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Pooh Bundles Tote


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Pockets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

I ordered this item based on the raving customer reviews and I wound up being sorry since I didn’t actually see it first to judge for myself. Sure there are lots of pockets, but once you fill them with the necessities, i.e. diapers, wipes, creams/powder, a few spare onesies, etc., the bag is so puffed out and awkwardly bulky you can barely carry it. I have another baby on the way & bought this in the hopes that it would accommodate both sets of items for my toddler and the newborn, but so far we’ve filled it just for my oldes and we know there is no way we’ll be able to squeeze Baby #2’s stuff inside. The bag is a pretty Pooh design, and the material is soft but it’s not at all surface washable as the cloth stains easily with daily usage, and we have not attempted to put it in the washing machine yet since the inside is lined with plastic. We wrecked our last diaper bag cleaning it this way. There is no way to fully clean this without destroying the interior. The handles are sturdy and the shoulder strap is long and adjustable, also comfortable on the shoulder. It’s priced on par with other diaper bags so I guess it’s a decent item, but I’d recommend that with a diaper bag it’s wiser to see and touch the item to make sure it fits your needs and not buy blind like we did.

Lynette Tuckerman, AR


I registerd for this diaper bag, because I was loving all the new baby pooh things. This is the only diaper bag I am and have used since my daughter was born Sept 22, 2003. Not problems, alot of room! No rips tears or snags! Seems like it will last a real long time! Daddy isn’t embarrsed to carry it either!

May Canton, NY

Good for Me

I put this diaper bag on my baby registry and someone bought it for the shower. By the way it looked online, i thought it was a small one day diaper bag, but it was bigger. This was a good thing. Being that my hubby’s family lives in New Jersey we were able to pack clothes for the baby for two days or more. I love the material and the design goes great with the stroller and all our other baby things.

Gail Stanford, IL

Good Diaper Bag-See Update

I love this diaper bag! Its so cute and hold just the right ammount of stuff for my 1 month old son! I have a few other diaper bags too and i use this one because of the great storage! I like how the sides have zippered pockets as opposed to others that only have open pockets. And this fits under my stroller just fine!AFTER USING THIS BAG ONLY A FEW TIMES THE LINER CAME UNDONE FROM THE TOP AROUND THE ZIPPER SO THE FOAM PADDING IN IT WAS COMING OUT. GOOD FOR LIGHT USE BUT DONT PACK IT FULL OF STUFF AS I DID, THE STITCHING WONT HOLD UP.

Tracey Kingsville, TX

Great Diaper Bag!

When I put this in my registry, I never knew how much I’d love it! When my son was born, he spent 4 days in the NICU and was in the hospital until he was 18 days old. This bag was with me at all times, carrying all the papers I was given at the hospital, my breast pump (not small!), drinks for my boyfriend and me, and anything else I needed. Now that he’s not in the hospital, it still goes everywhere the baby goes. He has a heart moniter that fits well in addition to diapers, wipes, changing pads, two bottles, changes of clothes, and toys. All of this fits great, and I haven’t had any problems with any part of the bag tearing. The bag ends up being pretty heavy, but it’s held up very well. The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable. I also love the fact that it comes with a reusable changing pad. When we’re out and about, I like the Huggies disposable ones to use in public restrooms, but when I’m at someone’s house, the reusable one come in handy.I think it’s a fabulous bag, and I haven’t had any problems with it, despite all it’s been through!

Sadie Whately, MA

Nice big bag

This Diaper bag is nice and roomy. I can fit in all the bottles, diapers, and extra clothing items in this bag neatly without a lot of fuss. And the weight of the bag is perfect for additions so that it is not overly heavy when I do add items to it. The strap is nice and wide so there is “little slip off the shoulder” problems with the bag. The design is very cute, even daddy doesn’t mind carrying it. I have a little girl, and eventhough it is baby blue the characters are cute enough for either baby use. The bag also comes with a changing pad in it’s own individual slot in the front, so there is no digging for it when you need to change baby fast.This is a perfect gift and it doesn’t cost a lot, not exactly stylish for conservatives, but for the new mommy who is on the go this bag is perfect (great for a registry item too).

Ruth Pelham, AL