Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Straw Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce – 2 Pack

Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Straw Sippy Cups – 9 Ounce – 2 Pack

Playtex Lil’ Gripper #1 Spill-Proof Cup.New!Easy for little hands to grip and sip.9 oz 226ml.Stage: 42+ years.100% spill-proof, leak-proof, break-proof guarantee.Bisphenol-A-free.BPA free.Phthalate free.New!Twist ‘n click.Leak-proof seal.2 cups.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • 100% Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof, Break-Proof Guarantee
  • Ergonomic design with no-slip grip
  • Easy-to-grip shape designed with child development expert
  • Fun, vibrant colors without decorations for boys & girls
  • Colors vary

Verified reviews


why it leaks

Short story: remove the silicon straw. Replace with normal plastic bendy straw. The cups are awesome this way (unless your kid likes to turn them upside down and shake).I can explain why these leak. As the air trapped in the top of the cup warms, it expands. As it expands, it pushes the liquid down. The liquid has nowhere to go except up the straw in a FOUNTAIN of milk. Okay, more like a slow shield volcano lava eruption, but you get the point.A regular bendy straw breaks the seal and releases pressure – problem solved.

Lilia Gresham, NE

Leaks, straw too short and hard to suck

Updated Feb 25, 2010I’m starting to give up on these ones. I just realised why our baby didn’t drink much since I got this cup. I would be lucky if he can finish HALF of the bottle one day with chasing him around with it. One day he was playing with the cap so it wasn’t too tight and he drank quite a lot that day. But still you need it to suck quite hard (for a baby) and I had to keep an eye on him because everytime he dropt it, it leaked right away (of course).I got him Foogoo straw cup yesterday, which is expensive for me. But to my surprise, the minute I gave it to him, he drank almost the whole milk (without I had to chase him around, that’s awesome for me). It’s worth it then to pay the price.Dec 30, 2009I got this on sale, I thought ‘what could go wrong with a straw cup’ but I was quite bumped that it does makes different to get a good one.Just like the other reviewer said, if you leave it closed, (somehow) it leaks. I have to open the caps over and over again to stop it from leaking.Yes, the straw is too short, you’ll always have about 1/4cup of milk left. I have to finish it every day so I don’t waste it.And I tried couple time to suck from it, after awhile it’s too hard to suck it any liquid out because the spill proof design won’t let any air in. This discourage our baby to keep on drinking his milk.Least but not important I guess, I wish they have the measurement like baby bottle always have.

Carmella Kodiak, AK

Why doesn’t Amazon let me specify a color?

The cups themselves are ok. My son finds it very easy to hold them and drink from them. They have been wonderfully spill-proof so far despite being carried upside down all over the house. I have two complaints – (1) The straw is pretty short as other reviewers have mentioned. I get around this by pushing the straw down so that it reaches further into the cup and also tilting the inner straw so that it is angled towards one side of the cup rather than the center. That way, we tilt the cup towards where the straw is and make sure my son can get most of the milk out.(2) This isn’t a complaint about the product itself but rather the purchase policy. Why can’t I pick a color scheme? I received the pink and purple cups, and even though I still use them, I ended up buying another set from my local Babies r’ Us where I could pick the color I wanted.

Rachelle Lakewood, PA

please don’t waste your money

These ALWAYS leak! I didn’t really notice how much they leaked until I started putting milk in them instead of water. I only fill it halfway and it still leaks up from the top and sometimes it will just leave puddles wherever your child sets it down. It also really upsets my 2 yr. old daughter when the milk leaks and it’s especially annoying when it leaks on our rug, carpets or in her carseat. Please do not waste your $$$ on these!!! I am now looking at getting the Contigo Kids Autoseal (for older kids but 2 1/2 year olds should be able to push the button).

Marjorie Carver, MA

Happy Mom

This is a great product and use it for my 12 month old child. The only down side is occasionally it will leak if left on it’s side. But most sippy cups aren’t completely leak proof. They are great cups!

Sandra Ecorse, MI

Great sippy cups but read fine print.

The sippy cups are great but the picture shows blue and green sippy cups. In the bottom of the description it says "colors may vary". I recieved 2 pink and purple cups. Not a big deal since it’s my fault for not reading the description thouroughly, but I just thought I was getting what was shown in the picture!

Ashley Natrona, WY


Do not buy these cups. I agree that most sippy cups do leak from the top after awhile but these actually leak even with the top closed and leave a horrible mess. Do NOT waste your money!

Elva North Dighton, MA

why no replacement straws?

baby liked it. it was easier for him to suck water through this straw than in the other brand he’s tried. the other brand doesn’t leak, but it’s really hard to suck water through that straw. i guess you can’t have both no leaks and easy drinking?it even leaked when the straw was in the closed position!also annoying is the lack of replacement straws. that makes no sense to me.

