Playtex Toy Story 2 Count Insulator Cup, 9 Ounce

Playtex Toy Story 2 Count Insulator Cup, 9 Ounce

These great Insulator cups featuring Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang from Toy Story keep drinks cool and fresh twice as long as ordinary cups. Their anti sweat design will protect your furniture and diaper bags from moisture, and your child will be thrilled to share time with some favorite Toy Story friends.

Main features

  • BPA free and phthalate free
  • Featuring designs from Disney’s Toy Story
  • Twist ‘n Click lid leak-proof guaranteed seal
  • Thin, tapered spout designed for small mouths
  • Anti-sweat design helps protect furniture and diaper bags from moisture

Verified reviews


Love these cups

My 22 month old was destroying the spouts of his The First Years Take N Toss Sippy CupsThe First Years/Learning Curve Take & Toss Spill Proof Cups, 6 Pack, Colors May Vary , 7 Ounceas he would just chew on them with his strong teeth. So it was getting a bit of a hassle just to keep buying a new pack of those cups every week. I decided to let him pick another sippy and he chose these kind, but his have cars and trucks on them. I was afraid he might not drink from it because one time the local store did not have the see-thru colored take n toss cups but had a Toy Story design on them. When I would give them to him, he would refuse to drink from it.We did not have any problems changing to these new Insulator cups. He loves drinking from these cups. I just bought these a month ago and I need to find replacements now as he is wearing the spouts down again but at least they are more durable than the take n toss.Oh and they are really spill proof, more so than the take n toss. As long as you don’t lay the filled cup down for a long time or shake the cup a lot with liquid inside, then no leaking issues. I was really hesitant to buy a different sippy cup since I tried to buy the least maintenance cup which was the take n toss. For the Insulator cup, however, you just have quick and easy steps of sticking the valve on the lid and twisting/clicking the lid on. It’s not that bad at all. And washing it is not too much maintenance either. Just making sure to get the holes in the lid and the valve parts clean are a bit of a pain. it’s still worth it though.

Paula Bridgeport, OH


These are really good sippy cups and usually do not leak unless you’ve had it for a longgg time and then it’s time to buy new sippy cups anyway. I love the Playtex brand. Do not get the ones with the clear mouth pieces NUk brand!! They will leak so bad!!

Valarie Islandia, NY

no spills

my son has this since he started using sippy cups, he still has it now which i let him use to drink his chocolate milk. no spills, and durable. they are easy to clean but take note that you need to clean it properly because there will be buildups inside the stopper and the cover so clean those areas properly. try to use q-tips for hard to reach areas to remove any buildup.

Kay Hillsboro, IN

Excellent sippy cups for my toddlers!

These cups are very colorful — my kids are still into Toy Story. They keep their drinks cool, don’t leak, are easy to clean and are practically indestructible. I would recommend them to any parent with toddlers. Worth every penny!

Louisa Powells Point, NC

I love these

These cups are soooo nice. My 2yr loves them as well. I think i found our new favorite brand of sippy cups

Francine Greenbush, ME

LOVE these cups!

I’ve used Playtex brand sippy cups for years and years with my 4 children during their toddler years. The colors are vibrant and the variety of designs are very nice and my children always loved the characters and colors. I never had an issue with leaking cups or flimsy lids. The lid is very secure on the cup and is easily take apart and run through the dishwasher. it’s a simple design that just works great.

Nora Orland, IN

Best sippy cups

Extremely durable, easy to clean, shatter proof, leak proof, and to top it off….my son’s favorite character BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! These have held up well and I’ve had them almost two years. Still no leaks or cracks. Easy to drink from and they keep drinks cold a long time. I’ve found cups hours later under the coffee table, opened them up to find that the liquid was still cold. These are the only sippy cups I’d ever recommend.

Shari Titusville, PA

Playtex gets better with time!

