PlaytexBPA Free Nurser Drop-In Bottles, Colors May Vary, 4 ounce, 2-Count

PlaytexBPA Free Nurser Drop-In Bottles, Colors May Vary, 4 ounce, 2-Count

Ideal for breastfeeding moms, the Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser features a unique bottle system that eases babies into switching from breast to bottle. Two silicone nipples make drinking easy on the infant’s gums and lips, while a wide base promotes the latch-on technique. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, these two nursers are compatible with all Drop-Ins disposable liners, which collapse slowly to promote air-free feeding and reduce colic and spit-ups. Please note: the image above represents the Playtex Drop-Ins family of products and not the product being sold here. View larger. See What’s in the Box for details. Playtex Drop-Ins products help parents and children form the tender bond that comes with breastfeeding. View larger.The Playtex Drop-Ins Family: Listening to Your Baby’s Intuition Playtex designs their Drop-Ins bottles and nipples to promote your baby’s intuition to nurse. Whether it’s sucking, swallowing, or the breathing rhythm that comes naturally to nursing babies, Drop-Ins help parents and children form the tender bond that comes with breastfeeding. In a clinical colic study shown here, Drop-Ins were found to reduce several indications of colic and distress in nursing babies better than other leading brands. Because the Drop-Ins System mimics the feeding and breathing patterns of breastfeeding, infants were able to feed with increased ease and comfort. Nipples Mimic Breastfeeding and Promote Latch-On Drop-Ins Nipples promote the latch-on technique that is most like breastfeeding. The soft nipples are gentle on a baby’s gums and come in two different textures–silicone or latex–so you can choose what works best for your baby. You can also select between slow, medium, fast flow, or the Y-cut nipple to customize the bottle for your growing child. The Slow Flow is appropriate for a newborn baby, while the Y-cut is ideal for older babies switching between bottle and breastfeeding and can also accommodate thicker or cereal-based liquids. Nursers Provide Spill-Free Breast Milk Storage Ideal for busy, on-the-go moms and dads, Drop-Ins Nursers allow you to clean up quickly after each use. The Nurser holder, ring, and nipple are safe to wash on the top rack of the dishwasher or can be rinsed with hot, soapy water. The bottle liners are disposable for hassle-free clean up and on-the-go use, as well as helping to eliminate the possibility of spillage and keep breast milk free of contamination. About Playtex: Thoughtfully Designed Products for Your Little Ones The Playtex family of baby and toddler products provides invaluable, time-saving products for parents and caregivers. From bottle-feeding systems and pacifiers to the Diaper Genie and children’s utensils, Playtex delivers innovative design and high-quality products for use from birth to the preschool years. With the Drop-Ins, VentAire, and Kinder-Grip systems, Playtex is the number-one pediatrician-recommended bottle brand. What’s in the Box Two Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nursers (4-Ounces) with two silicone nipples. Original Nurser Newborn Gift Set Original Nurser (8-Ounce) Premium Nurser Newborn Gift Set Premium Nurser Decorated Gift Set Premium Nurser 4 oz (3-Pack) Premium Nurser 4 oz (2-Pack) Premium Nurser 8 oz (2-Pack) Premium Nurser 8 oz (3-Pack) Standard Liners 4 oz (100-Count) Liners 4 oz (100-Count) Liners 8 oz (100-Count) NaturaLatch Latex Nipple Fast Flow (2-pack) Orthodontic Latex Nipple Medium Flow (2-Pack) NaturaLatch Latex Nipple Slow Flow (2-Pack) NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple Fast Flow (2-Pack) NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple Medium Flow (2-Pack) NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple Slow Flow (2-Pack) Y-Cut Ceral Nipple Variable Flow (2-Pack)

Main features

  • Ergonomic and designed for comfort
  • Reduces gas and colic for baby
  • Uses pre-sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time
  • BPA free
  • Colors include Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink

Verified reviews



These bottles leak badly if using them for a formula-fed baby. When you shake the bottle it begins to leak where the liner and the cap meet–awful! I am regretting purchasing these.

Audrey Lenore, WV

Do NOT attempt to sterilize the bottle!

