Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles – 8 Ounce – 100 Count

Playtex Drop-Ins BPA-Free Bottle Liners for Playtex Nurser Bottles – 8 Ounce – 100 Count

Liners contract like the breast, preventing air from entering the system, so you can see baby gets just milk and no air. Bottle preparation is easy. Just place a pre sterilized liner into the bottle and fill, and then spend more quality time with baby. And it doesn’t hurt that cleanup is easy, too. See why the experts love it, too. All Playtex products are BPA free.

Main features

  • MORE NATURAL BREATHING – CLINICALLY PROVEN – Pre-sterilized liner gently collapses like Mom’s breast as baby feeds.
  • AIR-FREE FEEDING to help REDUCE COLIC – Unique anti-colic liner gently collapses as baby feeds, preventing air bubbles from mixing with milk. Less air bubbles means less gas, colic and discomfort.
  • MIMICS NATURAL BREASTFEEDING by simulating same suck, swallow and breathe patterns as breastfeeding, so baby breathes more naturally during feeding!
  • PRE-FORMED, PRE-STERILIZED disposable bottle liners means LESS TIME WASHING, Easy ONE-HANDED ASSEMBLY and a FRESH, CLEAN BOTTLE anytime, anywhere!
  • Playtex Bottles and Bottle Liners are ALWAYS BPA-FREE

Verified reviews


Leaky and full of holes.

I have wasted so much milk using these drop-ins. I bought a box of the 4 ounce and a box of the 8 ounce liners, and in both boxes there have been multiple liners with holes in them and my milk has ended up all over my counter. Any pumping mother knows that it is perfectly reasonable to cry over spilled breast milk, and believe me, I’ve done that many times. I’ve tried to be good about pouring in just a little bit of milk so that if there is a hole, I’ll only waste a little bit. But, come on, I’m sleep deprived, and stressed and sometimes I forget, and I end up with 6 ounces of milk on my kitchen counter, and I shouldn’t have to check like that for a product I’ve paid for. No good.Out of a box of 100 liners, I would say about 1/4-1/3 have holes in them or leak. That’s quite a lot; we’re not talking one or two here. Unfortunately, I’ve invested in Playtex bottles and Playtex nipples, so now I have to spend even more money buying a whole new bottle feeding system because I cannot afford to spill breast milk every fourth time I go to fill up a bottle. I’m extremely disappointed at having wasted so much money on this system and so much time pumping milk just to pour it on the kitchen counter. I would NOT recommend.

Kathleen Greeley, CO

Love It

I have no idea why I spent so much money on Avent (leaks all the time and too fast flow) and Dr. Brown’s (difficult to clean). I love this disposable liners because I just discard them after use, which is awesome when you have a baby to take care of.

Sheri Riverside, IA

Easy, convenient way to pump milk

The Playtex system works well with my Medela breast pump – you will need to buy these liners, plus a set ofPlaytex Drop-Ins System Breast Milk Storage KitPlaytex storage rings (which these liners drop into). That kit comes with an adapter that fits on a Medela pump. The whole system is convenient and easy to move from frozen storage to feeding simply by dropping these liners into a bottle, and you can buy either latex or silicone tips for your bottles. The thin plastic allows the milk to heat up easily by submerging in warm water before feeding. Overall, very convenient and in almost 7 months of pumping, I never had a leak! Also, BPA free which is great!

Diana Adrian, GA


Haven’t used these yet because I haven’t had the baby but looking forward to it!!! I can buy them cheaper somewhere else but still good product it seems like!!

Latonya Campbellton, TX

Air goes back in

I don’t get the purpose of these since the air goes right back in during the feeding(got the special Playtex nipples and bottles). Also, the store brand ones do the same thing for half the price. Walmart ones are not as soft, but do the same thing still

Avis Bakewell, TN

Great solution for busy pumping Moms.

I love the drop-ins system. I used them for my first daughter when I went back to work and my family who watched her loved the convenience of them. I am using them again for my DCP for my second daughter. There is less washing needed during the day as the bottle doesn’t get dirty. I have never had an issue with these and was happy to find them on Amazon!P.S. There is also a system you can buy to pump directly into the bottles. It was cheap and saves a step!