Dionne Des Arc, AR

Five Stars

Love these cups! Easy to take apart and clean and reassemble.

Mavis Morris, OK

Good straw cup.

We have been using these as our go to travel cups for a while now. They’re durable. Our son has only been able to chew a hole through one straw. There are only two things that I don’t like about this product:1. It’s really hit or miss leak-wise. If I don’t squeeze out water after closing the lid then water will start pumping out of the straw. After a while some of the lids will leak, probably just from over tightening so many times.2. The straw doesn’t reach the bottom of the cup. This doesn’t bother me so much sense we usually just use these as water cups. But if you put milk or juice in there and then it just so happens to roll and hide under your driver side seat with that 1/2 inch layer that your kid just couldn’t get to… yeah, that’s not a fun scent.Overall I like the lil’ grippers. We are still going to be using these as our go to. When you order from Amazon, just know that you can’t choose the color. My son has been sporting purple and pink cups for a while now. I don’t mind it, but it’s something to think about if you like to keep accessories gender specific.

Sherri Chillicothe, OH

Best so far – I’d give it 4.5 stars if I could…

We ordered 3 types of straw cups – these, the Nuby 2 Handle Flip n’ Straw Cup, and The First Years Take & Toss Straw Cups – for our 10 month old daughter. These cups on a 5 point scale so far:Drinkability (ability of our daughter to sip through the straw): 4.5 stars. She can easily drink through the straw without needing to use excessive suction. She does keep trying to tip it up like a bottle, and since the internal straw is not weighted she will often suck air.Washability (ease of dismantling/cleaning/reassembly: 4.5 stars. There are 4 total pieces including the top. It’s pretty straightforward; we managed to figure it out without the instructions. Top rack dishwasher safe, also easily cleanable by hand.Leakproof?: 4 stars so far. Our daughter is not gentle with cups, so this one has been turned upside down and left that way for several minutes – no leaking or dripping. The only downside is that if you shake it hard (you, the adult), it will leak slightly.

Josefina Curtice, OH

What happened with this cups?

I used to buy laytex cups for almost 3 years now as I have 2 kids.With sippies there is no problem at all. They are GREAT.But what have happened with straw cups? I began to use straw cup may be a year ago with my sun. He did everything with his cup and it was ok.Yes there was some liquid left in the bottom, but for me it was not a problem.And now, just few months ago these cups started to leak. I mean new cups, which I bought as a replacement for older ones. Making a huge mess on my carpet, sofa, car, bag. It is just a huge puddles of liquid. And my son is not playing or throwing this cups anymore.

Colette Tuttle, ND

not a cup for promoting independence

Pros:I like the sizeability to clean all the parts (though I did ruin one lid in the dishwasher).volume measurement markings.grippyCons:sometimes it is hard to get the threads to line up and get the lids screwed on. Perhaps this is the cause ofFrequent leaks. I have yet to figure out what causes leaking, but often, our homemade smoothies just bubble up right out of the straw.These cups need to be kept upright. Thus, we are almost as well off with the take and toss straw cups.And, the closing mechanism is too difficult for most toddlers. Maybe a favorable trait to some, but I want my boys to be able to open and close on their own.

Candice Golden, IL

great for toddlers

The straw in this cup reach all the way to the bottom. My grandson likes to sip from the cup and these don’t spill.

Vicky Smithville, TN


I had faith in these cups as I purchased other playtex cups without the straw portion and they worked wonderful for my child at age one all the way to now two in a half. I purchased the insulated and non-insulated ones and they are still working great. The straw cups are horrible and after four trips through the dishwasher quit working. I was so angry as I spent money on cups that no longer worked, I purchased four straw cups.I called 1-888-310-4290 which I found online. At first I thought it was the wrong number as it says, “Thank you for calling energizer personal care” two times on a recording. Then a lady answered the phone, “playtex products.” The lady was a little rude to me on the phone but I think I finally got through to her when I said, “look your cups don’t work after four trips through the dishwasher. They are defective and I want new cups with the lid that has the valve.” She asked me stupid questions like, “Did I have the package still.” I told her, “I do not as I washed them and they did work for a few weeks.” She implied I was not using them correctly and I told her that I was and I want replacements. She finally took my name and address and is sending them to me in 7-10 business days. We will see…Next time I purchasing a new product from a store I will be sure to check on my smart phone what others think of the product as other reviews have yet to steer me wrong.For others that still think these are great cups may have had older ones or ones that perhaps do work if you hand wash them. I am sorry though I put them in a munchkin container and dishwash the valves why don’t the the straw ones work after a few times through the dishwasher if I have used the valve ones some over two in a half years.I hope to see the valve cups come in the mail and will update if it truly happens.I am happy to report after waiting a few weeks I did receive the valve cups from playtex. However they came in the wrong color. In a way I am unsure if I want to deal with calling back playtex and asking for the blue-green lids that I asked for and double checked with the customer service representative. As the customer service rep I previously dealt with was extremely rude and told me I did not know how to use a sipppy cup and it was my fault it did not work. I am happy they did send lids as I will use them for back-up and or when friends of my child come over that are girls. I still am bitter about this product and please if anyone has a better sippy cup not made by playtex, please comment and let me know! Thank you!

