Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

Podee introduces a baby feeding system that allows to feed babies 3 months+ in an upright position instead of a horizontal position as recommended by pediatricians to help prevent colic, gas build up, ear infections and reflux. Our bottles help prevent colic, gas build up and improves overall feeding. It also helps prevent ear infections. This is a great feeding system for traveling, feeding twins and situations where you just need an extra hand!

Main features

  • Helps prevent colic and gas build up
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Helps prevent reflux
  • Great feeding system for traveling or feeding multiple babies
  • Recommended Age: 3+ months

Verified reviews


Life saver!

These bottles are great for long trips in the car or restaurants or just getting a little work done with your hands while your baby eats. Before this bottle I felt like I could never get a meal with my family…now my hands are free to eat while my baby is also eating! Now there is a bit of a "learning curve" with this bottle. If your baby is good about pacifiers they likely will adjust quickly to the podee, though it might be a touch heavy compared to a pacifier for a very young infant (under 3 months). Keep with it though and let them practice and soon your hands will be yours again when you need them!

Bonita Port Ewen, NY

I’d give it six stars if I could!

I’m shocked that no one told me about the Podee earlier. This product is great! It makes my two month old son so independent in feeding himself! I agree with the other reviewers that you need to start sucking until the milk comes through the straws before giving it to your child. That’s no big deal though. It does seem to have quite a few parts to wash, but I was it at the end of each day, and it is so worth it for the added convenience. When I was driving to my parent’s house, my son was hungry, so I pulled over and put it in his mouth and got back on the road. I normally would’ve pulled over and fed him in the backseat and put my traveling on hold, but not anymore! I love this product and will be buying it for baby’s showers from now on!

Kerry Wabasha, MN

Awesome for most babies probably

***ALERT- Review written by a product user*** Stumbled on this prodcut when looking for something to prop and was shocked by all the judgmental reviewers who clearly never used the product or tried to take care of 2 or more crying babies as a time by themselves all day and night….Anyway- to the review- This looked like a great idea, but I was skeptical about whether it would work. I have two very slow eaters (hard to feed every 2 hours when it takes 1 hour to feed each one) and not enough arms and hands to hold and feed two at a time, so I tried these for holding one while other sits in front of me in the bouncer with the podee. My girl does great on the podee, but my boy is very lacksadasical and loses suction when he just mouths the nipple or bites down on it, he frequently pops it out of his mouth and get frustrated, though when he is really humgry, he puts one hand on the nipple to keep it there… maybe he just likes messing with me ;)…anyway I would highly recommend trying these, gonna keep trying with him. My hand is always real close to pop it back in, so not that big of a deal and at least they both get to eat at the same time and no one has to cry while the other is being fed.CON- Cleaning these things sucks, but don’t have any suggestions on how to improve the product to avoid the cleaning hassle…It is WORTH the cleaning though.

Bettie Lindrith, NM

a great gift

I purchased this as a gift and its great. My friend said she loves it and has no complaints. Its a great gift for new parents or even experienced parents. Its used when driving and you can’t pull over (sometimes too dangerous) and the baby gets no air and hasnt choked. Their are a lot of mixed reviews on this and I went ahead and purchased It and it was a great gift. I wish I would of known about this when my babies were littler I would of purchased alot.

Loretta Lane, IL

A must for anyone with twins

This product absolutely saved me the first 4 months of having twins. Both could drink by themselves while I was dealing with their 18 month old sister. I love that this product comes with a little tiny brush to wash the piping. That was huge for me. Amazing bottle.

Joyce Atlanta, GA

Podee- never worked for us

I have twin boys so when I read about this bottle system I was very excited. 8 months later and still they have to use it. The boys drink their regular Dr. Brown bottles with no problem (and one of them can down a full 8 oz bottle in a few minutes) but they never took to these bottles. I think it is kind of expensive to just try it. I think they are now selling it at Toys R Us so if you want to try it for yourself picking it up at the store may save you on return shipping fees.

Marva Mc Coy, TX

Love the idea…

Love the idea and thought it was ridiculous when I saw it a few years ago. But now that I had another baby and a full household to take care of, I searched for this right away since he seemed I couldn’t get away to brush my own teeth! I purchased these for my 1 month old and found that his suction was not good enough to receive the milk in a timely manner. I’ve tried to use it a few more times and every time he sucks the milk almost makes it to the nipple and then he takes a breath and it falls back down the tube.I was also concerned about all of the air bubbles throughout the tube and emailed the company, whom never got back to me about my concern.I’ve stored them away for now, but I haven’t given up quite yet. Hopefully I will be able to use them again before he starts to hold his own bottle.

