Playtex Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set

Playtex Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set

Make feeding time the best it can be. The Playtex Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set includes premium nursers with natural-shape, slow-flow silicone nipples in both 4- and 8-oz. sizes (2 each), as well as 30 Drop-Ins Pre-Formed Disposable Liners (15 each of 4 oz. and 8 oz). Pre-sterilized liners are specially designed to collapse so they deliver liquid, not air, resulting in less gas and spitting up. Newborn Gift Set also includes a breast milk storage system with breast pump adapter ring, liner ring, and 2 each of sealing disks and nipple rings that join to form storage caps. Milk can be pumped directly into a nurser or liner. Sleek and contoured for easy holding, the clear plastic nursers feature solid-colored lids in soothing pastels. Imported.

Main features

  • 2 – 4 oz. Premium Nursers with NaturaLatch silicone nipples
  • 1 – 8 oz. Premium Nurser with NaturaLatch silicone nipple
  • 1 – 8 oz. Easy Feeder Nurser with NaturaLatch silicone nipple
  • 15 – 4 oz. Drop-Ins pre-formed soft bottle liners
  • 15 – 8 oz. Drop-Ins pre-formed soft bottle liners plus breast pump adapter ring, liner ring, 2 nipple rings and instructions

Verified reviews


Trust me, you don’t need a gimmick bottle

I’m a dad of 14 month old twins. I PROMISE you one thing – these bottles are purchased only by first time parents (like me). Anyone who’s on their second or third would tell you to save your money.I realize that every child is different, and some burp up more than others – but they ALL burp up and they ALL get gas. Some more than others.Parents get so frustrated and worried about their babies that they try ANYTHING different. One thing seems to ‘do the trick’ when the problem was ready to stop on its own.We tried every bottle gimmick sold on Babies-R-Us. This one takes the cake. How has humanity survived so long before the advent of disposable liners? I warn you – your child will ’empty’ his bottle, but when you screw the lid off, you will see the bag was no where near empty. This is because the bag collapses and creates pockets of food that never get eaten. Wonderful if you’re pumping breast milk and trying not to waste any.Since our twins were 2 months, we have been using the plain old Evenflo bottles from any grocer. They cost about 99 cents each.They work great. There’s a bottle, ring and nipple. All of the gimmick bottles have half a dozen parts that need to be individually cleaned, or come apart, or leak.Think about it – Playtex, Gerber, Avent, Evenflo – they all sell the same simple three-piece bottle, but they also sell some sort of state-of-the-art bottle that’s supposed to cure all of your baby’s ills. Why in good conscience would they continue to sell those cheap, gas-inducing, old-fashioned bottles? Because they work; because all of the repeat parents buy them; and because all new parents eventually need to buy a bottle that does what it’s supposed to.

Jerry Pantego, NC

Playtex can save you some money!

I think I have owned just about every brand of bottle on the market (Avent, Ansa, Luv ‘n Care, Gerber, Gerber New Traditions, First Years, Playtex Precision Flo, Playtex Premium, Playtex Nurder, Playtex VentAire, etc.).When I first found this one, I compared it to my other Playtex bottles. It was like a hard plastic version of the Playtex Nurser, only you fon’t have the option of original or decorated.The plastic is thinner than the Playtex Original Nurser, but hard like the decorated nurser. I didn’t have any problems with leaking, and the mixing disc that mine came with seemed to help with mixing powdered formula.Unfortunately, I dropped this bottle when I was washing it and it broke, leaving a sharp edge that Baby could get cut on. I saved the cap, nipple ring and nipple the bottle came with.When Baby begins crawling or walking, this is not the bottle to use. One drop on the bottom of the bottle, and you might as well throw it away. However, for a newborn or small baby, these are great.I also like how all of the parts: liners, nipple rings, nipples, caps are interchangeable and can be used on the Playtex Original or Decorated Nursers. The nipples are a little different between the two, but they still work great, with no leaks.Another reviewer mentioned that Playtex liners are expensive, and I would have to agree, they are. I usually get the off brand, unless the Playtex ones are on sale. I can easily save some money that way and still don’t have to deal with leaks.

Dale Lamont, CA

From a Breastfeeding Mom, These are the BEST!

These bottles are the BEST! I am breastfeeding but due to medical issues, we had to give our baby a bottle from the beginning and she took this one with no problem. She switches back and forth between bottle and nursing and is great! This bottle system is SO easy to use. It’s easy to put a bottle together quickly and they transport well, so they’re perfect for using on the go too. I love them! 5 stars.