Kaitlin Mount Washington, KY


Our family has also had problems with these cups: the short straw, the leaking on its side, the volcanic spewing of liquid up and out the straw at random times, etc.We bought these hoping they would be better than the Munchkin brand cups we already had, but no way. Even though the Munchkin ones leak a little bit, it is not nearly as bad as these Playtex cups.

Liza Coila, MS

Easy to use

This product works great for my 18 month old. He is not a big fan of the traditional sippy cut (can quite get the tilt down) The straw works great and the product cleans easily and It is nice to be able to slide the cap to cover the straw when not in use.

Leona Lowry, MN

Great sippee

Once your baby figures out straws this is an amazing sippee. My little one is still figuring out how to tip the cup, so the straw is perfect for her.

Cecelia Mandaree, ND

Life savers!

These are the greatest sippy cups!! Quick pull-apart parts to throw in the dishwasher and extremely easy for our 14 month old to use. She loves these and they have helped her figure out straws in regular cups and juice boxes.

Pamela Aplington, IA

It works for us

Many have complained of leaking, but we haven’t had a problem with its leaking unless we assemble the straw portion in the wrong order. Don’t shove the hard plastic straw into the the rubber valve until the valve is already closed. If you put the hard plastic staw in too soon, for whatever reason, it builds up pressure or suction and sucks up the liquid from the cup. Follow the directions which come with the cup and you shouldn’t have a problem.I’ve only given this four stars because the straw doesn’t reach the bottom of the cup; otherwise, it would be about perfect.

Lilly Concord, MA

Definitely NOT the best

So here’s the deal: I’ve got a 15-month-old who, by her own pediatrician’s admission, is advanced in many things (except walking, the little brat). Anyway, she skipped regular sippy cups and went straight to straw sippies at 9 months. I have been all over creation looking for “the” sippy cup – the one that rules them all. We have tried many different kinds, and I wanted to share my experiences with other parents. This particular sippy is probably my least favorite. As many other reviewers have stated, milk (or juice or water) “fountains” are common. Something about warming liquid and air pockets, blah, blah, blah. I don’t really care why it happens, all I know is, it’s annoying. If my kid isn’t tipping it over, trying to unscrew the top, or throwing it across the room, I don’t expect it to just start leaking on its own. Now, on to the “Twist ‘n Click” part. If you can get it to always “click” for you, great. But good luck getting the top back off. I have had this problem many times (I’m no weakling!) – for all I know, this is another side effect of the warming liquid/ air pocket nonsense, and some kind of vaccuum ends up sucking the lid on real tight. I don’t know. I do know that there have been times when I filled a brand new sippy cup because I gave up trying to open this one to refill it. I don’t have time to break out the jaws of life for a sippy cup when my little one is screaming “juuuuuuice!” at the top of her lungs. Pro? Baby girl likes them just fine. Bottom line, don’t waste your money on these. Almost anything else is better.

Nikki Ross, ND

World’s Worst “Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof” Cup!

This cup is TERRIBLE! It is constantly oozing liquid around the top. I bought one to take on a trip. It leaked in my bag on the airplane and soaked my bag. I thought it was just because of the altitude changes, but no, it leaked throughout our 1 week vacation. I kept trying different things to stop the leaking including adjusting the tightness of the lid and how the straw mechanism is assembled… all to no avail. I put up with this cup leaking on me, in my bag, on my child, and on restaurant tables for 7 days before I gave up and threw it away. I don’t even want to think about how many of these cups are sitting around in landfills! FYI, I bought the Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup for our return trip. It hasn’t leaked & didn’t even ooze or leak on the plane ride!Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 ounceMy absolute favorite straw cup is the Tommee Tippee Explora Insulated Cup with Straw. Though a little tricky to learn to assemble (see my review to learn how to assemble correctly), it has never leaked and keeps beverages cold longer than regular cups.Tommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Insulated Boy Cup with Dura Straw BPA Free 9 Oz 2 Pack 12m Colors May Vary

Marisol Wheeler, MS

for water only

playtex has great customer service. but this cup is only good for water, unless you like wasting 2 ounces of formula or milk. it’s a great starter cup to learn from, but mine ended up in the trash. such a shame cuz she loved the cup itself.

