Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex Nipple – Slow Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex Nipple – Slow Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex Nipple – Slow or Fast Flow – 2 Pk The Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex nipple is a perfect choice for babies switching between bottle and breast. To reduce nipple confusion, the NaturaLatch nipple features a raised, textured area that is more like the breast.

Main features

  • If you are switching between bottle- and breast-feeding, your baby may experience nipple confusion
  • BPA free
  • Made by Playtex – A leader in infant feeding

Verified reviews



These are not the same as the store bought Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex Slow Flow Nipple. These are slightly different in color, have a blem next to the nipple hole(white colored blem, very similar to dried or stretched latex). Either R2D2 forgot to poke a hole into one of the two in the pack or quality control sucks. The other one flows faster than our Playtex Drop-In Fast Flow silicone and latex nipples. My 5 day old daughter almost drowned in breastmilk on her first suck with breastmilk flooding out of her mouth and went into a coughing fit. I spent 10 minutes listening to her coughing and belching louder than the guys on game night with my wife glaring at me as if it was my fault.Do yourself a favor, go to the store and buy these. At least that way, if you need to make a return, you don’t have to pay the same amount in shipping as you did the item and end up screwed twice:#Cons:Daughter almost drowned in breastmilkDaughter went into an uncontrollable coughing fitDaugter spent 10 mins belching louder than I can fart#not sure if that’s a con)Throwing this item away is cheaper than trying to return itWife gets mad at you cuz it’s always your faultMother in law is mad at you for buying them onlineGrandmother in law is mad at you for buying them onlinePro:Daughter belches louder than the guysYou don’t need to buy a water gunIf you ever need to make black smoke in a survival situation, you can burn itSomething to chew on when your out of gum

Rene Grove Hill, AL

Great transition

Used these with the Playtex drop-in system for my 3 week old when she started having trouble at the breast due to an ear infection. Couldn’t believe how easily she could switch back and forth between the bottle and the breast, she took the bottle first time it was offered with these, no problems, then went back to the breast a couple of feeds later with no confusion whatsoever. Not only got us over a rough feeding patch but now means we don’t have to face the horrors of weaning as it happened “just like that” with this bottle & nipple system.

Traci Jackson, NE


These are the only nipple I was finally able to get my daughter to drink out of her bottle. However, it’s not the same as the one you buy at the store. These are a little firmer. I purchased them because I could not find any here but after buying some locally they are different and my daughter prefers the locally bought one over this one but I still use it since I have it and it works with a little bit more effort.

Eleanor Black Rock, AR

LOVE these nipples… wait that sounded bad…

Oh these are awesome! These fit the (wide) Ventaire bottle as well as Drop-In bottles. The Ventaire bottles come with silicone nipples, but our daughter really prefers these latex ones. They’re a bit softer than silicone. We might have to look into the fast flow ones soon though.

Becky Papillion, NE

Finally, Baby will take the Bottle! .. sometimes..

My 7 week old daughter is breastfed exclusively and I haven’t been able to get her to take a bottle at all. I even went so far as to spend $10 on a single bottle (Avent) and it didn’t work. These nipples work! I’m not sure if its just the latex nipple or the whole playtex drop in bottle system.. but its working.. (occasionally), so I’m not changing anything. :)Of course, she is stubborn and will only take this nipple from me if she happens to be in the right mood and will only take it from Gramma if she has cried long enough to be absolutely sure I’m not there.. but at least it is clear that she knows what to do with it, so she won’t starve if I leave her with Gramma.. Though she might if I left her with her daddy. She won’t take it from him at all. Still, one step at a time.. I’m glad that we have at least found a bottle she is willing to try on occasion. If she is really hungry and the person giving it to her is patient enough, she will drink the whole bottle. :)PS. I didn’t buy mine online because of reviews that recommended buying them from the store since they aren’t the same when you order online, so I can’t comment on the quality of the product if bought online. I found mine (nipples, nurser, and breast milk storage set) at Target and they were in perfect condition and work wonderfully.