Felicia Ellicottville, NY

Very convenient and user friendly!

I’ve tried nearly every bottle on the market, and while I believe that Dr. Brown’s are the best at reducing gas and spit up, these are the next best thing. I love that there’s minimal clean up-just wash the nipple and rinse off the nurser and ring and your good to go! The nipples are easy for my son to latch onto and they’re also very soft. I love that I can squeeze out the air so I know it’s not going into my son’s stomach. While I love the modern look of the premium nursers, I’ve found that the original nursers are easier to hold and don’t hurt your hand when you squeeze the air out. So if your not worried about looks, save yourself some money and buy the originals. I dislike that towards the end of the feeding the nipple collapses and the only remedy is to allow some air into it to make it take shape again, it kind of defeats the purpose of squeezing the air out in the first place. I also dislike that the measurements on the nursers and the liners seem to be wrong and I have to use another source to measure before pouring it into the liner (no matter how hard you try, the liners WILL NOT hold 8 oz. Playtex does make expandable liners that can hold up to 10oz, but there are no generic alternatives at this time). It does get expensive to buy liners constantly $$$. However, I have found that generic drop-in liners are just as good as the Playtex brand and much cheaper. BJ’s brand (Berkeley and Jensen) Come 200 per pack and cost $9.99, whereas the Playtex liners cost about $8 for 100. Overall this product works great and they are so convenient. I’m so glad that I no longer spend half of my day at the sink washing Dr. Brown’s bottles!

Lucy St John, VI

Alright… but…

At first I really liked these, until I realized that my baby just used about 100 liners in about 1 week. It’s not easy to squeeze the air out. Since I keep track of how much our baby eats, how can I do that when the liner is all scrunched up! Not worth the money on the liners and there is plenty of air that gets into the liner even if once in a while you do manage to get the air out. I’m sorry I ever bought them.

Katharine Bowling Green, IN

Not bad

I have been using these bottles since my son was born four months ago. I initially bought them because I felt the nipple was more like the breast and I had intended to breast feed. Since I didn’t get milk, my baby is strictly bottle fed.I like these bottles for the convenience factor; they are easy to clean. Since you use the sterilized inserts it eliminates the effort of trying to get a regular bottle clean enough for baby.The nipples are easy for the baby to latch onto, and because they are soft silicone and designed to be more like the breast, my son didn’t get lip blisters from sucking.I have used the original liners and the new disposable liners. The original liners are very difficult to position in the bottle and aren’t worth the hassle. The disposable liners are very easy to use, but tend to collapse and leak. This occurs when you have filled the liner, put on the nipple and try to push the air out of the liner by pressing gently on the bottom of it. You realize you have a problem once you start feeding your baby and you both wear half of the bottle. This happened every single time we tried to get the air out – without fail…and no, this wasn’t due to operator error! :-)If you are looking for convenience, ease of cleaning and/or to transition between the breast and bottle, I would recommend this product. However, if you want to eliminate the air your child consumes during feeding, choose Dr. Brown’s instead.

Grace Avenal, CA

Great Bottles!

Iv’e tried the Medela bottles/Nipples, which the hospital said was supposed to be the ‘best’ for moms who wanted to nurse and bottle feed, and my baby hated those nipples. I tried the Aven nipples and she didn’t take to those too well, either. The Playtex nipples I found were much softer than the others and my baby only needed a little coaxing to get her started on them. Now she’s a pro!

Jean Alleghany, CA

Ideal for a breastfeeding mom

I adore this system. My son only gets breastmilk, and the system works great for bottling/storing/serving breastmilk. In conjunction with the breast milk storage kit, I am able to express milk directly into a bottle. I then twist on a lid and put it in the freezer or fridge. When the milk freezes solid, I am able to remove the liner and lid from the bottle. This takes less freezer space and means I don’t have to buy that many actual bottles.I will have to keep buying liners, of course. But the cost isn’t prohibitive. And I did have to buy several storage systems, but compared to paying for formula, I find this cost unimportant. Particularly because I will be able to use the system again for our next child.It is a tidy, easy system that works great for me and for my son. He has no problem taking the silicone nipple in spite of the fact that he prefers the breast. He IS slower about taking the bottle, but he takes it fine nonetheless.

Janis Grainfield, KS

Great bottles

I love these bottles. They don’t leak like some other ones I’ve tried and they don’t let any air in while baby is feeding. The only thing is you have to loosen the nipple at the end to see how much the baby has drank. Also there is not enough room on the liners to mix the formula inside the bottle. Other than that my son and I are very happy.

