Playtex Playtime Insulator Straw Cup, 9 oz, 2 ct

Playtex Playtime Insulator Straw Cup, 9 oz, 2 ct

Spout Lid with Twist and Click Leak Proof Seal is 100% Spill Proof, Leak Proof, Break Proof Guarantee. Double wall insulation keeps drinks cooler longer with no sweating. Easy to grip shape designed with child development expert. More sustainable packaging like 30% less blister card, 15% less PVC on the 2 pack cups. You may receive any of the following styles. Truck Graphics – Yellow Cup/Red Lid or Red Cup/Yellow Lid, Crown Graphics – Yellow Cup/Pink Lid or Pink Cup/Yellow Lid, Car Graphics – Red Cup/Yellow Lid or Yellow Cup/Red Lid, Dino Graphics – Yellow Cup/Green Lid or Green Cup/Yellow Lid, Butterfly Graphics – Green Cup/Pink Lid or Pink Cup/Green Lid, Flower Graphics – Pink Cup/Yellow Lid or Green Cup/Pink Lid,

Main features

  • Plastic
  • 100% Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof, Break-Proof Guarantee
  • Double wall insulation keeps drinks cooler longer with no sweating
  • Easy-to-grip shape designed with child development expert
  • More sustainable packaging like 30% less blister card, 15% less PVC on the 2 pack cups
  • Styles may vary, you will receive any one of the following combinations – yellow, orange, blue, pink or red cup with green, blue, red or yellow lids

Verified reviews


Leaks for no reason

It will be standing straight up on the counter and milk will start coming out of the straw. We can’t figure out what the problem is or how to fix it.

Dona Wagner, SD

Leaks, leaks, LEAKS!!

These straw cups leak, standing up, laying down, upside down, it doesn’t matter, they always leak from the straw! Liquid comes out of the straw simply by screwing the lid on the cup. I figure there is some kind of pressure equalization when the milk or juice is squeezed out while the cup is sitting upright. That, or the liquid is expanding slightly as it gets warmer. Either way, for as complex as the straw unit is, it should really be able to accommodate whatever this issue is.If your child drinks from a sippy cup, stick with it. If you’re trying to graduate to a different kind of cup, try a regular cup before you go with this dripping mess.

Reyna Thomasville, PA

Dont waste your money

These cups leak more then any other cup we have owned (and we have a lot). If you want a good insulated cup try the Munchkin click lock sippys, or Zoli-Bot straw cups. These ones start leaking the second you put the top on even if the cup is only half full- it just starts pouring out the top of the straw! We just threw them all in the trash.

Nikki Rock Point, AZ

Decent cup

I like these cups. They are insulated so during the summer months my daughter’s water would stay nice and cold while we were outside. I like that the straw has some resistence – you really have to suck to get the drink out – it took my daughter about a week to figure it out (but we started using them when she was 10 months old) – once she got the hang of it, it was no problem. The cups claim to be ‘spill proof’ but I have noticed that if the cup is in the open position and laying on its’ side, it usually leaks a little. I do suggest that you take the cup fully apart each night and let all the parts air dry – I had some mold in one of the straws – so make sure you take it fully apart and ‘open’ the valve part. I did email Playtex customer service and they got back to me quickly and sent me a coupon for a free cup, so I think it is a great company and will continue to purchase their products.

Nettie Shirleysburg, PA

Leaks via straw

The cups are designed well, they’re easy to hold, and they do not leak around the cap. But the liquid just starts to rise up and flow out of the straw for no reason, without warning, and is unstoppable. We just threw ours out today. Last straw for us (cough). It’s not just the playtex ones, though: munchkins have the same problem. It’s a design flaw in all of the straw-based sippies that we’ve tried. The playtex insulators are great cups (5-stars – no leaks at all)and we’re stocking up on those instead.

Germaine Bethel Park, PA

Not an Improvement over the Old Cup

This cup is terrible. It leaks and it’s more difficult to drink out of. The old Playtex Insulated cup was my (and my son’s) favorite cup. I purchased these cups because the old one is no longer being sold, nor is the replacement straws for the old cup. I was extremely disappointed with this cup. I am now in search of a different brand insulated straw cup that I can be confident won’t leak all over my diaper bag and car and house… and everything else. This is definately not one that I can count on.

