Potty Time Potty Watch – Blue

Potty Time Potty Watch – Blue

The POTTY WATCH lets your little one know when it’s time to GO. Just set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and flashing lights and music gently let your toddler know it’s time to try going to the potty. The timer automatically resets itself to provide consistent remainders all day long. The Potty Watch does the reminding so you don’t have to. If batteries are not functioning when you receive the product, please reference the troubleshooting guide on the manufacturer’s website.

Main features

  • Three different reminder times (30, 60 or 90 minutes).
  • Flashing lights and music gently remind your toddler when to go.
  • Set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Verified reviews


Potty Time watch

The first one worked nicely for about 2 weeks. Then the battery died. Unfortunately we had the old version. It was glued together. IE you can not change the battery. We contacted customer support @ Potty Time inc. They sent us a new watch free of charge. Only it was defective. The screen is angled and only displays when you hit the button.A little disappointed I forced open the first one only to find that it was all rusted out from water via hand washing. This is a great idea that is red flagged by manufacturing defects. Great customer support only goes so far. Its like the newest designed Xbox 360 still has a 50% failure rating. Who wants to buy that?If you cant make it water resistant put a Velcro strap on it. Its not easy putting it on or taking it off.If you get one that works take it off to wash their hands.

Francis Cannonsburg, MI

Doesn’t work! And the manufacturer knows it.

I’m so irritated with this. I have the newer version, and out of the box, it seemed that the battery was dead. But it wasn’t… I actually had to watch a YouTube video to show me what might be wrong, which was that the timer button had to be pressed in hard with a spoon. I did that and it worked.I put it on my daughter. She thought it was cool, but wouldn’t wear it, so I just set it down next to us and set it for 30 minute intervals. It worked fine, and I shut it off that night. I restarted it the next day, and it lasted for just a couple of hours.That’s right… it didn’t even last 2 days. I realized it wasn’t going off sometime in the afternoon, so I tried resetting it. The lights still went on every 30 minutes, but no sound.What annoys me is that the manufacturer is completely aware of all these problems and continues to sell this product, knowing full well that most of us are going to have wasted our money. Real nice. It’s not our job to pay for his experiment– we should not be the product testers! All remaining inventory should be scrapped and a better model should be manufactured– one that won’t die or rust out in a matter of days.

Christi Dansville, MI


We had to buy batteries for these. The buttons were too hard for the 3 year old to push. It is too complicated for a small child. I suppose if your an adult and have a battery for it then it would be a GREAT purchase……or I can recommend some depends.

Judi Vacaville, CA

Cute and engaging, but with a design flaw

This watch definitely appeals to my son, who just turned 3. He loves to watch the numbers count down and he loves the surprise of music at the end of the countdown, and it’s increased his comfort in wearing undies and making a real try every 30 minutes. We tell him he gets to wear the watch when he’s wearing underpants and it is a huge incentive.However, the watch has a setting in which kids are supposed to be able to press a button and play tunes while they’re sitting on the pot. The button is incredibly hard for little fingers to press– my guy is dexterous enough to draw facesand write letters, and he still can’t work the button. We jerry-rigged a solution: he uses a clean Popsicle stick to activate the button. But IMO it should be a button that any toddlercan easily press.Also, keep in mind that you have to remind your child to listen to their body and go when they have to– whether or not the watch says it’sPotty Time. That can be a tough distinction when just starting out. Overall, though, we like this watch.

Betty Parker City, IN

Total Dud – Never Worked

I had read the reviews for all the other Potty Watch colors and they all seemed to indicate that the quality control was really a hit or miss. Well, never really a hit, but sometimes it seems that the people got it to work for at least a few months and then it either gave out or the kid washed their hands with it on. I was hoping to be one of the lucky people that received a working potty watch. I really just wanted to use for a week or two to remind my 2 year old with a cute song to sit on the potty every so often until she could recognize the urge herself. So I thought even if it gives out in 2-3 months, I don’t mind spending $10-12. I’ll save that in pampers or diapers. Alas, I wasn’t even that lucky. The thing was a dud on arrival. Never worked. I returned it with no incident, but by the time, a new one would have arrived my daughter was already potty trained on her own. It’s too bad because it really is a good idea and doesn’t seem to be any others on the market as far as I could tell, but the thing is obviously a problem and the company doesn’t seem to mind the en masse returns and complaints. Obviously, you could use a timer to remind yourself, but I think the kids would enjoy a song. My daughter has one of the singing toilets and she loves it! Anyhow, it’s too bad, but don’t waste your time…it seems that more often than not the thing doesn’t work.

Tammie Bigelow, AR

Yeah, too bad. It really is a piece of junk.