I purchased two packs of the Toy Story 2 packs and one pack of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2 packs (the ones with the winnie the pooh photo that are really mickey mouse!) The designs were not the same in the two Toy Story packs one pack had a woody slinky and jesse print on a background of the print of woodys sleeve and a buzz lightyear one. The second had the same woody print and different variety of buzz lightyear. Very pleased with the color vibrance and designs on both versions and my boys LOVE Toy Story so they could care less if they were all the same. With 1 yr old and 3 yr old boys, the Playtex cups create a sort of “system” in your sippy cup stash. I got rid of the random munchkin and nuby and gerber smorgasboard that frustrated me so very much (the baby needed soft cups and the toddler needed bigger more sturdy ones) and bought Playtex Mighty Grips, Coolsters and Insulators. AWESOME!! Everyone knows kids hide their cups in terrible places and they get left there for weeks leaving the cup filled with a sticky chunk of stenchy milk curd or moldy sour juice. The Playtex cups and valves are completely cleanable with a simple bottle brush and nipple brush and can be sanitized to your hearts content. They are very rugged and are about 98% leak proof (there is not a cup alive which has an easy drinking flow and can also avoid leaking a drop or two upon being savagely and repeatedly beat upside down on the tile)I wish I had ditched the cheap crappy cups sooner- it is so nice to have a drawer with a wide variety of types and styles of sippys which all have the same valve and that valve can be bought in bulk on Amazon so that you have many many many of them at hand which makes grabbing and filling sippys to go a breeze 🙂

Dina Jenkinjones, WV

Great Sippy Cups!

Don’t leak, don’t stink, easy to clean, keep drinks cold all day long with out ice. And, my son loves that they are Toy Story.

Frances Claytonville, IL

These don’t leak!!!! yay!!!

My 14 month old grandson has been using these for a couple months….and…they don’t leak! I told my son that I’d write a review so everyone will know because it’s hard to find a sippy cup that doesn’t leak. Of course, being insulated means that these cups don’t sweat either. My grandson loves the dinosaur pictures on his. So these sippy cups make his mom happy; his dad says they’re awesome, & my grandson likes them too. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Claudia White Sulphur Springs, NY


Great cups – great price – great characters. My toddler loves them and gets to pick out his cup every morning. I love the valve replacements but wish there were lid replacements and sometime the plastic wears at the spout but the rest of the cup looks brand new.

Beth Coahoma, MS

For toddlers, the best. Just stop looking now.

I have tried and researched every sippy cup, and I am not a sippy cup snob. I have liked a lot of sippy cups, in fact when my son was weaning off bottles, soft spouts were the best, but now he is older and can destroy soft spouts. He is clever and can figure out how to get milk everywhere with most sippy cups. Not this one. The spout is hard, the cup is strong plastic and insulated, and the valve is stuck inside well enough to handle many throws. This cup doesn’t have any deep fancy grooves and the spout isn’t deep, so cleaning is just an easy rinse. The valve is easy and simple to clean as well. The cup vents well, even with the most excited and hurried drinkers. I feel like the cup looks a little “older” and not so babyish too. Unfortunately, for littler babies, the spout is pretty shallow, so while it teaches them to drink better, it is also more difficult and can be frustrating at first. If your kid grows out of the cartoon characters on the cup, he or she might not like drinking from it. The valves do have to be replaced once in a while, but don’t let that deter you. It is a minor and cheap inconvenience for what it does compared to other sippy cups. These have the quality to last through all of your kids, again, if the love for the characters on the cups last. A solid 4.5 stars.

Edith Taunton, MA

Spout not one year old friendly

My one year old is not a fan of these cups-the spout is sort of small and really hard plastic. We had better luck with a rubber spot on his sippies. Maybe these will work better for older kids. These are really cute cups and I like the insulation in them. We’ll try again later…So NOW we are using these cups. He is two and they are great. I love Playtex stoppers. They stay in better than any others. We used Gerber once but if the cup gets thrown (which ours do) the stoppers come out of the lid and you have a mess on your floor. A lot of the cups are now integrating the stopper in the mouthpiece but whenever I have washed them in the dishwasher, they seal shut. Then, you are slashing them open with a knife and the point of the “spill free” situation is now moot. I hate buying different kinds of sippies and finding they don’t work. My cabinet then becomes full and we only have three or four cups we actually use. These are great, worth a try.

Sheri Leroy, MI

These are GREAT

I like the new insulated sippy cups. In the heat of summer they certainly keep my son’s juice or milk cooler a lot longer than the regular sippy cups. I also like Playtex’s sippy cups in general because they don’t seem to leak as bad as some of the others. I have yet to find any cup that doesn’t leak even just a little when it is thrown halfway across the room. Cute designs too. My son loves these!

Sara Jamestown, IN

Great sippy cups!

I’ve been trying out various sippy cups as I am trying to transition my son from the bottle to a cup. I read somewhere that colorful, fun cups encourage the child to drink so we decided to try these out. We’ve been doing great so far and I can attest that they are spill and leak proof as my son has throw it from his high chair and left it on the floor upside down – still no spills. We are very pleased with these cups!

Ellen Avenue, MD