Playtex Drop-Ins Original BPA Free Nurser Newborn Starter Set

Playtex Drop-Ins Original BPA Free Nurser Newborn Starter Set

The Playtex Complete Nurser Getting Started Set has everything you need to get started nursing: 2 each of 4- and 8-oz. original nursers and 10 pre-sterilized Drop-Ins Pre-Formed Disposable Liners (5 each of 4 oz. and 8 oz.). The 8-oz. Eazy-Feed nurser features a slide-up burper to easily remove air from the liner before feeding, and the liners collapse so they deliver liquid, not air, resulting in less gas and spitting up. The Set also includes 5 interchangeable and disposable nipples in different shapes, flow rates and materials; and self-storing leak-proof caps and retainer rings. Liners are freezable. Made in USA. Orthodontic nipple imported.

Main features

  • An excellent starter kit with a range of bottle holders and Drop-Ins pre-formed liners in 4 ounce and 8 ounce sizes
  • 2-4 ounce original nurser holders, 2 8-ounce original nurser holders, 1 eazy feed holder, 10 drop-ins liners
  • Reduces gas and colic
  • It is BPA free

Verified reviews


Did not work for me and my baby

With all the rave reviews and my love for Playtex VentAir bottles, I was very excited about this bottle. Yet, both me and my baby hated it. First off, the bottle itself is huge, which makes it uncomfortable in many ways. Second, even the slow flow nipple somehow seems too fast and makes my baby choke on his milk. In any case, we used it a couple of times and went right back to VentAir. I would not recommend it.

Georgette Kneeland, CA

the BEST overall

since my 1st child to my new grandson, I do not remember ever having a bottle be more easy on the stomach and prevent colic.Even my colicky babydid the very best when I used these. Nothing else has ever done better and these are less hassle in the cleaning area and while you have to keep buying the inserts,they are affordable,I bought the others but they are just ideasMD’s helped develop, doesn’t mean they work as well, ‘cuz they don’t!!!I’d go with Playtex every time.

Katharine Princeton, WI

This is a Sample kit.

I was mistaken when I registered for these bottles… I thought I could use everything in the box for my baby when she was born. However, I did not realize (being a new mom) that this was a sample kit with various nipples (one of each) for older and newer babies, teething babies, nipples that helped encourage latching of the breast and nipples that just plain resembled the breast.I actually would recommend that if you’re a first time mom, register for this box and also pick out (seperately) two 4 oz bottles with ‘slow-flow silicone’ nipples for younger babies and two 4 oz bottles with ‘slow-flow rubber’ nipples for younger babies.First test the silicone on your little one and if your baby does not like it, does not latch on well or has a problem with silicone, try her on the rubber nipples. After that, you’ll know which nipples your baby will need and can purchase more *nipples* to go with the rest of the bottles in your kit.I would suggest you do not use the nipples that come with the kit at all… new babies should either be on silicone or rubber slow-flow nipples for younger babies. Once you’ve found the typle of material he/she prefers – stick with it. And around the age of 4-6 months, switch them to older baby nipples in that same material.Hope this review helps you! Good luck with your little one. 🙂

Mai Vernon, UT

ok until now!

I’ve used these bottles since my sons were born.-I love the fact that they are extremely easy to clean and the liners are very convenient. (but are getting expensive.) I would use these bottles up until you need to make 8oz of formula. *If you use powder formula – the drop-in liners DO NOT hold 8oz of water and the formula you add to it!! I had a mess of formula everywhere!!!

Angelita Lisbon Falls, ME

World’s Best Bottle

This is a great product for both Non-breastfed and breastfed (suggest use after about a month so baby is used to nursing and milk supply is established) babies. This unique system works best for eliminating excessive air from the bottle therefore preventing excessive gas! The nipples are a little larger than some babies may prefer but are closer to the breast than most other bottles. Without a doubt my favorite bottle for our son and we will be sure to use it with our next child!

