Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Medium Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Medium Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex® Nurser Naturalatch® Silicone Nipples 3m+. Medium. BPA free. Clinically shown: promotes latch-on*.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Our NaturaLatch Nipple is the perfect choice because it encourages proper latch-on for your baby to prevent her from taking in air
  • If you are switching between bottle- and breast-feeding, your baby may experience nipple confusion
  • BPA free
  • Made by Playtex – A leader in infant feeding

Verified reviews



So far they seem like they will work, haven’t used them yet becaue i haven’t had the baby but looking forward to it!!

Lorraine Marlette, MI

Great for rice cereal in bottles

Glad I found these! They’re the only nipples that work great for cereal mixed in the bottle. The slow flow didn’t let the cereal pass and the fast flow was too much. These are just right! They’re also great for older infants who are ready for the next step up from slow but not ready for fast flow. Durable and easy to clean.

Ora Harrison, TN

Baby Doesn’t Like Them

They’re still too fast for my 4 month old. She seems like she struggles to keep up with the flow. She stops and pushes away or cries, and then refuses to drink until I put a different nipple on the bottle. She prefers the slow flow soft Latex ones, so I just ordered more of those. Every baby is different, so you have to just try different things and see what works. You don’t HAVE to go up to a faster flow if your baby doesn’t want to.

Tabitha Sycamore, PA

Gives just the right of amount of formula for a 3 month old

The slow flow were just way to slow for my son at this point so we moved to the medium flow. (he would take 35 – 45 minutes to feed 6 oz). The packaging suggests babies 3 – 6 month babies should be able to handle this flow. My son was a week shy of 3 months when we switched from the slow to the medium flow. It took him a good 2 weeks to get use to it, he would spill a lot of formula out of his mouth, and spit up a lot more but now he is a pro.

Ruby Dowell, MD

Nice fit as expected

I use the medium flow for my 6-month old baby and it provides the right flow for her succion ability at this point. I recommend!

Lilia Saraland, AL

Love um

I just love my Playtex Ventaire bottles. Got these nipples when the slow flows were irritating my 2 month old. He wanted to eat faster. These are perfect. Don’t get clogged much either. For those wondering whether to get these or the fast flow, just get the mediums. My baby can down a 6 ounce bottle in about 15 minutes and I heard the fast flows caused a lot of babies to choke since they were so fast.

Lenore Merino, CO

Drop-Ins Medium Flow Nipples

We love this line, although our baby isn’t picky as long as formula is coming from it. Took him a couple feedings to get used to the transition from Slow Flow to Medium Flow but everything is peachy now!

Maggie Dingmans Ferry, PA

good shape

i breast feed and we decided to by Playtex Drop-Ins and a 3 pack of Playtex Ventaire for when i’m not home to feed the baby and the shape of this nipple is great for my baby he gets almost the entire nipple in his mouth like when he latches onto the breast. i would highly recommend these. it is also great how the Playtex Drop-Ins and Ventaire take the same nipples, it makes bottling easier for dad.

Hannah Middleboro, MA

Medium and fast flow Playtex nipple didn’t work for us at all

I love the Playtex system, especially the drop-ins as it makes the bottle really light and babies can hold it every early with their own hands. For us worked the slow natural latch silcone nipple, the y cut nipple (awesome for quicker feedings) and the ortho nipple (short one). The medium and the fast flow nipple didn’t work at all. Both of my sons (2.5y apart) choked on them and the constant drip makes a quite a mess. Try the Playte y-cut or the short ortho nipple instead.

Adrian Honaunau, HI

Flow is medium-fast

I use both Philips Avent bottles and Playtex Drop-In bottles with their brand’s respective "medium flow" nipples. These Playtex ones seem to flow faster than my Philips ones, and it’s a little too fast for my three-month old son. So, although I like the Playtex system / idea in general, I would describe the flow rate as "medium-fast".Although the Playtex flow-rate is a bit too fast for my baby right now, maybe when he is a couple of months older then these bottles and nipples will work better for us. Currently, I still prefer using my Avent system. The Playtex system has not reduced the amount that my son spits up like I had hoped – I still get better results with Philip Avent bottles and nipples.

Ashleigh Waite, ME


These are great for the playtex drop-ins bottles. They have the perfect flow and GS doesn’t get choked up on the formula!

Marisol Boardman, OR

Perfect flow for my 7 month old!

These are the perfect nipples for the playtex bottles that my daughter has. The "slow" version was great at first but then we started to mix in a little cereal in with her milk and it would clog at time. We also found that when my daughter was really hungry the "slow" was just too slow for her. We also tried the fast which will be fine in time but it is a little too much right now and would cause her to choke from time to time.We stumbled onto these and thought that we would give them a shot. They are the perfect flow at this age. The price here on Amazon was also comparable or a little cheaper than other stores.

Trina Cottleville, MO


At first I wasn’t so keen on how the nipple is designed but after awhile my daughter got used to it and it’s the nipple that she preferred, of course after getting used to it. She didn’t latched on this nipples easily at first, it has something to do with the design. She did better with the Philips Avent and Gerber Nuk nipples far better at first but since she’s 5 months old and we’ve moved to a medium flow, this is good for her now. I prefer this than the latex nipples that the original drop-in came with.

Patrice Tropic, UT

Great for Breastfed Babies

Our breastfed baby switched to a bottle easily using the Playtex NaturalLatch Silcone Nipples (slow) and now uses the medium just as well at age 4 months. The daycare actually commented that she transitioned to the medium flow better than most babies, and they wondered if it was because of this style (she’s the only one there that uses the Drop-In bottles).

