Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Straw Sippy Cups – 6 Ounce

Playtex Sipsters Stage 1 Straw Sippy Cups – 6 Ounce

The Playtex Training Time Straw Training Cup is designed for children transitioning from a bottle to a cup. Its unique ergonomic handles and cup are designed especially for a child to be easy to handle and grip. Its straw helps promote mature mouth movement and functionality. The Playtex Training Time Straw Training Cup is also designed for mothers convenience. The lid is interchangeable with all Playtex cups and colors while being able to put all cups parts into dishwasher for cleaning. All parts are BPA free.

Main features

  • Leak-Proof Seal
  • Twist ‘n Click Cover
  • Aids in training your child to drink from a straw
  • Removable handles for development
  • BPA Free
  • For ages 4 months and up
  • Available in multiple colors; you may receive one of the following colors: red, purple, green, yellow or blue

Verified reviews


Always ends in tears

I got one of these for my son because he loves to drink out of a straw. Every time he uses it, he gets frustrated and cries. He can’t understand why he has to tip all of the other cups but this one doesn’t work when you tip it. Quickly made it’s way to the garbage.

Trudy Old Ocean, TX

Would be great if it performed the one job it’s supposed to perform.

Pros: has a straw so that kids can drink while sitting up, even if they haven’t mastered tipping the cup waaaaay back to let gravity do its thing.Cons: *takes a deep breath* Here we go…Leaks – These things leak. That’s the one thing they’re supposed to prevent, and they fail. They leak out the straw. They leak out the seal. They just leak.Liquid squirts – They don’t have a air pressure relief hole, so as the contents of the cup warm up to room temp, expanding air pressure forces liquid back through the straw and out onto your coffee table. If you’re unlucky enough to have closed the straw lid before the cup warmed up and then you flip the straw back into ready position, you get a nice 2-3 foot jet of whatever was in the cup. Awesome science lesson (Boyle’s law)!Straw length – Too short. Lots of liquid remains in the bottom. If that’s milk, then you throw away lots of sour milk remnants. It also insures that rather than drinking the cup dry, your child will have plenty of liquid to drizzle around the house, see above.I would really love these if they worked, but sadly they don’t. I’m about to throw away two because I spend a huge part of my day mopping up milk dots from all over the house.

Ebony Garland, TX

This is a GREAT cup

This is the only “sippy” cup I have been able to get my 8 month old to drink out of. We have tried them all and he got the hang of this one. Yes the straw could be a little longer but other than that it is great. He won’t hold it yet but that is because he is stubborn but other than that I love the cup. I originally bought it from Walmart for $4.97, came on here to order some more because normally Amazon is cheaper, needless to say I am going back to Walmart.

Claudia Acme, MI

Good concept but straw is way too short

I was looking forward to receiving this as I used Playtex cups with my oldest with great success. However, the bottom of this sippy cup is cone-shaped and the staw is too short (coming down only to the 1 oz mark), so there will be a lot of liquid that will be left behind. Over time, this will really add up – what a waste. This is one baby item I’m returning ASAP.

Gale Pawcatuck, CT

Great straw cup for infants

This cup taught my baby how to use a straw cup. The straw is a nice size and I love that you can squeeze it and bring water up into the straw. The only downside is that the straw does not reach the bottom of the cup. I wish it was weighted and reached the bottom like the Zoli cup, then I would give it five stars.

Barbara Latimer, IA

Don’t listen to the bad reviews – this is a GREAT cup!

I was surprised by the negative reviews on this sippy cup. We tried a few different cups when my son was 6 months old (he’s now 8 months) and he rejected all of them except this one and the ZoliBot cup. This cup actually doesn’t leak, UNLESS you turn it upside down completely and shake it. It will then leak from the straw. However, it’s not like a ton of water comes out, and from what I’ve heard, the ones that absolutely don’t leak, kiddies can’t even get any liquid out of them. One key note is make sure that you are putting the top on correctly. It has a little arrow which you must line up when screwing on the cap. This is the only way it won’t leak out of the cap. By following these directions, we’ve never had issues. I pack it in my diaper bag with the flip top closed and it’s perfectly fine. There is a tiny spurt of water when you flip the top open sometimes, from the pressure seal, but we’re not talking gushing here. Anyway, I think this is a fantastic trainer cup. My son got the hang of it on the 3rd time using it and still prefers these cups over any other ones we’ve tried. Wish I’d known to go right to the straw sippy cups in the first place. I didn’t buy off of Amazon because I didn’t want to end up getting sent a pink or purple cup…I wanted the blue/yellow or green/blue combo.

