Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle Gift Set

Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle Gift Set

This includes a variety of standard sized, reusable bottles and nipples to get you started. A great item to register for, this Playtex VentAire Advanced Bottle Standard Gift Set features five reusable bottle that feature micro channel vent technology that unlike ordinary bottles, vents air at the back of the bottle versus through the nipple. This helps prevent air from mixing with milk and provides a virtually bubble free feeding. Add in the easy to clean design, and itand#8217;s easy to see why youand#8217;ll want this long lasting set. It includes 5 VentAire Advanced Standard Bottles like 2 6 ounce . and 3 9 ounce ., Extra nipples both slow and fast flow, Extra bottle caps, Extra vent disks clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles. These unique VentAire Advanced Standard Nipples are made from non vented, medical grade silicone and feature a leak free feeding slit. These Standard Nipples are specially designed for use with Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard bottles only. They are designed to be used only with the VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle System Slow Flow and BPA Free.

Main features

  • A great item to register for, this Playtex VentAire Advanced Bottle Standard Gift Set features five reusable bottle that feature micro channel vent technology that unlike ordinary bottles, vents air at the back of the bottle versus through the nipple
  • Includes: 5 VentAire Advanced Standard bottles 2 6 ounce and 3 9 ounce , extra nipples slow and fast flow, extra bottle caps, extra vent disks
  • A clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Once you get used to putting it together – they are great

It is true, the vent disk is hard to figure out… but once you know that the plastic bottom and the disk have to be COMPLETLY dry before putting it together, you won’t have a problem with leaks. It just takes a little practice – just like everything else with a new baby. Also, it gets very easy to put them together… You want to talk about a lot of parts and hard to put together (not to mention expensive) try the DR Brown’s bottles! I couldn’t stand to keep her on those long enough to see if it helped with the gas.I also had a problem with the stage 1 nipples… My girl is a big eater and hated how long it took to get formula from those nipples! (of course we were on the avent stage 1 nipples, which will drown the baby) Switched to stage 2 and she was happy. However, I do still use the stage 1 nipples for juice and water… it helps me ensure she isn’t getting the thinner liquids too fast – and she does just fine with those.I did have a problem every once in a while with the nipple colapsing to begin with… but for some reason, that went away quickly. Not sure if they are just broken in now, or if she just figured out how to eat from them?I did use a bottle warmer for a while (until I decided I hated that thing)Then I switched to the microwave. And I also use a steam sterilizer with these bottles. I have been doing so for 5 months now, and I don’t have any problems – I even know that the disks are still working b/c you can see the air leaving the bottle via the bubbles! So, I think that that is just an overprecautious warning.As for the gas… little megan is VERY gassy and always has been. I tried all kinds of bottles. These seem to be better than the others, but she still gets gas and she is 6 months old now. It dosent seem to be as painfull with these bottles, and that’s why I still use them.Give them a try, at least. What works for one, dosent work for everyone. This could be your bottle.

Edwina Oakdale, TN

Love it!!!!

I have tried out several different bottles with my son and I absolutely love this one it is easy for him to grab a hold of and I see no gassiness. My favorite factor is this bottle is the easieast bottle I have ever had the pleasure of washing it comes apart easily and washes easily. I love it and my son has developed a preference for it.

Lee Cannon, KY

Great bottle, bad nipples

I recieved a couple of different sized boxes of these bottles from my baby shower. I love them, however, my daughter had been sucking on her bottle for a couple of hours before I realized nothing was coming out. About 4 of the nipples I recieved wouldn’t allow anything through them, even when I tried.

Lillie Daleville, AL

mom of twins

these bottles are not worth the money.. they are so complicated to put together and they always leak. my daughter could not drink one bottle without spilling the formula out of the sides. please think about using another bottle, I suggest dr browns , i threw away all my ventaire once i purchased the dr browns bottles > they are definitely the best on the market.