Lora Yorkville, IL


Do not buy! It shows all blue colors and they send pink cups. Amazon really needs to get it together with this. This is the second time this has happened, and it will be the last time I buy cups from them.

Betty Louisville, OH

Deceptive Advertising!

I am throwing these away after two weeks trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I overfilled it? Maybe I put the straw in wrong? Maybe I overtightened the lid? I give up and I don’t care anymore! These things leak (with the lid closed) 100% of the time! Today I put the cup on the counter, filled with milk well below the line, put the lid on and came back a few minutes later to find a trickle coming out of the straw (which was closed) and a puddle on the counter! Used the cup anyway and had a lunchbag covered in milk when we got home. Disgusting. Please do yourself a favor and skip these.100% leakproof my foot!!

Kimberley Birmingham, OH

Nice cups despite the leaking

I love these cups even though you do have to watch out for the leaking, as previous reviewers mentioned. I only use them at around mealtimes when we are nearby the kitchen and I don’t let my toddler leave these sitting around. I offer him a drink and when he’s done, I put it back in the fridge. They don’t leak if you keep them cold. They also don’t leak if you use a room temp drink. Putting cold milk or juice in them and then going in the car seat would be a mistake. It’s when they go from cold to room temp that they gush. If I take these cups on the go, I only put water in them.

Kari Emory, VA

The best sippy cup!

These are seriously the best sippy cups! I have 3 kids and these are the only kind I buy (these and the same ones but with a spout instead if a straw).

Michelle Lentner, MO

No leaks through the straw for us

I have two of these and I love them. I’ve never had the problem with liquid coming up the straw. The silicone straw has a valve attachment and we have that in place always, so there really isn’t a way that liquid could come out. We do have to be careful not to fill it too full, though, because if the liquid is too high, it will overflow when you put the lid on. These cups work great for us and my daughter loves them.

Kay Tilden, NE

plastic smell

I like how this cup is easy to suck up, i’ve had random problems with the Munchkins’ suckability. I was happy with it until i tried to sip water from this cup & all i smelled was plastic from my water. I wouldn’t have bought it if i knew it’s just all plastic & smell like one too. The munchkins at least didn’t smell.

Nan Oregon House, CA

Leaks leaks everywhere anytime!

I used to be a big fan of Playtex cups…But not anymore. They’ve changed smth and now these cups started to leak even if you do nothing with them.Huge mess on my carpet, furniture, car, bags.We switched to another brand. And thats a relief.

Elvira Grace City, ND

Not Durable And Leaks

At first we thought this product was great because it taught our 11 month old how to use an adult straw within one week, but after a few days we saw a few problems.Sometimes the straw gets stuck and doesn’t pop up on it’s own after you open it at the top.These cups do in fact leak but not a whole lot. If a product says it’s leak proof, I’d prefer it to be leak proof, not just by a little.After being thrown down a few times, the part the slides over the straw became loose. There are also scratches.One of our cups actually doesn’t “click” to lock.It is easy to clean, though. I use the Dr. Browns nipple and bottle parts brush to clean the straws.

Catalina Homeland, FL

Pretty Decent

These cups aren’t too bad. I like that you can flip the top to cover the straw. I don’t quite get the “twist and click” thing, because they don’t always click. In fact, when they do click, they tend to leak more than when they don’t click (usually from the straw).They do leak a little, mostly from the straw. I think it’s because after the child is done drinking and there’s milk left in the straw, it can’t get back into the cup because of the little gasket-type thingy it connects to, so if the cup tips over, liquid comes out. The only time it leaks from the rim of the cup is if there was liquid in the lid when I put it on, like if I refill the cup after it’s been used.Also, if you’re going to flip the straw cover lid, don’t do it if it’s already been drank out of, because the milk in the straw leaks out.

Elvia Selawik, AK

I love these cups

I know people say these things leak. In my opinion any thing with a straw is gonna leak and you should buy the kind with a spout if you don’t want leaking. However, they leak minimally compared to other cups with straws. And they are easy to wash and are vey durable, long lasting cups. Love these

Lilia Oasis, UT

World’s Worst “Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof” Cup!

