Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Spoutless Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce

Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Spoutless Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce

This non-insulated cup with spoutless lid is designed for older toddlers who are outgrowing their baby sippy cups, but still need Spill-Proof Guaranteed protection. Your child feels grown up, yet your carpets stay clean. The item comes in following colors, Pink Cup/Purple Lid Purple Cup/Pink Lid Green Cup/Blue Lid Blue Cup/Green Lid

Main features

  • Twist ‘n click lid leak-proof guaranteed seal
  • Spill-proof, leak-proof and break-proof guarantee
  • Easy for child to grip and sip
  • Patented spill-proof guaranteed valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean
  • Colors may vary. BPA free

Verified reviews


Like the cup!

We like this cup for the most part. The spout withstands better than the Playtex Insulator cups that we also use. The Insulators spout gets very scratched up from my son’s teeth. He is 2 now. Also after a while it becomes really difficult to turn the lid so that the arrow matches where it should. Plus washing that spill proof valve is getting a little tedious. And another minor flaw is that the middle of the lid has condensation from his breathing while drinking. So having a spout that sticks out more like the Insulator is better in that case.

Lidia Vallonia, IN

Playtex cup is great!

Easy to open and close. Great transitional cup from spout sippy to big kid cup. I like that like all playtex cups I can use it with or without the leakproof valve. The only drawback is that the last oz of fluid gets trapped in the cup because of the design of where the sipping hole is, but I’m okay with that since I use these for water.

Claire Lawton, PA

Hard to suck

I always test my 2 yr olds sippy before I give them to her to see how hard it is to get the liquid out…this one is terrible. And I am a huge fan of Playtex sippy cups typically. We use two of the now discontinued NUK spoutless cups.

Robin Harriman, TN


Great for toddlers learning how to drink from real cups! Does not leak! The flip part of the lid is nice for travel.

Frances Trout Creek, NY

good buy

this is the type of cup you need if you have a sippy ninja (HOW did you get your juice everywhere?!). my toddler has figured out how to stick things in the spout of other cups to dump the water out. she can’t do that with this. i’ve replaced all of her other cups with these.

Colleen Morristown, NJ