Sallie Ashland, KS

I like them

Very convenient. Baby (4 months) is not gassy at all. But to be honest I didn’t try any other type of a bottle since this one works so well.

Kimberley Washburn, ND

Easy and convenient

These are great. They save time and don’t leak – like the standard bags sometimes do. HOWEVER I will only buy the generic ones from now on since they are so much cheaper! You can get both sizes at Walgreen’s, Walmart and Target. Save your money!

Elaine Corn, OK

These drop-ins are just okay

These drop-ins are okay – they are not an improvement over an ordinary bottle. Yes, I can simply throw these liners away after using them, but since I still have to wash the bottle’s nipple, this system does not save me any time. I use these liners in conjunction with my bottle warmer and they don’t melt, which is good. I bought the Playtex Drop-In system to try to reduce the amount (frequency and quantity) that my baby spits up. However, the amount of spit-up is the same – not better, but also not worse.

Carla Circle, MT

You can’t go wrong with Drop Ins

I tried Avent and Dr. Browns before switching to Playtex Drop Ins. I liked all three but Playtex drop ins are so easy! And, the way the nipple is, for my daughter, seems to be the most natural and closest to breastfeeding. if you feel the nip, sounds weird!, it has a texture to it that other bottles don’t. most bottles nips are pretty “hard” unless you go latex…which scared me because I didn’t want to find out the hard way that my baby had a latex allergy! Anyway, the silicone nip on the playtex nursers is much softer and pliable so the baby can kind of pull on it as she wants to. It’s great! I highly recommend. Hopefully this review is not too strange 🙂

Deidre Bixby, MO

The best of the best

I’ve tried other brands of drop-ins and Playtex is the best. I won’t try another brand. And you can’t beat the price on Amazon (for 100).

Kay Syosset, NY

Great brand, price better than having to go to the store and get them (time, gas, inconvenience)

Classic brand, and will be great for faux formula for ‘reborn’ baby dolls (they are very popular, and for me, a better option than a real kid 😀 (I’m middle-aged and disabled, but do love a cute baby !!). One diaper, one bottle, and no college fund. Perfect kid !

Becky Zephyr Cove, NV

great product for a great price!

We used Playtex drop-ins for both of our children. I prefer buying them from Amazon, because they are must cheaper than the store. You get more for your money. These drop-ins are great quality. You don’t have to worry about your child getting air in the bottle. I would highly recommend these to others!

Alana Corning, NY

love them, agree need measuring cup

I love these, however the measurements are inaccurate. Make sure you measure the water for the formula separate. Other than that I love the convenience!

Michell Thomaston, TX

Freedom from bottle washing!

I started the first month of motherhood washing and sterilizing bottles multiple times a day. Then I came upon these Playtex nursers with disposable liners, and now I only use a regular bottle if I have to. Valuable time has been saved, now that I’m using these things instead!The only caution I have for others out there is to be very aware of the measurements. Because the liners can accommodate 8-10oz of fluid, don’t trust the measurements on this. I noticed the difference when I poured 5oz of pre-measured milk that had been stored in a milk storage bag, and when it was in the Playtex bottle, the bottle indicated only 4oz of fluid.Aside from needing to be more conscious of the measurements, this bottle liner system has been a life changing discovery for my household.

Angelita Decatur, IN

Expensive compared to other brands, but don’t leak

I have used disposable drop-in liners from multiple stores (Wally-World, the bullseye store, & various drugstores) and find that they all work just as fine as these Playtex ones do, but at half the price. I like that the Playtex liners are thinner feeling, meaning the liner collapses better inside the bottle when baby is drinking…but even with the others feeling like a thicker plastic, they work as well. Playtex, come down in price and you’ll get 5 stars instead of only 4.

Deidre Chadwick, MO

never ripped, warms quicker, worth the extra cost

Do exact what they are intended to do. They’ve never ripped for us and they get warm quicker (breastmilk) than typical plastic bottles. It is easier cleanup using the drop-ins and thus worth the slight extra cost for us.

Olga Glennville, GA

A must have

I love these bottles and liners! They get rid of half my washing since I don’t have to wash bottles. They’re a lifesaver

Amelia Panaca, NV

a must have

I’ve been using the playtex drop in system since my daughter came home from the hospital and I love it. I have never had a problem with them a must have for new mothers

Kerri Stedman, NC

Easy to use, Quick ,

You can remove all of the air from the liner so it minimizes ingestion of air. Initially we were hesitant/worried to use this system since we solely breastfeed for 5 months. The baby had no issues with the liner/bottle system. We use this in conjunction with our Medela Breast Pump. Works great, met all expectations.

