Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide Natural Shape Slow-Flow Nipples, 2 Count

Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide Natural Shape Slow-Flow Nipples, 2 Count

These unique wide VentAire Advanced Nipples are made from non vented, medical grade silicone and feature a leak free feeding slit. These Natural Shape Wide Nipples are specially designed for use with Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide bottles only. The wide base and raised, textured area is designed to promote proper latch on and ease transition between breast and bottle. They are designed to be used only with the VentAire Advanced Wide Bottle System Slow Flow and BPA Free.

Main features

  • These Natural Shape Wide Nipples are specially designed for use with Playtex VentAire Wide bottles only
  • Designed to be used only with the VentAire Wide Bottle System
  • Slow flow
  • BPA free

Verified reviews



I bought these to replace the ones for bottles I’ve had in storage for a few years. Seem to work great.

Rachelle Mount Hope, AL

Love these!

My son really likes these nipples. I needed extra because the playtex bottle set didnt come with enough slow flow nipples. The wide are great for breastfeeding moms. At 6 months old, my son was 20lbs so there are no nipple confusion issues!

Elizabeth Clancy, MT

Good shape

The shape of these nipples is perfect for my EBF baby. I will say that he prefers the latex version to the silicone, so I haven’t used these much. But based on my many trials this shape is the best.

Christie Stratford, OK

Hard to find!

I wanted to stock up on these for our second baby (nipples generally only last 3 months, so I threw out all the nipples from our 18 month old). I saved all the Playtex Drop In Nursers to reuse, but now Playtex has changed their nipples and they are more expensive in the stores. I just wanted to buy what I had used and loved with our first baby. Even though these are advertised for the Playtex VentAire, they work/fit with the Playtex Dropin Nursers as well. I found these as an AddOn options for 1.99, but now I see the price is much higher (probably because Playtex is in the process of discontinuing them). Thanks Amazon for helping me find a hard to find product!

Lolita Coker, AL

Finally a nipple that works for my son.

We actually use these on the Playtex drop ins because they are a bit stiffer than the ones that come with the drop ins. My son prefers these over the drop ins. They don’t collapse and he doesn’t get milk all over himself. He doesn’t struggle with these at all!

Patricia Shelbyville, IN

Best for Breastfed Babies

These nipples have been the best for my own 4 children, my 5 nieces, 2 nephews, 2 god daughters, and 3 younger sisters. Playtex Nursers are truly the closest to breast that my entire family has ever discovered through trial and error.A quick google search online will show you several blogger tests that state these drip slower than any other bottle nipple, which is essential for breast fed babies because they choke on faster flows!

Cecelia Macedonia, IA

Exactly what I ordered

No problems, exactly what I ordered to go along with my Playtex VentAire newborn set. I will eventually be ordering more.

Guadalupe Fairbury, NE


My son uses this style of nipple. It really helps with him inhaling air while he eats. Since we switched to the wide nipples his gas, tummy aches, and projectile vomiting has stopped.

Cathleen Fonda, IA

love these

I love the wide nipples. My son never suffered from nipple confusion. We started with pumped milk and some formula when he was a few days old and he goes back and forth from bottle to breast with no issue at all.

Loretta Swords Creek, VA

Best for long term food relationship

The bottles come with the fast flow nipples but using the slowest flow your baby will tolerate is best so your baby can more easily gauge when the are full instead of just guzzling it down. This is a skill that’s very useful later in life to help prevent obesity (eating slowly so your body can tell you it’s full before you over eat). Additionally, breastfeed babies do better with slow flow as they’re used to on trolling the flow of milk and this is an easier transition for them.

Alana Krotz Springs, LA

Love Vent Aire

My wife and I have been using the Vent Aire bottles and nipples for 5 months (baby is now 8 months). These have worked really great for us. Baby went through all three stages of nipples. All original bottles have held up. Zero defects across multiple purchases. Highly recommend.

Nancy Arlington, GA

playtex ventaire

I bought these for my new grandson and they work well. I had to some fast-flow here a while ago. I would recommend them.

Lindsey Zamora, CA