Playtex Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal Pail

Playtex Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal Pail

The unique AIR-TITE system of the Diaper Genie II Advanced Disposal System has a seven-layer barrier film that has been proven best in odor control. Plus the Diaper Genie II system is incredibly easy to use with its one-hand operation; and since the diaper never touches the pail, there’s one less thing to clean. Giftwrap not available for this item.

Main features

  • Formerly called DIAPER GENIE II – Same great product with new name and new packaging
  • Uses the patented AIR-TITE System, a multi-layer odor barrier film technology and the Push-N-Lock clamp, to seal away odor better than the competition
  • Easy-to-use, one-hand design unlike the original Diaper Genie System, no twisting is required
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use – no batteries required
  • Contains One Pail that holds up to 34 diapers and One Refill Cartridge that holds up to 270 diapers

Verified reviews


The Genie II ROCKS!

Experienced the original Diaper Genie with my baby niece about 2 years ago, was a royal pain this bottom to load with diapers and to change out the liners. And it seemed like the liner needed replacing every couple of days, probably due to the “twisting” sausage effect.I received this new Diaper Genie II as a gift for my newborn, and WOW. It is truly easy to load the liner, and I used it from last Wednesday through this Tuesday before needing to empty it. Emptying it was as easy as advertised, I slipped the liner through the cutter and tied off the top of the dirties and tied the bottom of the liner where we were starting over again.At first, it took two hands to un-snap the lid and get it open because it was new, now after a week it has been adequately broken in, and it truly is a one-handed operation.Even though baby is a newborn, she’s been producing some MASSIVELY stinky diapers. Prior to receiving the Genie II, we were using a regular trashcan. The Genie II has completely contained the smell since it has been in use, and my nursery is now blessedly odorless!The liner situation is great. Diapers do not come in contact with the actual container which is extremely sanitary, LOVE IT! Also, it seems that you can safely stuff a LOT of diapers into each load which is great.Bottom line, I give my highest recommendation for this product, 5 stars PLUS!! This will be my signature shower gift to others from now on unless I get beaten to it.

Judith Bippus, IN

spring for the elite

We first bought the elite and we love it. Thinking a second on another floor in the house would be a good idea, we grabbed this product. The differences, for 10$, are pronounced.The first two differences are quite cosmetic: the genie is a few inches shorter and it does not have a foot pedal. I didn’t think this would be a huge issue. Boy was I wrong. This product forces you push the diapers through the opening. Now this doesn’t sound bad until you realize that the mechanism used to keep the smell in is very stiff and requires some pressure. This really isn’t the most hygienic method of diaper disposal. In fact in really messy diaper and you’ll most likely want to shift the bag down some.The rest of the product is ok. Its quite easy to remove the diapers from the product. The razor to cut the bags is fine. The bag replacement system is well designed and easy to replace. However the fact you need to push the diaper through the pail’s opening makes this product near worthless.

Casey Tillman, SC

So much easier than the original

1. You can open the lid with one hand, where as the original has a button that has to be pushed while you’re opening it (take 2 hands). 2. You just push the diaper through the trap door, instead of having to push the diaper through the spring loaded hole and having to turn the “crank” on the top to seal in the diaper. 3. The unit opens in the middle, which is the top of the part that contains the dirty diapers, instead of having to open it from the bottom (tip the entire unit over and pull the chain of diapers out). 4. The cutter is much easier to use, no buttons to push, just slide the top of the bag through the razor and tie it off, instead of having to push the button and crank the dial on top and turn and turn until it finally cuts through, then having to unlock the cutter so you don’t continue to cut the bag instead of twisting the diaper in. 5. Unloading a single tub of dirty diapers is MUCH easier than pulling out pearls of separately twisted diapers and trying to find the ends, gather them all up (touching everything to keep the diapers together) while carrying them to the trash.As far as the odor, I think they are about the same, both work pretty well. Someone wrote that the old style only holds about 30 diapers and the new style holds about 180, I find that NOT to be the case. Both hold about the same number of diapers before having to empty, and for me, that is about 20 of the size 4 diapers (or so).I over paid, $30. I found that I could have gotten it at WalMart for about $25, but I’m glad I got it. It sure makes changing baby a LOT easier for me.

