Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Spout Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce – 2 Pack

Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Spout Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce – 2 Pack

Spout Lid with Twist and Click Leak Proof Seal is 100% Spill Proof, Leak Proof, Break Proof Guarantee. Ergonomic design with no slip grip Easy to grip shape designed with child development expert Fun, vibrant colors without decorations for boys and girls.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • 100% Spill Proof, Leak Proof, Break Proof Guarantee
  • Ergonomic design with no slip grip
  • Easy to grip shape designed with child development expert
  • Fun, vibrant colors without decorations for boys and girls

Verified reviews


Great cup

These are great cups that do not leak so far. However, it would be nice to be able to choose your colors. I have a girl and got blue and green only. They arrived when expected.

Bettye Washburn, IL


These cups are great. They really do not leak (unless you forget to put the little gasket back into the lid after washing it).Like one of the other reviewers, I was also sent a pink and purple cup (for a boy) but no biggie. It’s not like he’s going to grow up to be the next Charles Manson because of it (For reference: Manson’s mother supposedly liked to make little Charlie wear dresses which may or may not have been a contributing factor to the way he “behaved” as an adult). I’m not concerned, really.

Cherry Easton, MO

Best cup available

I had a set of these for my older daughter, and they always worked great. When my younger daughter was graduating from a bottle to a sippy, we thought we’d try to get some cups with fun designs instead. Whoa, what a mistake to move away from these!The valve is superior to anything else out there. It is leak-free, and allows air back in as a child drinks to equalize pressure and prevent a vacuum. All the other cups we tried have a valve to prevent leaks, but they all had terrible vacuum problems, making it hard to suck milk or juice out.The clicking lock mechanism works great and it never leaks from the seal between the lid and cup. However, we also have insulated cups, and I have noticed that the lids for these, while they fit all Playtex cups universally, the Twist ‘n Click doesn’t match between different designs. If I happen to use a lid that came with an insulated cup, I have to twist it on these cups much farther than the click.Finally, the hourglass design is great for little hands to grasp. There are ridges on the outside to help grip.Take it from a mom who has seen a fair share of sippy cups, these (and the Playtex insulated cups) are the best available!

Patsy Mount Morris, IL

Doesn’t leak! But small.

We have other sippy cups from Playtex that are also non-leak. These work just as well as the old ones, but they are a lot smaller. It’s my fault for paying more attention to how many ounces these hold – only 9 ounces. It’s not a lot of liquid. For a young child or older toddler, it’s probably not enough capacity. When we ordered we got a blue one and a green one.

Mia Madison Mills, VA

So far so good

We haven’t used these that much but they seem like a quality product. I am dissappointed though that you cannot choose your color. My dear daughter now has a blue and a green sippy cup…not the pink ones that are pictured.

Rhoda Richardsville, VA

best sippy cup

We had a hard time finding the right sippy cup for our daughter and this is it. She tends to chew on them so the typical soft sippy cups don’t last long here. Our daughter was having a hard time learning how to drink from a sippy cup, and once she started using this one, she dropped the bottle immediately. These have stood the test of time. Some of the paint has come off of the lids because of her chewing on them, but other than that, they are still in great shape. They are simple to clean.

Liz Urbana, AR

Actually spill-proof

So these are actually spill proof vs. the competition. You just have to remember to screw them completely on. I wouldn’t say that they always "click" but you can see from the indicator on the side if the arrow is in the sweet spot of a sealed position.

Alyson Battle Ground, WA

Simple, sturdy.

These are great cups for the price. At a few bucks a piece, they’re cheap enough that if one gets lost, it’s not such a big deal. They’re easy to open and close, which is rare among the different cups we’ve tried. With the valve system and hard spout, the leakage is pretty minimal (I don’t know if I believe that anything is really "leak-proof", but these are close enough). They’ve held up well in the dishwasher – no warping and the colors have stayed vibrant. Definitely worth a try!

Graciela Glenwood, NM

great cups

Of all the millions of cups out there I have found these to be the best. They don’t spill and hold up well to washing. They are at a price point that if one gets lost it’s no big deal. Highly recommend.

Josie Antioch, TN

I bought 4 of these, love them

Not one leak, durable, handle many washings in the dishwasher 🙂 I got all blue & green, though, hoped for some pink!

Lila Hampton, NE

Best Sippy Cups I’ve Found

These have only 3 parts to them, which makes cleaning them a lot easier than other highly-rated sippy cups I’ve found. That and as the name indicates, they are super easy for my son to grip and are the perfect size for a toddler. Definitely recommend them!!

Janie Science Hill, KY

No leaks

We had tried a couple other sippy cups and they leaked, these didn’t! The only bad part is our LO doesn’t drink as much because you have to suck more in order to get the fluid out.

Louella Lagrange, WY

Love is an understatement!

After transitioning our daughter (now 17 months) from the starter sippy cups, we tried SO many different ones. There are so many crappy sippy cups out there and we wasted quite a bit of money on different cups, that when we found these, I had little hope for a good outcome. Boy was I wrong! These cups are amazing. We’ve had them for a few months now and I absolutely love them and so does our daughter. They are easy for her to hold and drink from, plus they don’t leak!! Definitely a must-have!

