Pognae Baby Carrier

Pognae Baby Carrier

What makes the Pognae Baby Carrier so great? The Pognae Baby Carrier is crafted with the same high-quality materials and care you expect from other top-tier baby carrier brands. With its ergonomic design, thickly padded mesh shoulder straps, patented mesh cooling vent, adjustable buckles, attachable head rest and shock-resistant support belt, the Pognae Baby Carrier is the most comfortable baby carrier you and your baby will ever wear. Pognae’s mesh cooling vent helps you and your baby stay dry and comfortable on warm days. Unzipping the outerlayer lets fresh air flow in through the mesh lining. Quick Facts About The Pognae Baby Carrier: • From it’s origins in South Korea, designed for smaller frames • From 6 months to 3 years (8-45lb) • Front panel size: 11¼” wide x 14″ tall • Shoulder strap length: 23″ extending up to 39″ • Waist belt circumference: 24″ adjustable up to 40″ • Ergonomic design • Light, compact and easy to carry • Supports front carry facing in and back carry positions • Single layer mesh cooling vent that can be zipped down in the front • Sleeping hood that neatly tucks into zippered pocket above mesh cooling vent • Comfortable shoulder straps with quality mesh lining • Made with 100% cotton fabric • Machine-washable • Safe and tested material Package Includes: • Pognae Baby Carrier • Reusable dust bag • Attachable headrest of matching style Certificate: • This baby carrier is manufactured according to European standard EN 13209-2.2005

Main features

  • TOP SELLING CARRIER IN ASIA: Ergonomic design with well-padded shoulder straps that will distribute weight evenly, alleviating pressure from your back
  • SO COMFORTABLE YOUR BABY WILL SLEEP IN IT: Made with 100% cotton fabric. Comes with a detachable headrest to give your baby extra support for quiet napping
  • KEEP YOUR BABY COOL: Soft, single layer mesh cooling vent in the front to help keep your baby cool and comfortable on those warm summer days
  • KEEP YOUR BABY OUT OF THE SUN: Keep your baby protected from harmful UV rays with a sleeping hood that neatly tucks into a zippered pocket
  • CONVENIENT: Machine washable and compact fit let’s you bring your carrier anywhere to handle any situation

Verified reviews



I read tons of reviews for Pognae, Beco, Ergo, etc, and couldn’t wait for my Pognae (Elephant) to arrive.I opened the box, pulled it on, and tried to adjust the arm straps…And couldn’t reach them. They fell exactly at my underarms. Eventually I adjusted them, put my son in the carrier, and went to clip the chest/back strap. I had difficulty, but managed. I walked down the hallway and my lower back began to hurt. No matter how I adjusted the carrier, it bothered my back.I decided to try back-carrying, unclipped the chest/back strap, and swung him around. I then had to take him OUT of the carrier in order to adjust the arm straps. When I put him back in the carrier and went to clip the chest strap, it was at my neck, and that was as far as it could go.My husband tried on the carrier, and even with the arm straps as long as they could go, he could not fit himself and our son properly.The carrier itself was well made, and I liked that it had the sleeping hood and the vent for sweaty baby backs, but this is definitely not the carrier for us. I thought it would be great, because the Ergo was wide for me, but this was definitely made only for much smaller people. I don’t understand how these petite women’s husbands fit in this. I am 5’5″ and 125, which I do not consider that big, but maybe it is compared to people who are 5′ or so. My husband is 5’6″ and 200lbs, definitely not petite.