Pansy Mount Airy, LA

Beautiful from the outside

It took me quite some time to assemble it. The hinges were crooked, and the lid won’t click in place.I read that it holds around 200someting diapers….my eyeballs popped out: who in their right mind would store so many diapers (or only 10)in a trash can and not take it out?? I mean, I would have preferred they focused on other details they left out such easability to maneuver or some nice mat under it, or a support for a sanitizer or some baby wipes, etc. attached to it !I probably did not need it or hoped it will be more to it. It is not more to it.But I like the color and ..and the dignity it carries standing next to my baby’s crib.

Geraldine Grand View, WI

I prefer the Twistaway Diaper Genie, this one STINKS!

I absolutely HATE this Diaper Genie! I don’t know why everyone says this one has no smell, I have both models (this and the Twistaway) and I MUCH prefer the original Twistaway! This one literally STINKS! It’s awful! It smells SO much worse! If I have just one poopy diaper in there, you can not only smell it when you open the lid to put in a new dirty diaper, but you can still smell it after the lid is closed again! And I don’t know how many times I have scraped my fingers on the inside trying to push the dirty diapers into the diaper genie! With the Twistaway Diaper Genie, each diaper is “twisted” individually into the bag, sealing in the smell. Also with the original Twistaway, the refills are lightly scented, with this model you get nothing. Nothing but lingering poopy stink! I’m ordering another Twistaway and giving this model to Goodwill.

Alicia Colon, MI

Spend an extra ten to get the Elite version

The Diaper Genie II and it’s brother the Diaper Genie II Elite are barely related. We bought a Diaper Genie II to supplement our Diaper GEnie II Elite. It appeared as if the only difference was size – slightly smaller – and the lack of a foot pedal. What we didn’t realize was that the foot pedal was how the ingenious airlock system works on the Elite. On the regular Diaper Genie II, you have to push the diaper through the hole. first, it takes quite a bit of pressure. Secondly, you have to push it WITH the diaper – and you can imagine that you might get your hands dirty doing that. So, we were disappointed as soon as we set it up and saw how it works – but it was too late to return the product. So now we’re stuck with it.Updated …We have been using it for a month and have gotten used to it. I’d still recommend the Elite II, but this product isn’t bad for a 2nd diaper disposal unit. You do get used to the amount of pressure required to push down a diaper and as new parents, we’ve learned how to roll up the diaper into a tiny, compact package. It’s been about a month and I haven’t gotten my hands dirty yet.

Madeleine Laneview, VA

Put a trash bag in the refill carton

We live in an apartment and wanted to make sure the whole place wouldn’t smell gross. Diaper genie keeps the smell out, NO ODOR. Our son is 5 months now, and eating solids.
• Sometimes
• I get a little whiff as I’m emptying the thing (boy, are the poopy ones are bad) which is fine- it’s only a split second. Diaper genie does it’s job wonderfully. I’d give this thing 5 stars for no smell, but 1 star for the price of refills. Speaking of that…There’s a way to
• not
• buy refills everytime. I don’t know how in the world people are using the refills everytime for this thing-It’s too expensive!!!! We empty ours once a week now. We bought just one refill and put trash bags into that refill. It only takes 1 minute to stuff a trash bag into the refill carton so it’s no extra trouble. We buy trash bags in bulk from cosco so it’s a fraction of the cost. Also, we find it’s best to use a drawstring type trashbag. It stays in the genie refill carton perfectly. (you’re just stuffing the “draw string” part of the bag in the refill carton). We fold up the poopy diapers neatly OR put runny poopy diapers in a grocery bag first before putting them into the genie, so the yuckiness doesn’t get on the exposed part of the trashbag. We haven’t bought another refill since we started doing this 4 months ago. I hope new parents are trying this Before buying refills everytime. Sure, the refill will last a few weeks when your baby is first born, but that phase will end quickly.

