Pocket Nanny By Itzbeen Personal Baby Care Timer

Pocket Nanny By Itzbeen Personal Baby Care Timer

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is the first multi purpose nursery tool designed to help new parents remember the basic details of baby care. The Itzbeen has four timers that count up with the touch of a button. No more charts and journals. The Itzbeen also allows you to set an optional reminder alarm for each of the timers, for example: change the diaper every 2 hours, or give medication every 4 hours. If the time limit is reached, the appropriate button will light up, and an optional alarm will briefly beep. The Itzbeen has several other helpful features: Nursing Reminder Switch and#8211; easily reminds mom which side baby nursed from last, Soft glow Nightlight and#8211; to help parents find their way in the dark without waking the baby (the nightlight automatically goes off after 7 minutes), Backlit Display and#8211; so parents can read the times and the clock in the dark, and a Back Clip and#8211; makes the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer totally portable and allows for hands free use of the Nightlight.

Main features

  • Helps sleep deprived new parents remember baby care details
  • Wonderful tool to help first time parents learn the basic needs of a baby
  • Great way to communicate baby’s needs with grandparents, baby sitters and day care providers
  • Soft glow nightlight helps parents find their way around the baby’s room at night without waking the baby
  • Recommended age range birth to 24 months; automatically turn off after 7 minutes

Verified reviews


There are not a lot of items you need on Day 1, but you need this

When I suggested to my wife that we needed this item on our baby registry, she thought I was just feeding my gadget habit, baby-style. Having been a night nurse for newborn twins and triplets for years, she thought she would never need this item. Well, this item arrived on the second day after we got home from the hospital – and my wife wishes that she had it on the first.You see, one of the skills that really suffers with sleep deprivation is math. If you can even mentally keep track of the times or write them down, doing the “hours” math on when our baby last fed, when she had her diaper changed, etc. is really not as easy as it sounds when you’ve had no more than about 45 minutes of continuous sleep for four days. So this does it for you – four timers with little icons and a left/right slider for breastfeeding (which is also a tough thing to remember, but something you really don’t want to forget). It is exceedingly simple – press the icon button and it restarts the timer – perfect for the sleep-deprived mind.As for the suggestions by some reviewers that this timer needs additional features, such as feeding totals and quantity subtotals, I disagree. I think that additional features would likely take away from the simplicity of the device – making it more complicated to operate on limited brainpower and thus less likely to be used. Those with more complex needs might consider a PDA with a spreadsheet or specially designed program.It’s not often I get to hear that I was right and my wife was wrong (we’re usually on the same page). This was one of those times.

Jeannette Lambert, MS

Lame! I seriously never needed this…

My advice is to wait a few days before purchasing this item, to see if you really need it.The quality of the product is just fine, but the functionality is pointless. I thought (prior to having my baby) that I would need reminding of how long it had been since he was changed, fed, put down for a nap, etc…which turned out to be completely not true. I never wonder if enough time had passed since feeding or changing or napping–it doesn’t matter how much time has passed when your baby lets you know he is wet or hungry or sleepy! Like many extraneous baby items that I purchased because I was so excited about my impending arrival, this item got zero usage.

Leta Andover, NJ

For mom’s who are air heads 🙂

I would never use this but my 2 daughter’s- in-law think it’s great. It helps them to know why my grandbabies might be crying. "Oh, 3 hours since he was last fed, must be hungry." Granddaughter got her ears pierced, there is even a timer to remind her to clean her ears. So mom’s can mark R or L for which side baby finished nursing on (I thought that’s what safefy pins were for), when diaper was last changed (in my days you changed them when they were wet), and when they last slept (good grief, when their eyes won’t stay open you put them to bed!)

Elma Ozona, FL

Turned out to be useless

My baby ended up being her own baby care timer. I thought I was all prepared before she was born by having this thing to help out, but it was more of a pain to try to use. I was too busy trying to get on with just taking care of her to even use it for more than a week. And the settings kept resetting themselves anyway, which is SO FRUSTRATING on 2 hours sleep!! It was easier for us to just use pen and paper to write times down, no buttons to fiddle with, no wrong times.

Kerry Tilghman, MD

Useless, Use a pen and paper instead

I was so excited to use this product because of the great reviews and it just seemed like a very functional gadget. When my daughter was born, I only used it to check the time. I recorded everything by pen and paper – the last time she ate, slept, pooped, etc. for myself as a reminder and to report to my pediatrician her activities. Plus, my baby told me when it was time to feed, when she pooped, when it’s time to sleep again, etc… This item is useless.