Ramona Desmet, ID

Love it

I used the baby k tan as well as the Baba sling in India and took my 2 week old everywhere in it. Videos of both are on my youtube channel “msjifyournasty as well as 6 of him using the Podee bottle . April 5th i just rented a car and boy was this a time saver , no need to pull over for feeding time. I got tired or everyone asking about the bottle (I live in NYC so people everywhere) so when people ask about it i just say that my husband bought it for me lol The explanations got exhausting . My son is a carry baby so we have plenty of bonding time and i am happy that he can eat at his pace and i am not in a rush for him to finish.

Lydia Orange Park, FL

Best discovery

Best discovery!!! I love this product, especially when I am on the road and I can not feed my baby, easy to clean, comes with the cleaning supplies.

Edythe Montgomery Village, MD

Not perfect, but has helped me keep my sanity feeding twins!

My twin girls started using this about a week ago – They are almost 4 months old.I needed something to help me during those times when BOTH of them were fussing and screaming to be fed. They’re at an age where they can’t sit up on their own or hold a bottle, so I have to feed them both myself. It’s not easy –I quickly ordered these thinking that I just needed a quick solution … then I read some of the negative reviews and decided to cancel my order.FORTUNATELY for me, they had already shipped so I was unable to cancel. I could just refuse the pkg when it arrived, but instead I decided to give them a try.I didn’t know how to ‘prime’ these, but quickly figured out that it just meant to squeeze the nipple to get the liquid up through the straw.Like others have commented – the fluid does not stay up in the nipple. There is a bit of air at the top of the straw leading to the nipple sometimes but the girls have not had ANY problems with gas. The nipple is not FULL when they drink but it does have fluid in it and every suck pulls more into the nipple and then into their mouth. There is a small reserve in the nipple when they feed.Rarely the straw completely empties b/c the girls have left the nipple in their mouth without sucking, and they breathe regularly with it just sitting in their mouth – thus pushing the fluid down back into the bottle. The girls do not have a problem sucking it back up the straw, though it takes a few sucks. At which point they are taking in air. Still – no problems with spit up or gassy-ness so far.One of my girls has trouble keeping this in her mouth, same thing with a pacifier for her — so I have to keep putting it back in. It’s a lot easier than holding a bottle to her mouth AND her sister’s mouth at the same time though :-)The great thing about these, is they can eat sitting up now while in their bouncy seats. I rest the bottle between their legs and they do most of the work to feed themselves :)One of my girls has pulled it out of her mouth a few times b/c the straw was near her hand, I’m sure when she gets older that may become a problem, but if she wanted to put it back in her mouth she could figure it out – we aren’t there yet though.This bottle DOES NOT leak — I got the 2 pack, and NEITHER leak — the reviewers with leaky bottles may have had a defective one or did not screw in the part that goes into the nipple tight enough.Also, the nipple has a criss-cross at the top — making it easier for the babies to suck the fluid up.When I cradled them and fed them with regular bottles, they would only eat 3-4oz at a feeding. I would have to burp them every 2 oz througout.NOW, with the podees they feed themselves 5-6oz at a time. They spit the nipples out when they don’t want anymore or if the bottle is empty. It seems they don’t need to be burped in between as much anymore. I wonder if it’s b/c now they are eating sitting up … which would happen when you start feeding your child solids around 6 months (which is when most people stop burping their babies).I now find that since they have such an EASY time getting the fluid out of these nipples, I have to change the flow of my regular bottles to something faster … they get frustrated b/c the holes on the regular nipples are smaller. Be aware though, even though these are criss-cross cut nipples if you hold it upside down it does not pour out. So unless your baby is laying flat with the nipple in their mouth for a period of time, I doubt they will choke on any excess fluid intake — but then again, common sense is to be present when your baby is feeding to avoid a problem like that.I WOULD recommend these to other parents to aid in feeding — I also ordered the pacifeeders which are 3x’s the cost of these. They are supposed to be different in the way that all the CONS of the podee are not present in the pacifeeders… Once they arrive, I may update my review here to compare 🙂

Tricia Thicket, TX


Everyone should have a set of these. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go and it’s hard to hold your baby to feed them. Our son still needs burped so we can’t just totally let him “feed himself” but all we have to do is give him the bottle, and pick him up once he’s done so he can burp. It works great out at restaurants, or sporting events (we just used it while at a basketball game). It has also come in very handy for me a few mornings when my husband was not home to help out and I needed to get ready. My son was able to have his bottle while sitting in his rock’n play sleeper and I could keep getting ready for work. This would also be PERFECT for anyone with multiples!!!! Any baby who can suck on a pacifier can use this product. This is just a must have for any parents in my opinion.

Latonya Deer Park, AL

mom of TWINS

Tried this with our twins at 2 months old and they were able to do it but it was a little tricky for them. This will be great once we hit 4 months or so—-will be very helpful!!