Tami Hyner, PA

Love the cup, but wrong color!

I specifically requested a pink and green cup for my daughter, however, got blue and green. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow me to go through all of the returns/etc, so I’ll be keeping a boyish cup for my little girl.. thanks.

Imelda Edgewood, IL

Best straw cup for sure!

Okay, I love this cup. It’s the only straw sippy cup my son will use. He did enjoy the Zoli Bot straw sippy cup, but those were super expensive at $12. And when my 1 year old threw those cups, the top shattered. 🙁 So, I went on the hunt for a less expensive option, and after much consideration, I bought this one. SO GLAD I DID. After just one or two squeezes, my son understood liquid comes through the straw, all he had to do was suck. And he did! I love the fact that my son doesn’t have to bite down on the straw first and that the liquid flows easily. I have even recommended these cups to friends trying to transition their babies. They too loved this cup. There are a few downfalls:**The cup does leak. If your baby drops it (or throws it like mine), liquid will come through the straw onto the floor. But it’s not a puddle’s worth, just leakage. No biggie to me.**As other reviewers mentioned, if left on the counter with the straw open, the cup will leak a decent amount of liquid. What happens is, as the liquid cools/warms to room temp, it gets pushed up through the straw. This is physics, and not really the cup’s fault. I don’t let it get to me. MY SON USES THE STRAW SIPPY. Isn’t that the goal???**After a few throws, every sippy cup handle breaks– especially since my son likes to hold it by the handle as he makes a toss across the room. Once it breaks, the handle kinda hangs on by just a bit of the rubber. So, I end up buying one or two of these cups a month. I’ll continue to do this until my son is off the bottle. It still isn’t a bother to me.**I have to go to Walmart or Babies R Us to find these cups at a decent price. They are too $$ on Amazon. I can get them for $6 and under at the store. Warning though: They are usually sold out or down to the very last cup when I go to the store. Apparently, other moms are in on this cup’s fab secret.**Finally, my son still prefers his bottle to the cup. After 4 p.m. he won’t use it. I guess at only 13 months, I couldn’t expect a full transition. At least we’re working on it.GET THIS CUP. NOW 🙂

Josefina Saint Ignace, MI

worst straw cup ever

besides the ‘training’ aspect of this cup, which is kinda neat, this is the worst designed cup.i cant believe no one else has commented on the leaking. not only does the cup leak the second it gets tipped over or thrown, it also leaks just while its sitting there. the liquid works its way up the straw and drips slowly in the top of the cup, then down the side & before you know it, there is liquid all over the surface where the cup is sitting. also, after the child drinks from the straw & its closed, it will squirt liquid when its opened again.i thought i had defects so i asked a friend and hers did the same thing. totally mess.. in the trash they went

Judy Union, MI

Worst of the worst

I’ve purchased 4-5 different types of sippy cups for my now 15-month old daughter. These received high reviews at a mom blog, so I bought two of them. Big mistake! Both of them leak really badly. When you twist them far enough so milk doesn’t leak out of the top, the pressure builds up within the cup, moving liquid up the straw, and any liquid in the straw projects out of the straw when you go to open it. I’ve tried to loosen the top, but then it leaks, and I can’t quite figure out the exact amount of turning to keep it from leaking out the cover while also not exploding. A sippy cup shouldn’t be so complicated!Also, the straw is short, and lots of liquid can’t be sipped!The one good thing is this is easy to clean compared to the cup I like the most. I have a thin straw wand/sponge thing from a bottle set, and it works perfectly to lean the straw. But easy cleaning doesn’t make up for the mess from leaking! Terrible, terrible, terrible product!

Tracey Montrose, WV

Very good first cup–especially if you’re avoiding ‘sippy’ cups.

This cup was perfect for my 6 month old who could drink through a straw but needed her own cup. I wanted a cup with a straw and not a sippy lid and looked at every different brand out there. The squeeze feature is definitely useful for helping the baby get used to how it works. This product perfectly fit my needs. To address the negative reviews: true, sometimes some liquid gets stuck in the straw. But if you pay attention to it before you close the lid, it won’t come shooting out at you. Yes, the straw leaks a little when the baby turns the cup completely upside down but SO WHAT? It is a baby cup, not Fort Knox. And lastly, I don’t know why reviewers are complaining that the straw is too short. In my cup, the straw literally goes all the way to the bottom–one side is resting on the bottom of the cup.

