Podee Convert A Bottle Feeding Kit

Podee Convert A Bottle Feeding Kit

The Convert A Bottle Kit converts regular 8 ounce baby bottle into a Podee baby feeding system. When converted, the bottle has the special qualities and benefits as the Podee baby bottle. This is the perfect feeding system for your baby. This is a quality product from Podee and it will be perfect for your baby.

Main features

  • Converts regular 8 ounce baby bottle into a Podee baby feeding system
  • Special qualities and benefits
  • Perfect feeding system for your baby
  • Podee and it will be perfect for your baby
  • Podee baby bottle

Verified reviews


Conversion kit makes not sense to buy

For the same money, you can buy 2 full bottle sets (and the parts from the normal bottle sets will fit any standard bottle). Kind of deceptive to sell this as a conversion kit when their normal product works just as well with your own bottles if you prefer. Maybe I’m missing something, but just don’t understand why this is being marketed.

Melinda Buckingham, IL

Didn’t work as expected

Was very excited to get this for my twins. But they just couldn’t seem to suck enough to get it to work at 2 months old. When they did get it to work, The flow seemed less than what they were used to, so they got frustrated easily. Also, something I didn’t think of….we started giving them rice in their bottle after their two month check up, and you cannot use these with rice cereal. So, now they sit in the cabinet after only one month. Therefore, not worth it for us.

Kristie Frederick, PA


poor rating because my baby sucked half air half milki liked it because i thought it was going to come in handyi would probably not recommend it

Lesley Greenville, SC

Essential for twin survival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had twins (I have three other little ones), and had never seen this product. I purchased this based on the reviews, and I absolutely LOVE it. It great for when one twin is starving and you have the other twin needing attention too – or the big kids needing attention. My newborns that are 1 week old can suck and drink this without help – the nipple doesn’t fall out. Plus, it fits the Gerber bottle nipples! My twins refused to suck from the nipple provided in the kit, but I was happy to figure out that it seems adaptable to any nipple. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Dale Akiak, AK


I want to be clear that I have not used this product as of yet. I love the idea of it. My daughter is 7 months old and in the past year of buying bottles (since I went on a shopping spree before she was born) I must have purchased at least 6 brands of bottles. They are all wide mouth bottles.My daughter knows how to hold her bottle, but gets lazy. She is also easily distracted when feeding so a single bottle usually takes around 45 minutes for her to eat. I figured this would help her so she could keep it in her mouth as her head darts back and forth with the action. I was so disappointed when this arrived today and I finally just got a chance to take it out of the box to wash it and I realized that there is NO way it will ever fit on any of the bottles I have (Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee, Drop-In’s, Avent… etc.). She also has several sippy cups that she knows how to hold, but doesn’t understand she has to tilt them, so she ends up getting air. Tomorrow I am going to get some small bottles for her juice to try this on. I really hope it works. Then I’ll order a few more and get some larger bottles, especially for when were out and she’s too distracted with people.I just realized I have some small Medela bottles from when I was breastfeeding. I think it will fit those. I will have to give it a try tomorrow. I will update my review (and rating) after giving it a go.UPDATE:Ok, so I’m bumping my rating up to 4 stars. Honestly, if my daughter were smaller and couldn’t hold her bottle at all, i’d probably give it a 5 star rating. But since she can hold her bottle it sometimes tilts and the liquid goes to one side and the straw gets nothing but air.When I went to Babies R Us to find a bottle that would work with this I actually found the Podee kit. I picked that up since it came with 2 bottles and 2 straw systems. It also came with a cap that I really wish this one had come with. I mean, why the nipple and the ring but no cap?I love that she can drink her juice/water on her own. As for her milk, we’re working on that. She hates holding the big bottle. I have tried this with the connector tube (infant assembly) and she pulls and plays with it. I had to take it off because I was afraid she would pull it off and the milk would be everywhere. Although, it does take quite a bit of force to pull the tube off, but I have learned to never underestimate her!

Chelsey Bridgman, MI

Absolute sanity saver!

We first used Podee’s back when our twins were born in 2007. Now we have a little one who takes a long long time to eat and my husband reminded me of this unique feeding system we had used to save our sanity with the twins and now we are using it with our little girl and it is wonderful!

Mollie Bear Lake, MI

My night saver!

I thought these kits are such a great idea so I gave it a shot. I like these a lot but my baby would not use this during day time (prob bc she is so used to with the Playtex nipples). However at night, when she is drowsy or deeply asleep, she would use it no problem ( i guess they don’t care much a night lolzzz) and these are such a huge helper. My baby would suck on it even when mommy was asleep hahahah…No more dropping bottle or dripping milk in the middle of the night due to mommy’s heavily sleep habit hehehe…If your baby is ok with these nipples, you will have such a great time to do something else while feeding the baby (yay for lazy mommies but still cares for baby 😉 ).However, there are a few disadvantage you should keep in mind:- Not for active babies when they are fully alert, they will play with the tubes and may pull it out ( such a mess if they do). I think it best to use on baby from 1-3 months.- If the baby doesn’t fully focus on sucking, they will get a lot of gas / air / bubbles.- A little pricey. I think it would be more reasonable if it is around $3.95 (including shipping) per kit.

Freida White Hall, VA

LOve it

I used the baby k tan as well as the Baba sling in India and took my 2 week old everywhere in it. Videos of both are on my youtube channel “msjifyournasty as well of him using the Podee bottle which i also LOVE

Rosanne Dovray, MN

Converts most cheap dollar store bottles to handy travel bottles!

I only use this for my daughter when we are out and about and she won’t sit still to eat. She loves that she can eat and still look around if we are walking in the park or at the zoo. I love that its easy to use and to clean. I have one full podee bottle but often use just the straw portion on a different bottle so when I decided to get a second one (so that I had an extra for long outings) I decided to just purchase a convert a bottle kit. This works on all of the dollar store bottles that were purchased to use for a baby shower game that until now I have had no use for. This kit will NOT work on wide bottles, only standard opening bottles, just so people are clear on that!

Jerry Zuni, VA

Love, Love, Love it!!

I Absolutely Love, Love, Love it!! I have tried about 8 different kinds of bottles including the drop-ins and a Dr. Br*wns, and this one by far is the best for my fussy baby. She always had gas pains and would need gas drops. I went through a bottle a week of gas drops! Well not after this. She can eat sitting up! It doesn’t matter which way she is leaning, the bottle stays in her mouth like a pacifier. No more gas pains, and burping is a breeze! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because putting it together is still confusing for my dear husband! God bless him, he tries. I think it is like anything else that needs to be put together around here though, leave it to mom, she does everything.

Doretha Darling, MS


I was unsure about how this would work at first. My son is only 3 months old and still needs to be burped during and after his feedings so I wasn’t sure where I would be able to use these bottles. It has come in so handy these last few weeks. I have used it in the mornings when I am getting ready for work, I just sit him in his rock and play sleeper and he feeds himself basically, then I just pick him up and burp him half way through the bottle and then again when he’s done. It makes getting out the door in the mornings so much faster. I have also used it while in a restaurant. It was nice to be able to leave him in the car seat and just take him out when he needed burped, that way I could keep eatting my dinner as well. VERY HELPFUL PRODUCT!!!!! It also fits perfectly onto the bottles we use which are the Gerber First Essentials bottles. LOVE IT 🙂

Aisha Levan, UT