Miranda Wyoming, IL

Best Baby Carrier out of Five

After trial and error, my husband and I have finally proclaimed the Pognae to be the winner of our baby carrier quest. We have tried the Infantino Front/Back Carrier, Moby Wrap, Baby Bjorn, Combi Ninna Nanna and finally, the Pognae. After trying the first four different carriers, we decided we wanted the following:-easy to put on and take off by yourself-comfortable to carry-longer lifeline instead of just a front carry as the Moby Wrap and Bjorn offered usOther things would be a bonus such as fun designs, infant carry piece and anything to keep our baby from overheating up in the summertime in a baby carrier. Immediately with the Pognae, I noticed the different styles and patterns and really fell in love with a couple of them. I also liked the soft cotton feel and the strong yet comfortable straps which were wide enough and adjustable so it not just fit my petite frame but also, my husband’s larger frame, as well. Remember the sweaty baby concern? Well, the Pognae has this mesh inside liner that you can unzip so there is more air circulation and the outside piece rolls up nicely and velcros up so it’s still nice looking. It’s front and back carry friendly and you can also order the infant piece, as well, so equally as versatile as the Combi.Since the Pognae has this soft material, it also rolls up nicely and you can easily toss in a tote bag, bottom of a stroller, or even in a suitcase when you’re traveling. We were very impressed with how our 2.5 year old toddler still fit in the Pognae both front and back carry (although with his long legs, we’ll stick to the back carry). As we are expecting our second child, I’m excited to try out the infant piece and also, there are these drool pads for teething babies to cover the straps which are machine washable, too. The only con that I have so far is that there is no forward facing option but it does have both front carry (facing the parent) and back carry.I’ll be reviewing again when I am able to try it out with my second child. I only wish that I had the Pognae before having to test all the other carriers!UPDATE: After using the Pognae when my second one was only 6 weeks old, I only used part of the infant insert but have to say that I use my Pognae religiously. I even got a second one – one to keep at home and another one to keep in the car.I love the drool pads for my daughter because it’s so easy to clean them and toss in the wash. I keep at least 2-3 on rotation regularly. My daughter has been in the Pognae for the past year and we’re still using it. I love the sleeping hood and the baby vent, too. I took a babywearing Zumba and Bellydancing class with my daughter and the vent was perfect for keeping her cool and the hood was perfect when she fell asleep to all the swaying.The Pognae is also perfect for traveling especially at the airport – you can just walk through and keep your baby in the Pognae. It also rolls up pretty nicely too and I store mine in my backpack when we’re on the plane. I would never travel at the airport or any crowded situation without babywearing my little one. Even going to a crowded venue, I felt very comfortable and safe with the Pognae on. This is my go to when I need to hold my daughter while trying to vacuum or clean the house or run errands without having to put her in any grocery carts or in and out of strollers. This is also a must have if you have two kids – easier to stick one in a stroller and babywear the younger one. On that note, the Pognae still fits my 4 year old son, too!

Britney Poultney, VT

Great, comfortable carrier

I am giving this carrier a solid 4 & 1/2 stars. I have used this carrier 4 times now…once for 5 hours straight. It is great and very comfortable. I have never tried any of the other popular (and expensive!) carriers, but I am positive this one is just as comfortable because I don’t see how it can get any more comfortable. I will admit that the first time I put it on it wasn’t quite as comfortable, but that was because I didn’t have it adjusted perfectly. So if you don’t think it is comfortable the first time…just play with it a little and I’m sure you’ll get it right.I would say that the only down side to this carrier is that now some of the styles no longer have the extra little pouch that velcroes to the front of the carrier (for your phone, money, etc.), and they are doing away with it all together eventually. Not sure why, but they are being discontinued. I have just put my stuff in the pocket where the sleeping hod goes…put my phone and some money in there. I imagine you could also use the area inside the zippered mesh vent as well but only for flat things like credit cards and money since there is only mesh between it and the baby. But obviously you wouldn’t be able to use that one if you were actually using the mesh vent. You could however, email them on their website or message them on their Facebook page and ask which models still (for now) have the pouch. My Navy blue one didn’t.The absolute BEST thing about this carrier is that it has the mesh cooling vent. If you live somewhere like I do where it gets unbelievably HOT and muggy in the summer and you don’t want to be stuck to a stroller…this is THE CARRIER for you! And even if it is just regular hot in the summer where you live…this carrier will still assure your little one is more comfortable than in those other more expensive carriers. And to me, that is worth the fault of not having the storage pouch anymore. The fact that it is also cheaper is a big bonus as well.

Cheri Rogers City, MI

My babe loves it!…a little too much!

