Playtex Genie On The Go Dispenser Diaper

Playtex Genie On The Go Dispenser Diaper

The Most Trusted Brand in Diaper Disposal Brings You a Convenient Way to Dispose of Dirty (and stinky) Diapers Outside of the Nursery. The new Diaper Genie on the go features a clip to attached to your stroller or diaper bag.

Main features

  • Fits conveniently in diaper bag, purse, or car, and can clip on to stroller for quick and easy handling
  • 25 count roll minimizes need to change often
  • Includes 25 scented disposable bags
  • Opaque bags are discreet and lined with pleasant scent that helps mask odors so moms can avoid the unnecessary mess and stink and keep going
  • Unique dispenser opens up for easy refill loadings

Verified reviews


Love This!

I love my On the Go Diaper Genie!! It is so handy and convenient…I can clip it on the diaper bag when I’m in a hurry or its small enough to tuck into one of the pockets when I don’t need it. The thing that I like most about it is the bags smell so nice! I don’t have to worry leaving a stinky diaper in a friends or familys garbage because I know these bags won’t let the stink through. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because the refill bags are SO hard to find in any store and the 25 count refills on Amazon are the same price as a whole new dispenser with the same amount of bags as the refills! Either way, I’ll be using this for as long as my baby has stinky diapers! I’m very happy with this product.

Christian Cedar Falls, NC


Keep it the baby/diaper bag – so have a nice smelling bag to put a bomb into so it is not as offensive. works great!

Wendi Lake Norden, SD


Love these. But can’t find in my local Target stores anymore. Additionally, it was cheaper to buy the dispenser with bag than just the bags.

Robbie Hensonville, NY

Neat idea, but…

I bought this for the obvious reasons for on the go diaper changes. The clip attaches to where u want so I put it on the side of my diaper bag. This thing will not stay closed and pops open constantly. I have now taken this off and put it inside the diaper bag. A little disappoints because playtex usually makes good products. However, I did buy the refills for .88 a piece from target on a clearance

Selma Lowndes, MO

Why are refills as expensive as the whole dispenser?

The product itself is great. You get 25 bags in each roll vs 12 in the similar munchkin version (the arm & hammer bags for the munchkin one does not fit on this item by the way). The bags are not strongly fragranced either. My only complaint is that when I went to buy refill bags, it was more expensive to buy the refill than a whole new dispenser- which seems wasteful. Amazon should offer the refills at a reasonable price, as we haven’t been able to use this since we ran out of the bags.

Sylvia Stevensville, MT

love it

love these nice size and can just put them on my diaper bag and put any wet or messy cloths.

Fern Durham, KS

Makes traveling and diaper changes much more compatible!

Now we don’t have to stop and look around for a trash can every time we change a diaper on the go, instead we have a conveniently scented bag to store all the dirty diapers on the go. Makes traveling with a baby much easier. 🙂

Mercedes Philadelphia, MO

nice to have

This is really nice to have for your diaper bag. It doesnt take up much room and if you like you can clip it to the outside of the bag! Nice to have these little baggies for those stinky diapers, and other people appreciate it too!

Keisha Milford, OH

Handy item

This on the go diaper genie is the perfect size to take along in a diaper bag. Even if you don’t have room, it can be connected to any strap on your purse or diaper bag. Great price for a great product!

Regina Flushing, OH

Never leave home without it

Never leave home without these. Great for dirty diapers AND dirty clothes when my baby has a blowout on the go.

Dale Oakdale, CA

Never stays closed

It never stays closed, and doesn’t contain very many bags. The bags themselves are surprisingly large and thick, and much bigger than I need for one dirty diaper or a dirty outfit. I just don’t understand why they weren’t able to put a decent clasp on the dispenser to keep it shut. We had to tape it closed, which doesn’t look great. When it’s time for refills, we’ll probably just get a different dispenser from another company.

Sue Monroe, LA

Very useful!

These work great when you are on the go and visiting others. It’s very compact and you can just clip it on to your diaper bag or backpack. Just pull a bag out, throw the diaper in, tie it, and throw it into any trash without worrying about any lingering smell after you leave.

Tabatha Westhampton Beach, NY

Serves its purpose but refills expensive

This thing is expensive for what you get. I’m also annoyed that the refills are just as expensive as buying the loaded dispenser. Because of that, I only use these bags when I have a foul poopy diaper.

Harriet Mishawaka, IN

Works well

Diaper Genie On The Go Dispenser is a great idea and works well for the most part. Works for diapers but also for clothes or other items that need to be kept serperate. The little door to replace the bags likes to open us on it own so it would be better to somehow attach it to the inside of the bag rather than the outside.

Myrtle Mantador, ND

So handy!

