Playtex Disney Playhouse 9 oz Insulator Cup, 2 Pack, Mickey Mouse

Playtex Disney Playhouse 9 oz Insulator Cup, 2 Pack, Mickey Mouse

Playtex Playhouse Disney 9 oz Insulator Cup – 2 Pack – Mickey MousePlaytex Disney Playhouse 9oz Spill-Proof Insulator Cup 2 pack is spill proof, leak proof, break proof guaranteed. The durable cap is 100% break-proof and has a twist n click leak proof seal. It is insulated to keep drinks cool longer. The thin, tapered spout is ideal for little mouths and it is BPA Free. Features include: •Spill proof, leak proof, break proof guaranteed, durable cap is 100% break-proof •Twist n click leak proof seal •Insulated to keep drinks cool longer •Thin, tapered spout is ideal for little mouths •BPA free

Main features

  • Spill proof, leak proof, break proof guaranteed, durable cap is 100% break-proof
  • Twist n click leak proof seal
  • Insulated to keep drinks cool longer
  • Thin, tapered spout is ideal for little mouths
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Durable, durable, durable

I love these cups. I have a toddler who truly enjoys making a ruckus at mealtime and one of his favorite pastimes is to bang his upside-down cup on his high chair tray. A lot of other cups I’ve tried invariably will leak when he does this – these are the only cups that I would actually call 100% spillproof. I’ve never had one crack, leak or chip. In fact, these are the only sippy cups I’ll buy anymore.

Ann Westover, PA

Great But

Works great. Baby likes the print. keep drink cool longer. But it is heavy! your child drops it on your foot, you wont be speaking for a while.

Marilyn Sula, MT

LOVE these cups!

I’ve been using Playtex sippy cups for years now. I have 4 children, two of which are almost grown and two younger children. I’ve loved this brand and this type of sippy for all my kids during their toddler years. This cup holds up to toddlers and i’ve never had a problem with leaks. The top stays on securely and the variety of the designs that i can find are great. my kids loved the different character and colors. So easy to take apart and run through the dishwasher. I usually include a package of these in any baby shower gift bag i give out and recommend these cups to mother’s with toddlers anytime the subject arose with friends, family, etc.

Marcella Statham, GA

Great Cups

Make sure you read the full title displayed at the top of the customer review page, and/or on the list in your cart. They say Mickey Mouse and they ARE Mickey Mouse. The picture is deceiving but hey if you dont like Mickey just send them back! Okay on with the greatness… The MICKEY MOUSE PLAYTEX cups are awesome! Colors are gorgeous and the lid colors are nice. I bought one 2-pack of the Mickey Mouse and two 2-packs of the Toy Story Playtex cups in the same style. Couldnt get much better than these cups especially if you want to buy cups that last through their (and possibly several other childrens’ childhoods) without leak or breaking problems. With 1 yr old and 3 yr old boys, the Playtex cups create a sort of “system” in your sippy cup stash. I got rid of the random munchkin and nuby and gerber smorgasboard that frustrated me so very much (the baby needed soft cups and the toddler needed bigger more sturdy ones) and bought Playtex Mighty Grips, Coolsters and Insulators. AWESOME!! Everyone knows kids hide their cups in terrible places and they get left there for weeks leaving the cup filled with a sticky chunk of stenchy milk curd or moldy sour juice. The Playtex cups and valves are completely cleanable with a simple bottle brush and nipple brush and can be sanitized to your hearts content. They are very rugged and are about 98% leak proof (there is not a cup alive which has an easy drinking flow and can also avoid leaking a drop or two upon being savagely and repeatedly beat upside down on the tile)I wish I had ditched the cheap crappy cups sooner- it is so nice to have a drawer with a wide variety of types and styles of sippys which all have the same valve and that valve can be bought in bulk on Amazon so that you have many many many of them at hand which makes grabbing and filling sippys to go a breeze 🙂

Patti Ruther Glen, VA


I bought these cups to replace my favorite sippy, the NUK siliconeNUK Learner Cup BPA Free Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors May Varysippy, because my daughter gnaws at the spouts. She’s already chewed her way through 4 spoutsNUK Replacement Silicone Spout, Clearand replacing them gets pretty expensive. So far, its working out great!The Good1)NO spills, even when the cup is held upside down2)the cup is wide enough for my hand to get in there to scrub it clean, so I don’t need to use a bottle brush3)Easy for my 1 yr old daughter to hold and drink. She had no problem going from soft spout to hard (just a few tries)4)Sturdy–my clumsy self put the cup on top of my car to get my baby out of her car seat. The cup fell and smacked onto my driveway. When I picked it up, there was a small dent by the mouthpiece but other then that, cup was fine. I figured if it survived the freefall onto gravel, it can withstand more abuse.The Not so Good1)I don’t think it’s the best insulator cup. My main reason for purchase was for the hard spout, no spill factor, and winnie the pooh 🙂 Does it keep drinks cool? I suppose the double layer of plastic does keep it cooler then carrying it around a regular sippy, but plastic is still plastic. Don’t expect this cup to perform miracles. (see picture)2)The cups do have Winnie the pooh on them, but its not exactly the picture as depicted on Amazon (see picture). I actually did not notice this until I read another reviewer’s comment.3)This may be a problem with all hard spout sippys, but my daughter was drinking it while walking, then fell. The spout must’ve hit her mouth b/c she started wailing. Granted, she just started learning to walk and is not the steadiest on her feet so other kids may not have a problem with this. But thought it would be a point to mention.4)It would’ve been nice if the cups came with a cap.Overall, I’m glad I purchased it. Pros definately outweighs the bad (and those are just minor complaints). I would definitely buy it again!UPDATE:So it’s about a year later and I don’t use this sippy a lot because 1)it does leak. When my daughter leaves it on its side milk puddles form. Im not sure if its due to the plastic stopper or the mouth piece itself but i aways make sure the plastic stopper is on tiight so its not my fault 2) my hand doesn’t fit in there well to clean it with a sponge. I guess this is not a big deal but makes it a wee bit annoying to clean. 3)hard to effectively clean inside the spout bc opening is so narrow.I prefer Gerber Nuk sippy cups .Gerber Graduates Nuk Ultimate Cup Hard Spout Dots-10 Oz 2 Pk- GirlsThese rarely leak, the plastic stoppers are made of hard plastic, not as heavy as these cups, holds more liquid, and is easier to clean frequently. happy sippy cup hunting!

Eula Eads, TN

great gender neutral cups

These are great gender neutral cups. I am so tired of princess this and that for little girls and I do not buy our daughter any of that stuff but it is so hard finding something cute without all that stuff on it until I found these. They are adorable and cute no matter what sex the child is and is not pushing Disney stuff down your throat. I will be purchasing more of these in the near furure. I love Playtex the best out of all the brands of sippy cups because the innner plastic attachment is strong and durable unlike some of the others. A few of her other ones if she shakes the cup the stopper comes out and there goes the drink all over the floor! Ugggggg. But the playtex stoppers have stayed put through use after use. A great product for hte money by far.

Alexis Atwood, TN

Great sippy cup

My experience with these sippy cups have been great. I haven’t ever had an issue with leaking and my daughter can easily drink from them and often asks for these ones in particular. The Pooh bear design isn’t exactly as pictures, but still adorable as Pooh bear often is cute. The plastic inner spouts will stain with colored juice but that’s typical and replacements can be purchased for a decent price. Would recommend and purchase again.

Glenda West Chester, IA