My baby loves this and we are just starting to wean him off of it as it was the only way he would fall asleep. He’d see me or my husband put it on and begin to yawn because he knew it was nap time!Some highlights:- NOT a crotch dangler! :)- Love the mesh opening! My baby has the sweat genes of his papa and the mesh really helps to keep him cool.- Easy adjustability. My husband and I can easily slide the belts to fit us. No struggling to adjust. At the same time, they stay secure.- We also have the infant insert which is FANTASTIC for months 1-3. It’s cushy and has great head support.- Back support is great. I wore it all day from weeks 6 on, so yes, if you wear it all day, every day, it will hurt your back. But my husband, who wears it a couple times a week, says it has great back support and doesn’t really affect him much.Areas for improvement:- Not sure what the solution might exactly be, but once I transitioned my baby out of the infant insert, the shoulder straps rub up against his face a little.- When his legs dangle on the sides, there was some chafing. My temporary solution was to put soft wash cloths on the side. It’d be nice to see a softer material where the baby’s skin constantly touches.- The instructions say to not wash the carrier very often due to color fading, etc. Being a little on the neurotic side about cleanliness, it bothers me a bit that it was worth mentioning on the instructions.Overall, I love it and recommend it to everyone. I want one in all the cute designs!

Peggy Charlotte, TX

Great Carrier!

I’ve owned the Pognae for about 6 months. It is a great carrier. I researched many carriers before somehow stumbling across a mention of the Pognae on a forum post. After looking into it I decided to buy. It is very comfortable and my son must feel comfortable in it as well because he always falls asleep in it. I like the option to unzip the back and allow air to flow thru the mesh on hot days. It really comes in handy when you are going into places that don’t allow strollers or are too cramped for them. If you follow them on Facebook or Twitter they post coupon codes from time to time.

Reyna Holmes Beach, FL

Very attractive

This carrier is one of the nicest looking carriers out there. I also found it more comfortable than the Ergo. The hood feature is nice in that it tucks away neatly instead of hanging out slobbily like the Ergo. However, I preferred crossing the straps with a front carry because the Pognae straps dug into my arms. I ended up going with the Beco Gemini instead.

Alejandra Rodeo, CA

Fantastic carrier

I love this carrier, the mesh front has been a godsend this summer, it is duch goodvalue for money too. Its a smaller carrier , perfect for petit mamas

Shelby Tioga, WV

Bigger than the Ergo

Started with the Bjorn but my back handle that after LO hit 14 pounds… plus wasn’t happy about how ergonomically incorrect it was. Thought about the Ergo but the panel is barely high enough for my now 8-month old wiggle worm, and I didn’t think it would have the longevity I wanted (although I’d have happily used it from 14 pounds til now). In my experience, the Pognae is comparable to but more affordable than many of the other SSCs out there. I like how the hood tucks away as I lost the hood to my mei tai in a week. I also like the mesh panel – we both still get sweaty when it’s hot and muggy out, but it’s nice that LO gets a little fresh air, especially in milder weather.I’m 5’3" and find it very comfortable both in a front and back carry. We regularly take about 2-mile walks in it. It’s quick to get into and out of, especially with a front carry, which is nice because my little dude is impatient to the max.