Earline Clarendon Hills, IL

Good but not great

I was under the impression that the liner collapsed as baby was drinking, but that is not the case, so I’m not sure how this system is any different than a normal empty bottle.The only thing it makes easier is cleaning, since I can just drop the liner in the garbage and use another one next time.

Della South Canaan, PA

Great Liners

Love these liners have been using for many years with all my kids . never had a problem with them.

Socorro Shenorock, NY

Very easy and convenient

I didn’t want bottles with a ton of moving parts that needed to be washed carefully. Using these allows at least part of the bottle to be clean every time, so you only have to worry about cleaning the nipple (and the bottle base, but that doesn’t usually get very dirty at all).

Cassie Burns, TN

No more washing bottles

I have some Dr. B brand bottles. They are awesome. But when I was a first time mom, I hated washing bottles and parts. It didn’t take much time, but still it took time. So I switched to Playtex Drop-Ins bottles. Yay! I rinsed tons of nipples and washed them all at once later on the day. Now I have my 2nd child. Playtex Drop-ins is the only one I use.The liners are expendable. It designed for the bottle. It’s durable and doesn’t have plastic smell like other generic brand I used once.Please note: If you want to use generic brand liners, you fill water to the water lines ON THE LINER instead of the marks on the bottle itself. The water level/volumn is different.

Deanna Weldon, CA

Drop-In Design Can’t Be Beat

I am a big proponent of the Playtex Bottle Liner Drop-ins. Cleaning bottles becomes limited to cleaning nipples — a far less difficult task. They’re easy and effective.

Cathleen Clarion, PA

So easy, why isn’t everyone using this?

These are so easy. I don’t have to wash a million bottles anymore! I just have to wash the nipples. The only complaint I have is that I pre-fill with water and dump in the formula when I’m ready, but when I put in the 8 oz. and let the bottle sit for a while, the bag expands a little so it only looks like I have 7 oz. So the measurements may be a little off. I would use a measuring cup to make sure you get exactly how much water you want and not rely on the liner’s measurements.

Mavis Alba, PA

So easy to use

We have twins so when purchasing products, it was all about investing money in things that would make our lives simpler. These Drop-Ins work really well for the bottles. The bag collapses as they consume the contents, which supposedly improves problems with gas but I’m not sure this system accomplishes it better than any others. Because the bag is thin, it also takes a lot less time to warm bottles if that is a consideration. The real savings is the manpower and time necessary for cleaning. I only have 4 bottles per baby, replace the liner and nipple when necessary, and wash everything once a day. These don’t come cheap so I don’t think there is any cost savings associated with this versus buying a boat load of bottles.

Dawn Limon, CO

Never had to worry about the hazards of plastic

Since these are used for only minutes and then tossed away , and never heatedto a dangerous level, the baby is safe and colic etc . is reduced. Only glass bottles are safer but they do not reduce I choose theseUsed them on 2 healthy kids and loved them

Evangelina Poole, KY


Couldn’t find this in stores around my area. But I’ve used this before and they’re great. It’s convenient and it minimizes the need for a lot of bottles and best part is they’re disposables. I never had problems with this drop-in liners before although I did read another review that there’s another liner that can be used with the drop-in nurser bottles, just as good if not more effective, cheaper and more count. Regardless, this has my stamp of approval and I would recommend this for new parents.

Inez North Lake, WI

Love these!

I love these liners. They are a quick and easy way to ensure a sterile container for my milk. I have never had a problem with them leaking except for one time when I was squeezing the air out, squeezed a little too hard and POP!!, breastmilk everywhere. I learned my lesson- squeeze gently, if at all. My only complaints are: 1. They are a bit pricey for plastic bags but the convenience factor makes up for it, imho. 2. The amount markings on the bags are a bit hard to read and don’t really line up with the markings on the nurser shells, so the only way I can tell how much my LO has taken is to pour out and measure the leftover milk. Otherwise, this is a great product!!

Vicki Gilmanton, NH