Terry Guston, KY

One of the best

This bottle system is great for the 4oz bottles. I had no problem mixing a full bottle and the drop ins are a breeze. My only problem is with the 8oz. I always add the formula to the water as you’re supposed to but you can’t do that with the 8oz. I have to either used a different bottle then transfer or use something with a lid to make an 8oz. Also be careful with the liners a box of 8oz drop ins I bought had several liners with holes. I called Playtex and they sent me 3 $5.00 off coupons for baby magic products, not liners, so it wasn’t very helpful in replacing the defective ones. Also if anyone has tips to make powdered formula in the 8oz bottles email me

Shana Sycamore, PA

Easy to supplement formula when also breatfeeding

My doctor gave me the sad news that I wasnt producing enough milk for my baby and that I would have to supplement after each feeding. I had placed this set on my registry because I knew I wanted to pump my supply to bottle feed. Our daughter was able to go back and forth between breat and bottle at each feeding very easily. It was rocky the first 2 days but afterward, smoothe sailing!These bottles are really easy to clean.The nipples fit securely and I have never had any problems leaking.The drop-in bags are disposable but very, very durable…I give them a good washing, and reuse them!Also, we had Avent bottles too, these nipples were much harder and much longer. Even thought they were “slow flow” the formula still spurted out much faster than the Playtex. We tried going back and forth btwn breast/bottle using the Avent bottles but our daughter would get so frustrated and VERY messy.This is a GREAT set I highly recommend for new parents whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding!!

Lillie Hiawatha, KS

Love the system – but used different nipples

I primarily breast feed and pump so my husband can bond with baby during feeding also. I originally got alot of Avent Bottles but baby didn’t like the nipples. The playtex nursers worked well with the Gerber Breast Milk Storage Bags as well as their own liners. I did however have to buy the nurser nipples for newborns (square tip) which are softer and more ‘natural’ shaped.

Catalina Burgaw, NC

Wonderful for breastfeeding babies

this system is working great, it attaches to my pump and stores easily. Its a great way for my husband help with feeding and the nipples it comes with helps avoid confusion. I highly recomend it if your breast feedinf.

Trudy Wynot, NE

Great System!

I breastfed and formula fed my baby for the first 5 weeks. My baby did not fuss at all when I offered her these type of nipples (compared to the breast). I also tried the Dr. Brown’s, Gerber and Evenflo and she did not like them at all. I think because the base of the nipple was not as big as the Playtex nipples. Anyhow, it is very convenient for at home use. It is not convenient when you are out and about. You still need to have some type of regular bottle. I found that out the hard way. Something in my diaper bag punctured the plastic liner and the formula got all over my brand new diaper bag. I suggest the Playtex ventair system for a regular bottle because it has the same basic nipple shape. Overall I think Playtex has the best bottles and nipples.

Coleen Knox, NY

so conveniant

I love this system because it’s so easy. Rather that washing the bottle you can just change the liner and wash the nipple. I use store brand non-drop-ins because theyre cheaper and the regular “bag” liner colapses easier.I agree with other reveiwers, the slow flow nipples that come with the bottle are worthless. My 1 month old gets frusterated that nothing is coming out. We tried the tri-cut and again he got frusterated so i ripped the cut a little bigger and that works so I went and got the fast flow.

Rachelle Port Wing, WI

Makes Breastfeeding Easy

I have been pumping and storing my breast milk for my daughter for several months. When it was time for her to take the bottle, she took it was ease. It is also very convenient to store, freeze and feed her with the bottles and liners.It is the only bottles I use!

Clarissa Santee, CA

Only one good feature

These bottles are great as far as not having to clean them all the time because of the liners, but that is about the only pro I found. When you are trying to squeeze the air out (which takes what seems like forever when you have a screaming baby anyway), sometimes they bust and you have to start all over…not to mention a waste of expensive formula or breastmilk. Second, once your baby is down to a couple of ounces left in the bottle, it is impossible to reach your fingers up in there to get any air out. Third, there is no way to heat these bottles in the car. I have a Munchkin car bottle warmer but it doesn’t work on these bottles because of the liners. The milk does not actually touch the bottle so there is no way to heat it. Not very convenient for long or short road trips. I switched to AVENT and my baby is like a different baby. I didn’t realize that he was unhappy with these bottles until I changed, but I see a big difference now.

Emilia Mineville, NY

The Best on The Market, esp. For Breast Fed Babies.