Bianca Vernon Hills, IL

don’t get this

This system is horrible, we received it as a gift and without a gift receipt otherwise I would have return this product. How they expect you to push through the spring loaded gate with a filled spoiled diaper is beyond me. This product should be discontinued and the design engineer fired.Skip this and get the Elite. It makes so much more sense with hands free step on to open the gate(just like most of the kitchen trash can.)It receives one star because it does trap the diapers well and there is no smell coming from it.(I disagree with other reviewers giving low stars cause you pay a premium for their proprietary trash bags, you know this buying into the product, it should be no surprise. In addition, this is how most company milk you for money, its an old business tactics modeled after the razor blade cartridges)

Augusta Syracuse, KS

Must have!

This does a good job of containing the smell and you can get less expensive refills to fit it under the brand name “baby trend odor grabber”.

Morgan Cornwall Bridge, CT

Great product!! Must-have for nursery!

I bought this after my toddler’s sons diapers got really smelly. I intitally had bought the Diaper Champ since I didnt want to have to buy refills. But for some reason, either the seal was weakening or something, the Diaper Champ did not work as well for an older baby (after starting solids and stuff). The nursery, especially on hot and humid days smelled horrible. So I went out and bought this. I didnt want to have to twist anything and I had gotten mixed reviews about the original Diaper Genie so I thought I would give this one a try. This definately does the trick. There is no smell in the nursery at all. You just have to push the diaper through the clamped door and the diaper falls through and the clamp shuts itself air-tight. A few things to note: 1)When the bag is getting full yes it is hard to push a diaper through and that is when you get hit by the smell. But it also makes me realize how effective it is. Of course when you get to that point, it is time to tie off the dirty diapers. 2) You get hit by the smell a little when you tie off the dirty diapers. Again, this was to be expected. 3)Even though the diapers are not in contact with the pail itself, the pail can get a little smelly. But when that happens, I use any type of air freshener, like Febreze or Oust or Lysol NeutraAir and air out the pail for an hour or two and it’s like new. All in all, no diaper disposal system is going to be perfect and you may smell a little odor in certain situations. But this product does what it says and the nursery has not smelled since I bought this.

Vanessa Keysville, GA

Lots of poopie diapers in this house…

I have 2 children and 2 Diaper Genies. I love the ease and containment of these- my 19 month old toddler can open the lid, but is not able to dump dirty diapers all over the house (currently his favorite activity- taking things in and out). This also keeps my lab from doing the same. I agree with another poster that the smell does leak out a bit, but I chalk that up to the fact that there are dirty diapers in there and a lot of them! To combat, I have placed Arm and Hammer discs or glad discs in the bottom and they seem to help with the odor. Other people have suggested they use a trash can or don’t need one- this was perfect for us with a dog and toddler that like to get into things and 2 kids that poop a lot.

Pearlie Hungry Horse, MT

It smells, you just get used to it over time

I have used at least 5 diaper genie systems from all editions. One thing that I find surprising is constant complaints that bags are expensive and passionate defenders of this product who justify 200$ or more per year spending with claims this REALLY DOES NOT SMELL. Well, it does not- to you. After using this for 2 weeks you will get used to the smell, well, most of people will, and it won’t smell. After using genie in 5 different homes, in the one I was on a daily basis, as full time nanny, this did not smell. In homes where I was only as occasional nanny or weekend help, this thing stunk badly for few weeks and after I got used to it, it stopped smelling…I worked as preschool teacher for 2 years olds class and our big trash can did not smell bad to me, but after quitting that job and returning later to visit, I almost throw up after visiting bathroom were that can was. And we bagged all the diapers.And now about those complaints about the price. Yes, this is expensive. Like I said, you will spend about 200$ if you have 2 kids in diapers. Refills will last you 3 weeks tops. Claim that 270 can fit in one refill is only applicable if you use premie size of diapers but it cannot be any cheaper in my opinion. Look at average prices of brand name trash bags. Yes, brand name because genie bags are also brand name. They are about 4-5$ for 25 bags that can fit 33 galons garbage cans. Cans that most families use with more then one kid. So trash bags are not cheap. I know people are complaining about the refill cost, but many compare cost of this refill with Target brand trash bags. And you cannot compare those two. This is not a budget product.So in the end, you can buy this, you can use it with you own generic trash bags, there are instructions online for that. That is the only way I see it working, and yes smell won’t go away, for that you have to take the diaper outside.

