Playtex Fridge-To-Go Bottle Holder – Double

Playtex Fridge-To-Go Bottle Holder – Double

Holds two bottles and keep them cool. Are you feeding your baby away from the home? More than 80% of parents are. Now, there is a way to keep those bottles cool and fresh when you are on the go. The Fridge To Go Bottle Tote is a lightweight, collapsible tote that keeps bottles, liquids (including breast milk), and foods cool. Fridge To Go Bottle Totes are available in two sizes – totes that carry one or two bottles. The double bottle tote keeps liquids fresh for up to 12 hours and folds for easy freezer storage. Its built in, award winning cooling technology will keep your bottles cool up to three times longer than ordinary bottle totes. Never struggle with ice or cold packs for your bottles again Easy to carry and easy to clean Freeze, fill, and go.

Main features

  • Holds two bottles and keep them cool
  • There is a way to keep those bottles cool and fresh when you are on the go
  • The Fridge To Go Bottle Tote is a lightweight, collapsible tote that keeps bottles, liquids (including breast milk), and foods cool
  • The double bottle tote keeps liquids fresh for up to 12 hours and folds for easy freezer storage
  • Its built in, award winning cooling technology will keep your bottles cool up to three times longer than ordinary bottle totes

Verified reviews


not space efficient

You have to put the whole cooler in the freezer…Who has room in their freezer/fridge for that? There is room for 2 large bottles, but i think it would be better to just buy a lunch bag and use it with removable freezer packs that take up less space.

Francesca Schwenksville, PA

Alternative to ice packs.

We purchased this to preserve baby food and milk during short drives and day trips into the city. We love the fact that we do not have purchase separate ice packs. The whole bag goes inside your freezer. You just take it out when your ready and the contents inside remain cool. We can’t attest that it remains cool for 12hrs like the packaging states, but we’ve carried it around in the city for a good 8hrs and the contents are still cold. Only draw back is that if you have two baby bottles, there is no room for other things. Otherwise, it’s a good product.

Rosanne La Center, KY

Doesn’t fit Dr. Brown’s 8 oz bottles

This cooler kept our bottles cold for longer than any other cooler, and it’s very convenient to be able to just pull it out of the freezer and go. The disadvantage for me is that it does not fit the Dr. Brown’s bottles with the nipples attached. Instead, I have to put a travel cap on the bottle and attach the vent system and collar/nipple before feeding my daughter. This limits its usefulness in my opinion. However, I think that it will work well for storing breastmilk after pumping at work.

Rosetta Snow Hill, MD

Works well.

I pump twice at work, in medela 5 oz bottles. I needed something to keep my milk cool on the way home from work. Especially on days when I have to run errands after work in 106 weather. This works perfectly! I leave this chilling in my freezer when not in use. It conveniently fits in the door shelf of the freezer so it barely takes up any room. Then I bring it with me to work and put it in the freezer part of the fridge there. I am able to put all four 5oz bottles into this pack. I make sure the lids are firmly on then I place three standing up right and I place the fourth one on top of the three on its side and it zips up with barely any room to spare.I have also used it for one bottle at a time when we went to a birthday party outside in 100 degree weather. I was there for about 3 hours and it kept the bottle of milk cool the entire time. I haven’t used it longer than 3 hours so far even though it says it keeps milk cool for 12 hours.I used this also to put my frozen milk bags in for daycare. I just hand them the bag and they put it in their freezer with milk in it. Easy to store, easy to keep all my milk for my baby together and then whatever isn’t used can come home with me in this bag and not spoil. It is a great bag.

Lidia Clinton, NJ

Not impressed…

I wanted to love this product but I couldn’t. It’s bulky since the ice pack is built into the cooler. Like other reviewer says, you have to put this whole thing in the freeze. So, it’s big and cumbersome (can not fit into a diaper bag really) and holds very little. Good concept since it does stay cold for a long time but just not efficient.