Naomi Omak, WA

Playtex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Twist ‘n Click Straw Trainer Cup,

So far so good, have not seen the leakage yet after a week of usage. Hope it continue its performance. My son loved it. ^_^10.7.13 updating: It leaked last night for few drops. Now, I am going to only put water, no juices cuz leaks.

Alberta Lando, SC

Leaky, Poorly Shaped

The bottom of the cup is poorly shaped and/or the straw is too short. Either way you end up with 1-2 oz that your child can’t drink. I’m recycling this cup and getting a different one.

Cynthia Gilman, IL

Same as other poor reviews

This cup leaks terribly. We used it twice, not using it any more because of how poorly it works. I will continue my hunt for a sippy cup that my 7 month old will learn to like and grow with.

Geraldine Palomar Mountain, CA

Great for little guys who need to learn how to use a straw

Try as I might I could not get my son to understand the concept of drinking from a straw until I bought this cup. I gave it a gentle squeeze to send water up the straw so and it only took two tries, now he can use it. The locking lid means it doesn’t leak. It’s a great buy.

Dianne Waukon, IA

Great cup, way too expensive on Amazon

This is a great cup. It took my 12 months old daughter a couple days to figure it out, after trying many different cups, regular sippys with a spout or other straw cups that were all way too difficult to get liquid out of. This cup leaks very slightly, but just a few drops here and there. The straw is not too short but because of the rounded bottom, it cannot get the liquid out in the corners. However, i’ll take that over having my baby still use a bottle as this is the only cup she’ll drink from. It’s the best cup out there to teach your child how to drink with a straw. The squeeze idea is genius and i’m surprised there are not more cups with that feature. However, the price on amazon is outrageous, these cups are half the price at Target.

James Lebanon, IL

great 1st cup

i love that the bottom is squeezable. perfect for babies first straw cup! the handles also help her grip the bottle

Charlotte Ava, NY

Nice idea, but not a good training cup … and not squeezable.

Despite its name, this really isn’t a good cup for teaching infants how to drink through a straw. That’s largely because, contrary to what’s written on the packaging, it’s virtually impossible to squeeze this cup. The body of the cup is made of hard plastic that has no “give” whatsoever, including the areas marked for squeezing. So it would practically take super-human strength to get water to flow up to the straw into baby’s mouth. Both I and my husband (who’s a pretty strong guy) tried in vain to squeeze the cup to help our 7 month-old learn how to suck from the straw. But alas, the water wouldn’t budge, even when we filled the cup with water almost to the top, which is supposed to improve your chances of getting water to flow up the straw when the cup is squeezed.This is really disappointing, since I had such high hopes for this cup. First off, it’s the only straw cup I could find that’s recommended for babies under 9 months old. And in addition, since pediatric speech pathologists and dentists are cautioning against the use of traditional sippy cups (with the spouts), I was hoping to be able to bypass sippy cups altogether in favor of straw cups.Nonetheless, my baby is already starting to catch on to how to suck from the straw (no thanks to this cup … we used other teaching methods), so I expect that this cup will come in handy once she gets the hang of using a straw. That’s the only reason I won’t be returning this cup and giving it a 1-2 star rating here on Amazon. But I can’t recommend this product, since, in my experience, it doesn’t serve its advertised purpose of training infants to drink through a straw.

Paula West Des Moines, IA

Great for beginners

I bought this for my son to transition off the regular sippy cup. Only problem is he is still on bottled formula a few times a day and going back and forth between this cup and his bottles is a bit confusing for him. It sort of throws off his sucking if that makes any sense. Great little cup and easy to clean otherwise.

Nichole Haverhill, IA

first sippy, easy transition

The grippy cup is easy to hold, the straw soft and flexible but restricts flow slightly as babies learn to use. Only draw is it has small parts to clean and leaks.

Stacy Ecorse, MI

worst straw cup we’ve owned!!