Valerie Lacey, WA

These cups are for over one year

These dont leak. they are just for babies over one year. Overall a good product to purchase. i recommend it.

Ella South Beach, OR

They do not click.

My daughter does not like these cups, so I don’t like them. It’s too hard on her mouth and too hard to get any liquid out. They also don’t click when screwing the lid on, unless you’re extremely muscly. She is 15 months old, who knows, maybe she will use them when she is older. She did much better with the NUK Active Silicone Spout Learning Cup, 10-Ounce, when going from bottle to cup.

Kim Cordova, IL

work well, wish they were easier to clean

These work great. They are spill proof, they teach the child to tilt-to-drink and they don’t leak. The only issue is that they are somewhat difficult to clean the tops by hand. Not sure what could be done to improve this, probably nothing.

Angelina Old Mission, MI

Awesome cups, Anoying you can’t choose colors.

Great cup never leaks! However annoying that you can’t choose the colors. My son now has pink and purple cups. Oh well.

Keri Moline, KS

Good size for small hands, but terrible spout

The holes and spout are so small that my 1 year old struggles sucking the water out. Although the bottle is a good size for her small hands. She does like holding it around as a toy, but not good as sippy cup ….

Sheila Speculator, NY


We have gone through a million different versions of sippy cups and these were recommended by a friend. We can see why! These are quick to clean, easy for her to use and she adjusted to them very quickly!! Thank you!!

Cheryl Sidney, NY

Wonderful Cups!

I love these cups for my son, they are easy for him to hold and drink from and they don"t leak or spill. I can also keep track of how much he drank because they are translucent.

Hilary Juliette, GA

Work great

These sippe cups work great and they are easy to clean in the dishwasher. I just wish I could have picked my own colors. The ones I received were blue and green when I was expecting to get pink and purple as pictured. I will be purchasing these from the store so that I can pick my own colors from now on. Fuctionally they work great.

Christi Scott, AR

No leaking!

After 5yrs and 3 kids in we have finally settled on these cups being our best bet for not leaking! I’ve tried so many different cups and all of them leak at one point or another. We’ve had some of these for well over a year and no problems.

Elma Ignacio, CO

The Best Sippy Cup Out There

Let me start by saying that I’ve bought A LOT of different sippy cups for my 15-month-old daughter to try. The expensive ones, the fancy ones, the cheap-o ones, everything. Spill-proof, drip-proof, baby-proof, Mom-proof. These are the BEST ones you can get. The two-pronged valve actually works and actually stays in. They’re reasonably easy to clean. They’re easy for my little one to hold, although the lack of handles might make them more difficult for younger sippers to grasp.Bottom line: Don’t waste your time with more expensive, more complex products. This one works and the price is right.

Hope Jarrell, TX

Works great – no leaks

What else can I say? They don’t leak. Cute colors, easy to clean (top rack of dishwasher). No complaints here.

Yvette Frewsburg, NY

Ours and our daughters favorite

We have a two year old daughter and now have a collection of 9-10 different “sippy” style cups. We have a few styles from Playtex and we think this is the best all around “sippy cup”They don’t leak like some of the insulated or straw style cups. The lid stays tight as well. They are dishwasher safe [top rack anyway] and have been very durable over the last 8 months.They use the same rubber anti-leak valve as some of the Playtex insulated cups so that has come in handy at times.We like you can see into them because we usually use one for juice and one for milk. We had to unscrew the lid with the insulated style if we didn’t remember which beverage was in which color cup.These cups keep her drinks cool almost as long as the insulated Playtex cups we also own. The insulation is minimal at best on those so I actually rate these higher.You may find these cheaper somewhere like “Wallyworld” but not much cheaper. If you are reading this go ahead and get a pack of these cups with free super saver shipping and no sales tax and you won’t regret it. Then decide where you want to buy the next pack from.Thanks for reading.

Carey Rossville, GA

Lid hard to line up

Lid hard to line up with grooving on cup to prevent leakage. If you get it on alright it works fine. Not the same as the ones in the store. Glad I only bought one pack. Bought more at the store (the ones with the grip on the actual cup itself, this cup is smooth.)

Madeline Hendrum, MN

My 12 month old daughter can hold these well.

I like that the Playtex sippy cups have interchangeable covers. We like this size for our daughter who at 13 months likes to drink 7-9 ounces at a meal. We have used the soft spouts with handles from the prior stage cups while she’s teething. She seems to prefer the softer spout.

Darcy Brownsville, TN

Best sippy cups we have tried

We have found the Playtex cups in any style to be far superior in sturdiness, lack of spilling, and drinking ease to any other brand that we have tried, particularly Nuby. The Nuby cups broke when dropped and leaked when left on their side (although they were easy for our daughter to drink from). These Playtex cups are much tougher when dropped/thrown, they almost never leak (as long as you remember to put in the seal valve correctly), and are similarly easy to drink from. Very happy with this product.

Luella Glace, WV