Playtex Flip Top Snacker with Twist ‘N Click, Color may vary

Playtex Flip Top Snacker with Twist ‘N Click, Color may vary

The Playtex Twist ‘N Click Flip Top Snacker makes on-the-go travel mess-free with its audible seal and rotating lid. Prevents messes for when you are away from home. Audible click sound for secure 100% leak-proof seal. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Detachable and flexible rotating lid.

Main features

  • Audible click for secure 100% leak-proof seal
  • Detachable and flexible rotating lid
  • Lid for food protection and containment
  • Easy use for child
  • Comes in different color combinations like yellow lid/blue bowl, green lid/pink bowl, blue lid/green bowl

Verified reviews


better than what we had

The cup does prevent some spills of snacks. Smaller snacks still fall out if tipped over or dropped. Larger snacks are a bit tricky to get out and can cause some frustration. The lid is too difficult to quickly put on & off, so we don’t use it. It has been best for our daughter when she likes to walk around with her snacks or take them out on the patio. If you can get it for under $5 than it should be worth the money.

Jennie Davenport, ND

Don’t waste your money…

Do yourself a favor and go buy the Munchie Mug instead, it is WELL WORTH IT if you want a clean car and/or house free of little snacks all over the place. The Playtex is basic but really didn’t do the job that I was looking for in a snack container. My 1 year old could hold down one of the flaps and shake out or dump out puffs all over the place, completely defeating the purpose of its use. It sits in our cupboard unused now 🙁 Please take it from me and if you have a little one, get the MUNCHIE MUG rather than this!

Helena Sumner, MI

A snack cup with a screw-top and a lid? Yes, please.

We love these for our son! We started off with the Munchkin brand snack cups, but after repeated instances of snacks all over the floor and car seat, we found these. He could get the lid off of the Munchkin ones too easily. The tops of these screw on. I’m sure he’ll figure that out soon, but for now, these work so great. AND they have a lid. I don’t know how many times I dumped snacks out of the old snack cups because they’d gotten stale. The lid on these just pops up so you can rotate it and snaps securely on the bottom of the cup. It stays attached to the perforated screw top so you don’t have to keep track of the lid. I will say that my son has figured out how to rip the lid off, but most of the time, it stays attached without him messing with it. I don’t know why I don’t see more kids with these. They are the best out there!

Marta Goodyears Bar, CA

Love it but

I wish you could select a color. Or if not, the default would not be something like pink or blue- our little guy couldn’t care less as long as there’s a snack in it, but hot pink? Really??

Ida Irwinton, GA

Good in concept but ultimately not better with lid

I bought this because of the lid. However I find the lid very hard to put on, the little tab / hole on the one I recieved seem very tight and it made the lid useless. I also prefer the ones that have a handle on both sides. Sometimes I’m wrangling a toddler with a snack and it helps if she can hold both sides leaving one to hold the snack while I get one hand in a coat, etc. going back to the other brands.

Cora Hiawatha, WV

the lid keeps the snacks fresh

With my first child I used the Munchkin snack cups because that it all they had at the time but this Playtex Flip Top is a definite improvement. The Munchkin snack cup doesn’t come with a lid so your snacks will go stale in your diaper bag and you have to remember to empty an refill. I love that this comes with a snap on lid and keeps everything fresh. The best feature of this cup is that it’s a twist on lid so my child can no longer pull the top off and dump all of the snacks!

Diann Plantersville, TX

Woohoo love this cup.

The best. Wish I could just leave it at that, but I suppose I should add details.I’ve tried a few different snack cups in my time and this is the best in my opinion.Pros:Cup is decent sized to accommodate all shapes and sizes of snacks.Has screw on lid, not flimsy plastic lid that just pops on and off.Lid also has a snap in place addition that closes cup completely to prevent snacks from getting stale or falling out all over your bag/purse/car/whatever.This addition just turns in place and snaps to the bottom, so it’s not an extra piece that you can lose.The plastic flaps are stiff enough that small snacks don’t just fall out of tipped or shaken. However, they are soft enough for a hand to get in and out.Cons:The flaps are a little stiff the first few times of use and my boys were a bit frustrated, but they eventually loosened up a bit for easy use.

Dorothy Irmo, SC

Best little snack cup

This is a great snack cup. It opens easily and creates a great little handle when open. Washing is a breeze as it fully comes apart and washes on the top shelf of your dishwasher. It is a must for any family on the go!

Gabrielle Grand Lake Stream, ME

Perfect for little hands

This is perfect for my daughter. I like that the lid stays with it, so no more lost lids. I’ve found this to be useful when we are running errands.

Tracie Alma, KS

Snacks a Go-Go!

I’ve a few different versions of this product and this one is by far the best. My 2 year old son loves to carry it around and feed his 1 year old brother goldfish crackers. He has to work to get the snacks out, which is a good thing or else he tends to grab hand fulls that just end up smashed on the carpet. The game changer for this product is the lid. The way it flips to snap onto the bottom and easily moves to the top. It does come disconnected a bit easily and if I leave it on while my kids have the cup I end up picking it up off the floor or digging it out of the couch. So if they are using the cup in the house I remove the lid and save it for when we leave home or for storage. Speaking of storage! The lid is also nice that I can store snacks in the cup without them getting stale. Overall great product. I sadly lost my first one and have since purchased two more, one for each of my little ones. I was disappointed on the colors. I received one blue/yellow and one pink/green. With girls any color goes, but with having boys I would have preferred not having a pink one.

Lakisha Bath, OH