Postpartum Girdle with Zipper, Medical-Grade, Compression & Support

Postpartum Girdle with Zipper, Medical-Grade, Compression & Support


Main features

  • Side Zipper Closure
  • Natural Birth Support and Recovery.
  • Doctor-Recommended, Durable & Medical-Grade, Reinforced Abdominal Panel.
  • Easy Access to Groin with Flap with Hooks.
  • Posture Improvement, Back Pain Relief.

Verified reviews


Well made but has several design flaws

Overall, this product seems well made and sturdy. My belly has gone down quite a lot since I gave birth, but I have no idea if it is thanks to this product or not. It’s difficult to gauge the effectiveness of a product like this, since it is impossible to know if the results would have been the same without it. However, I can comment on the comfort/design of the product:1. I am taller than average, but by no means very tall–5′ 8”–and it doesn’t go high enough, ending far below my chest.2. The edges of this garment are extremely uncomfortable–for a product that you are supposed to wear constantly for months, they should have made the edges cushioned. My bikini line is wounded–literally!–from walking in this garment, since the edges rub back and forth against my skin and dig into it painfully. New mothers experience enough discomfort after giving birth without having to worry about undergarments creating open wounds! This is so painful that I really dread wearing this.3. There is simply not enough coverage in the back. I am slim and have a relatively small behind, but this garment covers only half of it, and rides up constantly. If I’m not adjusting the bikini area in the front, I am adjusting the back to try to better cover my backside.4. I ordered the zippered style. I like it because it also has hooks, which can be adjusted for a tighter fit once you lose some weight–this is better than having to buy another girdle in a smaller size. However, when zipped, the zipper is so full of lumps and bumps that it would be impossible to wear this discreetly under fitted clothing.These issues aside, I’d still recommend the product; it is so difficult to find a high-grade, well made postpartum girdle in the US, and this one seems solidly built–if a product of this type can really do the job, then it is the Bellafit. I only wish it were more comfortable.

Tabatha Casco, MI

Results after 10 days!

I was a size 6 pre-pregnancy and gained 32 pounds over the pregnancy. However, I had a very difficult labor (30+ hours), ending in a c-section, so when I left the hospital, I was pumped full of fluids and had only lost 6 pounds. Mind you, my baby came into this world weighing 7 1/2 pounds! My doctor recommended a compression support, so, at first, I bought the Belly Bandit. I hated that post-partum girdle because it was incredibly bulky and rode up on my chest every single time I nursed the baby. I didn’t wear it very much but, after about 4 weeks, the swelling came down. At 5 weeks postpartum, I had lost 20 pounds but I still looked 6 months pregnant. Yuck! The Belly Bandit was getting loose on me and my maternity jeans didn’t fit any more. Unfortunately, neither did my ordinary pre-pregnancy jeans. I went to GAP to try on clothes and I couldn’t get any size 8s buttoned and zipped and the size 10 jeans were totally baggy around my thighs but very tight on my waist and I had a huge pooch when I buttoned them. Needless to say, I had no shot in hell in getting my size 6 jeans zipped and buttoned. I was frustrated and upset and decided to invest in the Bellefit based on the Amazon reviews.I started wearing the Bellefit at 6 weeks postpartum, not sure that it would make a significant difference since most people recommended wearing it right out of the hospital. I ordered a size small. Within 3 days, I noticed that my stomach seemed smaller. At 7 weeks 3 days postpartum (so 10 days after I started wearing the Bellefit), my maternity jeans were so loose that they were literally falling off me. Strangely enough, I hadn’t lost any weight at all between when I started wearing the Bellefit to ten days later. But, on a whim, I decided to try my pre-pregnancy jeans. And, they fit! I could get them zipped and buttoned, though there was quite a large pooch hanging over. Basically, I think the Bellefit significantly helped my uterus shrink down and I was excited that, in 10 days, I saw significant results.So, yes, it isn’t the most comfortable thing and, yes, I hate the bulging fat between the Bellefit and my breasts (I don’t know why they don’t make this taller up so that it comes right under the bra), and, yes, it’s expensive. But, in 10 days, I went from no-shot-in-hell pants to yes-my-pre-pregnancy-jeans-fit. And, that was worth every single cent for me.

