Potty Chair Color: White

Potty Chair Color: White

055121US Color: White Features: -High back support and armrests.-Splashguard prevents unnecessary mess.-Inner potty is easy to remove and clean.-Rubber bottom edge keeps the chair in place. Dimensions: -12.5” H x 14” W x 14” D, 1.95 lbs.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Potty Chair Color: White

Verified reviews


#1 potty chair

We’ve had several potty chairs and I’d say I like this one best. It has a high back and armrests, making it comfortable for my daughter to sit. There aren’t a whole lot of cracks and crevices, which makes it easy to clean. The chair is sturdy and doesn’t tip over. It is larger than some of the other chairs, which were a little too small as my daughter grew. If I had to do it over again, I’d buy this chair first._____________________UPDATE: This is the best you can get for a potty seat; but between a potty chair and a potty seat insert, I do prefer the potty seat insert. In fact, I like the ones that insert onto the toilet seat likeFlip Toilet Potty Seat – Blue. It’s just less mess to clean up.

Alissa New Point, IN

Great Choice!

I just got this a few weeks ago and while my son hasn’t started fully using it, I love the quality. I like that it stays put, it matches the regular toilet by being white (so hopefully less confusion later) and has the “splash guard” in the front, especially since we have a boy. Won’t be disapointed and it will last for more than one child.

Adela Hemlock, NY

Great for elimination communication / early potty training

Easy to clean, my son seems comfortable on it, he started using it a few months ago, now he is 7 months old and sits up on it all by himself to potty. We are glad we bought this toilet because we use it every day. I like that the company doesn’t use toxic chemicals in their plastics, either, because it comes in direct contact with baby’s skin.

Minnie Keene Valley, NY

ok but high priced

This potty chair is fine but overpriced considering what you can get that is more attractive. My 22 month old uses it easily.

Marsha Bakersville, OH


My son would not use the many different potty’s we had so I thought I would try this one. Worth every penny! He loves it and wants to use it!

Joann Paeonian Springs, VA

Great Gender and Style Neutral Potty for Toddlers

First off, I love that its solid [read: heavy duty] white plastic with simple black trim. My first is a 2 1/2 girl and we are expecting a boy in August so I will not have to go out and buy another potty (my mother-in-law will probably have to replace her Disney Princess one though). May appear boring to some who want to make potty training fun for their little ones but I personally like the neutrality and the fact that it blends so effortlessly into our mostly white bathroom. And my daughter seems to like it regardless.Secondly, I like that the insert is easily removed for emptying, can fit in the dishwasher for easy cleaning/sanitizing and has a bit of a lip to it for little boys when sitting. I only wish the potty itself didn’t have a lip around the bottom because it collects dirt/dust/etc… and that has to be wiped regularly but its not a big deal since the potty is small.Its sturdy, comfortable, looks a lot like a ‘grown up’ potty which has been a help for us in training our daughter. Some other potty’s have a fold down lid so the potty can be used as a step-stool and that seems like a neat feature that the Bjorn does not have, but I just bought the matching Bjorn step-stool and it works very well. Might actually be better to have them separate- we transition from potty to the sink to wash our hands without having to move anything. Plus the Bjorn step has very good rubber tread on it and a wide enough surface that I have no anxiety about my kids slipping.I also bought the travel potty seat to place on a regular toilet and although we haven’t used it as much, I have the same compliments. Bought all three a year ago before we started potty training and although we’re still not seriously committed, our family really likes these products and they are working well for us. I highly recommend them!Amazon delivered all three quickly and with no damage to any of the products either. Price wasn’t bad for what I expected of the Bjorn brand- only recently saw the same potty selling at Sears for $16 on clearance.

Bridget Kurtistown, HI

Awesome product!

This product was delivered much faster than I expected. It looks beautiful and since it is white it doesn’t make my bathroom look like baby central. There are only two pieces which makes it easy to clean up and it is very sturdy. Great product!

Susana Norwich, VT

Great product.

Bought this for my visiting grandchildren, but they potty trained so fast that we didn’t need it. That’s a good thing.

Noemi Banco, VA

Wish it was the first I bought. . .

I bought the Pourty Potty at first because the reviews were rather good. I should have listened to the negative ones. A short potty is no fun and very ineffective.This potty is great. Very, very easy to clean. I love the lip on the front to keep the pee in the seat. Even my daughter could spray out of a potty if she sat awkward. The height allows your child to get up and sit down on his/her own. The back rest allows them to be comfy and stay awhile, which is key to training. Also, the little arm rests let them stand and sit with ease.I wish had started out with this potty. Instead I tried to save ten bucks by buying a cheaper one and ended up with this one instead.

Ava Harrellsville, NC

Our Least Favorite Potty

I tried to love this product. I wasn’t willing to admit that it wasn’t working for us, given that I spent quite a bit of money on it. But, eventually, I had to come to terms with my distaste for this purchase.What I don’t like: the potty sticks to the tushies of my little ones as they get up and walk away. This inevitably results in a few splashes (best case) or a total dumping of the contents (worse case). Also, my kids each complained that this potty is uncomfortable.Each of my children ended up preferring the Fisher Price Froggy Potty, which is a fraction of the price, much more comfortable, and far less likely to spill due to sticking to a child’s rear end.

Juliette Woodsboro, MD

Easy, convenient, and loved

After trying 4 different potty chairs including one with a toilet paper holder, flushing noise, and a smiling face as the toilet tank I read reviews about this Bjorn seat. I almost didn’t get one because people complained about their boys having a hard time keeping their urine stream in the bucket. I am so glad I ignored their reviews because my son loves this seat!! At first the seat looked smaller than I expected, but my 36″ tall, 32lb, just turned 2 year old son fits perfectly on it. Part of the training for boys is to teach them to lean forward slightly when they sit on the potty in order tokeep things inside. The guard is just the right size, and if our child has an issue with it getting in the way when they sit down, train them to avoid it by either entering to sit from the side or by not lowering their body until after the guard is in front of them. The oblong shape of the bowl is great for #1s and #2s. It’s easy to clean since there are no hidden grooves, nooks, crannies, or screws. No batteries to change, or levers to fix. My son actually loves to pull the bowl out and dump it into the big toilet, flush and put the bowl back. So he gets to flush something and I get to cheer for him rather than a chair. Love this seat. I also recommend reading Pottywise before training your child (boy or girl).

Faith Penn Yan, NY