I purchased one bottle sampler pack from my local grocery store and went ahead and ordered this two pack and some liners from Amazon. I was going on vacation and didn’t want to have to wash all the parts from my daughter’s regular bottles.There is a warning printed on the bottle that says “WARNING: Do not microwave or boil, liner could burst and result in injury”. Seems simple enough, don’t heat up the contents or the liner could burst.I wanted to sterilize and try out the bottle with my daughter, so I disassembled the one bottle and boiled the parts for 5 minutes on the stove. Well, I took all the parts out of the water and the bottle shrank to about 2/3 the original size! I was a little annoyed. No where on the packaging does it say not to boil because the plastic will deform! All the warnings were about the liner, nothing about the outer bottle itself.Annoyed, but not deterred, I still tried using the (deformed) bottle with my daughter to see if she would take to the drop-ins and we could use it for vacation. I could no longer use the measurement on the bottle, but the nipple, ring, and top of bottle were perfectly fine, so we tried it.Epic fail! She hated the nipple and had terrible gas after eating. (Normally we use the NUK bottles, but she had no problem with different shaped pacifiers or the nipple on the formula nursettes). We tried two more feedings with this setup, and tried pushing all the air out as well as leaving it as is.This did not work for us so I wound up returning the unused nurser pack and liners. It seems like a good idea and I liked the fact that there would be less stuff to hand wash, but it didn’t work out.If you choose to use these, just remember, DO NOT attempt to sterilize the outer plastic bottle!

Monika Stevensville, MD

Can’t Choose Color, Baby Not A Fan

So I love the drop-ins idea, but it only works if your baby will take the nipple of the bottle. My baby was not a fan, but I know that many babies do like them. I like the drop-ins pumping system because it works with my Medela pump, and I can store the liners in the freezer. Then I just pour the milk into the bottles my babe does like. As for the bottles, they’re high quality, and would be awesome for any family who can use them.What I thought was kind of lame on Amazon specifically was that I couldn’t choose the color of the bottles. I have a baby boy, and they came in purple. -I- like them, but my husband didn’t want to use them if we went out in public with them. If that matters to you, consider the lack of color choice before making your purchase.

Angelita East Falmouth, MA

hard to transition

I got these specifically to use on a long flight to Europe (so that we wouldn’t have to wash bottles) – but my baby is having trouble transitioning to them. She is 10 months old and already is using fast nipples – but with the Playtex system, she can’t seem to have a good seal around the nipple and the formula leaks. I’ll try a few more times to see if she can get used to it. If not, I’ll toss them (too bad because I have to get rid of the bottles, liners and the nipples). I hope it works eventually, though.

Beth Wolsey, SD

The best bottles!!!!!!!

I love these! They work great, don’t leak, and look great. Cleanup is a breeze because of the drop-in liners (sold separately). No more washing bottles several times a day! Just plop in a new liner and fill. The colors vary so you’ll have to deal with what you get. I ordered two packages of these and all were yellow, which is fine with me.

Catalina Eskdale, WV

Great bottles for breastfed babies

This was the second type of bottle we tried for our daughter who is primarily breastfeed. The bottles work great because the nipple base is nice and wide and the nipple is very soft to touch, both things that are great for a breastfed baby. She took to these immediatly and we have never had a problem. It is nice not having to clean the bottle base everytime you feed her, just pitch the liner and wash the nipple and ring. The flow on the nipple is nice and slow so they do have to actively suck and milk isnt just free flowing down their throat, again great for a breastfed baby. The only down side is the liners do get expensive after a while, so if you were exclusively bottle feeding these could get expensive pretty fast. Since we only give 3-4 bottles a day at daycare and 1 or 2 on the weekends it isn’t such an expense, so much more reasonable if you are still breastfeeding when you are at home.

Ollie Pottersdale, PA

great bottles

These are great bottles. They were recommended by my lactation specialist, since I had to supplement my son with formula because of low milk issues I had. He had no problem going from breast to bottle with no nipple confusion. I’m surprised at the negative reviews saying these bottles leak. There have been a few times when the bottles leaked for me, but it was my fault 100% of the time – I had not completely pressed the nipple into the plastic ring, which resulted in a bad seal. Since I started being watchful that I install the nipple completely and correctly, there has been absolutely no leaking at all….and I shake the crap out of these bottles to mix the formula in them. I suspect that this is what caused the leaking mentioned in the bad reviews. It is true that they cannot be used in a bottle warmer, but it states that on the box. Just warm them by using hot water. I don’t use a bottle warmer anyway, my son will take a bottle directly out of the fridge, so it’s not an issue for me, and I just let my daycare know not to put them in a bottle warmer, so there is no problem there. It’s wonderful to not have to wash bottles since they have recyclable disposable liners…although the liners can be a bit expensive. BJ’s Wholesale club makes their own drop in liners (under the name Berkley & Jensen) that fit perfectly, and they are less than half the price of the playtex liners ($7.99 for 200 8 ounce liners), so I definitely recommend using them if you are wanting to save some money.

Mable Defiance, OH

Works as expected

These bottles came highly recommended by my mom and they work just as they should. My little one is breastfed but I pump and store in theLansinoh 20435 Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)and those fit into these bottles perfectly. I’ve only used the bottle once but when I did my daughter had no problem with the nipples included (although I did purchase thePlaytex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Latex Nipple – Slow Flow – 2 Packjust in case). The ease of use (being able to go from storage to feeding with no middle step) is amazingly convenient and I’m sure that as my baby gets older I’ll be even happier with them.As far as gas reduction/elimination, I can’t say whether these helped with that as she’s always a bit gassy after feedings.