Virginia Randolph, WI

Love them, BUT no easy feed nurser

I’m gonna start by saying I really love these bottles. They work great for me and my baby. She doesn’t get all that gas she used to get with other bottles anymore and she seems very comfortable with the nipples. Plus the disposable liners make cleaning so much easier and faster. I love the way the cap compresses the nipple so you can be sure there will be no accidents while mixing formula, except for the orthodontic nipple which has the little hole on one side, but we don’t really use that one, so it doesn’t matter to us.That being said, I must warn you IT DOES NOT COME WITH THE EASY-FEED BOTTLE like the description says and that’s the main reason I got this set, otherwise I would’ve gotten the prettier ones. Apparently they don’t make the easy feed anymore.I still gave this bottles five stars cuz they’re the best we’ve tried. Helped a lot with our little colicky baby and they are a blessing when it comes to cleaning. We have a zillion nipples and just a few bottles so we only replace the nipples on the nursers and we’re good to go.

Sophie Ontario, WI

Classic bottles

These are one of only a few brands of bottles out there that has a variety of nipples so if your baby doesn’t like one nipple, you can try the others. Most other bottles only offer one nipple and if your baby doesn’t like it, you have to buy a completely different set of bottles.These bottles are also interchangeable with the Playtex Premium bottles, so you can have a variety of colors and designs.Get an extra box of liners for each size.These are easy to clean, just toss the liner and wash the bottle in warm, soapy water. Not scrubbing with a bottle brush to get the lump of formula out of the bottom. :c)

Martha Hartline, WA

Even better than the Premium set!

I like these bottles better than the Premium Nursers. Here’s why:1. They don’t break as easily when dropped (or thrown!)2. The caps are more streamlined and work for all different types of nipples. The clear domed caps on the Premiums don’t work with the orthodontic nipple, and that’s all I use.I would have rather received 2 of these sets instead of one of the Premium sets I got.

Helene Steilacoom, WA

LOVE it 3 yrs. later!

Ok, my 3 yr. old shouldn’t be drinking out of a bottle anymore BUT, I have really put these bottles to good use! I have a 1 1/2 yr. old and 3 yr. old still drinking out of these….they have a few quirks but you deal with them and get used to it and LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the ease of use! I do,however, wash the liners sometimes to re-use or I’d be in bankruptcy…Publix and Walmart and other stores have liners you can use when the Playtex gets to be too expensive!

Kathryn New Cambria, MO

My son almost loved its Playtex too much

We used Playtex drop-in bottles and my son loved them. He was able to hold them by himself when he was three months old. We started with the slow flow nipple very early and he had nipple confusion. Later we moved on the Y-cut nipple which is great because it doesn’t spill like the medium and fast flow.

Ernestine North Falmouth, MA

Playtex drop in system is excellent

The drop in system is all we use for our daughter and I just love it. I will keep on using it and recommending it highly. So far we have not used the 8-oz bottles but maybe in the future. These nipples are far superior in my opinion because they’re such a natural shape.

Jesse Morton, MN

Great, but lacking medium flow nipples

I rated this 3 stars because while it has many good parts, I was highly disappointed to “realize” when my baby was 4 months old that this set does *not* include any medium flow nipples. We used the slow flow for several months, so those were useful, but the Fast flow were way too fast and we needed something in-between. Low & behold I walk down the aisle in Target looking for an entirely new bottle system and I see medium nipples that work perfectly for my daughter. For trying to offer a variety of nipple options, Playtex missed the mark in omitting the medium flow nipple.

Regina Carlsbad, TX

A great BPA-free Bottle

I like these smartly-designed bottles a lot. They have reduced my son’s colic and gas discomforts dramatically by reducing the amount of air he takes in while feeding. My son is primarily breastfed, but my wife and I supplement his breastfeedings with pumped breastmilk and with formula. The Original Nursers are made from polypropylene, which is a BPA-free plastic. The liners are also BPA-free although I’m not sure what kind of plastic they are manufactured from. Unlike some other corporations in the baby products industry, Playtex Baby is serious about customer support. I have called the customer service number several times now and have gotten to talk to a knowledgeable person in every instance. If you want to experiment with these bottles to see if they will work for you, I would suggest that you stop in at Target or Walmart. They sell trial bottles for under $4 that come with either a latex or silicone nipple and 5 drop-in liners. Unfortunately, the trial bottles that come with silicone nipples are the premium nursers, which are made from polycarbonate, a non-BPA-free plastic (this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me because the milk never comes into contact with the polycarbonate).