Kim Bernardsville, NJ


These cups are really awful. They are very pressure sensitive and prone to shooting liquid out of the straw. Abrupt movements, shaking or dropping will cause pressure issues. Squeezing too hard will also cause liquid to shoot out, even with the leak proof filter in place. By far, one of the worst straw sippies I’ve used. The straw doesn’t reach anywhere near the bottom of the cup so there is always liquic trapped in the cup. I’ll stick with Munchkin.

Mae Diamond, OH

Love these cups! Also leaking problem solved.

These work great for my 15 month old. The only ones that we like. You can fix the milk flowing out the top problem by not tightening the lid to the line they provide. It is because of the pressure build up inside the cup. Also, if you put the bottom straw part too far into the upper straw it will leak.

Estella Lake Cormorant, MS

Great Cup!

I LOVE these cups! I started giving my son these cups at 9 months. By 10 months we we’re done with bottles. The straw doesn’t reach the bottom like other reviewers said, but if I hand my son the cup with the slider that covers the straw farthest from him he can drink all the liquid in the cup and isn’t wasting any. They are pretty spill proof. I never have more than a few drops "leak." I tried TONS of sippy cups including Tommee Tippee straw cups and Munchkin straw cups and they are horrible and leaked all over the place. These are easy to wash in my opinion. I just soak them in hot soapy water at the end of the night and use a bottle brush for the cup and lid and a straw cleaner brush (bought from Amazon) to clean the 2 straw pieces. I let them dry over night on a bottle rack until the straws are completely dry and then put them back together. If you don’t clean the straws well or let them dry thoroughly you will get mold like any straw cup. I, however, have never had that problem with how I clean them. For milk when I’m out though I use the Thermos Foogo straw insulated cups as they actually keep milk warm. Even the insulated versions of these cups don’t do that.

Lizzie Fruitvale, TN

Milk leaks out of the straw…

Sigh, wish I had turned to trusty Amazon and read all the horrible reviews before buying these on a whim from Target. They worked great at first, but then we started experiencing the dreadful leaking problem. Milk coming up out of the straw and leaking all over the place. The only way to stop it is to unscrew the lid a bit to relieve the pressure build up, but then it is no longer leak proof. Annoying. Don’t waste your money on these cups. T I’ve switched all the straw lids to the Playtex Coolster Tumbler lids and have had much better luck:Playtex Coolster Tumblers, Insulated And Spill-Proof, BPA Free, Stage 4, Ages 2+, 9 Oz, (GREEN).

Muriel Gretna, LA

Cannot suck

I bought 6 of these, cute cheap… what a waste. My daughter kept throwing them all over, I couldn’t figure it out. then I tried to suck out some water. WHAT A JOKE! I could barely get anything out of it, how could she???

Lauren Dalton, OH

Great for little hands

These sippy cups have been great for us! My little one has gotten a lot of use out of them so far.Pros:- Easy to hold- Straw folds in so you can keep it in your purse- We use it for smoothies, and it has been the perfect size for a serving- Dishwasher safe- Cups can be used with other Playtex lids- Haven’t had any leaking issues.Cons:- Can be a pain to clean the straw- Straw doesn’t go down all the way, and at the end can be tough for my little one to finish the drink- Straws are not very sturdy and I have already accidentally bent one. It didn’t break but it was not very durable.Even though there are some cons to this cup it has been really wonderful for us. I like that the straw folds down and that you can drink a smoothie from it. I don’t like that they are not made really well; that is disappointing. However, I would still buy them again because my little one drinks more water from a straw than from a regular sippy cup.

Maxine Gilbertville, IA

I tried so many sippy cups and these are the best

As other reviews suggested, buy the single replacement straws from I think munchkins? and just cut the bottom on an angle so that the straw hits the bottom and you don’t waste milk or water. We gave away/tossed many. I guess the nozzle sippy cups just didn’t work for our lo. She loves the straw once she learned how to use it. Just reinforce to keep it down straight so the straw hits the water. The green one with the push top by Philips Avent to release the water is cool but overpriced for what it is, not work the extra dollars. These do drip a bit through the straw but only if you leave it laying it’s side for awhile. Best to use them for water and use the Playtext soft training ones for milk. I don’t find these difficult to use or put together at all!!! So simple and in the dishwasher easy to clean. I like the straw cover so the straw does not get dirty. Worked out well for us.

Betsy Greenwood, SC