Robbie Maunaloa, HI

they are ok

It all depends on your kids if these bottles work for you or not? If the kids don’t like them neither will you

Francine Coloma, WI

No Gas Problems

My son is one big ball of gas. We loved the Advent bottles but they didn’t help with his gas problem. These bottles are great for babies who don’t need any more air in their tummys. Also the nipples are great for babies that used to the breast, or babies that are between the breast and bottle.The newborn gift set gets you going with all the bottles you will need to start things out plus some for when baby starts getting older.No air in belly, price is not over the top, nipples are the best I have found, and very well made (no leaks at all)

Sue Rio Verde, AZ

I had no problems

I used these bottles and had no problems whatsoever. They helped with gas yet were not a pain to clean (like the Dr. Brown’s bottles…oh my gosh…talk about time consuming). Others mentioned leaking around the bottom of the bottle; I had a bottle leak one time but soon realized I did not have the plastic disc in place completely. I readjusted the disc and everything was fine. Also, I have put the bottles together many times with them still wet and have had no problems.

Antionette Locust Grove, OK

No problems

I bought these to replace my leaking Avent bottles. I’ve been using them a 4 months and I’ve not had any problems. No leaks. However I wish they made more rate flow nipples the #2’s are too slow so I pokeed 4 more holes in them. Now my daughter drinks her bottle quickly instead of sucking for 15 mins and getting a red face.

Adrienne Northridge, CA


I bought these after my Avent bottles started to leak. At first they were okay, but then my son had trouble feeding from them. The flow was too slow and when I made the whole bigger it was too fast. Also you have to check every new nipple to make sure there is a hole at all! IF you tighten the bottom too much, the baby can’t get any milk. Whenever I used these, I kept having to stop my son from eating to make sure he was not just sucking air. Also the nipple collapes ALL THE TIME. Try the Playtex Premium Nurser. It works much better.

Lee Hobbsville, NC

Great Bottle

Good if you are not able to or choose not to breastfeed. My son would only take this kind of nipple and due to the shape and style of this bottle, it helps with preventing gas.

Reyna Montrose, NY

The only bottle my son would take, but …

When it was time for me to go back to work, my then-6-week-old son absolutely REFUSED to drink from the Avent bottles we’d chosen. However, we had a Ventaire bottle on hand — I think it was a shower gift — and he took to it immediately.That was a mixed blessing. The narrow Ventaire bottle (he would never take the wide one), I believe, led to difficulties with breastfeeding, which we’d previously done well with, and eventually he stopped nursing altogether at 2 1/2 months.I also didn’t care for the Ventaire nipples. The first level nipples were so slow that he could barely get any milk at all, while the second level were too fast and led to further nursing issues. (Luckily, just about any standard-size nipples will fit these bottles, so I used the Dr. Brown’s ones, with better luck.)However, we had very very few issues with gas, and we had no leaking issues, either, with these bottles. So once nursing was no longer an issue, I was quite happy with the Ventaire … until the news hit about BPA in plastic bottles. I pitched them then.That said, because of the no-gas feature and the lack of leaking, I would use the Ventaires again IF Playtex came out with a BPA-version, and IF my next kiddo would take the wider version. (I guess we’d still have to find the right nipple, though, as I wasn’t happy with the Playtex flow rates.)

Alisa Winterville, GA

Functional Bottle

These bottles work well. They do their job, as designed, and reduce gas. In fact I very often try to burp my baby for several minutes and nothing happens. Spit up is greatly reduced as well.There are a lot of of parts, but they are easy to clean, albeit a bit tedious (but easier than some other bottles). I typically wash them by hand and I’m a little leery of washing them by dishwasher, I’m not sure if they’ll get thoroughly clean if I leave the bottom assembled and I don’t want to fish the small parts off the bottom of the dishwasher if I disassemble them.The slow nipples seemed to work best for my son. The fast made him sputter and make a mess. (Be sure to note which nipples you are using, the speed is imprinted on the nipple, and is easy to overlook).Overall, I like these bottles very much. They work well, and are more affordable compared to some of the other high end bottles.

Randi Lebanon, ME

Chose a shape to match your nipple

I love these bottles though a little more timely to clean they really help with gas. I have used the natural shape nipple until now as a transition between breast and bottle because it most resembled my nipple shape and my son did great.

Maggie Cincinnati, OH

Great bottle, horrible stage 1 nipple

Love the bottle. But my son sucked for 5 minutes before I realized he wasn’t getting ANYTHING out of the stage 1 nipple. Even month’s later, when I decided to give the nipple another shot, he BARELY got anything out. And the stage 2 nipple was still way too fast for him. I use Gerber nipples with this bottle, despite the fact that they leak a tiny bit (because Playtex designed this bottle to not support any other kind of nipple but their own). Playtex needs to get with the program and get a Stage 1 1/2 nipple, or something. I expected more from such a great name. But I still use the bottles because I invested the money in them. Now I’m just waiting for the day when he graduates to the stage 2 nipple…no more leaky substitute nipples.

