Playtex Ventaire Bubble Free Silicone Feeding Nipples, Stage 2 Fast Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex Ventaire Bubble Free Silicone Feeding Nipples, Stage 2 Fast Flow – 2 Pack

Playtex® Vent Aire™ Standard Silicone Nipples 3-6m+. Use with Vent Aire™ standard bottles only. BPA free.

Main features

  • These Standard Nipples are specially designed for use with Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard bottles only
  • Designed to be used only with the VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle System
  • Fast flow
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


too many bubbles

I have some Ameda bottles from the pump but I couldn’t find Ameda brand nipples. I bought nipples from different brands to see which one works best for my baby. This nipple creates too many bubbles and they dont go away. I stick with my wide neck bottles for feeding

Leta Emerson, NJ

love them but….

These are good and my boys wouldnt use any other kind but they cost so much I have twins so I need double the amount that a single baby has I tried the Dr browns stage 3 nipples and the switch was no problem they are exactly the same I bought mine in the store for $3 and the Playtex ones wee $5 and having to buy 8 packs it was a lot less money that’s my only problem with these

Jeanie Disputanta, VA


These are new nipples for the playtex standard ventaire bottles, and they are fast flow. Exactly what I wanted and they were brand new when I got them. They worked perfectly.

Madelyn Clinton, KY

Great fast flow, fits Medela bottles/lid cuffs

I bought these to fit all of my medela bottles since my daughter wanted faster flow nipples and medela does not make any (yet). They fit perfectly with the regular bottle ring/cuffs. I did have a few bottles (medela) that had a extra wide cuff, which these did not fit, but that’s ok since it’s a lot easier to clean/reuse cuffs than clean nipples. My daughter was much happier with the faster flow (needed the switch at 4.5 mo).

Edna George, WA

Amazon is the cheapest for these!

After searching for fast flow nipples at retail stores and finding a $6 price tag, I found these on Amazon for a great price! My son is on added rice starch formula and these nipples are the only ones that work for that formula with the Ventaire bottles.

Joyce Gladstone, IL

Not enough description, easy to mislead

This product name should have been Playtex Ventaire "Advanced standard" Bubble Free Silicone Feeding Nipples.There are 2 types of Ventaire bottles…One is "Advanced standard" and the other is "Wide bottles"Also, it’s very confusing that this Advanced nipples product page shows both bottles.

Sheila Rew, PA


My daughter moved to this stage of the nipples fast. She isn’t frustrated that she isn’t getting her milk fast enough. We have bought these nipples in slow, medium and fast – no complaints with any of them.

Elda Blue Earth, MN

Great nipples!

I love these! My son does not do well with any other type of nipple. These are sturdy and thick like, they last a long time, and don’t suck together during feeding. 🙂 Never had a problem with this brand, will keep buying! I received mine 2 days after I ordered, brand new in packaging. No complaints. Thank you.

Millicent San Anselmo, CA


These are great nipples they hold up well in the dishwasher and I love the bottles. Very happy with this purchase.

Pamela Honeyville, UT


Typical product for playtex bottle. It’s easy and convenient for me to order them online and have them come right away to me instead of going to the store.

Rhea Boley, OK

What I wanted

We realized that for some reason we always seemed to have more bottles than nipples after washing and sanitizing what we had, so we placed an order through Amazon for more nipples. They arrived as expected and we are pleased.

Selma Eriline, KY

doesn’t work

after boiled it followed the instruction, milk doesn’t come out from nipple like someone mentioned in previous review, had to buy from local store

Vilma Meno, OK