Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles – 4 Ounce – 50 Count

Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles – 4 Ounce – 50 Count

Bottle liners. Pre-formed and pre-sterilized so all you have to do is simply place one in a Playtex nurser and fill it. Can be used with all Playtex nursers. Pre-sterilized for convenience and cleanliness. Free standing design allows for one handed preparation. Features pre-calibrated ounce markings for easy measuring and feeding. 4 oz. 50 count. Carded. Made in China.

Main features

  • MORE NATURAL BREATHING – CLINICALLY PROVEN – Pre-sterilized liner gently collapses like Mom’s breast as baby feeds.
  • AIR-FREE FEEDING to help REDUCE COLIC – Unique anti-colic liner gently collapses as baby feeds, preventing air bubbles from mixing with milk. Less air bubbles means less gas, colic and discomfort.
  • MIMICS NATURAL BREASTFEEDING by simulating same suck, swallow and breathe patterns as breastfeeding, so baby breathes more naturally during feeding!
  • PRE-FORMED, PRE-STERILIZED disposable bottle liners means LESS TIME WASHING, Easy ONE-HANDED ASSEMBLY and a FRESH, CLEAN BOTTLE anytime, anywhere!
  • Playtex Bottles and Bottle Liners are ALWAYS BPA-FREE

Verified reviews


Great quality, and great value on Amazon

I exclusively pump, and I love using Playtex nursers for my daughter. I use the "hot water in a glass" method for heating the milk, and since the liner is thin, it doesn’t take a lot of time. They are effective in keeping out the tiny air bubbles many bottles create. The price in Amazon is much less than that in stores, even Wal-Mart. I will keep ordering!

Hallie Nemaha, IA

Classic brand that’s been around for ages in convenient form

Great for doing faux formula for ‘reborn’ realistic baby dolls (hugely popular dolls that are extremely real, and some artists get thousands of dollars if they can recreate the minute realistic details of babies’ skin; I’ve heard of some selling for $17,000.00). These will work when I double line the bottles, seal the holes in the nipple, and adhere the collar to the bottle’s ‘body’. Collectors want realism….nothing more real than the stuff used for actual babies 🙂

Elizabeth Doddsville, MS

Great liners!

I just love to use those for my pumped breast milk. Never had any issues. I was told that Target brand fit drop-in bottles, but I never tried it. I think the price for original (Playtex) liners are just fine.

Goldie Lumber City, GA

Great system

The playtex nurser is the only system my son will use. He rejects all other bottles. The drop-ins are easy to use, and keep a shape so you can accurately measure liquids, and easily handle them.

Teresa Bradley, IL

Love It

We love these liners and bottles. It was great since our daughter was very gassy when using other bottles but with these we would push up as much air as we could and we feel it helped to reduce the air she sucked in.

Madeleine Ellisville, IL

Work great for my infants bottles

These drop ins have been a lifesaver for feeding time with my infant.. It really cuts down on the bottle washing as these liners are easily disposable after the feeding and they help with infusing extra gas into your baby.A+

Mindy Heyburn, ID

Great for breastmilk!

I’ve used these since I went back to work and they work great for me, baby, and my mother-in-law.I used to pump directly into the liners using this system:Playtex Drop Ins System Breast StorageNow I pump directly into the Medela bottles but I still transfer the milk to the liners using the adapter rings when I give the milk to my MIL everyday.Easy to store, cheaper than storage bags, and we’ve never had an issue with leaking.Sometimes the lines showing the ounces can be difficult for my MIL to read and they don’t correspond to the ounce labels on the bottle when you use the adapter rings so I mark them with a sharpie. Works just fine for us!

Crystal Weston, VT

Love the liners, hate the box

It is supposed to have a convenient dispenser bottom. There are two perforations which would be great except they are not shaped like the liners and when you pull them through the bottom they get all scrunched up. Other than that…I love these. I use them with my playtex milk storage rings and connect to my breast pump…so easy to use, put the cap on and refrigerate or freeze. Baby also has less gas with the drop in liners than with the bottles. I stopped using bottles for breast milk and just use these exclusively. I recommend.

Josefa Ocean View, NJ

Great product

I used these with my first son. You can sit the bottle in a cup of hot water and it warms up quickly. I also like that you can squeeze the air out of the bottle and save your little one’s tummy. I have had some occasions where the liner leaked around the seal. You have to be careful that you don’t kink the liner when screwing on the nipple and make sure it is tight before squeezing the air out. This was not a big enough issue to cause me to quit using them. I used these bottles until he was a year old. I have also found that some of the generic brand liners work just fine too.

Sheri Staunton, IN

good liners

have been using the playtex system with my second daughter (who would not take any other bottle). the liners are handy, like the fact that they are bpa free and that you can switch them out.

Eugenia Olmsted, IL

Easy to use

these liners are great. Easy to use and fit into all of our four oz playtex drop in bottles. The price is right too! Esp if you have amazon prime and get free two day shipping!

Erin Arcadia, IN

so easy

Makes preparing milk bottles and feeding the baby so easy, my husband never complains when it’s time for him to get a bottle ready and it’s easy to store

Randi Lannon, WI

offers better price than babiesrus

I love it. It is convenient, clean and a time saver. Especially for a working mom, I highly recommend this. Amazon price is cheaper than babiesus even with 20% coupon.

Robyn Deansboro, NY

Excellent for breast fed babies!

I love the whole Playtex Nurser system. I became incredibly prone to blocked ducts when pumping and feeding some bottles became a part of our routine. I had tried other systems, and the Playtex one, by far, was the best. These liners are thin enough to manipulate easily, but also durable. We have never had one leak in the diaper bag!

Lorrie Osmond, NE

Quick and clean…

Love these liners–quick prep, easy feeding and makes bottle clean up a breeze, especially if you forget a bottle in the car or find one under the bed from a late night half awake feeding–you don’t have to throw the bottle away because of the yuck.

Kaitlyn Ainsworth, IA


I love the playtex dropins system. Always just need to make sure that I have enough liners.The pricing is good (it’s worth 4 cents to me to not have to wash a bottle!). And the product is secure.Very very occasionally it leaks if I put it in carelessly and didn’t make sure the liner was solid and not a bit crumpled. But that’s my fault. Overall, no complaints. Even the pricing is fair.

Evangelina Ducktown, TN

Best bottles for breastfed babies

I originally bought dr. brown bottles before the baby was born but at the hospital I had a hard time getting the baby to latch on – the lactation consultant suggested playtex nurser bottles because the nipple is very much shaped like the breast. My baby has had no problem going from breast to bottle (we do both) — and having a liner makes cleaning the bottles super easy. I recommend these bottles to everyone and gave my sister dr. brown’s (who prefers the dr. browns). I wish I knew about these before birth and not spent so much money on the dr. browns.

Margery Seneca, OR


Convenient and useful and everyone knows it. Daddy loves them. They’re his go-to ‘bottles’ for feeding LO. We reach for these when we travel, and bring only one nurser and a couple nipples. They don’t take up much space as well, especially if you stack them in the nurser.

Tamera Alief, TX

Great product.

I love this system, I feel that it’s really worth it. Though I don’t use as many as some because I mostly breastfeed and use these for pumped milk, they really do make life easier, and for us they last a long time, since we may only use one or two a day, so it works to about $6 for 2 months, which I think is a small price for a little extra help.

Bonnie Kennedy, NY