PlayTray for the Stokke Tripp Trapp – Transparent

PlayTray for the Stokke Tripp Trapp – Transparent

Playtray is a tray designed for the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. Playtray can be used when eating, playing and drawing and makes life easier for the child as well as its parents.

Main features

  • Playtray’s soft and round design makes it easy to mount and clean. The plastic surface is easy to wipe of and is very resistant to marks from forks and spoons. It has an edge that keeps spilled milk from running to the floor when the cup tilts.
  • It has an edge that keeps spilled milk from running to the floor when the cup tilts.
  • Playtray is FREE of phthalates, PVC and bisphenol-a.

Verified reviews


I love my Stokke chair again once I got a PlayTray

We got a PlayTray to add on to the Stokke chair when my son was 10 months old and eating solid foods. I waited a long time to get this pricey add-on, thinking we would prefer having our baby right at the table. Well, my wood table started to get bleached out after all the cleaning and scrubbing I was doing on it after each meal. The PlayTray is wonderful. I especially like that it lifts on and off so when it is not mealtime, I can slide the Stokke right up to the table again and don’t have to look at a big plastic thing all of the time.Another big Pro for me: While I am cooking dinner in the kitchen, I can have my son there with me now, happy in his Stokke and feeding himself puffs and apple slices. It’s so good for that 6 PM hour when he’s tired and doesn’t want to crawl around as much but would rather chill in the chair. We NEVER could do this before when it was just the chair, no tray.My advice: buy a PlayTray early on so you maximize your use out of it. I took away a star because I think $89 is excessive pricing for this plastic item. Nevertheless, I am 100% glad I have it now.Cleaning comments: it’s clear so you have to get it super clean every single time or it looks gross. It also claims to be scratch-resistant but we already have light scratches on it after only 1 week of use. Bummer.Dishwasher comments: it claims to be dishwasher safe, but it’s really too big for that. It would take up your entire top rack and thus waste a bunch of water. Not practical.

Jeri Rescue, CA

Tripp Trapp PlayTray is excellent

The Tripp Trapp PlayTray is excellent. It does what is claims to do. It is easy to clean, put on/off, and looks good. It also brings the food closer to our baby so she can easily reach it and lets her eat at a comfortable height. Additionally, it provides support so that we didn’t need to purchase the Stokke baby set.

Maura Etna, NH

Poor quality- plastic is peeling!

I have only had this tray for 5 months and the top layer of plastic is peeling off and getting into my son’s food. I contacted Customer Service and am hoping to get my money refunded and get a replacement tray.

Cherry Leamington, UT

I love this tray, except for one minor issue…

I wished for this tray with my first two children, but unfortunately, it wasn’t made then. Thank goodness there is a company that makes it now! It is a large, thick, white plastic tray that slides down over the sides of the Tripp Trapp chair (see the pictures I posted). There is a strap (similar to a crotch strap) that connects the front of the tray to one of the bars below the seat, so that the baby can’t lift the tray up (and off). The tray is easy to get on and off the chair, and it sits just close enough to my baby’s body to keep most of her food from ending up in her lap.Now, for the cons: I have been using this tray for 6 months, and the outside layer of plastic is starting to peel off in places. It looks as if Scotch tape was stuck on for a long time, and then peeled off, leaving a bit of sticky stuff behind. I’m not sure if this is simply due to normal wear, or if it is because I use Clorox wipes on it from time to time. Also, the tray has become a little stained from carrots; but nothing else, including pizza, has been able to stain it.This tray is expensive, but I am very glad I bought it, and I would certainly do so again, even with the peeling issue. It has allowed me to get much more use out of my beloved Tripp Trapp chair.

Vicky Forbes, MN

Doesn’t peel

A lot of reviewers have complained of this tray peeling. I’ve not found this to be the case and this tray has been used daily for almost a year. I don’t use bleach or other harsh cleaning chemicals on this tray, I don’t know if that makes a difference. The only signs of wear and tear are the marks left from my son banging his fork and spoon on it, which is to be expected since this is plastic. Overall it works great with the Stokke highchair. The only reason I’m deducting a star is because of the price, which for a piece of plastic, is a bit much. But then the chair was expensive too. Otherwise I’m happy with this tray – it’s easy to clean and does its job very well. I purchased the clear tray and it has not stained.

Thelma Carter, KY

An expensive, scratch-happy, neccessity for the Trip Trapp

This product is expensive; I think that goes without saying, and it’s definitely painful to pay for it once you’ve shelled out around three hundred bucks for the chair and the baby set.However, I really think it is a neccessity for the Tripp Trapp. It works so well, and it easy to clean. I have the tray in black, and it does scratch VERY easily, but honestly, it serves a purpose… and it is removable, so you still have the aesthetic of the chair. The scratches are not a huge deal, however, the price is. I would not of even flinched if this was forty dollars cheaper, but paying almost a hundred dollars for something this simple really hurt. Other than that – wonderful.