Lelia Bridgeport, PA

Sizing is everything … read this before you buy

I noticed a few people mention that the product was uncomfortable. I’ve used the product for 2 months now and just bought my second one and want to offer an explanation for those thinking of buying this product.I delivered naturally and started wearing the Bellefit one week PP. I went with their instructions and ordered according to their sizing. I had gained 30lbs during the pregnancy and weight 120lbs before pregnancy which put me in a size Medium. The first time I wore this I could barely get it on. It was so tight I wondered if I got the wrong size. As I wore it I noticed some discomforts but this was due to it being so tight. The crotch area wasn’t that comfortable and the wires occasionally bothered me upon sitting and standing. As a result I couldn’t wear it all day and night so I eased into it by using it just several hours a day at first. I did love how I looked in it when I wore it under clothes though. My stomach wasn’t showing and everything was so tight it made me feel really good getting back into my old clothes. Over the course of 2-3 week I noticed it getting looser – and my stomach getting smaller – and therefore much more comfortable to use. I hardly even noticed I was wearing it at time.I think this is the major reason this product gets high reviews by some and low reviews by others. If you’re in between sizes and the girdle is on the small size for you it will be uncomfortable for a little while but stick it out because your tummy will shrink and isn’t that what you want?Now that the Medium is big for me it makes me actually look bulkier when I wear it under clothes so I have no choice but to buy the smaller size. This is the reason I gave it 4-stars because it’s expensive and you have to ultimately buy two of them which makes it even more expensive. But I have a little tummy still left and want to continue wearing it so I need to buy the next size down now.BTW, I ordered the product from their website and it took forever to get to me. Thank goodness I ordered early. For the second one I’m ordering straight from Amazon and taking advantage of the 2 day shipping.

Helga Cushing, WI

Not recommended!!!

I wish I would have paid more attention to the negative reviews about this product before I bought the postpardum girdle with side zipper. At first, it was great and I loved how my clothes fit. However, after less than the week, the boning in the girdle had developed permanent dents that dug into my skin. It left marks and became increasingly uncomfortable to wear. It isn’t made for anyone who sits for any period of time, and as a new mother, I have to sit in order to feed my daughter. Too much money spent for only a weeks use. I did notify the company because it is not a good product for new mothers to wear. Maybe the pull up support is better but there is no way I am spending more money on a new girdle to find out. I do NOT recommend this product. I will probably go out and buy a good pair of spanx. Much cheaper (and more comfortable).

Della Northampton, PA

wish they had a longer option

i have a long torso, so this isn’t that comfortable to wear. it’s actually too uncomfortable for me to wear during the day. the top only reaches to my bottom rib, so the top band doesn’t have a flat rib cage to lie against. i had to keep hiking it up really tight, or it would roll down. i am now only wearing it at night (when i don’t move much), and even then i have to keep pulling it up really tight or it digs right under my rib cage and hurts too much to sleep.also, the stiff band on the non-zipper side REALLY digs into my side, and i have to constantly pull that up too so it won’t hurt too much. another reason i only wear it at night.that said, i think it does compress well in my tummy area. i think if you have an average size torso it would be great.i have the Small. i’m 5’4″, 130 lbs, 38.5″ hip.

Alyce Morris, IL

Zipper popped off !

I should have got the pull up but right after birth I put it on and yes, I was still a bit chunky but the zipper popped off instantly which for this expensive girdle I would have thought it would have held up better. The material does seem good quality but for me, it was money down the drain.

Maxine Ocean View, NJ

Good product but Call before you Buy!

In general, I was satisfied. I did have issues with the product, personally. It only lasted about a month or two. It did work for the time that I had it, though. I actually spoke with customer service and they were very helpful. I wish I would have called them when I ordered and maybe I would have had a better experience with the product. So my tip is to call and talk with a customer service rep about your method of birth and give your measurements and body type so that they can assist you in getting the one that will work best for you.

Kathryn Buchanan, NY

It’s okay…

I bought this after my third baby to help with compression and help me return to my normal size.First off, it was comfy at first (for a girdle) but eventually the boning would dig into my side…not comfy.It helped me post-partum to feel like it was holding everything in since after 3 kids I had major diastasis recti and felt like my internal organs were going to fall out. This helped that feeling and helped me feel like my back was supported.When I first returned home and was using this, I wore it as much as I could and then could eventually wear it for longer and longer stretches. It did help to compress my stomach and make it seem smaller and wearing it under clothes made me look slimmer, so that was great.But eventually it hurt to wear in the crotch (would pinch my skin) and the boning would dig into me and it didn’t seem to really do much after my initial results. Once I stopped wearing it I saw the results fade away. I still wear it when I am going out only because I don’t have any other shapewear to wear at the moment for under clothes.Also, I have asthma so maybe this was an asthma issue, but wearing it made me feel short of breath.This isn’t a miracle cure, but it did help and there were days that I was really grateful for it. For $100 though, I say skip it unless you are rich.