Laurie Whitman, WV

Was defective/broken upon receipt BUT great customer service

My timer was defective in that LED screen for the top function (the diaper change button) was not complete…meaning you could not discern the digits (was it an 8 or 0?). Otherwise, the other functions worked and I was able to see how much time elapsed. Overall, though I stopped using the timer fairly quickly for a few reasons.1. I had a newborn and when she was yelling/screaming crying for her bottle or permanently attached to my breast…I just forgot to press that button to start the timer over.2. For some reason, I envisioned a product that would not only keep time between feedings, diaper changes, etc. but would also keep track of the sleep time during the day, etc. or the number of diaper changes & feedings per day. BUT it only tells how much time has elapsed from the your last feeding, changing etc. Maybe I am asking too much, but I don’t see what differentiates this product from a multi-use timer. It’s essentially several times on one device. Overall, it is a good but for all the raving reviews I just expected more.I came back and edited this review because I wanted to add that they company has fabulous customer service. I emailed the company to inquire about getting a replacement for the timer. The president of the company emailed me back promptly on a Sunday asking for my address. He did not ask me to send back the defective timer and must have shipped the replacement priority or overnight because I received the replacment in no time.

Elnora Latty, OH

pretty useless

I’m all about baby gadgets but I found it easier to just jot down things in a notepad and later on a free iPhone app (with my second child). This thing was totally useless to me.

Ashley Wildorado, TX

It is too much

Honestly the idea is great but when you are home with a newborn it is almost impossible to remember to use these all the time and it drove me crazy and made me loose sleep trying to keep up with marking all diaper changes, breastfeeding, etc. Also the clip on back is so cheap that it broke before I ever used it.

Erika Conklin, MI

Should have spent the money on diapers.

For those of you who are first time parents and get lured into all of these gadgets and gizmos that you convince yourself you need…I can tell you that you do not need this. I actually bought this when I was expecting my second child. Stupid me. This timer is basically just a clock. It tells you how long it has been since the last feeding, nap, diaper change, etc. I will let you in on a secret…it does not matter if you fed your baby 10 minutes ago or 10 hours ago, if he/she is hungry, it needs to be done again. Same goes for a diaper. Who cares if my timer says I changed a diaper 10 minutes ago? The baby pooped, it needs to be done again.What you will need is a pen and paper to write down how many feedings and wet diapers your baby produces each day. Doesn’t matter what time these happen really, just need to write down that they happened. It is really important to monitor that the baby is properly nourished, especially in the beginning. This device does not help at all because there is not a daily memory tool. Our Itzbeen Timer is in the bottom of a basket in my baby’s dresser never to see the light of day again.

Stefanie Pea Ridge, AR


We didn’t test ours out before the baby came, and like a few other people we got a defective one. We know we could return it, but you know, WE HAVE A NEWBORN on our hands!!!So, even if we had time and energy to brush our teeth let alone go to the post office, stand in line, send it back and wait for a new one we’d be without it for what, like a week? WE NEED OURS NOW!It’s “only” $25 and with the new baby we’ll probably never get around to returning it. Would have been great IF it worked.My advice: TEST IT FIRST or buy from BabiesRUs– if you can. That way you can have same day return and use yours when you need it, not a week after you need it. (and have stood in line at the post office with your newborn….. Doesn’t that sound like fun?)

Amalia Abington, CT

Must have for new parents

Very very helpful little device, especially in the middle of the night and when parents are on the run and trading off baby duties

Josefa Nottawa, MI

Very hard to use

I wanted this help me track my sons feeding so when i am exhausted i just have to look.But the navigations are so hard and it just another tough way … I just started writing it down which is much easier.If you have all the time in the world you can use this product.

Lauri Huntsville, IL

Nice helper for inexperienced moms.

I purchased this after seeing other mom’s review. I’m expecting my first baby’s arrival soon, so have mixed feelings. Very excited , and at the same time, very nervous. I don’t start using this , just tested a few times to learn how to operate, however believe that it will be very helpful for inexperienced moms like me.

Ladonna Lincoln University, PA

didn’t use

some love this thing, but i didn’t use this at all. i changed my kid when she got wet. I had a log for medicine and she ate when she was hungry.