Abbie Jacks Creek, TN

Love these!

The original drop in’s bottle shape does not work with the new “expandable” liners. With this bottle shape, the ounces finally line up! But no matter how hard I try, 10oz does NOT fit! I wish they’d go back to the old liners. I warm these bottles by making sure the cap is on and leaving it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Works great. My daughter is on hypoallergenic formula and I have never had a leakage issue while shaking the bottle, although I do use liquid and not powder, not sure if this would work for powdered formula.

Lori Oakland, MS

Leak free, gas free bottles

These bottles are our favorites for our daughter. She has never had uncomfortable gas pains after taking a bottle from this design and she enjoys playing with the plastic drop in bags as she sucks the milk down. Easy to clean, easy to transport with the secure lid. 5 stars all the way.

Dina Richland, PA

Love Drop-Ins

I had an early aversion to these bottles, thinking the Dr. Browns or Breastflows would be best, but after trying several different brands I have decided that there is a reason Drop-Ins have been around so long! They definitely help reduce gas and are very easy clean up. The only down side is all the extra waste the liners contribute…my family prides ourself on being environmentally conscious and I feel bad enough using disposable diapers. We don’t use Platex exclusively but I do like that they reduce gas!

Young Leming, TX

The best bottles out there

We love the wide nipples, they’re great for breast feeding babies. The drop ins do help with preventing the baby from taking in air! We originally got playtex ventaire wide bottles but they leaked and were just a mess, and there were too many parts to deal with. These are the best!

Gena Gig Harbor, WA

Great bottles (but watch your measurments)

We don’t have a lot of space in our home to store a lot of bottles. Also, we don’t have a dish washing machine and I HATE washing dishes with a passion. So, I love these bottles because 1) I don’t have to wash them very often, and 2) We don’t need very many of them. We have a 10 week old son who eats a TON and we have two of these Premium Nursers and one of the Original Nursers. We do have about 9 nipples that we cycle through. We use each nipple once and when we’re done, throw it in a bowl to be washed later. Once all the nipples have been used, I wash them. I have to wash them about once a day. It is a pain but it doesn’t take very long and it’s certainly better than having to wash an entire bottle after every use.My son has been doing very well with these bottles. He does not seem to have much uncomfortable gas and (fingers crossed) has not had colic. It’s easy to mix formula in these bottles: Just pop in the liner, fill with water to the appropriate measurement (measurements are printed on the side of the bottles in ounces and milliliters), add formula, put the cap on, and shake until it’s mixed.The liners are a little expensive (for us, anyway) but I read on the package that they are made in the U.S.A., so I feel better about buying them. I’ve seen 8 oz. generic liners (made in China) but they are not expandable to 10 oz., so the measurments will not match those printed on the bottle. I recommend only using the generics with the Original Nursers, which have the measurments for both the 8 oz. Drop-Ins and the Expandable 10 oz. Drop-Ins. The Premium Nursers only have measurements for the Expandable Drop-Ins.When compared with the Original Nursers, there’s not much difference. When I was first looking at bottles, I prefered the style of the newer Premium Nursers but then my husband brought home one of the Originals and after using it I almost preferred it. Now, I like them about the same. The caps are easier to get off from the Premium Nursers while the Originals cap fits so tight that it always sprays formula when I pull it off.

Marjorie Brandon, FL

Love these bottles

I absolutely love these bottles. I tried all different kinds and my baby finally took to these. People have complained that new bottles come with slow nipples. Well don’t all new bottles come with slow nipples? My baby was breastfed for 12 months, she actually prefers the slow nipples to the faster ones. She eats slower, so what is wrong with that?I love that there aren’t 5 million parts to wash like the dr. brown bottles. i would recommend these bottles to anyone to try these first!

Mabel Edcouch, TX

Great for the working mom

I was planning to go back to work after my maternity leave and my husband would be the one feeding my daughter. These work great with the drop in liners and I’m going to try the plain liners when we run out of the first ones. I really like the way that it helps with gas bubbles vs a regular bottle. I tried using one of the Medela bottles that came with my Swing pump and she ended up so gasy and didn’t like them anyways. This set is a great one to try if you’re going to have a couple different brands to see what your baby takes to.

Maryann District Heights, MD

Great for Breastfeeding moms

This is the only bottle my son liked– tried Avent and the First Years with slow flow nipple. The avent leaks and my son HATED the slow flow nipple. I use these bottles with the brown nipple and it’s all he nurses from when not at the breast. Plus these are great because you just drop in the liner and throw away when done. Easy to travel with and easy to clean. Couldn’t be more low maintenance than this! Highly recommended.

Tori Meador, WV