Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Soft Spout Sippy Cups – 6 Ounce – 2 Pack

Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Soft Spout Sippy Cups – 6 Ounce – 2 Pack

Playtex 2 Pack The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup features Twist ‘N Click Technology with 100% Spill-proof, Break-proof, and Leak-proof Guarantee. Playtex 2 Pack The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup offers a patented unique spill-proof valve that eliminates messes and is easy to clean while being BPA Free. Playtex 2 Pack The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup helps to ease your babies transition from bottle or breastfeeding to sippy cups. Playtex 2 Pack The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup comes with removable handles for efficient and convenient use that aids your children’s development.

Main features

  • Twist and Click technology with 100% Spill-proof, Break-proof, Leak-proof Guarantee
  • Patented Unique spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean
  • Eases transition from bottle or breastfeeding to sippy cups
  • Removable handles to aid child development
  • BPA Free
  • Twist ‘N Click technology with 100% Spill-proof, Break-proof, Leak-proof Guarantee

Verified reviews


No spill, but spout difficult to clean & tastes terrible

As another commenter said, the valve is easy to remove and clean, but the inside of the spout is very hard to get to. I’ve also had to use a toothpick to get into the corners because black mold collects in there. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get to those spaces to clean it out. Also, the plastic makes the drink taste terrible. If you’ve had juice in it, the plastic holds the flavor and then your next drink (water) has a hint of the juice. It’s gross and I could never wash it out. I’ve had to throw mine out.The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because it doesn’t spill, though, if the valve gets loose, it will.

Imogene Turner, OR

Favorite sippy cup

This sippy is great. We haven’t had any leaks with it. I love the simple valve system that is easy to pop in and out for washing. Very few parts make it easy to keep track of all the pieces and reassemble when they come out of the dishwasher. The kid loves them. The size is great. Very durable.

Ma West Alton, MO

no sip- what a joke!

i bought these and wasted my money. the liquid pours out through the spout. do not buy this! buy the First Years sippy cups. they are perfect!

Arlene Wood, SD

A great first sippy cup

When our 10 month old daughter started solids a few months ago, her pediatrician recommended introducing water in a sippy cup at meals. Apparently the current recommendation is that babies should be transitioned from bottles to cups by 1 year, and by offering her water she would learn to use a cup by the time she needed to make the switch.We picked up these sippy cups because we use Playtex Nursers for her breast milk at daycare and have been happy with the quality and value. We liked that they were spill proof and had handles to make it easier for her to hold the cup. She does prefer an open cup but it requires a lot of parental/caregiver effort to help her drink from one without spilling everywhere, so these sippies are a good choice all around. It took her some time to figure out the cup but she’s a pro at it now.They don’t leak if you assemble them properly. She can bang the darned thing upside down on her high chair tray and it won’t leak a drop! I have no idea why other reviewers have trouble cleaning these and have had the opposite experience. We have never had problems with mold or mildew, but to be fair she only drinks water from a cup (no juice at all, and she gets breastmilk from the tap or in a bottle) and we empty the cups after every use and wash them often. They’re inexpensive so we were able to buy two 2-packs and have two at home and two for the daycare rotation.She will be transitioning to a straw-type cup for breast milk at daycare in another month or two, around her birthday. We’re using theThe First Lil’ Gripper Twist ‘n Click Straw Cupnow as a trainer cup for this purpose.

Rosemarie Gallipolis, OH

Great Product – but colors vary

This is a great product. We’ve tried lots of sippy-cups for our 18 month old. This one is good for him and good for us. Its very easy for him to hold and use, but doesn’t leak. Its also very easy for us to disassemble, wash and reassemble. But, make note: you can’t choose the color. We ordered 3 packages (6 cups) for son. Two are pink (very pink).

Anita Niota, TN

buy these if you have incredible finger/palm strength!

I am a rock climber. I do not have weak fingers/palm strength. BUT I have a real hard time opening and closing the lids! I can hardly turn it to the indicated line, let alone the clicking part. My hubby has real strong hands, even he said that they are pretty hard to open and close. We are returning these. Very very disappointed.

Maryann Westfir, OR

a quien se le ocurre hacer un vaso para bebes sin tapa

mi hijo lo odia, y yo como mama también, no tiene tapa es una falla importante, a quien se le puede ocurrir hacer un articulo para bebes y no ponerles tapa, por dios, la válvula es muy dura y tiene que hacer mucha fuerza para que salga agua, decidí no usarlos y ya, dinero perdido.