Gina Brooklyn, AL

Hunk of Junk

It never worked correctly for my daughter & son in law. They tried several times to figure it out… way too complicated for a timer.

Diann Centerville, WA

not really needed

We got this timer as a gift and it just simply isn’t needed. At least not for us. We never really used this other than to use the light on it as a flashlight to check on our son as a newborn.

Desiree Tehachapi, CA

Didn’t Need

Great concept, but I have not used this once because I find that my smart phone app is easier to use and has more features. If you have a smart phone, I highly recommend skipping this product and just using your phone (which you are going to have on you at all times anyway).

Callie Millen, GA

not working after 5 hours

Update:I returned this one too, because the spring broke, and after that a handle broke.. Dohh.. quality is terrible..No more Itzbeen baby care timers for me!UPDATEI got a replacement and sent my item back. Returns are really easy. That’s great! New item is working great until now (3 days)!original (5 stars):I like the idea very much – it’s really hard to remember everything in first weeks/months – how long ago he ate, how long he slept.. it’s important information! So I bought it! And few hours after opening a package Itzbeen the * and last bottons are not working. So sad!! I’m still using it, but be aware that Itzbeen bought in Amazon might not work, so better buy it in Walmart or somewhere you can return it easily.

Angelina Sandia Park, NM

It does what it says it does.

It does what it says it does and it is a good concept. We were expecting our first baby so I thought for sure I would be using this. Also discovered it had a lock feature so if you put it in your bag the buttons could not be accidentally pressed and mess things up.I have never used it. I never had time to track it down and press the button. When I needed to keep track of feedings/diaper output for the Doctor I needed ALL the feedings/diapers (not just how long since the last one) so I had to write it on a piece of paper to take to the Doctor appointments. The paper system worked much better for me, so I could make sure he was getting enough ounces per day and making enough wet diapers.On a side note, a friend of ours passed down a bunch of baby items and I ended up with a 2nd one. I don’t think she used hers either.

Greta Ringwood, IL

Broke on day 2

I kinda liked the product when I first opened it but it broke on day 2. Disappointed. If it doesnt brake for anyone, just like someone else wrote on the review, memory function will be a huge plus. I still got confused when was the last I fed, changed diaper, and how long baby slept and etc.

Stacy Atlantic Mine, MI

Never used its silly purchase

The battery stays in no off switch gave this to a friend and on another hand there are free apps for your phone that do the same thing Dave your money get a free app

Myrna Winnebago, MN


I wasn’t sure if I would need this when I was pregnant but as soon as the baby came I couldn’t live without it! This little item has been the most useful baby item I got for my new son (excluding diapers LOL). After countless sleepless nights you have no idea what is going on and this is a lifesaver. Not only will it tell you how long since your last feed or diaper change but will alarm when your baby is due for a feed (lifesaver for the moments you didn’t even intend to fall asleep but did). My son also had to take medication for a couple of month after birth and I used the extra alarm button to stay on track with his med schedule. I have used and abused this timer for 9 months now and will buy another for baby number two. This is a def. must have for anyone who will be taking care of baby with Dad, Grandparents, etc. I only wish I had packed this for the hospital (nurses are bad at communicating when they fed/changed your little one). I would give this item more stars if I could!!!!!

Elena Thompson Ridge, NY

No packing slip….

I purchased as a gift and although it was packaged nice and came quickly… there was no packing slip which makes it difficult in the event the person wants to exchange or return it for some reason.

Yesenia Rothbury, MI

This Made Life So Much Easier

I have to admit, when my husband first showed me this prior to our baby being born, I wasn’t impressed. I am not a gadget person and the idea of having to figure out a gizmo when I could just keep a written log, seemed silly to me. I didn’t want to make things complicated and I didn’t see the need to spend money on this gadget. But, I must admit…I was WRONG and husband was RIGHT..there I said it. Our son was born a month early via emergency c-section and this little tool SAVED US. It’s easy to use..just push the button and it records how long “it’s been” since baby has been fed, diapered, slept etc. You can even set timers to remind you when something needs to be done. We used the extra buttons to keep track of mom’s medications post c-section and pumping schedule. It may seem unnecessary before the baby arrives, but once sleep deprivation sets in (and it will quickly) this was great. The feedings blur together and it’s hard to remember what happened when. My baby is now seven weeks old and I still use this to keep track of feeding, pumping and monitor which breast I left off on when nursing (there’s a little tab to slide from right to left.) With a lock feature to keep you from pressing buttons in the middle of the night, an illuminated display, a nightlight, and a clip to attach it to your waist or a diaper bag, they really thought of everything when they made this little gadget. Even the nurses during my hospital stay were impressed. Good find, hubby. And again, you were right.