Vicky East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Not as good as the clear “slow” ones.

I will not purchase these again. I am not sure why, but these "slow" brown nipples are not as satisfactory as the clear ones I have purchased. The flow is much faster on these, making our 7 week old (breastfed) granddaughter strangle and cough with the fast flow of milk.

Winifred Thiells, NY

These are great but buy them IN STORE only!

These are different than the ones in store. They are a different color and a tougher material. My son wont drink from these but loves the ones I bought from the store (same packaging).Definitely a great product for breastfed babies-just a real shame that the material varies!!

Jannie North Bend, WA

The only nipples my son will take

I just love these. They’re the only nipples my son likes. They have a great texture that isn’t so slippery in his mouth. Great for breastfeeding babies. I recommend this to anyone currently breastfeeding who wants to teach their baby to take the bottle as well.

Joanna Senecaville, OH

My baby would not take a bottle and I tried …

My baby would not take a bottle and I tried 4 different kinds before trying to find the closest thing to a real nipple that I could. She FINALLY took this nipple thankfully and I was able to return to work 🙂 We’ve been using this for 4 months now with no problems.

Aurora Poynor, TX

Good product, not as good as the original

Great for formula for newborns to 9 mos or so. Unfortunately the original Playtex products are no longer available which is terrible but these are good. The original Playtex bottles were great, with wide mouths for homemade foods, yogurts, cereals, etc. The diverse nipple styles were much better years ago. I suggest Playtex return to the original products with the better bottles. The Playtex system is much cleaner, safer and more sterile than anything else on the market.

Abigail Mullins, SC

Perfect for my picky breast fed girl

We use the playtex dropin nursers for our daughter who is mostly breast fed. When we first started trying to give her a bottle she seemed interested then spit it out and had a cow. About this time a friend passed all her bottles and nipples on to us and in that stash was one of these. We were desperate so we sterilized it and tried it. She took it right away without a fuss. I don’t know if it’s because this feels more like skin than the silicone or if it is because these have a textured ring around them that the silicone ones lack. Either way our picky breast fed baby takes and loves these things.

Millie Mosquero, NM

Worked on the First Attempt!

We were having trouble getting our 3 month old to take a bottle. He is exclusively breastfed but was given bottles the first few weeks after he was born because he was in the NICU for a few days and we were having trouble with his latch initially. I held off on reintroducing a bottle until he was 3 months because of the trouble we had had with breastfeeding early on, and I assumed he’d remember the bottle (silly me!).I had read about these nipples on several different forums and assumed the reviews were too good to be true. Our son had fought tooth and nail against the first two types of nipples we tried. Lo and behold, this nipple worked on the first try. It was soooo exciting! We use them with the Playtex Drop-Ins bottle. We highly recommend trying them if you’re in a similar situation. There’s something about the softness and shape of the nipple that allows a similar latch to breastfeeding.

Lorena Slickville, PA

Great for baby who refuses bottle.

My daughter would not take to a bottle unless it had the latex nipple. Unfortuantely the VentAire bottles only come with silicone nipples so we had to buy these after the fact. Highly recommend to anyone struggling to get their infant to accept drinking from a bottle. They are advertised for the NaturaLatch but they fit the Playtex VentAire wide bottles as well (not the skinny ones though.)

Erna Genoa, NE

Getting harder to find

Due to the latex allergies, this product is becoming harder to find in stores. I have used these for all 3 daughters but they do need to be replaced every 3 months.

June Flagler, CO

Better than silicone

My little one is picky about his nipples. Latex is his preference and there aren’t many choices out there. Although the nipple is a bit long. Good quality.

Cornelia Puerto Real, PR

My baby loves these!