Pansy Winnebago, WI

Haven’t used it yet

I haven’t needed to use it yet, as my baby isn’t here yet (8 weeks to go!!) but it appears to be good quality. A little on the small side, not much extra room for anything other than the bottles, but it should serve its purpose.

Marilyn Whitefield, OK

Incredible for pumping moms

I just returned to work and am pumping 3 times a day. This cooler actually cools the milk down. It stays cold all day, I was amazed to get home and find everything perfectly chilled. I put the bottles in the front compartment and the empty bags in the front zipper pack until I use them, then I put them in the cold pack. Plenty of room for two 6 oz bottles and the bags of pumped milk.It does take up a little space in the freezer, but not so much that I’m bothered by it, it’s a small trade for how cold it keeps things.Overall: clever design, practical. I can see us using this for juice boxes and snacks down the road.

Bernadine Yorba Linda, CA

bottle holder

Haven’t use this yet so I cant rate it but i love the idea of not needing gel packs that its built into the bag itself.I have now used this and am not impressed with it at all. Perhaps I didn’t read the reviews on it enough, but this says “fridge-to-go”…. so I put it in the fridge and in about 2 hours or so its not cold at all! I guess I’ll try putting in the freezer and see if it stays cold then.

Jade Avenal, CA

Great product,

I’ve had this cooler for about 6 months.I use it very often. Initially I was using the AVENT bottles, and they fit perfectly, however had to switch to Dr.Brown’s bottles the big 8oz ones and I was surprised that 2 of them fit into this cooler well. I wish it was longer so it would fit 1 more bottle, and was a little less bulky in front. I leave it in the freezer until I have to use it, shove the bottles in and go, bottles stay cold for long 6 to 8 hours.Product is well made and durable.

Edna Grammer, IN

Does the job well

This cooler bag does keep your milk much longer than others. I don’t mind putting the whole bag in the freezer since that is how it keeps the milk colder and longer than other cooler bags. I only wished that the bag was a little bit bigger. It’ll fit 2 wide neck bottles but it’s a snug fit.

Minnie Rising Sun, MD

Stays Cold, Overall Good bag

Good bag – stays cold, my only complaint is that there are small pockets that don’t seem to serve a purpose because they are too small to fit anything. They could have made the interior bigger instead of including these pockets.

Josephine Tekonsha, MI

dont really care for it. packits are much better!

it doesnt hold very much. at the fabric on the outside gets wet as the bag defrosts. and it didnt take very long for it to have an odor. even after scrubbing it like crazy with soap. i found that i am very please with the packit bags. they are much bigger and save a lot of space since they fold flat. i love them! i have two. i would use extra ice packs and wrap it around the baby bottles just to make sure the formula stayed cold. and they also have very cute designs! and the outside of the bag doesnt get wet or have a bad odor. ive had my packit for well over a year now and ive had no issues.

Maria Azle, TX

Perfect solution to my problem!

I breastfeed exclusively and I always had such a hard time leaving the house with a bottle of breast milk along with the capability of making another bottle. I would put the bottle in a large cup with lid filled with ice. Then I would put my breast pump in a large zip lock bag with ice so I could keep using it and carry a spare bottle to fill. Each of those items were prone to spilling so I couldn’t even put them in the diaper bag. When you go on long drives pumping is the only efficient way to feed a baby. Making a stop to feed is so time consuming, but I can pump while my husband or mother is driving and I can sit in the back seat and feed the bottle while someone is driving. This Playtex case is the perfect solution. I can fit two CLASSIC GLASS NURSER EVENFLO Size: 3X4 OZ and myLansinoh Manual Breast Pump, 1-Count(not attached to the bottle) plus there is a zipper section in front for extra nipples, a pacifier, teething ring, etc… This pack keeps everything cold for a long time. I know it works for six hours and it was still very cold. It also provides a tight fit for my glass bottles so I don’t have to worry about them banging around. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the feezer.

