Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System

Podee introduces a baby feeding system that allows to feed babies 3 months+ in an upright position instead of a horizontal position as recommended by pediatricians to help prevent colic, gas build up, ear infections and reflux. Our bottles help prevent colic, gas build up and improves overall feeding. It also helps prevent ear infections. This is a great feeding system for traveling, feeding twins and situations where you just need an extra hand!

Main features

  • Helps prevent colic and gas build up
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Helps prevent reflux
  • Great feeding system for traveling or feeding multiple babies
  • Recommended Age: 3+ months

Verified reviews


Updated Killer Bottle?

For those of you that don’t know, there was a version of this in the nineteenth century that KILLED babies. The milk couldn’t be cleaned out of the tubes completely and it would rot and cause severe diarrhea which sometimes ended up being fatal. I’m not sure if this tube would have the same problem or if they have since developed some way of cleaning out the ENTIRE tube since then, but I’m not risking my child’s life for convenience! […]

Francine Register, GA

FANTASTIC invention!

First, to all the parents who are sucking on the bottle to ‘get it started’ for your babies – STOP. LOL, all you have to do is squeeze the nipple once or twice, which pushes the air down and pulls the liquid up. If you read the insert that comes in the package, you would discover that for yourself.The Podee has been a lifesaver for us. It’s great for traveling. We use it when our baby is in her car seat or stroller. It’s great for late night feedings when you’re drowsy and baby is hungry. How many times have we all nodded off a bit and dropped the bottle? Too many times to count. Now, I can hold and rock my daughter comfortably while she eats without worrying about nodding off and upsetting the mood.Everytime I am out in public and my daughter is in her stroller happily sucking away on the Podee, people are amazed by this device, most have never seen it before, and everyone wants to know where to get it!

Dona Homestead, FL

Surprisingly impressed!

I received this strange-looking bottle from my cousin (who has 4 children of her own) as a shower gift. I was skeptical to use it at first, but after a few months my son had a lot of challenges with gas, spit-up and even projectile spit-up. My son was breast-fed but when i returned to work after 4 months, the sitter had to feed him my milk from a bottle. The gas got terrible and the spit-up ridiculous. I tried this bottle on a whim at home one day, and I was AMAZED at how much gas it cut down!!! After a few months, when my son was too small to hold his own bottle, but could put a binky in and out of his mouth, this bottle was heaven-sent for travel! I could prop this bottle in the car seat or infant chair, and he would simply pop the nipple in and out of his mouth as he wanted it. I ended up buying several of these and now that i’m pregnant with my second child, I will be using these from the start.The down-side to these bottles is the maintenance. You really need to make sure you clean the tubes thoroughly with a tube brush to make sure bacteria does not build up. This was never an issue for us, but if you have a household where there’s a potential for dishes to sit in the sink, you may want to think twice about buying this bottle. The other initial challenge is learning how to put it together. My husband got very frustrated in the beginning, but after a few tries, it was no longer a problem. I read some of the other reviews that said their child swallowed a lot of air using this bottle. I’m not sure how that could happen since the straw literally goes to the bottom of the bottle. My only thought is that if the straws are not assembled correctly or tight enough, or if there’s a hole in one of the straws, then I can see where air might get in. We never had this issue. On the contrary, this bottle drastically reduced the problems and pains he had with gas.Overall this bottle eased the pain and discomfort our baby had with gas (and consequently spit up), and it increased my son’s ability to feed himself (which gave me the opportunity to multi-task during feedings.) This is a thumbs-up all around in my opinion.

Lacey Yerkes, KY

Good idea… too bad it doesn’t work

Sorry to all the “real” reviewers of this product that are head-over-heels in love with it. Fact is, the thing puts more air into your baby’s stomach than milk. With every suck, the milk goes partway up the long tube and into the nipple–sometimes–and then you see the milk drain back DOWN the tube and you watch your baby’s frantic effort to get a few tiny drops of milk to enter the nipple again. It’s frustrating just watching this “good idea, poorly executed” product in action. Lots of air bubbles… hardly any milk. I guess someone needs to tell your baby that he/she can’t allow any decrease of suction or the milk won’t stay filled in the line and nipple. Perhaps that should have been a part of the poorly written and sparse directions. Now I need to dig the box out of the trash so I can return this stupid thing.

Fern Berry Creek, CA

worth a shot!

i LOVE these podee bottles. i first saw them on Oprah but had totally forgot they exisited till i got pregnant. these are awesome especially when baby is hungry in the car and for night time feedings. i found mine @ […] for $8 which was an unrefuseable offer and at least worth a shot. lots of pieces to clean though. everything can be dishwashed except the tubes which need to be cleaned with a pipe scrubber that come with the bottle. dont forget to order replacement parts too!

Amparo Botsford, CT

Buy the double set instead

If you are interested in this product, but the double one instead – essentially 2 bottle sets for the price of one.

Reva Middletown, PA

Waste of Money and so disappointed!

I was so very excited when I recieved my Podee bottle. I cleaned it and put my son’s milk in it right away. It look all of 5 seconds for him to pull the tube out of the bottle and spill the milk everywhere. My son is 7.5 months old so he wants to chew on everything and the tube was his main target not the nipple. The main complaint I have about this product is that with one yank the tube comes off and if the baby does that a couple of times it widens the ends of the tube so it doesn’t fit around the bottle attachement very well. This product was not for us, it was a waste of money only because it didn’t even last 1 minute. Maybe it would work better for newborns. Very disappointed. Really had high hopes for handsfree feeding…too good to be true.