Mariana Leiters Ford, IN

Great for breastfed babies!

My 6 week old hated bottles until these came in. He had his choice of 5 nipples and likes the latex slow flow the best. Even my husband is able to feed him with ease (breastfed babies are picky!). I love how easily I can store unfinished breast milk. I recommend this to everyone. It would make a great Baby Shower present!

Bernadette Jamestown, KS

Great for breastfeeding moms!! Love them – bought for both kids…

I used these with my first daughter almost 7 years ago (although they were not BPA free back then…that was before it became a big deal I guess!)… and exclusively breastfed. I pumped my milk so dad could feed her when I was at work or college. NEVER had any problem between bottlefeeding and breastfeeding – no nipple confusion, etc. Gas wasn’t a big problem either. They are so easy to clean – no scrubbing the bottle just drop in liners. Just have to clean the base/nipple/ring, but super easy and used to throw in the dishwasher. Easy to store breastmilk in liners or bags and just pop them in the bottle after thawing. After 7 years could have still used my same bottles but opted to buy new ones because they were not BPA free.I also bought some AVENT bottles this time around – because that is the brand of pump I bought – and they are pretty good too. But these Playtex bottles are my go to bottle as they are SOOOO easy to clean and that is very important when you have a young, hungry, crying baby to take care of! 🙂

Mai Newton Center, MA


Baby has had less gas and fussiness since we have been using these bottles. Quick cleanup, quick fill up. Love the nipple variety too.Because of the liners, it is easy to keep two of these bottles in use and not clutter up the kitchen with bottle pieces, etc.Would highly recommend.

Anne Lakebay, WA

Great Bottles

My breastfed baby took very easily to these bottles. They’re sturdy and durable. The only times I’ve had difficulties with leaking is when I’ve failed to properly use thePlaytex Drop-Ins Disposable Bottle Liners, 8 oz, 50 Liners. I wish Playtex wasn’t phasing out these bottles because they feel much sturdier than their Premium counterparts.

Kara Fryeburg, ME


I’m so glad I chose the Playtex drop-ins system. It is so easy to use. I pump directly into the liners using the playtex storage set and freeze. Then I can just thaw and pop the liner onto the bottle holder and screw on the nipple. The selection of nipples was nice to have, though my guys would take any of them-he isn’t picky. I haven’t used the tall liners yet though, maybe that is more useful if you are formula feeding? For breastfeeding I recommend the pump and store set and you will be all ready to go!

Joanne Lake Village, AR

Great Bottles

These are the only bottles I can get my son to take. He hates the silicone nipples, so these are great alternative.

Maureen Littlerock, WA

Absolute Must Have!!!!

Before I had my baby, I was thoroughly confused by all of the bottle options available. I started doing research & this one came highly recommended. Now I know why!!!! Hardly any cleaning!!!!! If you’re not a complete germ phobe & not super messy while making the bottle, you rarely have to wash the bottles or rings. Just change out the drop in, wash the nipple & you’re set. I’ve only had to wash the bottles or rings when I’ve accidentally gotten the formula on them. My only complaint is the “leak proof” lid. I only tried it once. Put the lid on the bottle & put the bottle in the outside side pocket of the diaper bag. Bag wasn’t jostled or knocked around or anything & the bottle totally leaked. So, the “leak proof” tops are not leak proof. Still, I wouldn’t use any other bottle.

Louella Storden, MN

Great, but..

Great set, but you’ll need more nipples. At least 2 out of the 5 are Fast Flow, which I didn’t use until my baby was 8-9 months old. The nipples are like $4 for a 2pk, so add that to the cost when comparison shopping.Other than that, I love these bottles! I don’t have a single complaint about them. I do not use a bottle warmer. They do leak in the diaper bag when not kept upright, but I store mine upright, so that’s a non-issue.

Benita Rio Rancho, NM

Works with pump – sort of

When I bought this system, I was concerned if it would be compatible with the pump I chose (Ameda Purely Yours Ultra). The answer is – only if you also buy the Playtex Breast Milk Storage Kit. The kit comes with the adapters that you need.With respect to the nipples that come with this set, our baby eventually got used to them, but it took a few days.