Janna Kingman, AZ

Not sure it’s necessary

I will say I did see a difference in my tummy when I wore this for a few days at a time. If I stopped for a few my belly would swell a little more and the skin stretched some. I can see why supporting the tissues might help keep them in place while everything goes back, but I’m not sure if the discomfort was worth it what it did for me. I didn’t wear it consistently all the time and my tummy is ok now; not perfect. I looks flat when I’m upright. I might have a little more skin rolling when sitting and scrunching than before, but all things considered I’m ok with all that. I found this terribly uncomfortable to wear. If I’d had a c-section, I could see the support feeling good for the incision, but I delivered vaginally with no stiches needed. It itched on the sides and rubbed around the crotch. It also rolled down and I had to constantly tug it back up. I ordred a small and it was hard to put on right off the bat. It took me a few days to get into it. I was a size 2-4 pants, size xs-s shirts before the baby and 9 months later I’m pretty much there again, I only wore this until she was about 3-4 months old and not everyday. I wouldn’t say there is no value to wearing this, but I’m not sure it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Mandy Rainier, WA

Flat tummy, but with back fat :/

I am torn on this item – I gave it 4 stars because it DEFINITELY flattens your tummy. Like, amazingly. I started wearing this just 2 weeks after having my second child (with whom I gained 51 lbs), and it completely flattened my tummy. That being said – when I put it on I ended up with a major case of back fat. I didn’t have it before, but this pushed up my excess flab and makes it unwearable in front of anyone. There is no way I would wear this in public, yet. Maybe if I drop another 10 lbs I will. It is difficult to put on, but as I said, absolutely gives you a flat stomach.

Suzette Rye, TX

Worth every penny

I used this the day after my c-section and for 2 months after that. I put it on every morning and it helped significantly. I felt better when everything was held in tight. and it helped me get back into my regular jeans faster. The zipper was very helpful but even so I had to have someone help me get into it the first week. After that I could get it on easily myself and I never had a problem with it rolling down or sliding. Kind of expensive but definitely worth it for recovery !

Rosemary Heflin, AL

Worth every penny

I purchased this based on the high reviews of friends and am so glad I did. I went to the product website to calculate the size midway through my pregnancy, and it worked perfectly. I ended up needing a c-section, so thankfully I had purchased the one that works for both. It is not comfortable, but at the same time the support did help with my c-section pain. I also had a pretty severe separation of my abdominal muscles. This supported my muscles and held everything in place so that it could heal. I had a 9.5 lb baby and lots of extra amniotic fluid, so my poor belly was enormous (I’m very small and petite). I was able to squeeze onto this on day 4 after my c-section, I still looked 8 months pregnant and had no hope that my belly would recover in any hurry. Within 2 weeks I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight and my belly was almost completely flat. My skin was another story and has been much slower to shrink and heal, but my shape recovered quickly. I wore it for the full 6 weeks as recommended and also followed a pretty strict regimen for the separation in my abdominal muscles to heal. Now at 7 months my muscles are back in line with no separation and I’m back in my skinny jeans! This support band really helped jump start the process for me and I highly recommend it. It’s uncomfortable but worth it if you want your figure back. It IS possible to get your body back after a big baby, and this is a wonderful aid in the process!

Pearlie Dillard, GA


Ok so no idea if it helped my pp belly shrink faster or not… I did use it pretty religiously for a couple weeks just in case. Comfortable and WORKS, unlike the kardashian one i have that’s just a band with velcro which just pushed all the fat down and out. So I liked that it made me look sooooo much better and that also could be worn all day long just fine. Definitely needed help getting into it at first… and found I needed to leave the bottom part open at first since bladder was so weak… needed to be able to jump on the toilet at a moment’s notice!! But, yes, definitely recommend this for those who want to shrink their midsection… even if just to wear that cute dress for newborn pics or have a wedding to go to, etc! I bought another a size down, but haven’t worn it.. oops. Thought I was getting too small for the small so got an xs, but THAT one WAS uncomfortable. Drat! But I’ll have it for the future in case I need to look good for an event I guess.