I adore these bottles. My husband and I have used these for three children. Reasons I love these bottles:1. For people who don’t have a dishwasher (we didn’t with our first child)sterilizing bottles is a real chore. The liners in the Playtex bottles come sterilized. It made me feel better and the bottles felt cleaner.2. The bottle shape is perfect for all little hands to grip around unlike the Avent brand which are just huge for them to hold.3. For breast fed little ones I am convinced that the nipple choices give Moms many choices to prevent nipple confusion. I had two children who breastfed and both could switch successfully between the Playtex nurser and the breast without problems.4. They are sturdy and the new design is simple and stylish.5. They adapt perfectly with the Playtex breast milk storage system.

Rosalia Marenisco, MI

So Easy

Easy to use, clean, store, warm quickly, and travel with. The nipples come in slow or fast and are so much like the breast my daughter went back and forth without a problem. the darker nipples are a little more pliable and my daughter much preferred them over the clear ones. works with generic pre-formed bottle liners from target, wal-greeens, and wal-mart. good investment

Vilma Summerlee, WV

Dr. Brown’s are better

There are two main benefits to these bottles:(1) Really easy clean-up(2) Because the liner is so thin, they warm up quicklyHowever, there are three big negatives:(1) Drop-ins are expensive and the regular ones are time consuming to fill. First you have to make sure the bag is properly aligned to avoid leaks. You have to make sure they open properly to get enough milk inside and then you have to tear off the edges.(2) Every time my daughter takes a break in her eating and pushes the bottle out of her mouth – or if she needs to be burped – air starts filling and it has to be pushed out again. My daughter is very impatient and hates to wait for that to be done once she is ready to begin eating again.(3) To push the air out, you have to stick your hand in the bottle. Since I breastfeed, my husband gives her bottles at night or when I am away. It is hard for him to get his hands in there, particularly when he has to push the air out mid-feed. I tried it myself and it was a tight squeeze for me so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for him!I found that Dr. Brown’s do just as good a job – if not better – in reducing air intake. They are not that difficult to clean. I just pop them in the dishwasher. They are easier to use during feedings.

Emma Pinsonfork, KY

these bottles rock!

these bottles are great for a few reasons;natural latch nipples-perfect for going back and forth with breastfeedingdisposable/recyclable/very sanitary inserts for milk/formulaso easy to use and cleanwe have avent, dr. browns, gerber, playtex vent air, etc. but these bottles are the best and all we ever need!

Michael Velma, OK

Playtex works for us! Look for set with more variety.

Finally a system that works for us. I love Playtex and the Drop Ins are very convienient and easy to use. However, I would caution against investing in an entire Starter Set before you know which nipples work best for you. The problem with this Premium Nurser set is that it only has the silicone nipples, when to me, the best selling point of Playtex is the variety of nipples (different shapes in both silicone and latex) that they offer. I was able to find another Playtex set at the grocery store that had a wider variety of products within it.

Lakisha Sullivan, KY


My baby was breast fed for the first 2 months. We used a nipple shield by Medela but as she got older the nipple shield was just not cutting it when it came to my baby being full. I decided to pump but when my baby was fussy I couldn’t pump every 3-4 hours like I needed to so my supply dropped. I didn’t buy this starter set, I bought a few 4 ounce bottles and gave my baby what milk I had pumped and formula. I have now bought the 8 ounce bottles and use them also. These bottles are great. My baby burps right away and is never gassy. With breast feeding she hardly ever burped. We use the drop in liners and have had NO problems with leaks. I also heat her formula up by putting hot water in a cup, putting the formula in a liner and dropping the liner into the warm water. Then I mixed it up with a spoon to make sure there are no cold spots, test it and put the liner into the bottle and feed my baby. You also don’t have to worry about water dripping off the liner and getting on baby because of the plastic they are made of, the water does not stick to the liner. When I pull the liner out you can’t even tell it has been sitting in water.(…)

Cassie Bracey, VA

Playtex nurser system requires bags- trash bags!

After breastfeeding my son, I decided to use the Playtex Nursers for bottlefeeding. I thought the bags would be convenient and make clean up easy, plus the bottles are supposed to be like the breast right? Well, my son got a lot of air with these bottles and did not like the nipples. Also, I tried both the Playtex bags and Wal-mart brand. The rim of the Playtex liners is very thin and I had several leaks because the liner shifted as I squeezed the air from it. I tried the Wal-mart brand, which has a sturdier liner rim and did not leak. However, these cheaper liners are smaller! If you compare them with the Playtex (both the 4 oz and 8 oz), the Wal-mart liners are smaller in circumference and will not hold as much. I absolutely could not get the 4 oz liners to hold 4 oz or the 8 oz liners to hold 8 oz.Also, if you need to sit the bottle down for a minute, the air comes right back in the liner and you have to squeeze it out again before you can resume feeding. I thought these bottles were a lot of trouble and aggravation. I would rather scrub regular bottles.