Ramona Jackson Springs, NC

Works Great for Home Daycare

I have a 2.5 month old and 22 month old. I also run a Home Daycare. I have used the Original Diaper Genie and the Diaper Dekor. Both left a lot to be desired. But I love this product so far. There is no twisting. The refills are easy to put in and seem to last a while. Most of all: NO SMELL. I have been using it for several children of several ages, eating lots of different stuff: formula, baby food, table food. It works the best of anything I have used so far.

Esmeralda Whitetop, VA

Very little odor

We purchased the new Graco “hands free” diaper pail after our 4th child was born hoping that it would hold in the odor like our Diaper Genie did, unfortunately we wasted $49. We used the Diaper Genie on our first 3 children, after sampling others, and have always come back to the Diaper Genie. It is the best in keeping odors in, just make sure you change it regularly and you’ll love it. The Diaper Genie II is better than the “twist away” style too. I would difinitely recommend this product.

Dawn Blanford, IN

It has been great for us

If you are reading reviews on Diaper Genies, make sure you differentiate the Diaper Genie and the Diaper Genie II. They are very different systems. The original uses a system that twists diapers into a string of individual sausage like packages. The Diaper Genie II is simple in that it just has a spring loaded trap door that you push diapers through and then snaps shut to seal them inside.Additionally, I would suggest Googling “Diaper Genie” for a mix of advice. You will find some interesting results. In particular, there seem to be a lot of photos of people’s first Diaper Genie bag. There is a strange following for these little devices. A lot of the posts out there are negative, but we have really appreciated having ours.First off, we chose disposable diapers. For many that is a heated subject. We made our choice, and presumably you are considering it, too. Having decided to go with disposables, the Diaper Genie II has been great.PROS
• easy to use / easy to refill
• no mess, small / compact, sealed
• works greatCONS
• We haven’t found many, yet.
• Some people complain about pushing diapers through the trap.- We don’t have trouble with this.
• Can reek after months of use. (We have had ours 6 months)- this is a common complaint, but we change ours regularly and haven’thad a problem, yet. It does stink at times, but not bad … so far.
• Dubious environmental impact/disposable diapers sealed in a plastic tube.

Margaret Marcell, MN


Works but not exactly as well as advertised. Locks in some odors I imagine but not odor free by any means. We keep a box of baking soda in the bottom of it to help and still have to change the bag every two days.

Cathy Scipio, IN

Practical, Affordable, and Easy to Use

I read many of the reviews for the Diaper Genie as well as the Diaper Champ and I ended up registering for the Diaper Genie II since it was more affordable and both had people complaining about similar things. I am not disappointed at all with my Diaper Genie II, however, it is the only kind I ever used and I never had the original Diaper Genie with the twist-bags that other reviewers wish they had not taken away.The Diaper Genie II is easy to set up and to use. You have to push the diaper through a spring loaded opening that locks the diapers in along with the smell. I never had a diaper squirt out on my hand because of the force of pushing it through the spring-loaded door as others have complained about, but perhaps my daughter just doesn’t have extremely soiled diapers due to her age (four months), but I can see that being an issue if you do have heavily soiled diapers. I change the pail after about ten to twelve diapers and have not had an issue with the smell coming through. We were just putting them in with our regular trash and THAT was a problem as you got a whiff each and every time you opened the garbage can. It is much more practical than using your regular garbage can. Lastly, it is very easy to cut the bags and load in more.I am a bit worried that when she is old enough to walk and get into things she can easily get into the top of the pail, but I doubt she would be strong enough to push through the spring-loaded door. Overall, I am very happy with the Diaper Genie and it is much more affordable than others that are $40+.

