Playtex Training Time Spill Proof Soft Spout Training Cup 6 oz, Assorted Colors 1 ea

Playtex Training Time Spill Proof Soft Spout Training Cup 6 oz, Assorted Colors 1 ea

Designed with the help of a feeding specialist and a pediatrician, this cup promotes independent drinking skills. It’s a great first sippy cup for your child, if you can handle the fact he’s growing up so fast!. Colors may vary.

Main features

  • The First Sipster(R)
  • BPA Free
  • Twist ‘n Click Leak-Proof Seal(TM)

Verified reviews


Rock hard mouth piece

My son hated it. He LOVES the Gerber Transition cup (7oz…not the other Gerber cup.) and he’s okay w/ the Avent cup. They both have very soft pieces that go in his mouth and feel good…not rock hard! Most sippy cups are extremely hard to get anything out of, this is one of them. Skip it!

Isabelle Hueysville, KY

Great Product – If you like PINK 🙂

This is a great product. We’ve tried lots of sippy-cups for our 18 month old. This one is good for him and good for us. Its very easy for him to hold and use, but doesn’t leak. Its also very easy for us to disassemble, wash and reassemble. I would love to give this product 5 stars… BUT I have one complaint: You can’t choose the color, and the PINK is VERY PINK. I just don’t feel right giving them to my son, at least not in public.

Bobbi Crowley, CO

New style cup is not as good as the old one

I reviewed the Playtex First Sipster sippy cup around 3 years ago when they were the old-style one piece lid and spout. Our older child learned how to use a cup with the First Sipster and we really liked them. We like to have our kids transitioned to sippy cups by 10-11 months of age, so I recently picked up the new style of cup and tried it with our 8 month old. Playtex now markets this as the “Training Time” cup and while it’s adequate for the task, I prefer the old style of cup (as of February 2014 Playtex still shows the old style cup on their website, but the Training Time cup has replaced it on store shelves).The new style cup still has the Twist & Click lid, but the actual “click” mechanism feels tighter and a little harder to actually open and close. The biggest difference is that the spout which used to be integrated into the lid with a leak-resistant valve on the inside that snapped into place, is now a soft clear spout/valve combo.The handle is not integrated into the cup lid, meaning more individual pieces to wash. With the old cup you had three: the cup, the lid/spout/handles, and the plastic valve. Now there are four: cup, ring with handles (which admittedly are optional), lid, and integrated spout/valve. With the old style you could also buy new valves only, and I have not found replacement spout/valve pieces for the new style cup available in any store.I think that the biggest flaw is that the new design is less resistant to biting by a child who has teeth. The old spout was made of a softer plastic overmolded on a hard plastic protrusion on the lid, so there was no way a baby/toddler could ever do major and potentially-hazardous damage to the spout by biting on it. The new spout is made of a thin, clear silicone similar to the old style Avent soft spout. While our 8 month old is still toothless, I worry that once she has teeth she will actually be able to bite through the new spout. It is also not leak-proof, which we discovered after around 4 oz of water ran out of the cup and all over the baby and our hardwood floor. With the integrated spout/valve, if the baby just gums the spout sideways, it allows the water to run right out – obviously this could not happen with the old style where the valve was inside the cup lid.On the plus side, the handles are removable, there are 2- and 1-handled rings, and there is a straw cup option that you can also buy. All lids/handles/cups in this Playtex cup series are interchangeable.Bottom line, while the new cup gets the job done I will be interested to see how the new design holds up over several months of use. The old design was pretty much bulletproof and the perfect sippy – this one has a couple of issues that were made apparent in the first couple of days of use. I am a mechanical engineer in R&D; (albeit in a completely different industry) and Playtex has really gone backwards with the design changes to their sippy cups.As an aside to a common complaint in other reviews – when it says “assorted colors”, it means that you get the next box on the warehouse shelf. If you’re not cool with a boy using a pink or purple sippy cup, then it’s probably best to opt for a purchasing method where you can select the specific color(s) that you want.

Lindsey Westlake Village, CA

Good first sippy cup

Playtex usually makes the best product. This is our son’s first sippy cup and he loves it. Although, when he holds it upside down for longer than a few seconds, it does drip.

Christi Santa Fe, MO

Leak badly!!!

I bought these because they were only cup that my toddler would drink out of but after washing them one time they leak like crazy. Unfortunately I had already bought 8 of them. They are supposed to have an arrow on the top that lines up with the bottom to prevent leaking but it doesn’t work. These are horrible.

Hallie Fort Smith, AR

Leaks all over the place

First of all, I totally missed out on the Color May Vary warning, and that was my fault. I originally ordered this for my son but the color that arrived was pink. But, I figured, we will only be using this cup at home and color really doesnt matter as long as it worked. It was horrible. Water was pouring out from the area between the lid and the cup. There was no was no tell if it was aligned or not because there was a lock sign at the lid but none for the cup. the spout in itself didnt leak but the cup did. I was so disappointed with this product. Maybe I got a defective one but I am not taking the risk of wasting my money in buying another one.

Beth Pilot Mountain, NC

Very good, I hope my daughter loves

Very good, I hope my daughter loves, my daughter is too young, still use it not very good, I was prepared for her

Carolyn Ropesville, TX