Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Variable Flow Y-Cut – 2 Pack

Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Variable Flow Y-Cut – 2 Pack

Silicone nipple Our NaturaLatch Nipple is the perfect choice because it encourages proper latch on for your baby to prevent her from taking in air. If you are switching between bottle and breast feeding, your baby may experience nipple confusion. That’s because many bottle nipples flow too fast. If you use a different latch that’s easier for baby to suckle, she may not want to go back and work “harder” at the breast. The NaturaLatch nipple has been clinically shown to be similar to the breast – in strong latch on and flow rate. BPA Free Made by Playtex A leader in infant feeding.

Main features

  • Our NaturaLatch Nipple is the perfect choice because it encourages proper latch on for your baby to prevent her from taking in air
  • If you are switching between bottle and breast feeding, your baby may experience nipple confusion
  • BPA free
  • Made by Playtex A leader in infant feeding

Verified reviews


Great for cereal in bottles

We got these for our twins (now 3 years old) and we LOVE them. The boys had to have cereal in their formula and they couldn’t get it out of the fast flow nipples. I found that they work Great for a little cereal and when we got to the point that we were giving them more cereal in their formula (we called it formula shakes) I cut 1 tip of the the Y part and it was perfect. You may not have to do this with your little one, we did because they both had alot of trouble sucking so this assisted them. Don’t cut to far or it will rip. I also found that you have to buy new nipples every once in a while because they can split BUT it’s worth it. Do what works for you. These were perfect for us.

Alejandra East Charleston, VT

Work Great

Not sure why these didn’t get very good reviews. I think they work fine. I noticed one person put 2 ounces of milk to a tbsp of cereal and the baby couldn’t get it out. Well duh. I think that’s a mixture best fed with a spoon. I think its funny that all the doctors tell you not to put cereal in a bottle yet they make nipples especially for it. My baby gets about a tsp of cereal in his night time bottle with about 5 ounces of breastmilk. They work great for that.

Susan Tipton, TN

Either slow or fast???/

I purchased these hoping to use them to add some rice cereal to my 4 month old daughter’s bottles. However, she cannot really figure out how to use them. It seems like she sucks and sucks and nothing comes out so she gets frustrated. If I pull it out of her mouth slightly when she sucks on it the opening comes open way too far and chokes her. I am sure these probably work well for some kiddos but not mine. I started feeding her the rice cereal with a spoon and that is working much better so I won’t even be using these. For me they were a waste of money.

Trina Anthony, TX

Great when feeding cereal with formula/milk

The tri-cut helps to get the cereal particles get through without clogging – as it did the Medium and Fast. It naturally stays closed and opens only when the baby sucks. That could be a good thing or bad thing. Good because baby can control the suction and doesn’t have milk dripping everywhere. Bad if the baby doesn’t want to feed and just holds it in the mouth.The opening widened after 3 months usage, but that is expected, they were used twice every day, so about 180-200 feedings.

Concepcion Baptistown, NJ

Great for cereals and yogurts

although these are NOT the original Playtex products, they are good. I wish Playtex would return to the original size and style. These nipples are designed for cereals, thicker foods, etc. Great product.

Silvia Mosby, MT

No dripping

We used the Playtex drop-ins with slow and y-cut nipples. I love the fact that the y-cut doesn’t drip like the medium or fast flow. I could just hand my son the bottle and he was able to feed himself by three months! Yes, the nipples don’t last very long and yes they are really tight at the beginning. When I had to buy new ones, I just widened them with a cleaning brush a few times.

Brandy Silver Spring, MD

I love these!

This is a must. We switched nipples right away when our daughter was born because the milk was pouring out around her mouth. The Variable flow nipples are the ONLY nipples we’ve used since she was about 3 weeks old and now she’s 5 months. She gets what she wants and we get very little mess. And it’s great because they don’t drip or spill like other nipples. Love em!

Lorena Holland, KY


Variable flow, great for the kids.Our 7 week olds prefer this and they spill less too….It has caused less spills than the fast ones and it is less frustrating to them then the slow ones.

Angelica Shevlin, MN

Didn’t Use These – Flow is too fast

I got these to use when I added cereal to his bottles, but they were entirely unessessary. The slow and medium flows were all I needed. I even got a pack of fast flow, and never was able to use them. I added four tablespoons of cereal to an 8 ounce bottle and never needed anything more than medium.

Erna Wolverton, MN

Great for spare parts for Vintage Baby Bottle Collection

Using for spare parts for baby bottle collection (vintage and modern). The silicone will last indefinitely (latex breaks down over the years), and while I can’t use them in bottles prior to 1995 or so (authenticity issues), they’ll work for newer models that I get cheap, but need nipples for.

Luisa Milam, TX

Love the Y Cut

I used these with my son who is now 4 and now my daughter who is 6 mo. – I never have used it for putting cereal in the bottle, I just like it because your little one can control their own drinking speed. The harder they suck the faster the flow- it takes a couple days initially to get used to it but my daughter seems to love it and is less fussy.

Cherry Organ, NM

works good

great for rice cereal bottle at night time. watch and listen to make sure nipple doesn’t get clogged but overall great

Katrina Fort Lee, NJ

I don’t get it…

I bought these on Amazon thinking that they would offer a little faster flow than the medium flow and allow cereal to come throught the nipple for my 4.5 month old. They just seem to be sooooo slow! The nipple hole itself seems to be big enough, but no luck for us anyway! 🙁

Lacey Sanderson, TX

Perfect flow

The Y cut is the perfect flow out of all the Playtex nipples. It’s also great for adding a little baby cereal or oatmeal to a bottle. The nipples are difficult to clean if you do use cereal and they tend to look cloudy. Overall it’s a pretty decent nipple and it’s difficult to find in stores.

Rosanne Erwinna, PA

Didn’t work for thickened feeds

I bought this nipple for using with thickened milk but it didn’t work. The nipples collasped easily and baby got really frustrated.

Bobby Silver Beach, MA

Great price, but not 100% satisfied

Found these online cheaper, but I found that even with the "Y" cut…the cereal still had some problems coming out. So I had to cut them a bit more.

Sadie Tucson, AZ

worked well for a while

These worked well for a while, but after a bit with the baby chewing on the nipple, the Y shaped hole got torn out until it would leak while it was being used. Also, be careful when using the small nipple brushes on these nipples, as they tended to pop through the Y-shaped hole, which would tear them out even further.

Marylou Wichita, KS

These are good but

Phew have we gone through a ton of these. Once they get in teeth, these do not last long. At all. So be prepared to wean or buy tons. We don’t have a ton of weaning choice as kiddo has a milk protein allergy and is on neocate still at almost 2. Most sippy cups with the neocate leak all over and the suction of a bottle helps her reflux a ton. Nothing helps her when she’s having a barfy/hicoughy day faster. So we’re still here as we hope she outgrows it all (which they said she would at 6 months, then a year, then 18 months, and now we’re hoping 2!).

Samantha Greentown, IN

Baby hated them

My baby hated these nipples. He had to really struggle to get anything to come out of them, and then they gave him bad blisters on his upper lip because he was working so hard. I threw them out after only two or three uses.

Nannie Carson City, MI