Marla Hampton, IA

Not What I Expected

Our 12 week old became so frustrated while using these bottles because the nipples would constantly collapse. The directions instruct you not to use an electric warmer or sterilizer. With a total of 6 parts per bottle cleaning, warming and sterilizing are completely inconvenient. I’d suggest buying an individual bottle to try it out first. In our case, these bottles weren’t worth the money.

Loretta Cleveland, MS

Not as messy as other bottles.

The angled design of these bottles make them easy to hold, and our daughter doesn’t make a huge mess with these bottles like she has with others. I also like how the bottom removes, so it is a lot easier to get them completely clean. She has a healthy appetite, so she quickly outgrew the smaller size by the time we stopped breastfeeding. I would suggest just getting the 3 pack of a bigger size rather than this newborn gift set.

Sheryl Ashford, CT

good buy

work great but a pain to clean. my daughter lovers them though

Marjorie Foster, RI

Too much trouble

I registered for these bottles bc I thought they were so neat. really they are just a pain in the butt.My son didn’t have any problems with gas. He didn’t have problems with the nipples either. I use a microwave sterilizer and I used a bottle warmer at first(which I think all parents do until they realize its a waste of time). I occasionally had problems with the bottles leaking but that was mostly when my husband put them together(its not nice to get up for a 3am feeding and find formula all over your refrigerator bc of a leaking bottle)My main problem is that it takes so long to clean these bottles. You have to take them apart,clean all of the pieces, dry the bottom disks and then put them back together. I was gong-ho about the process at first but now that I have a 9 month old running around the house, I don’t have the time to do this every time I wash bottles. I recommend evenflo’s Comfi’ bottles, they are also curved they are just in one piece.

Deborah Palo Pinto, TX

Our Baby Prefers VentAire

We returned the Avent bottles and bought more Playtex VentAire instead. Isaiah is 3 mo’s old and he has used Stage 2 nipples from birth. He enjoys drinking from the Playtex VentAire much more than Avent or other brands. We believe it is because Playtex’s venting allows him to suck without encountering increasing resistance and needing to break his seal for the bottle to backfill with air. The Avent do seem like they would look newer longer but looks aren’t everything.

Meagan Hoffman, MN

Won’t buy these again.

I chose these for my first child because my close friend was using them with her daughter and they didn’t seem to have any leak problems. At first, I didn’t either. Not difficult to figure out how to assemble or anything. No problems.However, I was soon dissapointed… of course, only after I bought more of this brand.After 2-3 weeks the numbers came off the bottles so you had to eye the measurements.My son is still at 6 oz, but if he ever gets 8 oz I don’t know how I’m going to easily fill these bottles as the 8 oz line is very close to the nipple despite the 9 oz bottle measurement.The bottles WILL randomly leak. It’s usually at inconvienant times like in the middle of the grocery store or while they are filled with water in your diaper bag. Considering I found another brand that had a solid bottom that gave my son no issues, that was a serious PITA.I have no clue when he’ll ever need the fast flow nipples. He’s a big eater but at 7 mo whenever he tries the fast nipples (or I accidently put them on) he spills milk everywhere.I can’t say I didn’t get my use out of them but I won’t buy these again.

Doreen Green Spring, WV

These are a great choice for your newborn!

I used these bottles for my baby until she was about 5 weeks old. Everybody complains that the Stage 1 nipple flow is way too slow. It is, but that was a plus for my baby, because she is very prone to spitting up. I found that these bottles were slow enough that it made her keep everything down. I tried the Dr. Brown’s bottles at first, and they were way too fast and made her spit up very badly. So I went back to the Vent Aire bottle, and my baby kept all formula down at every feeding.However, now that my baby is getting older and demanding more formula at each feeding, these bottles just don’t work for us any more. It was taking my baby 45 minutes or more to take 3 oz. of formula, which was driving me crazy at 2:00 a.m. It was taking so long for my baby to eat that she was becoming disinterested in eating only 1 oz into a feeding, then she would just do the "non nutritive suckles" on the nipple without taking in formula. It was so frustrating, because I know she was still hungry, but she was using the nipple like a pacifier because the flow was soooooo slow! They were also giving my baby nursing blisters on her lips from having to suck so hard to get the formula out.I recommend these bottles for the first month, then after that, switch to a different bottle, or switch to a different brand of Stage 1 nipple (even though they say to only use the Vent Aire nipples). The Stage 2 nipples are way too fast, it seems like there is no in between with these Vent Aire nipples. I recommend the EvenFlo Stage 1 nipple.

