Pognae Drool Pads

Pognae Drool Pads

These reversible drool pads can be attached to both shoulder straps of the Pognae Baby Carrier or other similar soft structured carriers such as Ergo or Beco. 100% Cotton it is easily washed and keeps your carrier clean as well as providing a soft comfortable place for your baby to drool and or suck. Prolongs life of your carrier as less frequent washings will be required. Why? A bit of common sense – the straps of your carrier where it generally gets dirty quickest due to drool are protected so only the pads will need washing if the rest of carrier is clean. Also please note that these are closed by poppers and not velcro as the packaging states – this product originates from South Korea & a couple of things got lost in translation on the label which will be rectified.

Main features

  • Popper fastening closure (lasts better in wash than Velcro)
  • Double sided/reversible for twice the usage
  • 100% Cotton that is very soft to touch
  • Suitable for use on most soft structured carriers e.g. Ergo, Beco
  • Pair of drool pads included. One for each shoulder strap.

Verified reviews


Very soft and large

These cover a bigger part of the strap that I imagined they would which is great. The only downside of these I can tell is really down to a personal preference thing…the color choices. I have the very dark, navy blue carrier. I ordered the blue pads but they definitely don’t really coordinate well and actually stand apart from the carrier a lot. A darker color option would have been nice.

Gena Centreville, MI

Fit Beco Gemini

These are made out of soft fabric and perfectly fit Beco Gemini. Got them in white and blue. Love the blue color!

Dianne Rutland, VT

fit our Ergo

These fit or Ergo straps perfectly. To avoid having to wash our carrier frequently from our little chewer I wanted ti find some drool pads. However, I didn’t want to pay $20 for something so simple. These were cheaper, cuter, and fits like a charm. Great quality too!

Mellisa Folsom, WV

Perfect, even for Beco Gemini

Perfect, even for our Beco Gemini! Love the soft fabric. Our daughter has mild eczema on her cheeks and these didn’t irritate her at all and if anything helped with chaffing against the straps with her drool. Just wished they also have these in pink or white at the same price!

Sonya Marrowbone, KY

Great on everything and not just the Pognae

This is really great and I love using my drool pads. I not only use them on my Pognae but also on the carseat. At only $12, I can afford to ‘girlify’ my gender neutral products for my baby girl (she has an older brother which is why everything is gender neutral). I have several of these since they are perfect for teething/drooling or even the occasional spit up. They’re great to just toss in the wash once dirty and as mentioned, I have backup ones to stick on there.

Jaime Elwell, MI

Works for B. Gemini

I’m glad I came across this product before buying the Beco Gemini’s drool pads. I thought the Beco’s were expensive and I was hesitant on buying them, but I needed them because my 5 month old is currently teething and is a droolmachine. I saw these pads as I was reading the Beco’s product information and I’m glad I did. These pads are great! I got two pairs for almost, if not, a couple of dollars more for the price of ONE pair of the Beco pads. These pads fit nicely and my B. Gemini is free of drool! :)Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

Joanna Toppenish, WA

So much cheaper than Beco brand and they work great!

Use these on my beco gemini. I have the black one so it’s actually kind of nice that these girl it up a little bit. They fit great and were so much more affordable than the brand name ones. And they wash well too. My little teether is always chewing or sucking on these. Definitely helps to not have to wash the gemini all the time.

Alice Dennis, MS

Fits a Beco Gemini loosely

I got these to try on my Beco Gemini. They slouch down a little b/c they are a little big, but they serve the purpose, and arecheaper than the Beco drooling pads by half. I like that it has snaps andnot velcro. The material is kind of a soft velour. Seems to hold up in the wash nicely so far…

Merle Arcola, IN

Works great w/ Beco Gemini

Works great w/ my Beco Gemini. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the plastic snaps seem rather cheap and are starting to wear a bit. I would prefer metal snaps/buttons.

