Playtex Standard BPA Free Disposable Nurser Liners 4 oz – 100 Count

Playtex Standard BPA Free Disposable Nurser Liners 4 oz – 100 Count

Disposable Liners for Playtex Original, Premium and Designer Nurser Bottles. It reduces gas and colic for baby. This acts like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion. Itand#8217;s pre sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time and BPA Free.

Main features

  • Reduces gas and colic for baby
  • Acts like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion
  • Pre sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time
  • BPA free
  • Curved bottom seal for easy insertion into nurser

Verified reviews


really people? these work.

i’m the oldest of 6 children, and we used these for my brothers because of the anatomy of the nipple. it’s the most similar to ours (well, then my moms…)i was using these easily under the age of 14, and if you have a hard time with them, you seriously have to be lacking in intelligence.first, you take a liner, stick it down in the bottle, separate the tabs, pull them over the side, get it even. then we always stuck it against our face and blew into it to expand it. then you add what ever fluid it is that you add, and then you stick your fingers in the bottom to squeeze the air out of the bottle.those are the directions that i followed without failure or leakage as a child. i am now more than twice as old as i was then (i’m in my 30’s) and it was a no brainer now that i’m pregnant. i’ll be breast feeding and pumping, and the anatomy of the nipple matches my own, which also helps. i have yet to use the drop ins, but got some in the kit that i bought.

Julie Liberty, KS


I ordered these by accident! Wanted the Drop-Ins and didn’t pay close attention.This is the worst liner I can imagine. They leak and leak and leak and just don’t compare at all to the convenience of the drop-ins!Pay CLOSE attention, when you order your liners… these ones are a WASTE of money!!!!

Jenna Almira, WA


These are very leaky and I was a bit disappointed. I prefer the drop ins. Also the measurements aren’t very acurate

Minerva Avoca, MN

Should have read closer

I thought these were the liners that kept their shape. They aren’t AND they do NOT hold 4 ounces of milk, they barely hold 3. Wouldn’t buy again.

Patricia Dellrose, TN

Not the drop in liners, my fault for not reading description closely

These liners are okay, but I was new to buying Playtex bottle liners and didn’t realize that they had ones that were not the drop in ones. I can use them, but I won’t order them again.

Guadalupe Thompson Falls, MT

Wish these were sold more places

I actually really like these liners in comparison to the drop-ins. I did not realize I was getting something different the first time I ordered them. But they do the job well, use less plastic, and take up a lot less countertop/storage space.

Virginia Molalla, OR

Ordered the wrong thing….

I thought these were the drop in liners that hold there shape but they are NOT, they are just a thin liner….my mistake. Overall, even if they were what I wanted I feel like they are not very good quality and annoying to but on the bottle.

Virgie Sinnamahoning, PA

don’t waste your money

these liners are not good they leak and do not colapse like the older liners do. so I bought the old liners on a roll for my bottles and have no issues now.

Cherry Cusick, WA

too small

I love Playtex and liners but the 4 OZ ones are just too small. You can’t actually get a full four ounces in these once they are wrapped around the bottle neck.

Shana Piper City, IL

Get the drop ins…

I have no idea how these would have worked, but they absolutely DID NOT work for us. Leaked everywhere…. regardless if we used breastmilk in it or formula. It was a mess. Do yourself a favor and just get the drop-ins.

Tamika Venango, PA


My mother used nurser liners on me and I used them on both of my boys. I just love these.

Callie Corning, CA

Stick to the Drop-In style!

Ordered these by mistake, so I thought I’d give them a try anyway. Bad idea. The tabs that you are supposed to remove have a terrible perforation and need to be cut off. The liner doesn’t fit right around the Playtex Drop-In bottle like it is supposed to. 3 out of 4 leaked when feeding. 1 out of 2 gave us milk explosions when squeezing the air out of the bottle — and it was a very slow low pressure squeeze too. Wasted way too much breast milk that had me nearly in tears. Stick to the Drop-In style!

Vicki Mexico, ME

not what i wanted

these are a roll up of liners that are so hard to get the exact fit around bottle rim. i threw them away, usually the bottle ended up leaking all over. they are not the ones that are open and fit perfect for drop in bottles.

Josie Teller, AK

Don’t waste your money

These liners are terrible and so time consuming to use and I couldn’t stand them. Do yourself a favor and put out the little bit of extra money to buy the Playtex Drop In Disposable Liners. Or better yet, I’ve found that any store brand drop in liner works just as well.

Rosalinda Alpaugh, CA

I prefer the dop in liners

I thought I was getting the drop in liners and not the traditional fold-top liners. So that was my mistake. I much prefer the drop in liners because I can get a full 4 oz into the bottle. With the fold-top liners I’m only able to leave enough space for 3 oz of milk. Maybe it’s user error.

Joni New Ipswich, NH

Too small for bottle and NOT for Breastmilk Storage as the box indicates

This is a plastic liner that comes in a roll. The box doubles as a dispenser so that you can have easier access to the next one w/o fumbling for the end. I have used similar liners in the past and there was no issue. The opening isn’t wide enough for a good fit on the wide-nippled bottles. If you use the liners on the standard-sized bottle, I would imagine it would fit better. My biggest disappointment was that the box reads "Ideal for Breastmilk Storage" when in fact there is no storage use for this. There is no way to seal the bag for storing milk. What I had envisioned was a bag that had storage capabilities that would double as a liner for my Playtex bottle. If that’s what you are looking for, then this is not it. If you are looking for an economy liner that is of a decent quality for a STANDARD size bottle, then this is the product for you. I give it one star for the fact that the box misrepresents completely what the product is.

Kendra Hardin, TX


These are different from the other drop-in liners, and they are terrible. They do not line up well in the bottle; they make putting on the lid a pain; and there is always milk left at the end no matter how hard my baby tries to suck it all out.

Suzette Whitesville, WV