Hollie Birch Tree, MO

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Our baby’s been getting fussy. We started with gas drops and that nipped the problem in the bud. Then a couple of weeks ago, feeding time turned into a battle zone. Screaming, back arching, twisting and writhing, spitting formula while passing gas, burps sending formula up along with air. We were desperate.So I ran out and bought these bottles.The Good:The moment we switched, the screaming stopped. HOORAY! We still get a little screaming if we didn’t get the bottle assembled properly and we have leaks, and it seems slightly harder to get burps out of baby, probably because there’s less air going in so it takes longer to build up a good solid burp.The Bad:These bottles in the 3 pack only come with the stage 2 nipples. The flow on those was too fast, baby was drowning. I bought a bunch of stage 1 nipples and WHOA, we went from 125 mL per 30 minutes to 45 mL in an hour. I tried letting baby build up her sucking strength on these stage 1 nipples for about 3 days, then finally, out of desperation, came here to read reviews and see what others had to say. I bought the narrow Dr. Brown’s Level 1 nipples. Baby’s sucking had evolved by the time I got those home, and unfortunately, she sucks so hard after having used these crummy Playtex stage 1 nipples that she drowns some more when we use the alternative nipples. This solution would have worked well had I got these nipples the DAY that we noticed how slow the stage 1 Playtex nipples were. Needless to say, I thoroughly read through the instructions since the screaming had stopped and I was able to process information again. It recommends that you bring the nipple tip where the hole is closer to where baby’s lips come together, meaning, don’t allow more than 1/2 the nipple in baby’s mouth while she’s sucking. This has worked perfectly and we are now back to 100 mL in 30 minutes. PTL!The Ugly:In addition to needing a stage 1.5 nipple desparately (Come ON Playtex, Puuuuhleeeez!), the parts are a bit awkward. Not like Dr. Brown’s, but you have the nipple, the ring, the bottle, the disk, and the vent cap. Lots of pieces to clean and keep up with, but easy to handle if they keep your kid from screaming at you for hours on end. Also, you are not supposed to use a bottle warmer on this. Guess what, I tried it anyway. Sometimes a bit of formula will leak thereby requiring cleanout of the bottle warmer. But it isn’t too bad and we have been using the bottle warmer anyway, seems to be working out just fine for us. Take my advice-ASSEMBLE THE BOTTLES WHILE BABY’s SLEEPING, YOU CAN’T SLAP THESE THINGS TOGETHER DURING A SCREAMY BABY EMERGENCY OR YOU WILL HAVE A MESS ON YOUR HANDS (and everywhere else).Bottom line is that our baby is eating again. So I would recommend, I just take away one star for the bad/ugly portions of my review.Edit: These bottles WERE a TEMPORARY answer to our prayers. However, we have switched to Avent bottles and they have worked great for us for two weeks now. My advice to parents looking for bottles to solve feeding issues-buy the smallest number possible and give it 5 days. If it looks good on day one and is the same kind of good by day 5, it’s safe to sink more money into it. But if it isn’t going to work out, it will be obvious by day 5 or sooner that you haven’t found “The Answer”.

Bernadette South Wellfleet, MA


I don’t know if I like these or not. I have several and have been using them since my son was born four months ago.The formula doesn’t come out the way all of the books say it’s supposed to, about a drop per second. Actually, nothing comes out unless you milk the nipple, or more obviously, if the baby is sucking on it. I did try using the second stage nipple and the formula comes out far to fast and my son won’t have anything to do with it at this point…perhaps when he’s older he can handle the rate of flow for the stage 2 nipple.One of the design flaws is the round silicone insert that eliminates the air in the bottle. If you don’t put it in properly after washing, the formula will leak from the bottom of the bottle. It also seems that when it is in correctly, occasionally it creates some sort of seal or pressure, and the formula won’t come out of the bottle at all.I still use them because I have them, and they do serve their purpose. However, if I had the opportunity to buy new bottles, I would definitely go with Dr. Brown’s instead.