Genevieve Kincheloe, MI

Doesn’t seal very well…

I got these as a gift at my baby shower, so I haven’t had a chance to use them until now. Since I’m breastfeeding, I don’t use them on a regular basis, just for outings. You can’t pump into these, which is a bit of a hassle, but it’s not too bad. My problem with the bottle is that the bags don’t stay in. The ring doesn’t hold the bag in, so when I went to feed the baby, he ended up soaked. Needless to say, bottle feeding that day was a disaster. If the bag would stay in, I’d say I really liked these. Unfortunately, I haven’t had one bag stay in yet…

Kitty Ocean Grove, NJ

Only one that worked

My daughter wasn’t drinking out of the bottle. The laytex nipple was the only one shes takes. Its soft and is the most like a breast. But I didn’t know why she wouldn’t drink the bottle until I smelled the milk. It had gone bad. So I learned that if you heat the milk ( not boil it) right after you pump then store it in good bags the milk stays fresh, and baby eats while i’m at work. There is no better feeling for you (and grandma whos watching her) when you know that shes happy while you are at work.

Sandra Goshen, NJ

Love the convenience

I knew from the beginning that I would be using these bottles. What I love is the convenience. No bottle washing, just toss out the liner and wash the nipple. It’s especially nice when you’re out and about or a long trip and cannot necessarily wash a bottle after use. What’s nice about this starter kit is that it comes with 5 different nipples of varying flows and types (latex and silicone) that I was able to try without having to purchase separately (this is good because of my complaint below).I also like the Playtex one step storage system that you can use with these bottles (refer to my review on Playtex one step storage kits: With the pump adapter that comes in the storage kits, you can pump directly into the liners.I do have a few complaints about these bottles, though:!) As I mentioned, it’s nice that it came with all the different nipples because finding the best one to use with my baby was a chore and a half (refer to my reviews on the Playtex NaturaLatch slow flow latex, Playtex NaturaLatch slow flow silicone, and Playtex NaturaLatch Orthodontic Medium Flow).2) The clear liners make it difficult to see the exact amount that is in the liner if you are pumping directly into the liner, but you learn to estimate more or less. When you’re breastfeeding you have no clue the exact amount the baby is getting anyways. If you’re really anal, just pump into a regular bottle and transfer to drop-in liner.3) Although convenient, the disposable liners do create a lot of waste. This would be my biggest complaint.Overall, happy with product because of the convenience.

Abby Trafford, AL

Decent buy

Not a bad price for all of the items included. I wish they gave more nipples though. They give several drop-in liners, 4 oz and 8 oz. But for the price, its worth it.

Hester Bath, SD

Good for formula but not Breast Milk

Last year, in preparation to our son’s arrival, we bought several leading, what I will call “bottle feeding systems” (You are not buying just bottles, but also committing yourself to the accessories specific to that brand, so they are systems). The ones we chose to try were:-Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle-Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottles- ThesePlaytex, although in concept very appealing, we did not like because due to their design/material it is hard to get out all of the milk and so some of it always gets wasted. Also, it is very challenging to measure out exact amounts as the numbers and gradations on the dropins is hard to see. We stopped using these very quickly. Although, if you are using formula that is less viscous than milk, these might be work much better. Plus, Target sells a store version of dropins which a lot of people like, so that helps a lot with the price.Avent bottles are generally very good, and we ended up using them a lot. Also, we purchased the ridiculesly overpricedPhilips AVENT BPA Free Standard Breast Pump Conversion Kitto be able to use the bottles withMedela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump. The setup works great. The main problem with the Avent bottles is that if you forget to put in the little ring, the milk will leak all over your child. With the ring in, we never had a leak. We have used both the larger and smaller bottles and nipples N-4, and the above comments apply to all variations.Dr. Brown’s bottles are probably the best out of the three. Like the Avent, we have used both the larger and smaller bottles and nipples 1-4. With its design, it is harder to assemble the bottle without all the necessary pieces. We have never had these bottles leak. The complaints that they are hard to wash are unfounded. We never had an issue with just throwing them in the dishwasher. After about nine months of use, some of the markings are slightly coming off, not a big deal. Also, the number of parts (6 vs Avent’s 5 counting the lid) is not as overwhelming as some people on here claim.There seem to be no difference in any of the above bottles when it came to reducing gas. All of them reduced some, but not all. Likewise, our son had no preference in the nipples from one bottle to the next among these, although he absolutely hatedThe First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, so we only tried it once.If I had to pick only one of the above brands, it would be Dr. Brown’s.

