POPFEX Baby Food Multiportion Freezer Tray

POPFEX Baby Food Multiportion Freezer Tray


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Not orange but ugly brown color

The color is deceiving on this photo. It is actually this brownish color, not attractive at all, but it does what it is meant to do, which is freeze 7 portions of about 2 oz each.

Lily Camp Grove, IL

Don’t fall for the cheap

These had a funky smell when I bought them that did not go away until after multiple uses and shortly after that it started ripping anyway. Threw these out…bought the much more expensive Beaba trays and am extremely happy with those. Do yourself a favor and just buy those right off the bat.

Sharlene Constantine, MI

Only used one time

I bought these to freeze my baby food in. After the first use, I tried popping out the frozen food and the plastic cracked. I decided just to go to CVS and buy their simple ice cube trays for $2 and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend saving your money and just buying a simple ice tray. The food pops out very easily and I then store my little food cubes in a zip lock bag.

Natasha Saint Augustine, IL

Lousy Quality

I bought this because I love the Beaba freezer tray but I needed two more and it’s expensive. I was hoping this would be of comparable quality but unfortunately it is not. The silicone is quite thin and brittle and one of the cups tore before I ever had a chance to use it. Admittedly I haven’t frozen anything in the remaining 6 cups yet, but it’ll have to be pretty amazing (in which case I’ll edit this review) to make up for breaking so quickly.

Suzanne Norwood, NC

Just as good as the Beaba product

This product works just as well as the more expensive ones on the market. Easy to freeze baby food, wine, soups and sauces. Another reviewer stated that the sticker on the lid was difficult to remove. I simply removed what I could, spread peanut butter on it over night and it washed clean in the morning.

Georgina Kealia, HI

Works great

Works great for freezing baby food. I wouldn’t leave it in with the lid more than one day because it starts to get ice on the top but food pops out very easily from the container to make room for more freezable food.

Earlene Hanover, ME

Great for making baby food

This tray is great for making my own baby food. It holds a good serving or two of whatever you’re making, and if you let it sit out for 5-10 minutes, the food pops right out with very minimal effort. The lid fits well, and so long as you don’t sit it in your freezer at an angle that’s conducive to spilling (pretty sure this goes for anything you’re putting in the fridge/freezer), it won’t spill. Does a nice job preventing freezer burn, too. If in a pinch for time, you could just set it in a base of water to soften the bottom and they pop out in a few seconds. Excellent product for the price.

Isabel Langley, SC

Poor quality

I bought this to make and store my baby’s food. The first time I used the tray, it ripped in 3 places.

Lacy Walton, KS


I have this one and the one by Baby Beaba which was 3 times the price and I can’t tell the difference other than color. Each cup is 3oz which is about the perfect size. When my son was smaller, I would fill the cups only halfway since that was too much food and now that he’s 14 months, he eats 2 for lunch and 3 for dinner (each different food). I had some 2oz containers which worked well at 6 months but now are way too small. 3oz is a much more versatile size to grow along with the baby.

Christi Granville, ND

Read this and stay away!

Not much good to say about this product. It has a nice design and fits well in the freezer. The rubber feels soft like it should be easy to remove frozen food and it seems like it should not tear. But this is only how it appears…..First time we made baby food, we froze it in this tray and when the time came to remove it, we couldn’t. My wife was having trouble so she called me over to try. I tried like crazy to pop it out from the bottom. Couldn’t do it. We ended up flexing the rubber back and forth until the food finally came out and we noticed a big tear in it. The next day we tried to get another portion out and the exact same thing happened. Right now there are a couple cups still intact, but what a waste. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of these trays.NOTE: Before writing this review I took a look at other reviews. Seems like most of the reviews since around January 2014 have been negative. Makes me wonder if they changed the rubber formula to something inferior to what all those other people who left glowing reviews got…..

Jodie Cotton Valley, LA

Bigger than I thought

This is a little bigger than I thought- you could probably freeze 3-4 Tablespoons of food per cube. Baby is still little so 1 T sizes are perfect for mixing flavors and serving size now. As he eats more I’m sure this will become more handy. The tray is easy to fill and the food pops out with a little warm water on the bottom or some force.

Karina Drewsey, OR

Wanted to love it….but it broke

I had two Beaba trays and wanted a third but was hesitant because of the price (usally around $20). This tray looks exactly like my other trays and costs a lot less. I used it several times and noticed that the silicone was a bit harder and less pliable than those on the Beaba trays. The last time I used it the silicone cracked and then tore when I was trying to pop the food out. Once the silicone cracks/tears you are no supposed to use the tray anymore (according to the instructions it came with). I was excited to find a cheaper solution, unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Germaine Fall River, KS