Colleen Craddockville, VA

Not for my newborn

I heard this is great for newborns…however my newborn never took to the nipple. In fact, I had to make the nipple hole a little bigger. When she sucked, milk barely came out of it. I’m not saying this product is no good – it just didn’t work for my baby. I will try using this bottle when she’s older. Right now she’s only 2 weeks old. I will change the bottle nipple as she gets older. I only hope she can get milk from it.

Kathi Quecreek, PA

Just ok

We bought these at a recommendation from someone who used them to help with gas. Well, it really hasn’t helped my son’s gas. He still has painful bouts of it.The nipples have been great for him most of the time because he doesn’t choke and gasp because it’s too quick flowing. However, we do have a couple of what we think are defective because after careful deduction he only has the problem with 2 out of the 8 nipples we have.Also, we took 5 bottles with water in them in our diaper bag and it leaked through the disks at the bottom. I know there are holes there, but they advertise them only to help prevent gas (to remove air). There is no warning they could leak. I guess if there are holes in something I could deduce it might happen, but it just didn’t occur to me that they would.Either way, I am sticking with these after rejecting the Avent bottles and I don’t want to spend a fortune testing every bottle on the market.They are a pain to clean when you don’t have a dishwasher. Too many parts to clean.

Cecelia Chazy, NY

Baby hated!

I brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital yesterday excited to use my new VentAire bottles instead of the little disposable similac bottles that they give you at the hospital. BIG MISTAKE! She struggled with the nipples hardly getting anything out of them. I tried both the stage one and two. I then tried the Evenflo Comfi that we received in out hospital bag. She loves it and I love it because I don’t have to watch my 5 day old baby struggle to eat! I went to Babies R Us and returned the VentAires that my husband thankfully did not sterilize and bought the Evenflo Comfis. The VentAire sounded great but I am very disappointed and caution everyone who decides to use them.

Randi North Springfield, VT

I’ve tried them all and these are the BEST

I tried every bottle imaginable for my daughter. She started at 3 weeks after i tried breast feeding. There were problems with all the other bottles….such as leaking, having to buy liners all the time, unmarked nipples, suction, etc. Once i tried these bottles, we were home free! They are easy to sterilize, use and clean. I like the angle of the bottle. But the best part are the clearly marked nipples. My daughter had to have rice cereal added to her formula and these nipples are clearly marked Stage 1 (Slow flow, formula only for infants) and Stage 2 (Fast flow, for cereal and/or older babies). All the other nipples i tried with other bottles weren’t marked so i had no idea which ones were slow flow and fast flow after i had sterilized them all. I had no problems at all with these bottles and i would highly recommend them. In fact i bought extra sets to leave at the grandparent’s houses!

Carrie El Jobean, FL

Surprisingly good

I registered for tommy tippee and avent natural bottles thinking they would be the best. When my son was born and we actually started using them I found that the avent nipple was too fast and milk got trapped in the tommy tippee bottle. My husband came home with one of these bottles and I was unsure at first due to the smaller nipple size. Well, my son did great with it, no milk went to waste and the bottles were easy to use. I have had no complaints what so ever about these bottles.

Gina Hustler, WI

Perfect starter set

I was looking for a bottle that vented similar to the Dr. Browns bottle, but not with the straw because they leaked all the time. So I thought I would try these Playtex Ventaire bottles and I have loved them! I like that they vent from the back, no straw is necessary, and I haven’t had any problems with these bottles leaking.I read reviews before buying this bottle set and with the advise I read, I just make sure to screw the bottom piece on tight and so far, no leaking at all. I have been using these bottles now for about 2 months.This is the perfect starter kit because it has everything you need and for a great price.The only thing I noticed, which I also read in reviews, was the fast flow nipple was too fast, so I bought separate medium flow nipples and use both slow and medium nipples over the fast flow.

Latoya Grant, OK

Great bottles

These bottles are great. My son is 2 1/2 month old and hasn’t had any gas bubble that much. He drinks very good with these bottle. Just have to remember to put the plastic part down and around on the bottom part of it will leak!

Lucy Alsea, OR