These are an amazing invention when you are going somewhere where you cannot dispose of poopy diapers. The bags hold the scent in. I even left one in the truck for a few days accidentally and it did not smell one bit!

Bobby Latham, NY

LOVE this!

Awesome for on-the-go diaper changes! I can discreetly (and respectfully) dispose of my little ones stinky diapers wherever guilt free!

Annie Waltham, MA

serves it purpose but not convenient

Works as a bag dispenser, but I was never completely happy with this product. The green clip is essentially non functioning, impossible to move. The refilling door continually opens causing you to loose the entire roll of bags, so the product must me kept inside my diaper bag. Annoying since it is a bulky with the big plastic clip. The bags are only slighter larger then our doggie bags. I do not recommend this product. There are better quality and much cuiter doggie bag dispensers to server this purpose.

Sophie Redvale, CO

a must have

you really need this!! it helps you conceal the small of those poop diapers so well!! the bags are HUUUGEE!! I think even adult diapers would fit in there.

Erika Coleridge, NE

Easy for on the go changes!

This is great when you’re on the go. Especially when you have a stinky diaper or you’re at the doctors and can’t throw it away. Clips right onto your purse or diaper bag, and it’s small. I highly recommend this!

Cassie Perrysburg, NY

Very Handy!

Definitely would recommend this! It is great to have something to put those dirty diapers in, especially when you are out in public and don’t want the stench to hit those around you. It is easy to use and great that you can make it accessible(snaps on your diaper bag), but remember it is made of plastic.

Adrian Sale City, GA

I had no idea I would need this

These looked like doggie poop bags but are bigger. When my newborn had a poop blowout at the pediatrician’s I was shocked at how much poop got on his sleeper. With this dispenser in my diaper bag, I easily put the sleeper in a bag and all was well. Very useful for such messes, and of course for throwing away diapers when away from home.

Karyn Manchester, MD

Expensive for what it is, but certainly gets the job done

Put simply, this is a convenient way to carry around a roll of small single-use diaper bags to bag up your childs diapers while on the go. Great for use when a guest at other peoples homes so that your diapers don’t stink up their trash. Obviously if you do the math, the cost per bag for this is high, but it keeps the bags organized into a neat, attractive package, and lets you clip it anywhere onto any diaper bag or other carrying bag and keep it at arms reach at all times. It’s also refillable, so that helps reduce the cost slightly after the original purchase.The reason I deducted one single star is because the plastic case for the bags itself has a slightly cheap clasp on it. On rare occasion, I find that if I bump in into something while walking around, the plastic case will open itself up, allowing the bags to slightly unravel. It’s a minor inconvenience, but I feel that the design of the clasp could be easily improved to prevent this from happening in the future since you don’t actually need to open the case up all that often.

Bette Altura, MN

Doesn’t stay shut, had to rubber band it closed

It won’t stay shut which is a total pain. I actually bough some cheapo dog poop bags dispensers that work better.

Clarice Basom, NY

One of those nice to have products!

Emphasis on nice to have, not need to have. I reuse grocery bags in most of my diaper bags/changing kits, but these are nice to just clip onto your purse or diaper bag. I give them as part of baby shower gifts.

Shelly Vader, WA


Not much to say except these are really great! Works really well and the bags are really big / good quality to hold all those messy situations. We also use these for wet swimmers when we need as they hold quite alot 🙂 Only problem is my daughter likes to play with them and pull them all out so i have to wind them back up ! Kids got to love them

Robyn Neilton, WA

amazing, every parent needs to own this

These are so incredibly useful for not only diapers, but food trash and wet clothes. I use this a lot more often than I expected to.

Liliana Vevay, IN

Good Idea – Doesn’t Always Stay Closed

This is a great product. The bags are great quality and perfect for disposing of dirty diapers on the go. The dispenser doesn’t always stay closed though. It often opens on it’s on and that is annoying. I have put a piece of tape over the opening to keep it closed and I tuck it inside my diaper bag to keep it from bumping into things and opening up.

Savannah Cornwall Bridge, CT

A great purchase!

Ok, I purchased the diaper genie diaper pail and loved it. These are just as good! I have one on the diaper bag and gave one to my sitter to keep at her house. It’s just a bag to close the diaper in; but, they work great. They truly keep the diaper smells trapped in the bag! With these and the diaper pail, you don’t have to run to the outside garbage anymore!

Evelyn Oneida, WI

Great smell

Light crisp smell. I have tried other bags before and my entire diaper bag would smell like them. These mask the smell of a stinky diaper, yet don’t leave my diaper bag smelling like I sprayed air freshener into it.

Misty Galveston, TX

Cute and handy

This keeps the diaper bags neat and organized. I had some other diaper bags without a dispenser and then they end up all over the diaper bag.

Jacquelyn Ogden, UT