Simone Chaffee, ND

Under grew it… quickly

Got this for when I got home from the hospital after giving birth. Used it day 4, thought it was great, day 5, was way too big so pointless. Which is disappointing for that price. I wish I would have gone with something more adjustable with ties or something. The hook closures in the crotch are quite painful as well, with a pad even.

Rachel Maybell, CO

Works great, doesn’t feel great

I gained 40lbs while pregnant, measured between a small and medium, bought the small and fit into it a week postpartum. It works great to give you a nice smooth look when your tummy is anything, but tight and smooth after a baby. The part that is uncomfortable for me is the top. There is boning on the sides that hurts and it does create a little roll at the top. Pain is beauty in my book and I didn’t buy this for comfort.

Rae Kintnersville, PA

Postpartum Support Girdle Belt w/zipper

The quality of this product is real good, the problem is that runs very big. My postpartum weight is 114lbs (pre pregnancy weight 107lbs- height 5.1). I used this right after having my second baby and it always felt loose, I guess I will need an XS which they do not make. Mine is been sitting in my closet, there is not point to put it on.

Camilla Canaan, ME


I am 5’2″ at 114 pounds (before birth), size xs or small before birth, Measurements before birth (waist 26, hips 36)I gained 25 pounds at 39 weeks, and was about 125-130 pounds after birth, Measurements after birth (waist 29, hips 38).So I purchased a size small.I have tried many different belly bands right after giving birth to my baby. (I had a vaginal birth). But nothing works or fit right. I have tried1. Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder for Women $39 (size xs)2. Wink Flats Post-pregnancy Belly Compression Postpartum Girdle $89 (size small, medium, large)3. ShrinkX Hips $59 (size xs)I tried all of the above right after birth for about 2 weeks and did not see any results. The Wink Flats Post pregnancy Belly Compression Girdle, I could not even get into (no matter what size I tried on). There was no zipper with this design, just a slip on design and it kept getting stuck on my shoulders. The ShrinkX Hips was very uncomfortable to wear and it keeps riding up when I sit down. And you cannot wear it under your clothes (even though they claim that you can). It is so thick around your waist, you can totally see it underneath your clothes. And the Gabrialla Girdle keeps bunching up and does not fit my torso. Cannot be worn under my clothes. And so uncomfortable.So I returned everything. And I felt very sad, depressed, frustrated, and hopeless. Because these seemed to be working for other women, but why can’t it work for me? And I could not find anything else on the market that did the job either. And I went without using anything until my baby was 4.5 months old. But one day, I was reading an Amazon review for another product and there was a lady that had recommended the Bellefit because she had a similar experience to me. And right away I ordered it that day. Item arrived really quick. (ordered on a Thursday, got it Monday morning). I paid $120 for it but it was definitely worth every penny.The size chart was spot on! Hurray!! Finally a size chart that actually didn’t lie to me. I know that with most of what I have read out there and with other belly band products, they say that you have to use within up to 8 weeks after pregnancy. And after 8 weeks, they pretty much tell you that there is nothing out there that will work. So I got really discouraged at the 4.5 months postpartum mark. I thought that there was no hope left for me. So I was really happy to have found this product (the bellefit) and it said that even people who used it 8-9 months after they gave birth noticed results. And for the most benefits, wear up to 6 months after birth.I tried it on right away after I received it. And it looked smaller right out of the box…but I tried it on anyways, and to my surprise, it actually fits me! :)I had to struggle a bit with the zipper on the side to get it to zip…but it does zip. You might have to hold the two seam lines together to help the zipper a bit. But it does zip!I was SO HAPPY!!! I immediately went to try on some of my old clothes before pregnancy and boy it felt good to be able to slip back into my old pair of denim (size 3 juniors). I can’t zip my denim up because I still have a little bit to go…but at least I can fit back into them without ripping the pair of pants. And the girdle makes my stomach looks flat and it can be worn under a tight t-shirt with no problem. You can’t even see that I am wearing a girdle. And it feels pretty comfortable compared to all of the other brands that I have tried. I am 5’2″ and the girdle sits just right below my breasts line. And when I sit down, it does NOT rise up or move or bunch up or anything. It stayed put! I can sleep in these.I feel so good and really liking how I looked with the Bellefit on. I got a little boost of confidence that day. So I am sure that with this re-found confidence I can be motivated to work out again and get back into shape. I can’t thank the makers of these Bellefit enough. What are you waiting for, just get it. You will not regret it! It’s $120 well spent. That is only about the cost of 3 bottles of diet pills or 2 months memberships to the gym.I will probably be ordering another size down once this one get more loose. I know that the Bellefit is expensive but it is really worth it.