Penelope Harlem Springs, OH

Twin Mom in VA

I had high hopes for these bottles, but they just don’t work for my 2.5 month old twins. For one thing they are a pain to assemble, and even I couldn’t suck water up into the nipple initially. Turns out I didn’t have one of the disks tight enough (I was afraid to tighten too much for fear it would crack the plastic), but once I tightened it I could suck water up into the nipple. However, it takes more sucking power than my twins can muster. Neither one was able to suck formula up into the nipple and they got frustrated right away, even though they’ve always had a tight seal and powerful sucking on their pacifiers and Dr. Browns nipples. I figure by the time they do have enough sucking power to get the formula in the Podee nipple they will be able to hold the bottles on their own then. They obviously work for some people (do a YouTube search for podee) but they didn’t work for my little guys.

Tammie Burnt Cabins, PA

Didn’t work for my baby.

My baby is not a pacifier baby. This may be why the feeding system did not work. He just wouldn’t suck on it.My baby is 5 months old and is breast and also bottle fed (Dr. Brown bottles).Hope this helps 🙂

Cleo Dongola, IL


Totally worth the money. They’ll make your baby eating time easy! Highly recommended. Now my baby can eat while i’m driving 🙂

Rosalyn Enterprise, AL

Great Idea but really hard to suck milk through

As an adult it was hard for me to suck the milk out lol. I used it once and mixed pedialyte with it but my poor baby got frustrated. By the time any baby is strong enough to suck through this system they can hold their own bottle.

Jacklyn Williams Bay, WI


We LOVE these bottles. Do yourself a favor and order the two pack instead of the one. They work amazing and will revolutionize your life. You will want more than one!

Katelyn Grand Rapids, MN

Essential for twins

Perfect for tandem feeding twins. My girls had to get to be strong enough suckers before they could use these, which happened around 10 weeks. Now at 14 weeks I still have to hold the pacifier part in their mouths sometimes but it’s much easier than holding 2 bottles. Don’t forget to keep the pacifier part above the bottle & prime by squeezing the base of the nipple, not the tip. It’s not necessary to constantly reprime if they stop sucking. They can draw it up on their own. Also, they don’t swallow air as much as you think they will. They actually spit up & burp less using these than they do with their Dr Browns.

Lavonne Sedona, AZ

didn’t work at all

Sent it back. Didn’t work for me at all. Baby couldn’t suck milk. Not a good product at all. Thankful that Amazon returns are easy.

Marjorie Dover, DE

Every new mom should buy

This is the most convenient invention for every bottle fed baby! First it let’s your baby self feed in any car seat, high chair or stroller, it reduces Colic because they sit up when eating, and they drink fast from it because of it’s straw sucking design (not just a drip- like most bottles)

Crystal Stafford Springs, CT

Exclusively breatfeeding moms READ

I exclusively nurse my daughter and she doesn’t take a bottle form me. However, these are a life saver. When we’re driving or when I need a little break or can’t nurse her, this is the only one she will take and it gives me a chance to do a few things quickly. No more screaming in the car when she’s hungry. I absolutely love these. I use them at least 3 times a week

Maura Hyde Park, NY

It wan’t for us

It is a great idea, however, my baby wanted the instant gratification. It takes to long for the milk to get to the nipple then if he stops sucking at all, all of the milk goes back down in the bottle.

Zelma Moose Lake, MN

He likes that it is almost like his wubanub

My son loves to feed himself. He likes that it is almost like his wubanub, but instead… HAZZAH… he’s getting milk!

Claudia Cumbola, PA

Perfect for road trips.

Bought these for a recent road trip. Baby loved them. Still use them when we are on the go, it is so nice to be able to feed him in his carseat/stroller without stopping!

Paula Stromsburg, NE

Neat idea but hard to use

Bought these for my daughter but it was too hard for her to suck up the milk. I have them to my sister to use with her daughter and she too could not get enough suction. We threw them away 🙁

Maryann Big Run, WV

My baby was already too old for it

My baby was already able to hold her bottle (and had been for a while), but she got bored while eating and would ditch her bottle for a toy even though she was still hungry. I hoped this would help, being that she didn’t have to hold it in her mouth and could still hold toys while eating (otherwise, we were having to hold the bottle for her while she held toys… I know… creating bad habits, but you do what you can do even when you determine not to get into bad habits).Unfortunately, what happened is that she tried to play with the tubing! Which would pull the nipple out of her mouth.I’m hoping it will still be helpful on our upcoming over-the-Pacific flight as we might have to sleep-feed her to start to transition her to a flip-flopped schedule.I gave it 4 stars because I’m thinking it would work very well for a newborn or very young infant, before they learn to play with the tubing.

Roslyn Grayslake, IL