Pearlie Quinhagak, AK

Helpful product

I almost returned this before I opened it, but I’m glad I didn’t. While I don’t use ALL the functions, the ones I use are indispensable. I don’t much care how long its been since junior had his diaper changed, but I definitely track his feedings. If we are out on the town, the timer reminds me to get someplace for a feeding. If I’m at home, it helps us manage our time so that I’m prepared for a feeding instead of being in the middle of cooking dinner or something. It also helps me to see that if he is fussy after 2 hours, it isn’t likely hunger. The sleep button is just for fun at my house. I like to see how long he sleeps, but really it doesn’t matter. But the asterisk button is helpful when administering meds. After having immunizations, they suggested Tylenol every 6 hours. This button helped me stay on track. In the beginning I used the switch to remember what side I nursed on last, but I’ve gotten lazy at that. The only reason for the missing star…the nightlight button now sticks and is very difficult to press and turn on..which is very frustrating at 2 a.m. Overall, I recommend this for anyone who likes to stick to a schedule. If you prefer to wing it, don’t bother!

Desiree Nogal, NM

Really not necessary

I got this nifty gadget after my 1st baby was born. I thought it would really help me with managing my new little one and getting baby on a schedule. I had it for a day and returned it. You do not need this to figure out why your baby is crying. There are a bunch of free apps now to track baby’s input/output, times of feedings, etc. And you can even get diapers that have a strip on them that turns blue when baby is wet. A lot of reviewers have said that it’s great when you’re so sleep deprived…trust me, you can figure it all out without a $25 gadget. Use that $$ to buy diapers, you’ll need those more!

Kathrine El Portal, CA

Didn’t use

The theory behind this is great. I really thought I would like this but it just wasn’t practical for us. I ended up having to write everything down in a little notebook until he was back to his birth weight. After you get to the birth weight this is pretty pointless to have. Maybe with baby #2 I will change my mind.

Chris Seaside, OR

Whats all the fuss about?

I was certain this was going to be a lifesaver but I’ve realized its not. I mostly just use it for flashlight mode.In the beginning when your baby is eating every 2-2.5 hours, you’ll know when your baby is hungry. You’ll also likely remember when they went to sleep and when you changed their diaper.I dont know if maybe this is more useful if you have multiples? Just not sure why everyone thinks you need it.

Brandi Twilight, WV

Better options out there

I thought this was useful until I discovered the BabyConnect app for iphone. That is much more versatile and lets me keep track of only one device (my phone).

Violet Bartlett, NH

Pen and Paper vs. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. Pen and Paper wins! Here’s why…

Here’s all the timer simply does: There are 4 buttons (diaper, feed, sleep and multipurpose). When you do the activity, hit the button and it starts timing upwards so that you can tell how long “itzbeen” since the last time you did each activity. There is a separate timer readout for each activity. Hitting the button when you do the activity resets the timer back to zero.But you will still need to record history! It will help monitor trends (at least in the beginning anyways)! It will help you notice patterns and spot things out of the norm.Feedings:You will need to track history and record how many feedings (and also how long they breast fed or how much they bottle fed). Then you can tell how much your baby is eating and average how far apart. Helpful to spot cluster feeds.Diapers:You will need to record if its a wet diaper or dirty or both. The timer just records how long its been between a diaper change and not a difference with pee or poo. (I guess you could use the multipurpose button for poo).Sleeping:Truthfully we didn’t use this timer that much. The baby usually ate, diaper changed, and then slept. We didn’t bother recording this and woke him up regardless (if he was sleeping) according to feeding schedule.Other features:Clock – just about the only feature we use.Night light – too small to really do anything.Breast tracking – a toggle switch to track which breast you last fed. Somewhat useful. But not used anymore (after 2 months).I might use this later on when the baby is possibly older and just monitor the last times of each activity. But seeing its my first kid, I will probably track stuff on paper for awhile.Overall, you’re better off with pen, paper and a clock. Buy yourself a nice clock instead.

Tara Kinard, FL