Gayle Slinger, WI


I really like this product but it is extremely small….by the time the ice pack fits, you cannot put much into it. 2 bottles (not super large ones) at most

Alta White Sands Missile Range, NM

Great Product

I’m a pumping, working mom so I have to transport my milk to and from sitters and work etc.The whole thing goes in the freezer. I see this as a plus, since other containers have a gel pack that freezes in a funky shape and takes up space where milk could go. this stays cold all day long and the frozen parts are sewn in, therefore they keep their shape and don’t take up space where milk could go. It’s not that big (it fits in the door of my freezer and in the small freezer in my dorm style fridge at work).I can fit four 4 oz bottles, 4 of the blue ring/lid/liners from the Playtex Drop-Ins System – Breast Milk Storage Kit (with 4 oz liners) or two 9 oz gerber bottles. Haven’t tried sippy cups yet. I also store milk in frozen 4 oz liners in sets of three in a ziploc bag and have fit that and a bottle in here, without the milk defrosting.It’s sleek, no one at work knows what I have in it unless they know from me telling them. It fits nicely over your shoulder and travels well.The only part I don’t like is that the front pouch is sort of useless. You would have to store something flat in there and I’m not sure what that would be. I don’t really use that part. I would have liked a stretch mesh area there that I could put a bottle or something in.

Karen Antlers, OK

Great for Parents on the Go

We love this product! It’s a great way to take cold liquids on the go. We have used it while flying and it keeps the drinks cold for most of the day and is allowed to go through airport security. I would highly recommend this product. I only gave it 4 stars because the inside capacity is kinda small and can make it hard to zip it up if you use a zippy cup that is larger in diameter than the Playtex ones. Also we had one years ago and it seemed to keep the drinks colder for longer but our new one didn’t seem to work as well. Not sure if it was a redesign on their part or environmental conditions changing how long the liquids stayed ice cold.

Elsa Verdunville, WV

It is just okay

It doesn’t stay cold that long. I brought it to disney world to hold 2 playtex liners full of cold milk and within 6 hrs it was at room temperature.

Clarice Prudence Island, RI

Keeps Bottles Cold – Wish it Held More

This definitely does the job of keeping bottles cold. It works. I’ve had it out all day and had no issues. It’s also very easy since there aren’t any separate ice packs. I tried using ice packs and they often turned the bottles into "slushies" that my daughter couldn’t drink. This keeps them at the perfect "fridge" temperature. I wish the handle were a little bit better, I wish it held more bottles (I can get it to hold three of our 4 ounce bottles but we often need more than that for a whole day out), and I don’t see what you’d use the pocket on the front for.

Diane Pinckney, MI

Very cold

I used this with breastmilk storage. I have other ice packs, but I just wasn’t confident in their ability to keep things at the right temperature. I could fit 8 oz Dr. Browns in this (I had two glass bottles) and 4 oz plastic versions. Everything was kept quite cold.I never had an issue with putting the entire thing in the freezer. I don’t think it takes up any more room than a large ice pack.

Joyce Forgan, OK

Holds Cold Really Well

I bought a used one at a consignment store and so I only paid a few dollars for this – that’s all it’s really worth. I wanted this SO badly when I was pregnant, but as a mother I don’t see the practicality of it yet. When we go out, it’s rare that I take two bottles with, I’m either taking 1 bottle or 3-4…However, as she’s getting to the stage where she’s eating solids, I can see where this may come in handy…It does hold the cold really well…better than any of the other things I use (we use the free ones we got from the hospital with ice packs in them – they take up extra space & we use a termo-insulated lunch tote for daycare); however, it’s heavier as well. The strap comes off, so you can throw this in your diaper bag instead of carrying it on your shoulder, which is nice. If you’re looking for something to only hold two bottles or like 3-4 jars of baby food, this is a great product, especially if you’ll be gone for a while.

Joni Robbinsville, NC

Good for short trips.