Lola Berger, MO

Sucks! I mean it stinks! AND…..

First off we have twins. We had one of the older styles, which it appears Playtex has stopped supporting for refills, so we changed to this Diaper Genie Essentials Pail. What a terrible design! Trying to stuff the soiled diaper into this thing you can and at times do get pee and poop on your hands. Why? Because the flawed design forces you to push the soiled diaper between two flexible gates and down into the actual catcher, which means the pressure from the flexible gates compresses the soiled diaper and squeezes the contents out. This system does not, like the previous version, hold or reduce the smell either. My suggestion? If you can find a better solution get it! This solution is NOT worth the stench nor the crap on your hands.

Noreen Limon, CO


Overall the diaper genie is ok, but we have been disappointed. PROS: There is no smell, it looks good and it has a small footprint. The biggest issue is that when you open it with your foot and put a diaper in, the diaper is not heavy enough to fall into the pail alone, so 50% of the time, we have to stick our hands in the smelly bit to push the diaper all the way down so it will close again. I think that once our baby is on solid food, we will need to buy something else as it gets smelly having to push down diapers.

Deena Goldvein, VA

Major pros & major cons

This is our second diaper pail as our 1st diaper pail (Diaper Dekor Plus) was so horribly stinky we practically had to call in the haz mat crew every time we emptied the thing. Anyways, the Diaper Genie II is really good in that it TOTALLY controls odor. Our son is 18 months and is allergic to milk (enough said) and this pail does a great job hiding those odors.However, there is a major problem. As other reviewers noted, in order to get the diapers into the pail, you need to push the actual dirty diaper through the tightly spring loaded trap door. I’m ok with this because I just make sure I bundle the diaper tightly and push on the middle of the diaper so no poop squirts out onto my hand. But, it is still gross, I admit. The worst part is that my husband, mother in law, mom, etc. don’t know how and/or don’t want to push the diaper through the trap door, so they leave the diaper sitting in the top part of the pail. This leads to an unpleasant and very smelly surprise the next time I open the pail.I guesss I’ll be looking into the Diaper Champ…

Kristie Fillmore, IL

Very pleased

When researching diaper pails for our baby, I’d heard a lot of negatives about the original Diaper Genie, but the reviews here were good about the new model, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve used it for 5 months now and have had no reason to try a different brand. The Diaper Genie II is easy to use, it keeps the stink in the bag, and the refill cassettes are widely available in retail stores. It’s done everything I expected it to do.

Lola Mc Ewen, TN

Best System I’ve Seen

This pail system is the best…. by far. Don’t listen the other naysayers. Don’t get the Diaper Genie II Elite…. buy this one. The Elite has feet that will break off. I own two of these now, and neither has been any trouble at all. Bag Installation is so easy, the tear away bags are very easy to use. I’ve become accustomed to these now, so I can install a refill in about 15 seconds. Once the can gets full, I can remove the old diapers, twist, and tie the bag in about 10 seconds. If you’re a grandparent, you might not like to have to lean over or get on your knees to do changeouts. That’s the only negative to this one. Buy it. Don’t buy anything else.

Francesca Corwith, IA

Hate this, get the Delux

I accidentally broke my Diaper Genie Delux so I picked this one up not knowing the difference between the two. I HATE it. While the Delux has its own set of problems, I actually couldn’t live without it. But this version is just terrible. First of all, it’s smaller than it looks so I can only fix a few size 6 diapers in before I have to change it. But the worst part is that without the foot pedal, you have to SQUISH the diapers down into the Diaper Genie, and my hands always get dirty. I don’t see the point in even offering this model for sale. I hate it!