Maxine Chignik Lagoon, AK

Belly went down very fast.

I gained about 25 pounds with my first baby and it took about two days before I was ready to use this… but it worked! My stomach looked great in shirts and I went back to my old size fast.

Earnestine Jameson, MO

Not a Happy Camper: Sizing Issues…Read on for UPDATED review

I bought this in a size large back in late October in preparation of my daughter’s birth Dec 11. (Well she ended up coming 3 weeks early)I followed the sizing instructions to a T but when I returned home from the hospital and tried it on I was sorely disappointed as it was like I was trying on a corset meant for someone much smaller. I managed to get it on with some major discomfort and I was bulging from every direction. I am 5′ 7″ tall and was 145 lbs pre pregnancy and I put on about 45 lbs during my pregnancy, thus my decision to go with the large based on sizing instructions from the manufacturer.I’m not obese by any stretch so I’m pretty perturbed that the size large is such a poor fit. I’m out a LOT of money for something I can’t use. Be advised: these run extremely small. If you are a XL woman you might be completely out of luck with this product. I was so excited at the thought of being able to possibly squeeze back into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans (or at least some of my early pregnancy jeans) with the help of this corset as it had gotten excellent reviews. I wish I could add to these great reviews. I get angry every time I see it sitting in my closet going unused.02/05/12: I was contacted by customer service who assisted me in finding an amicable resolution. I have to hand it to Bellefit, they have EXCELLENT customer service. Don’t hesitate to purchase from them based on that alone. Also the quality of the girdles and corsets they make are definitely top notch, which I neglected to mention in my original review.

Fanny Southfields, NY

Bellefit is Amazing!!!

I searched online for something that would help me get back to my pre-pregnancy size while I was still about 6 months pregnant. I looked everywhere and someone recommended on my birth board to try bellefit. I was skeptical at first because it cost more then most girdles I looked at and I wasn’t sure what size to order or how big I was actually going to get. I looked at the Bellefit site and looked at their size chart and waited until I was about 9 months pregnant to order. I took the plunge and ordered it and it came super fast! I was surprised at how quickly it came in the mail. I had it all packed and ready in my hospital bag. The big day came and my little one was here. I was so anxious to get into the Bellefit, I tried it on the day I was scheduled to come home, but I was still alittle to swollen to fit into it. A few days later I tried it on and it fit! It was alittle snug but it held everything in nicely. We went to visit family a week after I got out of the hospital and my family was amazed at how good I looked in such a short time. I had the bellefit to thank! I wore it everyday for the next few weeks and couldn’t believe that I could fit into my pre-pregnancy pants without the bellefit. I still wear it every so often because I need the next size down. It is amazing I cannot say enough good things about it, if you have any doubts please take the chance they will not let you down. Also I had to contact customer service after I recieved my bellefit and they were awesome, they handled my issue very quickly and efficently. It was the best experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

Ashleigh Mc Clellanville, SC

Wanted to like this more

For the price of this girdle I had high hopes. I sized up like other users mentioned, but still couldn’t even zip it up until 3 months post pardum. And then the top kept rolling down and pinching the h*ll out of me. I had a bright red line around my rib cage. Overall the product is made well, but I’ll have to lose even more weight for it to be comfortable to wear for more than a couple hours. So, really, what’s the point of that if I can’t get the belly support and look nice in clothes?

Phyllis Berne, IN

It digs into my ribs

I ended up having an emergency c-section and this product actually was just fine for my incision – although they make one specificaly for c-sections too. I could only wear this a few short times because the ribbing on the sides were killing me. I didn’t even make it one full day at work with this on.

Tamra Rouzerville, PA

Hands down the best girdle out there!