I exclusively breastfeed but needed bottles for my baby so I could return to school. We tried multiple bottle/nipple combinations and these are the only nipples he likes. I recommend trying a few different brands and styles before buying a lot of the same brand and style. Find what works best for your baby and don’t necessarily go by what is advertised as best for breast feeding.

Judi Stonewall, TX

Works for my breastfed baby

So far my baby has no trouble going back and forth from the drop ins with this latex nipple and the breast, which is all I can ask for. He does seem to be able to chug the 3-4 oz from this nipple extremely fast but he isn’t choking or spilling all over the place, so I think the slow flow must be good enough for him.

Milagros Jamestown, NM

Flow not consistent

I bought several packs as I was trying to get my baby to take a bottle after being breastfed and she finally took this latex nipple. However, even coming from the same package, each nipple has a different flow! Some were so hard to get out (yeah I tried it myself) while others came out so fast. Looking at the hole, I could see which we’re bigger than others. I like the nipples and so does my baby but she either drowns or gets fussy because it is too slow. The company should learn how to make the flow consistent. I have some of the regular silicone playtex nipples and they are consistent, not sure why the latex ones are different.

Robbie Strang, NE

Good brand, good price for having it delivered to my door 🙂

Great for spare parts for vintage baby bottle collection. These were purchased to complete nippleless bottles I got for my collection (hey, some folks collect fishing lures, salt/pepper shakers, rocks, shoes…. there are more bottle collectors than one might think !!). Playtex is a reliable brand, and latex is the authentic material for many bottles.

Crystal Brownstown, IL

Better than the silicone

We buy these for our Playtex bottles because our little one didn’t like the stiffness of the ones that come with it. She is breastfed completely other than a bottle maybe once a month when she is babysat by her grandma and these go over much better because they’re soft like a real nipple.

Bobby Battleboro, NC

Seem fine

I really have nothing to complain about these. I bought these in hopes that my nursing loving daughter would like them better over the other bottles/nipples we’ve tried. So far, not so much. She would still rather nurse straight from the tap. But these seem to be of good quality and the fit the Playtex nurser bottle just fine.

Nanette Harrells, NC

Only bottle nipple my breastfed baby will take!

These latex nipples are the only ones my breastfeeding baby will take. We use it with the playtex original nurser which uses the drop-ins. We tried Dr Brown’s, Breastflow, Nuk, and Medela bottles but he couldn’t seem to latch onto the silicone nipples on those. I gave it 4 stars because the pack I received had one nipple that had melted a little which caused some of the cardboard packaging to stick to it. Boiling them doesn’t seem to take it off.

Joy Cleburne, TX

Twin Durable

My 2 month old twins absolutely love this nipple! It super soft to avoid nipple confusion when breastfeeding as well. Since I have twins, I’ve had to wash and boil these nipples twice as much. I’ve never had a problem with the quality. It remains my favorite feeding nipple.

Lina Sheldon, ND

Holy grail of nipples!

My daughter had trouble taking a bottle at around 2-3 months. We tried every single suggested bottle out there including the silicone nipples that came with the drop ins. I ordered these latex ones and she finally took the bottle! This is her preferred nipple now. After about 1-2 months they don’t show any wear yet. I’ve heard latex needs to be replaced more frequently but I haven’t noticed it yet.

Allie Eads, CO

Great for BF babies.

These are the ONLY (artificial) nipples by breast-fed babies ever accepted. I tried to use others (these are difficult to find locally), but I always ended up back with the latex.I know you’re not supposed to put latex nipples in the dishwasher, but I always did without any problems. I used them through TWO kids, and none of them fell apart or got dry/cracked.Natural latex tastes funky. I’m not sure why my babies preferred it, but they did. I imagine there are babies who hate the taste/smell/texture.

Roberta Kamay, TX

Old nipples

These were very old latex nipples that had already started to dry rot. Very unhappy with this item. These are hard to find and I am disappointed with the quality.

Kimberley New Middletown, IN