Playtex One-Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

Playtex One-Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

Breast Milk Storage Kit lets you pump, store and feed your baby all in one Playtex?® Drop-Ins?® Liner. -No transferring bottles -No wasted breast milk -No bottles to wash -No extra bottles needed for storage Model: 6535 Dimensions: 2.00 (Length) 4.00 (Width) 6.00 (Height)

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Does not work with Hygeia Pumps

Just so you know, this product does not work with the hygeia pump. I know there are not many hygeia pumpers out there but just in case, save yourself the time and the money and don’t buy it as it does not convert for the hygeia threading. The packaging does not indicate that it will work, it does not list Hygeia at all.

James Springbrook, IA

Does not work with Avent pumps

I bought this kit because I have been using an Avent pump and pouring the milk into the Playtex system (a pain which kind of defeats the purpose of having a pre-sterilized system, but the pump makes me happy and the Playtex nurser makes my baby happy). I bought this kit excited that I could use the adapter and just pump straight into the Playtex drop-ins. However, it is only ever mentioned in small print on the box that the adapter does not work with Avent and First Years pumps. Since these are two popular brands, I wish they’d note that on the Amazon site and more prominently on the box!

Karin Dixon, MT

Avent Pump users, you can use these, too!

I love these things and couldn’t do it without them! It’s great to pump, freeze and feed from the same Drop-In liner! No transfering the milk!To save money, just buy two kits so you’ll have two pump adapters. When you get home at night, carefully slide the rings off the Drop-In and place the collected milk into a Playtex bottle. Screw on the nipple and cap and it’s ready for the sitter the next day and you can wash and reuse the collection kits!I just discovered that Playtex will send you an adapter which allows you to pump using your AVENT PUMP directly into a Playtex Bottle or One-Step Kit! I own a Playtex Embrace Pump, but I also have an Avent Isis manual pump. I noticed on the box of the One-Step Kits that you can get a free adapter if you call them, so I did and they mailed me one! I just wanted to let others out there who use the Playtex bottles, like I do, but also like the Avent pumps, know that they have this option!

Marsha Cordova, MD

Perfect for a breastfeeding mom

I really love this system and find it has met all my needs. My son receives only breastmilk and this system has made it SO easy to express, store, and feed him with a bottle.I have not found the liner cost to be a problem. Nor was I disturbed by how many kits I needed to buy. I think I bought 5 or 6 to make sure I had enough. It just depends on how much you’re going to need to store. But you don’t need many actual bottles, since the milk doesn’t have to be stored in them, so the price evened out for me. Besides, it’s much cheaper than buying formula!I also don’t care about exact measurements of how much my son eats. I can get the measurement just by lifting the liner out and taking a look. But when he’s at the breast, I don’t know how much he’s eaten, so I don’t track just how much he has from the bottle, either. I just make sure he has enough dirty diapers.I find the system easy to use because I can express directly into a liner, put the bottle into the freezer, then remove the liner from the bottle when it’s frozen. This reduces the space needed. When it’s feeding time, just pop one of them into a bottle, heat, and replace the cap with a nipple. Easy!

Diane Hatteras, NC

easy to use but flawed idea

I have this set and although it’s easy to use with my Medela pumps (electric and manual), I rarely use it unless all my bottles are full, because you can’t see the top of the bag to know when to safely stop pumping without overfilling. Thus I can’t pump as much in one session as I do with storage bottles, unless I stop and change out the bag. You end up only filling each one 2/3-3/4 full and use up more bags this way. I do love the drop-ins system and that’s what I use to feed baby when I’m away from her, but I pump into bottles, not into this set.

Lessie Highland, KS

I am looking forward to using these.

I am very much looking forward to using these. The reason I gave 3 stars is because they came in the box and did not have any plastic seal around them. I figured no big deal until I opened them and it looks like someone put them in a dishwasher or used them because there was water marks all over every piece.