Esmeralda Wolflake, IN

Finally gave in…

and bought a diaper trash system. As a first time mom, I was pretty naive. “I don’t wanna waste money on THAT. I’ll just throw away the baby diaper trash every day”. As a matter of fact, I threw it away TWICE a day and the trash still reeked of a horrific stench, courtesy of poop my daughter generously expelled as a result of her growing and adventurous appetite for solid foods. Just being in the vicinity of one poopy diaper caused gag reflexes. So I purchased this one (off Craiglist for $10 bucks with extra refill) and since then, I am in heaven. The bag holds plenty of diapers so that I don’t have to throw it away daily. Maybe every 3-4 days? And the stench? Completely gone. I throw in a lot of soiled diapers AND keep the pail in the baby room and still no smell. Previously, I left the garbage pail OUTSIDE the room. The pail is easy to use and I dont have a problem with using it. Of course I have yet to see how many days one re-fill will last and they do seem pretty expensive (hence the 4 star rating instead of 5), but its worth not having a wave of stinky poop violate my nose. So Little Munchkin…hit me with your best POOP!!!

Angelia Landers, CA

Wonderful product – we have two!

Yes, I’m lazy and have two of these. 🙂 One for downstairs, one for upstairs. (I have two kids and own a very busy business that I manage from home, so I do not have time to go up or down stairs every time my son needs his diaper changed.)When pregnant with my daughter, we had bought the Baby Trend diaper pail. Yes, it uses regular grocery bags which is a money-saver, but do you really want to smell dirty diapers all the time? What’s the point if you can still smell them? We got rid of that and tried this without regret.First, it holds a lot. We empty them once a week for trash day. Because we have two we typically do not have to empty them more often than that.Second, the spring-loaded mechanism creates a pretty tight seal so you don’t smell anything. Yes, when you put a new diaper in there you might get a whiff of another dirty diaper that was already in there. The smell disappears quickly.I think it’s funny that one reviewer wrote that this is unsanitary because you have to push the diaper down and your hand touches the inside bag. Well, A) the bag also moves down with a new diaper (if you’re using it correctly), so your hand is probably touching clean bag. B) Aren’t you going to wash or sanitize your hands after changing a dirty diaper anyway?I highly recommend these diaper pails. NO complaints here!

Madge Barrigada, GU


I received this as a shower gift and at first really liked it. This works great for infant diapers but as far as toddler diapers go just throw the diapers in the trash. This works good for my daughters wet ones but if they are dirty I don’t even put them in here anymore because they stink. When you open the lid to put a new diaper in, if you have already disposed of a dirty diaper you get the whiff of it. And you have to open up the container from the bottom to cut the bag for when you are going to dispose of the diapers and when you cut the bag the aroma of the diapers fills the air and the smell lingers for awhile :/ I think for my next child I’ll have to search for a different diaper pail.

Wendi Cypress Inn, TN

One of my favorite baby products!

I don’t know how I ever made it without a Diaper Genie! This system ensures that the diapers do not smell. We loved it so much we bought one for upstairs, downstairs and for grandparent’s houses. It is super easy to use–highly recommend that if you use disposable diapers to buy this product. On another note-the Diaper Genie Elite works even better!

Marietta Davison, MI

Nice looking, easy to use, cost effective

I really wanted a diaper pail and online they said it was the best — and I really like it. It’s also not a big thing, but very nice-looking for a diaper pail. The refills are $5-6, but I only need one refill (maybe 1.5) a month. You need more at the beginning because they go through more diapers. It is another one of those expenses that you really could eliminate, but I love not having to worry about where the dirty diaper is going. It’s easy, you don’t touch anything, and you only have to empty it after 15-20 diapers. Very nice.

Shirley Greenville, MS

still smell small odor

I bought it based on recommendation of the baby bargain book. I liked the product but it doesn’t completely keep the odor sealed. I think when the bag get so tight with lots of diaper inside, it prevents the flap from closing completely. I wonder if odor is able to penetrates thru the plastic bag. The refill cartridge are also expensive and I go thru so many. Didn’t learn until much later that I should have thrown peepee diapers in trash and keep only poopy diapers in the diaper genie.

Sara Littleton, CO

diaper genie

This is the second one I bought. It keeps oder out really well until it starts to get full. Very easy to use and refill.

Gina Americus, KS