I don’t think this stays cold as long as it claims, but it does a good job of keeping pumped breastmilk cold during my daily commute and it’s perfectly sized for day trips with bottles (not very big, but can easily fit a couple of bottles). I prefer this cooler to ones with the removable ice packs. This one is very convenient.

Brittney Englewood, KS

Convenient and handy

This bottle holder works great for keeping bottles of formula or breast milk chilled on the go. It fits two of the standard (large) size bottles side by side, with a pocket at the front for the ice-pack that comes out of the freezer to keep everything cold. I paired this purchase with a car-adapter bottle-warmer, and it’s worked great on long car rides to keep my baby’s food fresh.

Bertha Garnavillo, IA

Works for my needs

I got this to store my breast milk when I pump at work. I find it works great when it’s at room temp., but if outside on a hot day I can only get about 4 hours worth of coldness.Pros – I can fit 4 4oz pumping bottles. Or 2 regular 4oz Dr. Browns. Or 2 9oz Avent.Cons – Doesn’t last quite as long in heat, which is when we got to the beach, but then I just stick it in our cooler and we’re good to go.

Geri Spencer, OK

Great to have for pumping at work

I first bought this when I had my first baby and was pumping at work. The employee fridge wasn’t near the room where I was pumping, so I just placed the bottle in this in between pumping sessions. I worked 8 hour shifts and the cooler would still be cold by the time I got home. Never had to worry about milk getting too warm or spoiling. It also works well for keeping bottles of formula or snacks for when out and about. So glad I hung on to this to use with my second baby!

Lidia Brighton, CO

Mini-Fridge To Go!

These little bags are amazing. When my daughter was first born, my wife would use these to keep breast milk cold on the go. I know that seems odd, but my wife’s job has her traveling a lot. There were times when she would make trans-pacific flights and takes two of these along. One would be used to store breast milk that was pumped on the plane in one direction. Then put the bags in the freezer at the hotel room on the other end. One would then be filled with the breast milk bags from the first flight and placed into her checked bag. The second held breast milk bags from pumping sessions on the return flight. Amazingly, even after 14+ hours in the checked bag, the milk was still as cold or colder than it would typically be in the fridge. (note: Just don’t freeze the breast milk until returning home. Not sure these would keep breast milk frozen for that long, but at least as cold as being in a refrigerator for that long of a flight. They even keep things cold in the southern summer heat. We still use them today to take sippy cups of whole milk when out and about now that my daughter is a toddler. Simply amazing!

Vicki Venturia, ND

Great for travel

This keeps bottles cold all day. I have Dr. Brown’s bottles and it will only fit two tall bottles. However, it serves its purpose.

Jamie Java, VA

it did its job

it did it job. it kept the bottles and food cold. but i wish it was a little deaper. other than that i really liked it.

Lila Rensselaer, IN

Pretty small

I bought this bag on sale based on other reviews. Unfortunately, like other reviewers said, the whole thing has to go in the freezer and ends up taking up a fair amount of space. Also, I can’t even fit two 5-oz Born Free bottles in it and I can’t fit one Tommee Tippee bottle in it, either. It’s a good concept, just needs to be altered.

Teri Crumpler, NC

Excellent for storing pumped milk at work

I use this bag to store and transport pumped breastmilk at work. It easily fits four Playtex Drop-Ins bags with lids, or four 4 oz storage bottles (the ones they gave me at the hospital), which is perfect for what I pump in a day. I keep it in my air conditioned office for my work day, and it keeps the milk cool all day until I get home. I love that the ice packs are built into the bag. It means one less step in my already busy day. My only problem (and it is a minor one) is that the zipper is a little hard to zip around the corners of the bag.

Jeanine Carthage, NC

perfect for pumped milk

We ended up buying two of these, one for me to use for my pumped milk at work, and one for my husband to keep milk at the bedside (since I work nights). In the future, the cooler will probly work well for drinks on a picnic.

Margo East Millinocket, ME