Arline Stuyvesant Falls, NY

“color vary” problem

I am seriously tired of vendors who are lazy enough to guarantee color of the item. How hard is it to sort the items by color and fullfill the order accordingly? The vendors do this for millions other items

Deanna Grey Eagle, MN


PLEASE do your child a favor, DO NOT PURCHASE THESE! We had been using these for our child for some time. Yesterday, upon randomly inspecting them, I found a layer of mold in both spouts. We are very clean people but it’s difficult to see in the long, thin spout and no way to clean inside it so we never noticed this mold growing. I am so disgusted!!! I feel like the worst parent for letting my child use these and I have no idea how long the mold has been there. It doesn’t matter how well they work, if you cannot clean them properly you are hurting your child!

Dionne Stockville, NE

This is The One for us

I’ve decided that this is our sippy cup. I like the fact that it’s easy to put together, doesn’t leak and that you can stash it in pockets, pouches, etc. We’ve tried many others, including:Born Free – wasn’t accepted (I think it was just too much of a contraption for a 12-mo old)Nuby – broke after multiple tosses on the floorNuk – like it, but the handles attach at the bottom, making it difficult to stash in pockets/pouches. Also, it seems like my daughter sucks in a lot of air with it.Munchkin – my daughter likes it and its the brand they use at her daycare, but it’s hard to center the nipple just right. Also, my daughter loves the fact that she can turn it upside down, squish the nipple on the table, and dump out a puddle of milk. She would give it an A+ for entertainment value, Mommy, not so much.Tilty – I like the concept but there are no handles, and the nipple isn’t the bestWe’ll stick with Playtex for now!

Ana Edgar, MT

Not impressed, but it works okay

I was looking for another cup for my daughter who was recently weaned and is now drinking whole milk. I think this cup would work well for an older toddler who is transitioning to a hard spout cup, but not for a transition from bottle to sippy cup. I have a Nuby silicone spout cup with handles that my daughter loves, but I couldn’t find another one so I thought I would try these. My daughter really doesn’t car for the cup, mostly I believe due to the shape of the spout. She won’t drink as much milk out of these as she does out of her other cup. If you are looking for a sippy for a baby just learning to use a sippy cup, this is not the product for you.

Catherine Valencia, PA

Great product, but….

Great little sippy cups, but you don’t have a choice of whether you receive them for boys or girls – and it does make a difference. Thankfully, Amazon is great about returning items.

Willie Waveland, IN

my 10 month old loves these -COLORS VARY

my 10 month old boy uses these daily and he can control the cup easily with the handles that are provided and clip easily on the bottle. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ITEM DESCRIPTION AND NOT PHOTO – COLORS VARY. we bought these expecting a product like the image and instead received pink and purple cups and handles. we were able to remedy this by a simple exchange at the local Target and now we are happy with the purchase. I should have paid closer attention to the description.

Nell Norton, VA

Good toddler size

Purchased for 20 month old granddaughter. She likes these cups, can hold them easily, and she really has to “try” to water the carpet with them! Even on their side they don’t leak easily. We got girl colors but it would b nice if you could somehow pick boy/girl colors.

Lois Vandervoort, AR

Good cups.

These clean well, don’t get mold, but they still do leak just the tiniest bit. Overall, they’re some of the best sippy cups out there.

Rosemarie Arbyrd, MO

Works a treat!

I ordered these to be shipped all the way to Sydney, and I am pleased to say it was worth it! Though difficult to remove the lids the first time, these BPA free sippy cups work a treat. They are as spill-proof as they say, and easy to clean thoroughly as the valve is removable (I just hope I don’t lose them). My son is intrigued, and is already getting the hang of holding onto it himself and taking a sip…that is, when he isn’t throwing it on the floor and watching the water slosh around inside.

Rosemarie Dayton, VA

At least they don’t leak…

My daughter will not use these. She tried it, but she wouldn’t do it. I had to go through about 6 different brands until we found one that she would use, but I can say they didn’t leak! Always a plus.Keep in mind that all babies are different and just as with bottles, babies have a preference. For younger babies I would recommend a softer tip spout, but again, it all depends on the baby! Pick up a few singles and go from there.

Emilia Mc Callsburg, IA

Best sippy i have tried but definitely not leak proof

These cups have proven to be the easiest to use and leak the least – I have tried many. However dont be fooled … They are not leak proof! Constantly leave puddles around my house however this may be the nature of sippy cups in general! Wouldnt recommend for anything but water. But simple to use.

Estelle Camp Hill, AL

Valve works too well

My twins could not get anything out of this cup with the valve in place. I tried it and had a hard time myself. We tried removing the valve and then it flowed way too fast.

Cindy Seven Mile Ford, VA

Liking these

We have both this and the ones with the straw for my kid. She seems to like this more so we keep getting this one. It does drip a little but doesn’t flip you in the eye like the straw ones. Note that when you put cold fluids in this they will leak out due to expansion of the air as they warm up if your kid isn’t using it. FYI

Audrey West Tisbury, MA

TRY to get liquid out of these. Very difficult to use.