Adelaide Kelayres, PA

Comfortable, cooling, easier than a stroller

This is one of those products that change the way you live. We got this when our baby was 3.5 months old and she took to it immediately. She is now almost 7 months old. it is comfortable for both baby and her caregiver, whomever it may be at the time. My MIL, husband, babysitter, and I are all different heights (153 cm to 172 cm) and different sizes (50 kg to 83 kg) and this carrier can adjust to fit us all comfortably. There are many things I love about this carrier.Pros:- The biggest pro for us is the mesh cooling vent. The daily temperature here averages 28C to 35C with tropical humidity. While you’re never going to be completely cool while carrying baby, the mesh makes it much more comfortable to do so.- Did I mention how comfortable it is to use? The wide waist belt provides loads of support and the shoulder straps are thick & padded. I like that you can wear the waist strap higher (on the waist) or lower (resting on the hips) to adjust for baby’s height. I love having my baby within kissing distance!- Comfortable for baby! She’s snug as a bug in a rug and regularly falls asleep while still in the carrier. The inward-facing design doesn’t seem to bother her as she can still see out the sides (outward-facing carriers are not good for baby’s development). In fact, she seems to prefer being high up in the carrier as she has a better view rather than being in her stroller.- The sleeping hood is generously cut and is large enough to accommodate even a tall toddler. The way the hood is designed means that there are no strings or straps that can cut into baby’s face. The straps to fasten the hood are attached to it and it all rolls neatly into provided front pocket. There are no dangling strings or buckles to get in the way. We’ve used the hood to help her sleep, keep the sun off her face and to keep the rain off her head.- The front pocket is not very large, especially with the hood already tucked into it. However there is enough space to tuck some keys, cash and a phone if all you’re doing is going for a walk or a quick run to the store.- Easier and more convenient than a stroller. We no longer take our Graco stroller on outings now. Having to take a stroller was so cumbersome and unwieldy, especially in crowds. The stroller also took up all the space in the trunk. Now we just put baby in her carrier, grab the Ju Ju Be BFF and we’re ready to go.Cons:- The care instructions state that it is best to avoid washing the carrier and to spot clean only. This has something to do with the organic dye used on the fabric and is supposed to help keep the carrier looking new. This is not a huge issue for me but I can imagine it being a big deal for some others. I highly recommend buying the drool pads and using them with the carrier from the very beginning to avoid getting any stains on it.- No way to attach anything to the carrier. I would have liked to have a D-ring or two on the carrier so that a toy / pacifier can be attached to it and within reach the moment it is needed. IMO this is something small that would be a great improvement to the utility of the carrier.Overall, a great product and well worth the money spent!

Doretha Middleburg, KY

Excellent option for warmer climates at a great price point.

This carrier is sleek looking and offers the same features as the ERGO. It costs less but is just as comfortable and has the hood to cover your sleeping baby. It also features a mesh opening option when it gets warm so that you could provide some airflow for yourself and your baby. The Ergo doesn’t offer this and is warmer so when you go for walks on warm days you and baby end up soaked in sweat.If you’d like a list of the top baby carriers and how carriers differ, visit the website AllMomsArePerfect.com and look under baby gear essentials. You’ll find a baby carrier guide, stroller shopping and crib buying guide, and what to expect during delivery, recovery, and how to get sleep after baby comes along.

Loretta Graysville, TN

Makes Mom and Baby Happy

This is a really great baby carrier. I had baby bjorn and once my baby reached about 15 pounds it was killing my shoulders. So then I purchased the ergonomic infantino. Which provided a little relief, but not as much as I expected and my shoulders still ached. I went online and came across Pognae, and I’m so glad I did. It is pretty easy to put on (way easier than the infantino), very comfortable, and the prints are cute.My baby seems very happy in it, and we use it almost daily. I am able to move around easily and even able to sit down while using this carrier, so I’ve been able to take my baby everywhere. We just used it at a baseball game with great success. He hung out on my lap when he wanted to move around, but when nap time came he went right into the carrier and fell asleep. I was able to sit in my seat, and stand up and cheer, all without missing a beat (or waking the baby). I’ve also successfully gotten my baby in this carrier on my back, but we didn’t go anywhere. I just wanted to see if I could do it by myself. :-)I like that this carrier came with additional, removable, head support (the infantino didn’t and I was afraid to let my baby fall asleep in it, because his head would flop around if I wasn’t careful). It also comes with a sleeping hood that folds away discretely, and a little removable storage pouch. I like both of these features, but wish the storage pouch was a bit bigger. I would love to put my smartphone in there, but it just doesn’t fit. The zip away mesh section is great for helping keep baby cool in the heat, I don’t think any other soft structured carrier has anything like that. Also, my husband is a bit of a safety nut, and would complain about me wearing the baby. He was always afraid a clip, etc. would break. I showed him the elastic band you put the waist clip through; he doesn’t complain anymore. Basically, this carrier comes with a lot of extras, and at a lower price than many similar carriers. I would recommend buying the drool pads, because the straps are at a very convenient chewing height for baby, but that’s the only additional accessory I felt I would like.One last thought, I was a bit apprehensive about buying this carrier because it was mentioned as being a great fit for petite individuals, which I am not (I am rather buxom and typically wear size large or extra large). I guess the shoulder straps are a bit closer together than other carriers. I’m not sure, but it fits me very well. The straps don’t slip off of my shoulders nearly as much as they did with the infantino carrier. So, unless you are extremely broad shouldered I don’t see the petite fit being a bad thing.

Minerva Bois D Arc, MO