Claudine Pinch, WV

Good construction, durable, and may last forever…

These are nice and thickSo boil them sometimes so your kid don’t get sickThey fit the Playtex drop in bottle fineand this review is legit, I’m not lyingThese are typical medium flow nipples, they work as intended. I like the fact that they’re thick and feel like they’ll last forever.

Brandie Atwater, MN

Works great. Give some time to get adjusted

Our daughter was spending more than 10-15 minutes on the slow flow nipples by 3 months age. Shifting to these increased our diet and made feeding sessions far easier. Highly recommend you upgrade to these.However, when we initially introduced these she started spitting up a lot more milk. She has some reflux issue and it took some time to slowly transition her to these. Initially, we fed her by giving her lots of breaks when on these and alternated feedings with slow flow bottles.I recommend you upgrade to these when feeding time becomes long but take your time transitioning over.

Jodie Dublin, PA

LOVE Playtex Drop ins!

This medium flow nipple works great for us. We started using it when little one was about 4.5 months old. She is now 6 months old and still using it. I BFed for three months. The transition to bottle was no problem. I love Playtex drop ins, it doesn’t get easier or more sanitary!

Helga North Adams, MI

saved my butt

my baby was born with an abnormally large mouth. he didn’t take binkies for his age and spit out and screamed when we tried other nipples. low and behold, turns out his mouth was too large to properly latch onto the smaller nipples and binkies. switched to a larger binkie and a more "natural" breast-shaped bottle nipple and he was a happy baby. hopefully this review saves some other big-mouthed babies’ mothers some grief because it was hell figuring this out!

Maura Albertville, MN

Fit the venti bottles

They don’t sell the medium in stores for some reason. These fit the venti bottles great and go thru the dishwasher well. Would buy again.

Rowena Silverado, CA


Medium flow playtex nipples were hard to find in our local stores so Amazon came through! My son has been using medium flow since around 2 months as slow flow was just too hard for him to get milk out. At 10 months he is just now switching to Fast flow. The medium flow gave him his milk faster without causing tons of spit-ups afterwards. Definitely worth a try!

Carlene Midway Park, NC

way too fast for a “medium flow” for kids 3 months +

We have been using slow flow since my baby was born. Now she is 3 1/2 months old and we tried those nipples, they are way too fast! Good thing I tested them carefully, crazy difference between slow and medium, disappointing.

Felicia Russell Springs, KY



Cecilia Pascagoula, MS

perfect for my 3-month-old

My son starting taking forever to finish his bottles around 2.5-months-old. He was up to 6 oz and was taking 45 minutes or more to finish the bottle. It wasn’t that it was too much formula, but that he just couldn’t get it fast enough (he is a big boy–over 90th percentile in height & weight). I figured it was time to move up to a faster flow, but I didn’t want to go to the fast flows. The medium flow is perfect. I think it was a bit of a shock to him at first and it took him a couple of days to adjust (he gagged a bit at first), but now he finishes his bottle in about 20 minutes. No spit-ups after and he is happy and has more play time since feeding doesn’t take so much work!I love my Playtex drop-ins as well as these nipples. They are my son’s favorite bottle/nipple. (We’ve also tried Avent & Nuk.)

Kim Brookings, SD

Great addition to Playtex bottles

Product as as described. No issues and work great for the purpose we needed. I recommend these as the next step after slow flow with Playtex drop in bottles.

Alyssa South Cairo, NY

Similar to fast flow

We bought these because our 3 month old son was taking so long to drink a bottle with slow flow nipples. He seemed to get aggrivated because it was coming out slow. So then we bought fast flow and they were so fast he drank his bottle in a min flat, and it was spilling all over him. So then we bought the medium flow hoping it was in between. Granted it didn’t spill all over him but he sucked the bottle down within 3-4 min. Even though he got the same oz as his slow flow nipple bottle he still seemed hungy. It appears that since he finished it so fast he didn’t think he was as full as when it takes him longer to drink with slow nipples, if that makes sence.

Sonya Parrott, VA


The NaturaLatch silicone nipples are the ones my daughter has gotten used to. She preferred the slow flow for longer than I anticipated, but finally accepted these faster flow nipples around 6 months of age. As others have stated, these are a bit of a toss up. Some of them have incredibly fast flow rates and others are the more "medium" flow rate you’d expect. Wish they could resolve this issue, but as my daughter likes these nipples, I have put up with the variability and simply store the faster flow nipples for use down the line.

Bethany Hendersonville, PA


Great nipples. Our breastfed baby loves these. He was 6 months old though, when he needed medium flow (package says 3+ months so you will decide when your baby is fussing and sucking too hard that it is time to change from slow flow to this medium.) Does not leak. Could be a little cheaper so not giving 5 stars. The price of these has risen since the new “bendable” drop in bottles came out

Tamra Elkader, IA

Too fast flow for new baby!

I bought and used these too soon. The slow flow nipples are perfect for my newborn who is almost 3 months old now. However, these medium flow ones are a little too fast for a newborn, I think they will be better around 6 months old. These are great nipples, just make sure you get the right flow size.

Robert Ruby Valley, NV

Make sure you buy the right nipples for your bottle system

As first time parents, we mistakenly assume all nipples are the same. They are not. Make sure you get the ones for your bottle system. We ordered these by mistake. Our fault not theirs.

Miranda Islip, NY

Blistered Lip!

These nipples caused a blister to form on my baby’s upper lip after only a few uses. The blister was not there before I started using these bottles, and it cleared up within a few days after I stopped using them. I definitely would not buy again.

Jerri Worthington, MO