If *I* can’t suck liquid out of this sippy cup, how can I expect my daughter to? It’s spill proof, sure, but that’s because it’s also drink proof.

Eddie Torrance, PA

Some minor flaws, but excellent cup.

Pros: -they don’t leak unless baby bangs it on something hard, even then only a few drops come out. Even if you turn it upside down, it doesn’t leak because of the valve.-Fairly easy to clean as long as you don’t let it sit.-Nice looking, comes in a variety of colors…some gender neutral-You can buy extra valves on Amazon for just a few dollars. I’ve had my cups for about a year and still don’t need new valves.-You can remove the valve completely and use the bottle for an older child.-Baby sucks it like a straw almost, it doesn’t just pour out like other cups.-Very durable, my daughter throws it around like a football and it’s still in good shape.Cons:-Because of the way the inside of the lid is shaped (the valve takes some room in the lid) you will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS waste like a half an ounce of liquid. It gets stuck in the lid and baby can’t suck it out. So that half an ounce of milk (or whatever baby is drinking) gets wasted. But in the end this is needed so it can truly be leakproof.-There’s no way to measure how many ounces you are filling in the cup, there are no measuring lines which is a little absurd. This should be an easy fix for Playtex. The cup is seven ounces, so minus one ounce that gets wasted, you are left with a six ounce cup (but still, it would be nice to be able to measure).Conclusion: It’s a damn good cup, I’ve purchased several.

Greta Long Key, FL

Totally Leakproof

I have 10 month old twins. I fill these with water. Sometimes juice. They don’t have the concept down 100%. Sometimes they turn it upside down and gnaw on the bottom. Sometimes they leave them laying on the floor. Sometimes they just play with them. The sippy cups never leak. Love ’em!

Mildred Guyton, GA

My 6 month old loves to hold this, doesn’t leak. Perfect sippy.

My 6 month old hasn’t taken a bottle in 2 months (breast only) so a friend recommended I try a training sippy cup. Like magic, he takes it. I’m so happy. The cups are durable, the silicone covered “nipple” is soft & comfortable for my baby. I’d recommend these.

Dora Mount Olivet, KY

Used them for my older kid and now buying more

I used these with my daughter 4 years ago and she loved them. I bought these for my 6 month old son to start cup training. He took to them right away. he still hasn’t gotten the holding the handles part, but the soft tip helped him transition realy easily. I like these better than other ones as they handle is attached to the top. With others the tip and the handles would never line up. I was kind of scared purchasing without being able to pick color, but I got green and blue so worked perfectly.

Juanita Springfield, PA

Absolute favorite first sippy cups

After some disappointing options from the local big box store I finally came to Amazon to do some review research. After an afternoon of reading a full diaper-load of reviews, I decided to give this economical duo a try. I could not care less that my son received a purple and pink set and certainly no one else has cared either. What I cared very much about was the spill-proof, leak-proof claim and I was not disappointed. Just like they were supposed to, the tops audibly clicked into place and didn’t leak.Of course, after more than 6 months of heavy use the valves have become a little tired and weakened, but even now they need to be completely upside down or at a very specific angle to leak at all. But because my son is also now that much older, that happens less and less.We have now moved on to Playtex’s bigger sizes without handles and once again I am impressed.Our other go-to cup is the Safe Sippy (stainless steel with soft plastic cover) and it too is a leak-proof champ, so long as the handle is on. But since that has a hard plastic straw top, these First Sipsters were definitely used the most when our son was first starting the transition to sippy cup.I give these sippy cups a non-super mom’s recommendation for sure.

Hillary Pelham, TN

9 month Old Loves

After trying other sippy cups I purchased these for my 9 1/2 month old. He loves them. They are easy to handle and don’t dribble. Best of all, the lids don’t cave in as he drinks like some of the softer topped ones did. He is totally self sufficient with this cup.

John Monclova, OH

Too many pieces. Not a soft mouth piece. Might be spill proof, but not worth the trouble

A harder then expected mouth piece. The baby really has to suck to get the liquid out. A small piece inside is a pain when washing and reassembling. Better cups out there.

Pansy Crooks, SD

Great cups!!

Awesome sipper, with valve no spill!!! Very easy for my 5 month old to use. Easy to clean, no leaking all over the baby bag:)

Raquel Liberal, MO

Doesn’t leak, sturdy, no lid.

Best sippycups, unfortunate that they don’t have a lid, but I guess you can’t expect that for this price, while it’s already super quality. Really does not leak.

Amalia Rancho Mirage, CA