Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Decorated BPA Free Nurser Starter Set

Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Decorated BPA Free Nurser Starter Set

The Playtex Drop-Ins System is clinically shown to reduce gas, spit-up, and colic and to simulate the natural feeding rhythm of breastfeeding.  The pre-sterilized, disposable liners collapse to keep air out of the bottle and your baby’s system. The Premium Decorated Bottles Gift Set provides everything you need in one kit. Set includes: 3 4-oz and 2 8-oz Premium Decorated Nursers in yellow and green with NaturaLatch Silicone Nipples (Slow Flow), 30 Drop-Ins Pre-Sterilized Disposable Liners, and 6 nipples in a variety of flow rates.

Main features

  • It also includes a breast milk storage kit to allow mom to pump, store and feed in the same liner – so, there is no need to transfer and potentially spill breast milk between bottles
  • 3 4-oz. Premium Nurser Holders, 2 8-oz. Premium Nurser Holders, NaturaLatch slow flow silicone nipples, a set of (1 pump adapter ring, 1 liner ring, 2 nipple rings, 2 sealing disks), 30 Drop-Ins liners [15 4-oz. and 15 8-oz.]
  • Reduces gas and colic
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Lacks Medium Flow Nipples

A friend gave me this set – she had received it as a gift & ended up using a different bottle system for her son. Since I was using the Playtex system she gave me all her items including this gift set. I’ve cut & paste my review from the “non-designer” set to this one because the problem I found was the same:I rated this 3 stars because while it has many good parts, I was highly disappointed to “realize” when my baby was 4 months old that this set does *not* include any medium flow nipples. We used the slow flow for several months, so those were useful, but the Fast flow were way too fast and we needed something in-between. Low & behold I walk down the aisle in Target looking for an entirely new bottle system and I see medium nipples that work perfectly for my daughter. For trying to offer a variety of nipple options, Playtex missed the mark in omitting the medium flow nipple.

Miranda Elberton, GA

Easy to assemble…cute.

Okay, so I am using these bottles for breastfeeding, but with the latex nipples as my little one hates any kind of silicone nipples. They are easy to put together. The only criticism I have is that I sometimes find it hard to see how many ounces I am pumping directly in to the bottles because of the cutesy design. I like the original Playtex nurser designs better for that purpose.

Agnes Morongo Valley, CA

nice set, easy to use

this is a great starter set. we purchased extra bottles separately just so we wouldn’t need to wash parts so often. they’re easy to assemble, never leaky unless the liner is over-filled. liners are expensive, but we found generic store brand liners work just as well (if not better, since they seem to be made of a thicker plastic) than the playtex liners for half the price. overall worth it for not having to constantly clean bottles. i use a microwave steam sterilizer to make sure the nipples, caps & rings are thoroughly clean and either handwash the holders or put them right in the dishwasher. these bottles also prevent having a gassy baby since you have to physically push the extra air out of the liner before feeding. this is sometimes hard to do since the bottles are taller than is reachable with my fingers, but this is an easy thing to remedy if you just use something longer to do this (like the thick handle on a wooden spoon). overall, wonderful bottles.

Deanne Varnville, SC

Nice set for price but does NOT including adapter set as advertised

Its a nice set but misleading.What’s in the BoxPlaytex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Decorated Gift Set with five nursers (three 4-ounce and two 8-ounce), 11 silicone nipples, 30 liners (fifteen 4-ounce and fifteen 8-ounce), and a set of breast milk storage components that includes one pump-adapter ring, one liner ring, two nipple rings, and two sealing disks.It does NOT include the “set of breast milk storage components that includes one pump-adapter ring, one liner ring, two nipple rings, and two sealing disks”. Very disappointing.I think its still worth buying for the price though.

Angela Eudora, AR

Pretty good bottles

Overall, I really like these. Super easy to throw away the liner and not have to carry multiple bottles with you. If you are going to freeze and use breast milk, you might not use the storage set that Playtex created for them though. While it is really convienent to freeze and use the same liners, sometimes they tear or leak when thawed.

Tracie Mendon, MI

Love these bottles

These bottles are great. This is what my newborn took to and we have stuck with them. It’s cheaper to buy the starter set if you’re looking to get multiple items such as both size bottles and different nipples. The only thing I wish I could choose were the colors, but that did not influence my decision on purchasing them from Amazon. In this kit you do not get the nurser supplies (this did not bother me because I am not breast feeding, I actually preferred not to get them so it’s not something I’m throwing away).

Sofia Wolford, VA

Great Gesign, Great Price!

In my opinion, the best bottles for babies. While you will have to buy the bag liners, the design of this bottle style greatly reduces the amount of air taken in by your baby (which can be uncomfortable or painful). This set comes with both 4 oz and 8oz bottles, so you’ll be prepped for when you need to scale up! If one is trying to save a little, Target makes and sells their version of the liners for these bottles.

Kitty Mount Sinai, NY