Isabelle Conran, MO

Great set for newborns, older babies

We got this set at our shower and haven’t needed any other bottles. My son started using them at about four weeks old and quickly outgrew the smaller bottles, but the set includes three larger ones, which is great. The only reason I give it four stars instead of five is that they don’t include the medium flow nipples, just fast and slow. My baby was impatient with the slow flow and overwhelmed by the fast, so we had to purchase the medium ones separately. It’s also a little irritating to have to keep buying the drop-in inserts, but it does cut down on the dishes.

Herminia Vacaville, CA

The liners have holes

I have wasted so much milk using this drop-ins system. I bought a box of the 4 ounce and a box of the 8 ounce liners, and in both boxes there have been multiple liners with holes in them and my milk has ended up all over my counter. Any pumping mother knows that it is perfectly reasonable to cry over spilled breast milk, and believe me, I’ve done that many times. I’ve tried to be good about pouring in just a little bit of milk so that if there is a hole, I’ll only waste a little bit. But, come on, I’m sleep deprived, and stressed and sometimes I forget, and I end up with 6 ounces of milk on my kitchen counter, and I shouldn’t have to check like that for a product I’ve paid for. No good.Out of a box of 100 liners, I would say about 1/4-1/3 have holes in them or leak. That’s quite a lot; we’re not talking one or two here. Unfortunately, I’ve invested in Playtex bottles and Playtex nipples, so now I have to spend even more money buying a whole new bottle feeding system because I cannot afford to spill breast milk every fourth time I go to fill up a bottle. I’m extremely disappointed at having wasted so much money on this system and so much time pumping milk just to pour it on the kitchen counter. I would NOT recommend.

Jennie San Bernardino, CA

Convenient clean-up, but Playtex VentAire nipples work better for breastfed babies

This particular starter set of Playtex Drop-Ins is a great place to start if you’re looking for an economical way to sample a wide variety of nipple types and the Drop-Ins system as a whole. We did not need to purchase additional Drop-In bottles because of the quick and easy clean-up, although we did purchase extra nipples of the type our daughter preferred. We have used both the Playtex VentAire and Playtex Drop-In bottles for the past year as we switched between breastfeeding and bottle feeding with my daughter, who has just reached her first birthday. Of the two, Playtex VentAire has been my favorite bottle for transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, although neither has caused the dreaded “nipple confusion.” In both cases, we use the slow flow variety of nipple for each bottle type. This is how the two compare:1. The Drop-Ins win hands-down for convenient clean-up and are thus our favorite to travel with. Throw out the old liner, pop in a new one, fill it up, and you’re ready to go – easy to do even in the backseat of a car with a crying baby. No bottle brush or hot, soapy water needed.2. The VentAire slow flow nipples are much slower than the Drop-In slow flow nipples, which we have found is preferable for a baby that is accustomed to breastfeeding (more control over the milk flow, and thus less gagging and spitting up).3. Once a baby learns how to hold the bottle themselves, we have discovered that the VentAire bottle with a slow flow nipple can be flung wildly around and does not leak. However, the Drop-Ins bottle with a slow flow nipple leaks everywhere when it is turned upside-down (and baby WILL turn it upside-down). This is less of an issue if there will be parental supervision.4. Our daughter can feed herself from both the VentAire and Drop-In bottles, but it is a bit easier for her to handle the VentAire. She can feed herself one-handed while sleep-eating with the VentAire by grasping the recessed bottle bottom and holding it straight up in the air. The Drop-In bottle requires her to use two hands due to the fact it is wider, and if she falls asleep, the bottle is dropped and leaks wherever it lands.Both the Playtex Drop-In and Playtex VentAire bottles are nice sets, and we have appreciated having both types to choose from to enjoy the perks of both. For convenience and fast clean-up, the Playtex Drop-In system wins. For fewer leaks and more baby autonomy, the Playtex VentAire bottles get our vote.

Cora Hampton, VA