Podee Baby Bottle Tube and Nipple Replacements

Podee Baby Bottle Tube and Nipple Replacements

The Tube and Nipple Replacements come in handy when you need to replace the worn out and dirty tubes and nipples quickly. The package contains four 4 long tubes, four 4 short tubes and two 2 nipples. This is a quality product from Podee and it will be perfect for your baby.

Main features

  • Handy when you need to replace the worn out and dirty tubes
  • Package contains four 4 long tubes, four 4 short tubes and two 2 nipples
  • Baby bottle supplies
  • Quality product from Podee
  • Perfect for your baby

Verified reviews


love my podee

lesson learned, don’t put the podee tubing in the dishwasher, else you’ll be ordering more of these like I did!

Celina Wright City, OK

Like the straws

I like the straw replacement parts in this set but I don’t like the nipples at all. I use the straws and throw away the nipples. Wish I could just buy the straws.

Leta Pekin, IL

Always have a backup!!!

The Podee is the only bottle we’ve used for our 8 week old. We’ve used it for about a month and a half… a month and a half of fuss-free, hands-free, more time-to-do-everything-and-anything-else. And more time for yourselves.Nipple and tube replacements are a must have. why? well…1) You should not wash them in anything hotter than lukewarm warm water. The tube plastic ruins from the heat. Not even, don’t even chance it, wash them in cool or cold water. When I said ruin I mean the plastic becomes sticky causing it to be harder to connect to and disconnect from the attachments (which is a pain in the behind)2) over time, depending on how often you use them, with all the excessive brushing, and washing they will start to show buildup of residue in scratches that can not be cleaned out, they are just done after that3) eventually, (I’m sure as it happens to all nipples and tubing) they will start to dry-out and crack.Basically, replacements are something to have in-case the tubing shows signs of wear and tear. We bought the Podee Double Pack Feeding System, so when we washed that first set of tubing in warm to hot water and noticed the change we had the tubing from the second bottle there to back us up until we got the replacements. If you have just one Podee or plan on ordering a Podee or two you should definitely get the replacements too because you WILL go through nipples and tubes.

Zelma Belgrade, MN

4 months with original have not used yet

bought these just in case alone with 2 double sets and have not used them yet or the second set of bottles. The first ones are holding up nicely and have been in used EVERY day since DEc 27th 2011. These are the ONLY bottles that i use and they are in many of my videos on youtube *msjifyournasty* the bottle is a life, time and sleep saver.

Ella Roanoke, IN


I bought the Podee for my baby and I was so sad when I lost one of the tubes while I was cleaning it. I was so happy that I found that Amazon sold replacement parts. If you buy the Podee, you NEED to buy this replacement package!

Leila Ostrander, MN