This cup is TERRIBLE! It is constantly oozing liquid around the top. I bought one to take on a trip. It leaked in my bag on the airplane and soaked my bag. I thought it was just because of the altitude changes, but no, it leaked throughout our 1 week vacation. I kept trying different things to stop the leaking including adjusting the tightness of the lid and how the straw mechanism is assembled… all to no avail. I put up with this cup leaking on me, in my bag, on my child, and on restaurant tables for 7 days before I gave up and threw it away. I don’t even want to think about how many of these cups are sitting around in landfills! FYI, I bought the Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup for our return trip. It hasn’t leaked & didn’t even ooze or leak on the plane ride!Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 ounceMy absolute favorite straw cup is the Tommee Tippee Explora Insulated Cup with Straw. Though a little tricky to learn to assemble (see my review to learn how to assemble correctly), it has never leaked and keeps beverages cold longer than regular cups.Tommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Insulated Boy Cup with Dura Straw BPA Free 9 Oz 2 Pack 12m Colors May Vary

Silvia Sumterville, FL

As close to perfect as you’ll get

These are the BEST straw cups that I’ve ever bought. I truly don’t understand the low ratings on these. They are solid cups, screw the lid on until it “clicks” and they never leak and the straw comes apart so they are a breeze to clean. What more could you want?? I buy mine at for much cheaper and they are the last cups I will use with my busy toddler.

Olga Waukomis, OK

really easy to take apart and clean vs the older version

My 15 mo old twin boys really love this cup! I purchased at target since amzn doesn’t let you select girl vs boy colors. The design is really improved overthe previous version in terms of being easy to put together and take apart for the dishwasher. My twin boys are breast fed so perhaps thats why they don’t have a problem with the required amount of suction? Yes, there is a vacuum set up when they suck, but if they take a break between sips you can hear air going in. Well, one of my twins can empty it without a pause too, so don’t think its even an issue. The other boy not so much, but he is in general more interested in nursing and less into being weaned so that may be the issue. he’s not too interested in juice, kefir, etc either.Pros — looks cute, insulated, super easy to assemble even tho they have lots of parts. much easier than the munchkin since there is no curve topush the silicone part of the straw thro the lid that you have to jiggle etc anymore. Mostly works as leakproof if I take the trouble to click.Cons — Did have the strange issue where milk seeped up and out of the cup once, lids are not interchangable with the very similar non-insulated versions even though they fit, they leak, so you have to be careful to match the cups with lids back up out of the dishwasher.

Sofia Gantt, AL

Great cups

These are really nice straw cups. The top screws on easily and clicks to let you know it is securely closed. The straw part is a bit difficult to get out and put back in after cleaning, but their wise it’s a great cup.

Rosa Chiloquin, OR

Not worth it, little parts very hard to thoroughly clean

This cup would be great, except for the fact it is so hard to clean all the little parts, and then to put it back together. It definitely wasn’t worth the money. I’ve since purchased other brands with straws that are much easier to clean and easier for my child to use.

Mallory Dilltown, PA

Finally a leak-proof cup!

We have two kids – one who’s almost 4 and uses the CamelBak bottles, and an 11-month old who went straight to straws. Problem with straw cups is they leak. These cups are amazing! I can throw one in my purse and not worry about water or juice getting all over. I think if someone had a problem with leaking, it was just a defective cup and they should exchange it. I have two and love these.Update: Still love the cups, but I discovered that if you close the lid too tight the liquid DOES come out the top of the straw. (Not a problem for me, but my husband always closes things too tightly!)

Jeanette Cranfills Gap, TX

Siphoning problem

The straws for these siphon way too much and make a huge mess. The playtex insulated cups with the regular lids are much better.

Mara Smith, NV

These have been the best for our LO

So we’ve used the Playtex sippy cups and decided now that our toddler is getting older to try the straw cups. Worked out great; kid loves the sliding straw cover! LO never had any issue with suction, and as long as you disassemble the pieces when you wash these they’re great (gotta watch for things that grow with kiddy cups).

Cecile Seneca, MO

I don’t have money to waste on a product that leaks so much!!!