I actually threw this cup away after a few months. It was cheap enough and we never used it anymore so I got rid of it. This cup was AWFUL. It leaked ALL the time from the space inbetween the cup and the lid. The straw was so tough to sip from, my son couldnt sip from it well and neither could I when I tried it out (compared to his nuby straw cups). Also the straw was a bit to short so that was a pain. It just wasnt the right straw sippy for us and I wouldnt reccomend it but im sure it works for some people!

Marisol Wilson, OK

Great Trainer Cup w/ Straw

Around about the time my child transitioned to sippy cups I realized I wanted him to learn how to drink from a straw. Sometimes as a frazzled parent you forget a few things, including the sippy cup and most restaurants can give you a take away cup with a lid and straw but it really doesn’t help unless your child understands how to use the straw. I think my 9 month old learned how to drink from this cup in 5 minutes. The benefit of this trainer is that it is "slightly" squeezable which allows the parent to hold the straw to the child’s mouth and squeeze a bit to teach the child to suck from the straw for more liquid. This cup has a sliding lid which folds the straw down and closes the cup completely to prevent the straw from getting dirty or from the cup leaking when you are on the go. The only downside in my opinion is that if there is liquid in the straw and the cup gets warm, when you slide open the lid which pops the straw up, liquid drink flicks in your eye, on the wall, on your clothes, wherever. If you learn to open it slowly and carefully you can avoid this problem and since we mostly just give our child water it never really bothers me. I highly recommend this cup and it is *almost* spill proof unless your child turns it upside down and beats it on the table… even then its just a bit of liquid.

Michaela Fredonia, NY

Good cup

This cup is a good straw cup. We used it to get our daughter used to sipping on a straw. The valve which makes it spill proof works pretty well. Ours had a hard time locking when closing the cap but it still works. The one design flaw is that the straw sits in the middle but the middle is raised. This means that there will inevitably be extra unsippable liquid at the bottom. However, it does a good job of teaching how to sip. Once you move the kid to a regular unvalved straw, she will be an expert because the spill proof valve won’t require her to sip as hard.

Heather Markleville, IN

It cracked when it dropped

After not too much of use, it cracked and leaked after the child dropped it on the floor. It is Ok.

Paulette Allendale, SC

was recommended but disappointed

I bought this based on recommendations from several other mums. Baby did pick up drinking from the straw really easy, but maybe they changed the design as it was impossible to squeeze water up the straw to help LO get the concept as I had been led to believe this cup could do. The straw is actually quite easy to suck through, but on the downside the cup will leak if not kept upright, or if the lid is not on exactly right. I still gave it four stars based on the fact that it taught LO to drink from the straw.

Jana Colome, SD

Taught My Son How To Use A Straw Cup!!!

I LOVE this cup and so does my son. I gave this cup to him at about 8 months old. It has a great squeeze feature for parents, so you can squeeze the bottle and the liquid will come up. That help alot so my son could learn that his drink was in there and he had so suck it to get it old. He is almost 11 months old and i still cannot find a straw cup as good as this one. I bought any other ones but it is WAY to hard to get liquid out, even for me.

Ila Minneota, MN

Difficult to get liquid out

What I like about it: The straw closes and the lid goes on securely.What I strongly dislike: A robot must have designed the cup because no person who actually used it would have thought it was a good idea to make the bottom like it is. First off, the straw doesn’t fully reach the bottom of the container, so there’s always going to be liquid that will be left over with this issue. Second, the straw end is in the middle of the cup so unless it’s filled up at least 2/3, the rest of the liquid will be difficult to get to if you tip it even slightly. Third, and the biggest design flaw, the bottom points up in the middle so there is ALWAYS 2 ounces of liquid that is simply unreachable because it sits like a ring around the short straw. Fourth, I don’t know how it happened but it did – mold grew inside of the straw after not using it for a few days. It must not fully dry on it’s own.

Edythe Mount Tabor, NJ

No filter

These don’t have a filter like the larger ones of the same brand. So toddler’s food gets all through the cup. Its gross.

Kate East Berlin, PA

Not really leak proof

I like this cup. My daughter likes this cup. I would give it five stars if it was really leak proof as it claims.

Sherrie Coalgate, OK

Great first sippy cup!

My little one had the hardest time figuring out how to use a sippy cup. Someone recommended this one to me and it worked on the first try! Just a heads up though, it’s much cheaper if you buy it in store at Target though.

Gina Dugway, UT