Playtex Toy Story 2 Count Insulator Cup, 9 Ounce, Designs May Vary

Playtex Toy Story 2 Count Insulator Cup, 9 Ounce, Designs May Vary

These great Insulator cups featuring Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang from Toy Story keep drinks cool and fresh twice as long as ordinary cups. Their anti sweat design will protect your furniture and diaper bags from moisture, and your child will be thrilled to share time with some favorite Toy Story friends.

Main features

  • BPA free and phthalate free
  • Featuring designs from Disney’s Toy Story
  • Twist ‘n Click lid leak-proof guaranteed seal
  • Thin, tapered spout designed for small mouths
  • Anti-sweat design helps protect furniture and diaper bags from moisture

Verified reviews


the only cup we use

We love the Playtex Insulators. We tried a whole bunch of cups when my youngest hit the sippy age, and these were the best by far. This is one of our many purchases as we have added to our sets over the years. We do find that after a while the plastic valves need replacing, and occasionally I have thrown away a lid but only after a long time (years). One note of caution, do not try to boil these as it warps the cups and then the seal is not correct. That may seem obvious but I have heard of several people doing it so it is worth mentioning.

Kerri Huron, IN

Love it.

Got these for my 2 year old. He adores these cups and so do I as they don’t leak or spill!

Michaela Tarentum, PA

Truly leak proof

I’ve been trying different sippy cups in the process from the bottle to more serious cup for my boy, this set it’s awesome, not only the colors and graphics but in the insulation part too .. valve it’s pretty easy to clean, not that easy to assemble ( way you need to manipulate it ) but it do a great job .. and my buy seems to like it.

Elisa Freeport, OH

Fantastic cups

Fantastic cups, cute and easy to wash, durable and should last, I like they are more insulated that other plastic cups I have purchased

Mamie Haynesville, VA

Great cups

These are the best brand for switching from bottles. Small mouth piece makes it easy for little ones. Leak proof. Dishwasher safe. Very durable. Highly recommend.

Cecilia Dayville, OR

Absolutely great

Well what can I say…..first the theme of these cups was a huge winner for my lil one. He LOVES them. They are sturdy and haven’t leaked or broken after many drops onto the hardwood. The valve is easy to remove and clean. These also keep drinks cold a long time which is great for trips. I’ve found these cups an hour or so after they’ve been out of the fridge and the liquid inside it still cold, which works wonderfully for milk. You have to suck a little hard than you would on a Nuk/Gerber cup, but that worked well teaching my son to use it since he was used to working harder for the milk being exclusively breastfeed. A winner in my book.

Lynette Owensville, MO

Love these!

These are great cups and prevent spills! I hate cleaning sippy cups, but these are relatively easy to clean. If I needed to replace any, I would buy these again.

Mandy Ball, LA


This is a great set of cups! My son needed to transition from strawed sippy cups to regular sippy cups for daycare and we used his favorite characters to help do the trick. It was easy to get liquid out of these but they didn’t spill when he tipped them (not that they might not if you held them for an extended period of time). I thought I was so cool buying them but everyone at daycare has them and now I know why!

Melisa Grantsdale, MT

My son loves them

I have a 15 months baby boy, he loves this cups, great price, nice designs and really good quality, I got a woody and buzz in blue and orange.

Nora Leewood, WV

Playtex is the best, No leaks

I’ve tried ALL the cups. I wanted to love the cuter ones I find at babies r us, or wherever I’m shopping. No matter what brand, they all leak and spill and aggravate me at some point. These cups last a REALLY long time. They are the only cups I have bought for a couple years now. I started with the straw version (which I would give the same review) until my son learned to tip the cup back. I also bought some extra Playtex replacement valves after a while for backup. That’s the way to go!

Joann Hustler, WI