I bought two of these yesterday since my toddlers has taken to straws so well, plus we are traveling. They were not cheap, even at the Target price. They leaked immediately! I made sure I didn’t over fill the cup, and it still leaked! When I open the cover to reveal the straw so my daughter can drink, it explodes all over her and me (no, not exposed to heat or other elements). I’m pretty angry, and I wish I’d looked at the reviews before purchasing. I’ll have to look for another reliable straw cup. Right now, this sippy cup is sitting on the counter with a paper towel under it, and it’s STILL leaking! I’d return it, but that’s obviously a “no” at this point. It’s been open and used. What junk!

Lesa Naylor, MO

Great Straw Cup

Our twins are 16 months old and we got these cups when they were about 15 and half months. They’ve been using Camelback Bite Valves for about 7 months and LOVE them, but at $14 a cup, it’s a bit much to think about buying so many when we are beginning to wean them from their bottles. I’ve tried a few “leak proof” straw cups and they all leaked to the point that anything other than water was too much of a mess to think about. I purchased these 2 weeks ago and they work very well. The only leaking we had was when our daughter turned it upside down and banged as hard as she could on the straw area. Even with that, only a few drops came out. We use these for juice, milk, and water, and they work like a charm. I’m very happy with them and will be buying more!

Meghan Emerson, AR

Our 14-month-old twins love these!

We’ve been using the Munchkin straw sippy cups with our twins since they turned 1. They’ve done pretty well with them but they’re slightly hard to drink from and they randomly leak sometimes. We got a pack of these Playtex twist and click straw cups to try and we all like them so much better! They’re very easy to drink from and clean; the boys love them! They also really do seem to be leak-proof so far. I’m a bit shocked they only have 2.5 stars and wonder if the design has been improved recently or if others just didn’t put them together correctly. We’ve had no problems so far; they seem to be the perfect straw sippy! (By the way, they say age 2+ but so far neither of our 14-month-olds have had a problem with them. They’re definitely a little harder for them to hold than the Munchkin cups but they got used to these pretty quickly.)UPDATE 14 months later: I have mixed feelings about these cups. They probably just need to be replaced more often, but after a while we started to have a lot more leaking problems.I just ordered two more and I think it’s ridiculous that the ad just says “Colors May Vary” and doesn’t allow you to indicate a preference. If you’re not allowed to specify a preference, they should use gender-neutral colors; I just ordered a set of these and received a set of pink flowered cups for my twin boys. While I like pink and flowers, I know when they’re at the gym daycare, church nursery, etc., it’s going to cause some confusion when they set the cups down and the nursery workers are looking around for a little girl to give them back to before they notice their names on the label. Not cool. They should at least let you order “Boy Colors,” “Girl Colors” or “Gender-Neutral Colors.”

Nikki Geneva, IN

Great-Now that I found REPLACEMENT STRAWS!

I have tried so many straw cups. None of them are perfect but these are my favorite and here is why–easy to drink-easy to clean as there are only two parts to the straw-insulatedWhat I don’t like- a little liquid will come out if left on its side for an extended period of time which I try to avoid.-like all straw cups, liquid will bubble out of the straw if it is filled to full.-what I HATED was not being able to buy replacement straws. I finally found them! Tops and bottoms are sold separately in packs of 6 for about $9 each. Not super cheap, but much better than buying 6 new cups. Here is the site where I found the cups – You have to order by phone- the number is 888-281-6400. (No- I am not advertising, just so excited I finally found new straws I wanted to share!)

Meredith San Antonio, PR

Best straw cups we’ve found

We’ve tried so many different straw cups and we always come back to these. They don’t leak if you get the bottom and top pieces put together correctly (we look down the top straw to make sure the valve is closed) and if milk starts coming up the straw, we just take a drink and it stops. I don’t think any cup is really ever completely spill proof, but we’ve had the best luck with these. I do wish you could pick the patterns or even just boy or girl, but with boy/girl twins, we usually get a mixture that works out fine for us.

Jaime Orange, MA

Playtex Straw Cups

We already have some of these Playtex straw cups and it’s the only thing my daughter used well when we first started using sippy cups. They work great and keep things cold pretty well. They’re a good size for her to hold (almost 2 years old) and the designs are cute too. Would recommend as an intermediate sippy cup.

Vicky Dixie, WV