Playtex Diaper Genie On The Go Dispenser Refills

Playtex Diaper Genie On The Go Dispenser Refills

The most trusted brand in diaper disposal brings you a convenient way to dispose of dirty (and stinky) diapers outside of the nursery. These refills are compatible with the Diaper Genie on the go dispenser.

Main features

  • Fresh scent helps control odors
  • 25 count roll minimizes need to change often
  • For use with the diaper genie portable diaper bag dispenser
  • Opaque bags are discreet and lined with pleasant scent that helps mask odors so moms can avoid the unnecessary mess and stink and keep going

Verified reviews


Playtex Diaper Genie On The Go Dispenser Refills

Love the product, but NOT the price. I bought quickly and did not realize that this only has ONE refill in it! HOLY EXPENSIVE! Clearly the description says "Playtex Diaper Genie On The Go Dispenser Refills" with a "S" on the end of "Refills." So one would only assume there is more than one in the refill package. Just saying. Buyer beware. There are better deals out there for the same type product.

Maura Harristown, IL

Not a Must Have as a Breastfed Newborn, but Convenient

My five week old daughter is exclusively breastfed, so her diapies don’t really stink yet. However, I had her out at a friend’s where she needed to be changed, so I was glad I had these. It just made my friend feel better to know I was prepared to keep her diapers in something that wouldn’t stink up her house. My only complaint is they seem a bit wasteful. I try to recycle whenever possible so I definitely don’t use them unless I feel like it’s necessary.

Kelsey Marshall, MI

very handy to have

I am happy with these bags and the despenser. It is really handy to carry with you and takes up little space in the diaper bag.

Latisha Oxford, OH

diaper refills

It’s helpful and nice to have when you change a dirty diaper in public, that way you can be a little more discreet.

Kris Asheville, NC

I use these, my husband and Grammy

these are great in the diaper bag and my mother uses them (she watches darling two days a week) they are perfect in the dispenser. Anything to make life easier.

Celeste Port Royal, VA

These are amazing. Highly recommend

These are great and I use these way more than I thought I would! I use these for diapers AND for dirty cloths or burp cloths when I’m away from home and various items that I simply can’t stuff into my purse or diaper bag without making a total mess. These are great and helpful.

Essie Covel, WV

Good Quality Bags!

These bags are better quality than I expected! They are perfect to keep in the diaper bag to dispose of dirty diapers while out and about.

Connie Pleasantville, OH

Great idea, a couple negatives

This is such a great way to attach baggies to the outside of your diaper bag, where they are very convenient. The negatives to this are the price and the dispenser catching. For 25 refill bags, you pay quite a bit. Every now and then, the bags don’t roll out easily. It’s like the black plastic roller inside the bag is catching on something. However, even with these negatives, I will keep using this product. The bags are the perfect size to drop in a dirty diaper and be able to tie it in a good knot so you can take the dirty diaper with you, or if you are in a home where people are okay with you using their trash, you won’t worry about stinking up the house!

Arline Widen, WV


Works to get the job done. Nice option for traveling or when putting dirty nappies in a public trash can.

Elsa Cub Run, KY

Great product

I LOVE the on-the-go diaper genie. Definitely does its job and keeps all those smells locked away while we’re out and about!

Irene Tallmansville, WV

Excellent product.

Fits in the dispenser well and the bags fragrance always seems to be fresh even after the refill has been loaded for several weeks. Bags are generously sized so as to hold the poopiest of diapers and the extra wipes needed to clean up those extra large messes.

Suzette West Middleton, IN


I love having these in my bag for diapers or clothes. They are great a easy to use, many more uses too.

Earnestine Star Junction, PA


We use these bags every time we are out and have to change a diaper. Its nice that they have a nice smell to cover up the smell of poop

Catalina Wheeler, WI

I LOVE these disposable refills!

I LOVE these disposable refills! I keep them in my diaper bag and they have been a life saver. Who wants to smell a poopy diaper??? I buy these all the time.

Concepcion Willow City, ND

Great for travel

I’ve used these many times and they are great for travel plus the bags have a nice clean scent which helps

Janna Brewerton, NY

The best

These were great to have in the diaper bag on the go. No need to stink up anyplace. We have the regular diaper genie at home and you never smell a diaper.

Megan Clemmons, NC

Really neat idea. I use them at my in-laws …

Really neat idea. I use them at my in-laws house where they don’t have a diaper genie or anything so I can just throw the diapers in the regular trash but they don’t stink the place up.

Candace Hillsboro, TX

with or without the dispenser excellent

Nice very light scentgreat thing for on the go diaper disposalalso nice for newborn wet/dirty clothesWhile the dispenser is nice (and relatively inexpensive) the roll by themselfs store easily into the diaper bag.

Allyson Clarendon Hills, IL

perfect for the diaper bag

I like the diaper genie bags for my diaper bag. They tend to be a bit larger than I need, but I only have a two month old. I am certain that I will need the larger bags as the diapers get larger.I find that the fragrance on the bag eliminates the smell of the diaper, which is great. I am not a huge fan of synthetic fragrances, but this one is pretty good. All in all a must have for my diaper bag!

Rosanne Masonville, CO

Its a refill

If you have the diaper genie on the go dispenser i would recommend that you buy a few of these!

Casandra Cortaro, AZ

Great when you are out and about!

My sister and I love these bags. We use them when we are visiting at other people’s houses and when we are out shopping. You can tie them up and put them in the diaper bag until you can get near a garbage where you can dispose of the wet and dirty diapers. Love them!

Joanne Eutawville, SC

dirty diapers

Keeps dirty diapers from stinking up or car or others trash cans when on the go. I would recommend this to any mom or dad

Vicky Woodsboro, TX

Too expensive for what it is

This is a glorified doggie bag dispenser. The bags are nice, the scent is great, but it’s just not worth the money, and I couldn’t have known that as a first time mom. Save your money, and buy those individual Sassy bags. They’re not that much more inconvenient in your diaper bag.

Jennie Wrightsboro, TX

Love these

Nice to have some back-up rolls available, I never want to run out of these. Easy to use, fits all holders.

Eunice Fort Sumner, NM

Great product…

nothing special about this, just quality plastic liner for you diaper genie…diaper genie works great, I’ve tried off brand refillable bags but this is definitely better…

Lacy Rockford, MI

Good for on the go

Works as expected and very handy for taking the baby on the go. Easy to use and store with all the other baby gear.

Bonnie Manchester, GA


No one really needs these… however, I find them totally worth paying for. I’m out and about a lot with my child… and I find it rude when people leave dirty diapers in trash pales around my home because who knows when that pale will be emptied. However, with these, you don’t have to worry what garbage you put them in because you won’t smell it anyway. It’s more of a luxery item… but I got them as a gift for my baby shower and have since made sure I had plenty for my diaper bag. You can fit more than one diaper in there and close it until you need to put another in, if you won’t be home for a while… which I find awesome. They smell pleasant for a trash bag. They aren’t expensive and I wouldn’t leave home without them.

Leanne Enville, TN