Isabel Meadows, NH

It works beautifully for us

We love this. I know the ideal Tripp Trapp is pulled up it the table, engaging with the entire family at the spread celebratory feast….In my life, though, things are different.First: Stokke Tripp Trapp tipping video: google it. I’m not putting my acrobatic monkey up to the table yet, based on his temperament.Second: sometimes baby needs to be in his chair eating, *when I’m not able or willing to be sitting at a table*. This tray makes it easy for him to play with Cheerios in the middle of the kitchen while I’m doing dishes.I love that it’s a clear tray. We’ve used that to our advantage with games of him "touching my hand" on top of the tray while I move it around underneath. Entertainment bonus.I haven’t noticed any problems with the finish peeling. I clean ours with gentle dish soap and a sponge.It is expensive, but… I bought it months before a big move. My friend also had a Tripp Trapp and I sold the tray to her when we moved (because she wanted it, and I wasn’t going to need it when the chair was in a box en route). But I re-bought the exact same tray when our stuff got to our new home. Expensive? Yes. Would buy it again? Yes (and I actually did!)

Stella Coleridge, NE

My playTray broke after 1 1/2 years of use

I’m pretty disappointed with this product. It looked like durable plastic and for the price and appearance I thought that it was going to last for years (well, I should say for more than 1 1/2 years). I did not read the other reviews, I don’t think there were that many by the time I got it. Basically the table fell apart and broke in two, the part that broke is near the left side holes where you slide the table in and out of the chair – I guess if I were to call the company (who is the maker of this product anyway?) they would say I didn’t use it properly… Who knows, I can only think of one way to use it which is to hold both holes and push it in and out of the chair, this is how I used it anyway… Some might say my review is somewhat unfair since I used it 3 times a day for about 18 months… Well, as I said before, I purchase items that I intend to use for my future children or pass down to friends and family, not something that will last me just shy of 2 years. I expected more… and am not happy.

Mai Anthony, KS

Peeling and unsafe!

I have been using this tray for almost a year and loved it, until it started to peel this week. I am very upset at the quality of this product. Peeling plastic is not safe for baby to ingest. We don’t even use this tray very often (maybe that’s why mine lasted almost a year before peeling). Product is unsafe and the seller nor the manufacturer would do anything to fix, replace or refund. I am very disappointed, this was an expensive item that is unfortunately now an expensive piece of garbage.

Tamika Holton, MI


Solid, my daughter loves it, the raised lip to trap liquids and food works well.Very expensive item though…

Essie Forest Home, AL


I got this highchair for my then-6-month old, and she’s now 9 months. she’s very long, so perhaps it might be too big for some beginners, but my little one has loved it. easy to clean, easy to use, and it looks great and fits nicely with lour dining room furniture.I bought the tray, which seemed pricey, but it too is substantial, attractive, and works very well until she is better able to control her flinging and futzing with the food.The cushion seems extraneous, by the way. the wood appears comfy, and it’s a lot easier to clean.the clips etc are a cinch and it looks like it’ll be in the family for years.

Cassie Markesan, WI

Must have Tripp Trapp accessory

We have had the chair for years but had a new baby and didn’t want to buy a separate high chair. We bought this tray, the baby set and a cushion set and LOVE IT!

Francine Watauga, SD

Absolutely necessary for infants, but ridiculously expensive

I have found this play tray invaluable for moving my six-month-old daughter to solids. We are following “baby led weaning” where we skip the purees and let her handle her own food. It is *extremely* messy and having her come right up to the table is not an option. This tray is perfect — sturdy and able to contain almost all of her mess. It’s easy to take out of the Trip Trapp and clean. I would give it five stars, but I can’t in good conscience do so given the price.My take: If you are definitely going with the Trip Trapp for an infant, this is expensive but necessary. If you’re shopping around and looking at other wooden high chairs, I’m sure you can find something very good at a lower price.

Heidi Paupack, PA

Great quality

I was expecting a lightweight cheap plastic, but this tray is very well made and cleans easy.It’s large and fits real easy on the high chair. No screws or attachments. Just slides on. Also the surface is no-scratch and so far it still looks like new.It’s made in europe, and from the design I have a feeling it could be made by a company owned by Stokke or directly for them because the quality is right up there with the chair itself.Expensive bur worth the price.

Dorothy Bonfield, IL