Reva Cunningham, TN

Perfect if you are using the Playtex Drop-in System

This storage system is perfect if you are already using the Playtex Drop-in System:Pros:1) No need to purchase separate storage bags for freezer. Since you are pumping and storing directly into the drop-in liners you’d be using for your drop-in bottles, no need to purchase separate bottles or storage bags. The kit comes with adapter that will work with certain popular pumps like my Medela. Make sure you purchase the newer kits, though. My sister-in-law unknowingly purchased an older kit which only came with one pump adapter instead of two.2) Perfect amount for each feeding. Since you are using the exact same drop-in liner you would for a regular feeding, you freeze the exact amount you want. Anywhere from 1 oz to 10 oz. So no need to thaw an entire bag and have unused or wasted milk or worry about using all the milk in the bag within a certain amount of time. So far from what I’ve seen, other breastmilk freezer storage bags only store up to 5 or 6 oz at most. So if your baby is drinking more than 5 oz and the bag only holds 5 oz you have to thaw of those 2 bags? With the one step storage you just thaw what you need.3) Convenient and less loss of milk and nutrients. Again, since you can pump directly into the drop-in liner, no need to purchase separate storage bags. It saves some time and steps. With the one step storage it: pump into drop-in liner, freeze, and when ready to use, screw onto nurser, thaw, and serve. With other storage systems, you pump into a bottle, pour into storage bag, thaw storage bag, and pour back into bottle. Think about how much milk and nutrients you are losing in all those extra transfers. Also, people have told me of incidents when other storage bags have leaked or they accidentally spill some of the milk in the transfer to or from the bottle.4) Perfect for long trips: Just pop a frozen liner onto a nurser and it stays colder longer in your cooler for long trips.Cons:1) Kits only come in set of 6. And you have to purchase the entire kit, you can’t just purchase additional rings and lids. I ended up purchasing a total of 4 kits. I found cheaper additional kits on e-bay. But I don’t mind because when I’m not using them all in the freezer, I use them in the fridge for the “fresh” milk. When I run out of storage rings, I use the advice of another reviewer and take the liners out and throw them into a large freezer bag. If you plan to do this long term type of storage, make sure to freeze right side up instead of upside down as instructed, though.2) Takes up more room in freezer. Since they don’t freeze and store flat like other storage bags, it does take up more space in the freezer, but again, the convenience for me is worth it. When I take them out of the rings and throw them into the freezer bags, I am able to store more.3) Doesn’t work as well with the expandable 8-10 oz liners as instructed. Works perfectly with the 4 oz preformed liners, but the expandable 8-10 oz liners… well… expands so it would make it difficult to insert into nurser if frozen as instructed. It would probably work fine with the original preformed 8 oz liners. You can find these online and there are generic versions. I haven’t used either of those, but have instead worked with the expandable liners. I’d freeze them right side up in the nursers instead of upside down as instructed, and once frozen, I pop them out through the bottom of the nurser and throw them into the freezer bag. When it comes time to use, I would reinsert through bottom of nurser to thaw. If you cannot get frozen liner back into nurser, just string through storage ring, top with storage lid, and then thaw. Then screw storage ring onto nurser for mess free thaw and transfer.4) Liners can be difficult to read. It can be difficult to see the measurements on the clear liners, but I’ve learned to gauge pretty well the amounts and when you breastfeed you never know the exact amount anyways. If you’re really anal about, just pump into the bottles provided with your pump and measure it out before pouring into liners.Overall review:Since I am already using the Playtex drop-in system, this storage system has been really convenient for me. My husband has little patience, so he would not have liked to have to thaw a separate bag and then pour that into a bottle to serve. In a bind I’ve taken a frozen liner straight out of the freezer and thawed in hot water in under 10 minutes.

Jenna Manning, SC

Loved it at first……

When I first started using this product I loved it! It was so nice to be able to pump directly into the liner, rather than pump into a bag that then needs to be transferred to the liner (what a mess!).However, there were several cons to them:1) the sealing disks start to leak after several uses2) if you want to build up any sort of supply in the freezer, plan on spending a LOT of money because you cannot just buy extra pieces – you must buy a whole new kit, and each kit only provides storage for 4 bottles!3) if you have a double breast pump, you have to buy 2 kits in the first place cause it only has 1 pump adaptor!I like the playtex premium nurser, and wish the storage kit was more economical (and even if not economical, I’d like it if they didn’t leak)I recommend you save some money and buy the Gerber storage bottles, which come in a package of 4 and are very inexpensive. I haven’t seen them online, but you can buy them in BRU. These are more expensive than buying the Medela or other brand storage bags – but those bags are such a pain IMO. The bottles are great because you can easily pour them into the liners.

Althea West Granby, CT