Ashley Ranchita, CA

Worth the cost

My little guy is a biter – he’ll chomp whatever gets near his mouth. Because you’re not supposed to wash most soft-structured carriers often, it’s been incredibly helpful to have these drool pads. I’m glad my carrier isn’t getting as crusty and gross as the pads get; I just throw them in the wash and we’re all set to go.

Nadia Lytton, IA

Does the job, snaps are a little tough

We’ve had these drool pads for 5 months now and they do a good job of protecting our Pognae carrier. My baby chews and gnaws on them when she’s bored of her pacifier. She’s pretty rough with them so I’m pleased that these drool pads have held up well.They fit the straps with very little room to spare so it can be a bit of a struggle to get the snaps shut. They are easy to wash & take a little time to dry since they are thick. I recommend getting another pair so you’re never caught without.Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the product, I just think that the price is a little high for something so simple.

Alyssa Whiteoak, MO

Soft and pretty light blue color

Purchased these pads for my beco carrier as they were cheaper and looked nice (and did not have a brand stamped in big letters). I was not disappointed- they’re soft, fit the carrier, and add a nice bit of color to my all black carrier. I do have to remember to watch out for them when I unclasp the carrier as they tend to fall off since they’re not designed for my beco. A friend told me she has the same issue with her ergo pads, however, so that might just be the case for all pads/carriers.

Minerva Bartlett, NE

Nice drool pads

Don’t buy the Beco name brand drool pads! These work very well and are so much less expensive! These are perfect for drolly, or teething babies who like to suck or chew on the carrier straps because you can just pop them off and wash! So much easier than trying to wash your expensive carrier all the time!

Rowena Winterville, MS

Works beautifully with the Beco Gemini!

When I saw the price for the Beco Gemini drool pads, I thought, no thanks, I’ll do without. But as my daughter got older, I realized I really needed *something* to protect the straps, since the Beco recommends not washing too frequently. When I found these, the price was right and so were all the other reviews. These fit the Beco just fine and work beautifully. Also, since mine’s all brown, the pink gives it a splash of color. Don’t spend top dollar on special "beco drool pads"…….these things are great!

Effie Fletcher, MO


These are a great size for the ergobaby carrier if you want something other than white. They seem really well made and baby has been chewing them so functioning well so far.

Kaitlyn Youngstown, PA

They do what they are supposed to

I still think I could have made these, but a busy mom has to use her time wisely. Plus I don’t think the ones I would have made would have been as nice as these. I like that they are reversible. They wash nicely.

Sybil Ashland, NY

Great for Beco Gemini

Lower price for drool pads, but great quality. These fit perfectly on our Beco and they do a great job protecting the carrier straps and offer a clean safe material for babe to munch on if he desires. Really happy with this purchases

Jade Lidgerwood, ND

Fits on Beco Gemini carriers

I wanted to buy drool pads for my Beco Gemini carrier, but found the $20 Beco charges for their branded version to be too expensive. These Pognae drool pads fit perfectly on my Beco and are soft to the touch. Plus, they are cheaper than the Beco ones, which was the main reason I purchased these instead. My daughter is currently not teething so she has not been chewing on the straps of the carrier, but these also protect against spit up and boogies. So far I’ve washed them once and they washed well. So far it’s a 5 star product and for the cheaper price, I’d recommend these.

Kara Concord, NE

Protect baby, not your carrier

Although the product description claims that this product will extend the life of your carrier by reducing the need to wash it, the packaging expressly says that it will not. The stated use for the pads is so you know that baby will be teething on 100% cotton. I use it so that my baby has a soft surface next to his cheeks (as opposed to rough nylon webbing), and it does the job well.It fits fine on the Beco Butterfly II, and I just slide the pads up and down when I buckle and unbuckle the carrier. I like that it uses snaps instead of Velcro for the closure, even if the snaps are plastic. It may be better that they’re plastic because they’re not painted and won’t rust–we’ll see how they hold up.The material feels like micro fiber terrycloth, but it is not as thick as it appears in the product picture.

Robert Mohler, WA