Ada Tarzana, CA

Good product

My favorite part of this bottle is that it is LIGHT. I never had much success getting our child to eat from the extension-but I would imagine parents of multiples delight in that ability. He was able to tip and hold the bottle very quickly because it was so light, and therefore I give it high marks for that.

Gena Nett Lake, MN

This product is genius!

I’d like to thank whoever invented this! This is basically a hands-free bottle which has saved our lives when driving in the car with the baby – we just put her in her car seat and give her the Podee bottle and she sucks the milk right up the tube into the nipple. It gave me the freedom of sitting in the front seat instead of holding the bottle for her in the back seat. We also use it outside of the car anywhere we go as it’s so much more convenient that holding a bottle up to her face the entire time. We just tuck the bottle to her side in the stroller or I don’t mind holding it while I’m holding her as I don’t have to raise it up and have my arm hurt from holding it up. The only down side is that milk tends to splash out all over you if the tubing goes flying out of her mouth! The Podee comes with a cap though that you can put on to help stop leaks from the nipple. I really recommend this for parental freedom!

Maxine Coal City, WV

podee bottles

This is probably one of the most ingenious bottles I have seen in a long time. This is a HANDS-FREE bottle for babies where the nipple detaches from the bottom with a tube that connects for easy feeding. This is an awesome gift to parents of multiples and (in my experience) babies latch on quickly. I read that feeding infants in an upright position also reduces ear infections and colic. Who knew? You can also just buy the Podee conversion kit that works with most standard bottles and includes the nipple and tubes.

Tisha Brant, NY

a commuters dream!

I’m a commuter and have to commute an hour each direction for work. Having the podee made the drive a lot easier on me and my son. It is really easy to clean and I never had a problem with it leaking.

Della Santa Rosa, NM

perfect for traveling

Our family lives 30ish hours away and we go to visit a few times a year. I wan’t sure how I was going to feed baby in the backseat while driving and with 2 other kids under 5, we will be having plenty of bathroom stops. Im sure you know how that goes. So instead of having to stop and feed baby, then hearing "I need to potty", we decided to buy this. I have used it a few times to get the hang of it, but it really is easy to learn. My ONLY single issue with this (and there isn’t a way around it) is getting the milk into the nipple before giving it to baby. I have to suck the milk up and fill the nipple before I give it to him, or he thinks its just a pacifier and gets mad because he is hungry. I have had my fair share of formula in my mouth. YUCK. Overall it is worth it!

Georgina Bertha, MN


These bottles have revolutionized my life. I started using them on my 8 week old and I thought it might be too early but she took to it right away. I only use these bottles when I’m running errands and she gets hungry in the stroller or when I’m at a resturanut and she needs to eat too. She loves these bottles and takes to them very well and I do too because they allow me to feed her abd get things done.

Kate Angola, NY

2nd podee with 2nd baby and I LOVE it.

Works absolutely perfectly at half the cost of that pacifeeder bottle that’s out there. I have used this with both children and it has been extremely helpful in those times of need. Love it love it. Quick shipment.

Janell Strawberry Plains, TN

had high hopes

product leaks… first time i used it i was shocked… as soon as it tips it drips every where.. i was super excited to use it and im now sad i spent $15 all together getting one.. waste of money for sure

Cristina Hubbard, NE

… this because of the negative reviews I am very glad I took the leap

After being very skeptical and hessitant to buy this because of the negative reviews I am very glad I took the leap. One of the reasons, and as mentioned by most people on here I did not want to buy this was because I was afraid my baby would keep spitting out the nipple or wouldn’t give enough suction to the nipple to drink his milk. This is because he doesn’t take a pacifier and every time I tried to give him one he would immediately spit it out. I was wrong, because as long as there was something coming out of it he held on to it. I had no problems with him spitting out the nipple or not being able to drink out of it. Of course there were a few times when the bottle tipped over or he pushed it out accidentially with his hands but I just put it right back in. This is great for if you need to do something quick around the home, or if you’re traveling in the car or pushing around a stroller. I know many people on here are talking about using this as a bad parenting fopa. However, this is just to make your life a little easier especially if you have more than one child. Secondly, its not for use 24/7, its for those occasional times when you have little time to spare, or can’t stop in the middle of the street for a feeding. The best part is you can purchase the parts seperately to attach with any regular 8 oz. bottle with a standard neck, and change the nipple to your liking. I can also see why the makers claim it helps prevent colic. The nipple that comes with it is a natural flow/slow flow nipple so your baby is not gulping down more than they can handle and it makes them fuller quicker so they are not taking more than they need. My baby is a big feeder and I was always worried I was giving him too much formula, so this helps that. Plus, it will NOT leak while he’s drinking it, and he burps immediately afterwards which is a great sign so fingers crossed.For all those who had a problem with assembly, I can personally say it took me less than 30 seconds to put together and take apart with the instructions provided, One larger sized ring attaches to the top with the 6 inch pipe and the smaller ring attaches to the other with the shorter pipe. As far as cleaning goes, its pretty quick surprisingly and you really don’t need to clean it out with the pipe cleaner every single feeding unless you see that it needs to. sterilizing it in hot water for a few minutes cleans it out so that it stays clean for a couple of feedings, plus its worth it. I would definitely recommend this for anyone.Note: There is no chocking hazard like with other hands-free bottle holders since your baby isn’t directly chugging out of the bottle. They’re basically drinking out of a straw and it take some work so they are feeding a little slower.

Vonda Clairton, PA

good for car trips

Why is it baby gets hungry to and from daycare? These bottles are a safer alternative to letting baby hold his own bottle in the back seat.

Addie Fruita, CO