Gertrude Canfield, OH

good for traveling

i bought this for going out. i use dr. brown bottles when i am home. my baby doesn’t get confuse with the two different type of nipples. she seems to adjust to different things so easily. i can even switch her from Similac to Enfamil back and forth.i only need to change the liners and nipples on each use when i go out with my baby. most of the time, she needs about 3-4 feedings during each outing. i bring liners, 5 nipples and 5 single pack powder, water and 1 bottle. i don’t need to carry so many bottles anymore. it keeps my bag lighter and save will be better if it makes disaposable nipples in a cheaper price, then it will be even less cleaning.

Patti Williston, TN

Much better than Avent for us

Baby is breast-fed and I registered for Avent bottles on a friend’s recommendation. I wanted to be able to pump and enable my husband to feed her at night. Our baby hated the Avent bottle and wouldn’t take the nipple. We found the nipples on the Avent too long and hard and made baby gag when she attempted to latch on. We switched to the Platex NaturalLatch and now she takes a bottle. The nipples on the Platex are much softer and shorter. Baby switches between the bottle and breast now, no problem. I’m so glad we tried out these bottles. Saved us a lot of time and stress on the baby!

Gloria Surgoinsville, TN

Great product but definitely a “starter” set

I really love the convenience of the Playtex Premium system with Drop-Ins liners. I can pump directly into the liners, seal them up and then just pop them into a bottle at feeding time. The bottles themselves have slow-flow nipples, which I find are very easy for my baby to nurse from. However, this is definitely a “starter” set, and anyone who wants to use this system for all their bottle needs will have to make several additional purchases. First of all, only one of the four bottles in the set (an eight ounce bottle) has the slide at the bottom to squeeze the air out of the liners. Even with the short four-ounce bottles, when the liner gets up toward the top I couldn’t get my fingers in far enough to squeeze out the air that had accumulated inside. So, I would recommend buying a couple of more of the bottles with the slide to make it easier to squeeze air out of the liners. Also, there are only two storage caps included in the starter set – you will definitely need more to amass any sort of milk supply. These have to be bought in “kits” with Drop-Ins liners (but you’ll need extra liners anyway as they’re disposable, so that won’t go to waste). However, in every kit there’s also a breast pump adaptor included. This seems like a waste to me since you don’t really need more than two of those. I would like to be able to buy the storage caps separately. Otherwise, though, this really is a nice way to see whether this system will work for you without investing a lot of money up front but still getting a little bit of everything you would need.

Caitlin Argonne, WI

Perfect for Gassy Babies!

My son used to have such bad gas, he’d scream for hours. We’d have to give him Mylicon drops every two hours to keep him happy. When we switched from a normal bottle to the Playtex Nurser system, we had no more problems. He’s happier, we’re happier… These are the best bottles out there!

Dionne Venedocia, OH

Great Nursers but here is some advice from someone who learned the hard way….

These are really nice nursers, they are easy to clean, use and the liners are super convenient. One thing I have learnt the hard way though is to rather wait until your baby is born before deciding which nurser to use. I went through reviews and decided that these looked about the best and bought at least 12 of them complete with liners and everything only to discover after the birth of my little munchkin that they are not the best for him as even with the slow flow nipple the milk comes out too fast for him. He latches on but doesn’t have to suck much which is not so great as I am breastfeeding as well so I need something that he can latch onto and work to get the milk out much like my breast. I also find because of this he tends to gulp and takes in a lot of air. There is also a gap at the side of his mouth where milk dribbles out and air gets in. What I have discovered gives him the best latch as well as minimum air and sucking much like sucking on the breast are the Gerber Nuk nipples. So I will just keep the playtex for when he is older. And I have tried the Avent as well.

Anita Young America, IN

Great for going from breast to bottle

These bottles are the best for switching between bottle and breast. My daughter hardly ever has to take a bottle, but when she does, she has no problem with these. She would try to inhale smaller nipples because they didn’t have the broad base like the breast does, and like these playtex nipples do. Plus, Playtex now has a storage system for pumping into the liners. This set comes with an adapter to connect to the pump and some caps. You can also buy more caps. They make it so easy to store milk and then just pop it on the bottle. The adapter definitely works with the Medela pumps. I think it will work with all except maybe Avent.

Geneva Glenbeulah, WI