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now. I had a baby October 2012 and even though I didn’t gain a ton of weight during my pregnancy (15 lbs) and didn’t have that much to lose, I still felt very jiggly around my mid-section after giving birth.. and felt my belly pulling forward which threw my posture and back really out of whack. I was going to get a simple postpartum belly band for support but two of my friends highly recommended the Bellefit girdles. They had both tried other brands and said the Bellefit was definitely worth the extra money. They were totally right–I’m glad I spent a little more for something that TOTALLY worked for me. The girdle is medical grade compression, which to me just means it’s super snug and very supportive. 🙂 But they are also VERY comfortable, which I wasn’t expecting. (You can totally still breathe normally and do yoga in it, if you want! haha) I bought mine just a couple weeks after giving birth and wore it everyday for a couple months. My postpartum belly sag went away really quickly, and it helped so much with support and back issues too. I keep my little one in a carrier for a lot of the day and having the girdle on underneath helped a ton with support. Even though I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight, due in large part from wearing the girdle, I still wear it occasionally for extra support on days when my back is hurting. It just pulls everything back into alignment.Their customer service is also very good. I had some sizing questions since my weight and clothes size was right on the border of two Bellefit sizes. The person I talked to was really nice and helped me figure out which size would work. High quality, well made product. Definitely highly recommended!

Randi Norwood, GA

works but it’s too uncomfortable for me to wear.

I have quite a belly still at 5 months post partum and this girdle sucks it all in very nicely. If I am trying to wear nonmaternity jeans I have to wear this to be able to button them. But I live in NC and its hot so Ive just been wearing maternitys or sweat shorts because this girdle makes me too hot. I am also only 5’2 and this girdle is somewhat short so if I am not constantly pulling it up I get muffin top right under my bra. I was also blessed with a decent butt (not huge but not flat) and if I pull the girdle up too high the girdle pulls up on my butt and gives me two butt cheeks on each side. I ordered it following the sizing from the companies website…I didn’t even try it on for the 1st time until I was almost 3 months pp and it is pretty tight and quite difficult to zip up…I know that is the point but I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t have fit directly after birth when I was swollen and 25lbs heavier than the 1st time I tried it.Overall I’m glad I have it if I need it. I am a sahm so that’s not often….maybe I would feel differently if I had to wear work clothes everyday. Its very hot and sweaty and uncomfortable to wear where I live….probably not to bad in a cooler climate. I think they run a little small so if you are on the fence or close to the fence for sizes I would go bigger. It does give me a flat stomach so A+ in that department.

Jan Chimney Rock, CO

so far okay..

i wasn’t expecting a miracle but it definitely keeps me sucked "in"…not as "uncomfortable" as some say it is… haven’t worn it for too long so will have to wait for more resultsbut so far, it’s been working okay…

Theresa Old Bridge, NJ

doesnt adjust

only used it for a month. It became loose on me b/c the elasticity on it wasnt as strong as when I first bought it.

Carla Hamburg, AR


I ordered this product before the birth of my first baby. When I measured myself as instructed on their website, I fell right between the border of a small and medium size and I had gained about 35 pounds. The website said if you gain 35+ pounds to go up a size, but I decided to be optimistic and ordered the small. I first put on the girdle 4 days after I gave birth and I had to have my husband help me cinch it closed. Even though I was squeezing myself into it, it was not at all uncomfortable and I was able to wear it all day with my pre-pregnancy jeans. When I took it off that night I was shocked. My stomach looked SO good! My husband’s jaw hit the floor! My stomach was almost completely flat. After that first time, I was able – with some sucking in – to fasten it closed myself. I only had to wear it maybe 10 times for about 8 hours each until I thought I could probably fit into the extra small. I would highly recommend this girdle. It is definitely worth the price tag. Two weeks postpartum I was able to very comfortably wear my old jeans without the girdle, and despite a little extra skin that hasn’t completely tightened, my stomach is as flat as it ever was. I have not exercised at all and could not breastfeed, so I attribute being able to fit into my clothes so quickly completely to the Bellefit girdle. If you are on the fence about it, don’t be. I did TONS of research on girdles before deciding on this one, and I am so glad I did!

Tamara Addyston, OH

Great for Csections

I highly recommend this especially for Csection. It hold everything together and provides you a more comfortable days post Csection

Lashonda Milton, FL

Comfortable and slimming!

I used the size chart and chose an XL according to my measurements. I have a lot of hips and it fit perfectly. The first few days it was hard and awkward to put on. Now I’m a pro. I don’t wear it every day, but when I do I can see the difference. After I take it off I still appear to be slimmer. It’s fitting me looser now, but I’m not ready to get a large just yet. I was nervous about using the bathroom, but it was really easy to unhook the bottom and hook it back up. I have lost 25 pounds with a combination of using this girdle belt, breastfeeding, and I just started exercising. I waited 4 weeks before I started wearing this and my baby is now 9 weeks old.

Velma Lake Saint Louis, MO