snap in place. I don’t know how momma could have assembled it!Overall, rather than rounding down to 3 stars, my rating is 3.5 stars. There’s enough little improvements here and there that I’m rounding up to 4 stars.

Marcie Manville, WY

Works well, for awhile

I use this for my daughter, who’s a year old now, and it has started to absorb the smells a bit. I plan on really cleaning it out soon, and we just purchased a new one for my newborn son for his room. I love the ease of putting in a dirty diaper with the foot pedal, and while you may have to push the diaper into the center cavity once and awhile, it’s still a very good product.

Carolyn Wetmore, CO

The hallway doesn’t smell. It doesn’t smell!!!

We upgraded our Diaper Champ to this after enduring months of a section of the house no one wanted to venture into. It’s easy to operate, especially with the built-in bag cutter, which makes it possible to seal and toss a bundle of used diapers while never having to open the bag they’re in wide. The inserts seem a bit pricey, but a 3-pack holds us for 6 months, bearing in mind our child is in daycare and soils about half her diapers there. Figure 4 refills a year if you stay at home.

Hillary Craigmont, ID

Odor free disposal

The baby bargains book thinks it is not necessary. But when I had to do the first diaper change at home, I was looking for a place to put the messy diaper. The diaper pail which was outside the room has moved in. It is very convenient to dispose the diapers with the foot clamp. The idea of putting the diapers in the lower leel – kind of common two tier filters but the unwanted goes down. With the pail being big and covered, it needs a cleaning out after a long time (about 10 days for a newborn) making it a less priority compared to he rest of the back breaking jobs of a mother.When you have so many other things like sleep to catch up on, it is a good idea to have the pail.The plastic bag is not robust. It does not fall like the normal trash bags and gets filled like an overstuffed bag making the thin plastic easy to tear.

Evangeline Triangle, VA

Who are these people who like this thing?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone can like this diaper pail. In my mind, the only reason for a dedicated diaper pail, rather than a regular old step can, is so that you don’t get a face-full of nasty stale-excrement-and-chemical-fumes when you open the lid to put a diaper in. This completely fails in that respect. Every time I step on the pedal to drop a new diaper in, I get a nice big whiff of the disgusting contents inside. In fact, on the last day-ish before the bag is full, I can smell the contents just by standing near the pail with the lid shut. I also hate that there is no way to tell the bag is full until you go to drop in a new diaper and the little claw inside that’s supposed to clamp the bag shut when you open the lid gets stuck on the last diaper and won’t close at all, meaning it releases a stench that could knock you over. Then to change the very expensive proprietary bag, you have to pull the entire pail away from the wall (because it hinges right in the middle of the pail) and awkwardly pull a long sausage of dirt diapers out without allowing the bag to hinge in the center right along with the pail. It’s a terrible design. And then you cut and tie the bag, which actually doesn’t bother me that much, though for the price of the bags, you’d think it unnecessary. But there’s also no way to know that you’re almost out of the bags in the ring, which means quite often, you end up with just shy of one last bag, and you don’t find out until you put the first diaper in, and as the lid shuts, you hear the bag ripping out of the ring and falling into the bottom of the pail.The only thing that I do like is that it’s hands-free, and nice and tall so you don’t have to lean very far away from the baby you’re keeping from falling off the changing table. But those features could easily be duplicated by a kitchen step can that fits the regular kitchen trash bags that come in giant boxes of 500 for about $10 at bulk buy stores.I gave up on this pail and replaced it with the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pail. I lose the hand-free aspect, and I still have to buy expensive proprietary bags, but at least I can’t smell the stench inside the pail, which is the point of the pail in the first place.

Ericka Pope, MS

Get the Diaper Dekor Plus Instead!

I owned this item, one good thing is that it is good at hiding the smell. Everything else sucks about it from my experience.1. Fills up way too quick2. Bag and diapers come out like a sausage link, the design just sucks, it can’t fit many diapers, seems like you are constantly changing out the bag.3. Bag refills are ridiculously expensive when you already have enough expenses to deal with when you have a baby.4. Quality is cheap, pedal broke, top wouldn’t open. Fixed it, but kept happening over and over.I just bought the Diaper Dekor Plus, it is AWESOME. Worth the extra $15! Don’t waste your money on this Diaper Genie.

Patrica Russellville, SC

Love the Diaper Genie Elite despite a few small design flaws!

We already own 2 of the Diaper Genie II Elite diaper pails that we received at our baby shower over 2 years ago. It appears that this item is the same but they have just changed the packaging and dropped the “II” from the name.I was hesitant when I first opened it because I was worried it wasn’t the same and we would have to buy a new, different type of refill but that is not the case. We have always kept one in the playroom and one in the nursery because we change diapers on both floors of our house. The one on the main floor gets used the most and has been great at serving it’s purpose for the past 2 years, however it does now have an odor embedded into the plastic on the inside of the pail. This offering from Vine was a great opportunity to replace ours that smells. You cannot smell anything from the outside but I literally gag sometimes when changing the bag or even just opening the lid to put a dirty diaper in. I have tried using the Munchkin Arm & Hammer nursery air fresheners in the bottom and it works for a short time.Overall, I love this product. It truly does mask all odors form the outside, with the exception of sometimes when you are putting a new diaper in. The hands free aspect is great and works seamlessly when your child is in smaller diapers size newborn to 3. Once we moved to size 4 diapers, and now size 5, the opening is not wide enough to get the diaper in without having the handle the diaper a lot and shove it in there until it falls through the flaps. Also with the larger diapers you cannot fit as many in there before it is full, but we can still go about 2 weeks before emptying it and our son has poopy diaper twice a day, and we use it for most pee diapers too.Refills can get expensive but this product is worth it. The blade to cut the liner is easy to use and there is a black line on the blue bag to alert you that you are nearing the end of the refill. We have had a few times where we forgot in was time to change it and the diapers did fall out into the pail. Another issue we have is that when you fold the genie back up after emptying, most of the time it does not close correctly and there is a gap in the seam. I have to squeeze it to get it to close correctly. I have no issue with the appearance of the Genie, it is all white and blends in well in the rooms we have it in. An option for different colors would be a great idea though!Despite a few little design flaws, we love the Diaper Genie Elite in our house!

Lakesha Mount Upton, NY

Great for Preventing Smell, but Refills are a Pain

The Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail is a tall but slender unit that operates easily by pressing down on the foot pedal to open and close. When the pail is closed there is no smell, which is expected, but it also does a good job not stinking up the room when you briefly open the pail to add another smelly insult to it. While some people will be annoyed by having to use the playtex brand refills instead of ordinary trash bags, my main gripe was the limited capacity of the pail. The bags don’t have a very big diameter compared to normal trash bags. Also keep in mind, that you have to hand tie the bottom and top of the refills, though they are conveniently stored within a ring that fits into the the top of the pail.

Loretta Versailles, CT

Good concept, sloppy execution

If it worked consistently as it is supposed to it would be great. I have two of these. With the first one, the mechanism connecting the foot pedal to the lid becomes detached, and I have to get in there with my hand and carefully reconnect it. The other one is misaligned – when changing the bag and putting the two halves together, I have to squeeze the upper half a little and carefully pull it over to the left so that the two halves will fit together seamlessly.

Angelita Lance Creek, WY