Well, I should have listened to the other reviews. But it’s so cute, I had to try. We opened it today, I broke my nails trying to set it, and then my daughter got some water in it when she wash her hands-so we didn’t even get to experience the musical potty training magic. Too bad. Some work on design and quality, and I think it coiuld be a winner

Jacklyn Spring Mount, PA

Fine for the price….a purchase not an investment

Before you are too harsh on this product remember you are only paying about $10-15 for it and that it has no reason to last very long if your child is about ready to be potty trained (i.e. the fact that it rusts out is not the end of the world). But to be clear the quality of this product is truly terrible if you look at it from an adult stand point- and given how cheap decent watches can be it should be made better. But who cares- it’s $12!!!!The product does what it says: it goes off at the predetermined time and then automatically resets itself. The main pain is if your toddler is wearing it you have to take it off when s/he washes his hands since it is not even remotely water-resistant. That’s how we lost ours ultimately.The other issue is that if you are away from home the music is not particularly loud. If you hang out in libraries or yoga studios it is probably fine but otherwise whether it will be heard is questionable. When we were out in the city the watch mainly served as a visual reminder to keep him on schedule versus ever hearing the alarm.But it works fine and if you cannot otherwise keep to a schedule fork out the $10-15 and move on. Just don’t expect to pass it down through the generations, you’ll be lucky if it can last until your next child needs it.

Kelly Delta, MO

this is how I trained my daughter

this is the only thing that worked and I look forward to suing this same watch with my other daughter when she is ready. a wonderful idea!

Charlotte Whitewater, WI

A potty training must have

I LOVE this watch. We were potty training our 3 year old (he’s now 4) at the time. He was doing really great for about a month and then the excitement of it began to wear off. When someone other than mommy was watching him they would often forget to take him regularly as well.This watch was perfect. We could set it for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. When the time ran out it would sing and light up, then reset itself. He found it exciting and enjoyed listening to it over mommy always hounding him.It helped when he would go to Sunday school, or if grandma was watching him, or when we were just busy at the store or something and needed a reminder.It helped us greatly. It still workes and we will be getting it out soon for our 2 year old to trial. I’ve had several other mothers at our church purchase them after seeing our son’s watch, they also love them.If it were to die durring our 2 year old’s potty training I would purchase another one and likely expidite the shipping.

Mable Lamoni, IA

Great idea – needs to be water resistant

You try to teach your kids to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. With this watch, it’s very difficult. The watch is hard to take on and off. But if they don’t take it off when they wash their hands, the watch will stop working! Great idea though… It’s a great product while it works.

Mariana Andale, KS

Cheap but Helpful

Sure, it’s a bit chintzy, but what do you expect–it costs $9.99! Also, consider its purpose. Do you really want your toddler wearing something luxurious and expensive around all that fecal matter? I found this device to be a helpful addition to my cohort of potty training accessories. My daughter found it exciting, and it really did help her remember to go. I’d recommend it for the price. Who cares if it only lasts a few weeks? Your kid will hopefully be fully potty trained by that time, anyways. Also, it’s shaped like a little toilet. How cute is that?

Sue Williamston, MI

OK, but not used much

It works fine and I got it as my daughter was very interested in our watches and wanted her own. She was also potty training and didn’t always want to go sit on the potty regularly so I thought this might help. She enjoyed it for a short time and would go to the potty when it went off. She never kept it on her wrist though, so didn’t have a problem with water. Also, after a short time she would hear the music and like it but still not want to sit on the potty. It didn’t really help her in toilet training but may help another child more. I have not had the durability issues others have had as she has periodically played with it since we got it probably about 6mos ago and it is still working fine. It is turned off when not in use so the batteries might not last as long with constant use. However, we have not had to change them yet.

Tamika Minden City, MI

Did not work!

Right out of the box, it did not work! Probably needed a new battery. But who wants to have to replace a battery in a cheap potty watch/timer they just bought! I returned it.

Carole Cottage Grove, TN

Great tool for potty training

We bought this because our daughter would hold her bladder for too long. It was a fun and easy way to get her to try and go to the bathroom. As soon as the music played, she would happily go to the bathroom (which was not the case when we asked her to try without the watch.) The watch is simple, inexpensive and useful. My only complaint is that I wish you could set the timer for longer (more than 90 minutes).

Margaret Metz, MO

Potty Watch

She loves to wear the watch and every time it goes off she runs to the potty. She then reminds me about her sticker and treat.

Mable Cheraw, SC

Working great!

So far this watch has worked perfectly. We set it to go off every 60 minutes, then it plays music and lights up. It’s nice that the watch tells my daughter to go potty and I don’t have to, saves some argument. As soon as it goes off, it starts counting down another 60 minutes so you don’t have to reset it every time. She doesn’t like wearing it, so we just leave it on the coffee table and we can usually hear it. It actually is more of a tool for me than her, hours used to go by and I would forget to put her on the potty. Now we don’t forget!

Cindy Mount Hermon, KY

Perfect for potty training

This was just what we needed to jump-start potty training with our 3 y/o son. We set the watch to go off every 30 minutes. It got him interested in and excited about going to the potty, and he had been completely disinterested before this. He only used the watch for one day (which was enough for him to start to catch onto the concept), so I can’t comment on the durability. Highly recommend this if you’re also looking for a good way to jump-start potty training your little one.

Rosanne Lisbon, MD

Best thing ever!

I got this for my six year old who has gotten into a very bad habit of getting too “busy” playing to go potty, and having several accidents a day. With two other kids to look after, it’s been hard for me to be consistent with setting a timer and reminding her. With this, I don’t have to think about it. And she even loves it – she asks me to set it for her every morning! When the watch plays its little song, reminding her to go potty, it automatically resets itself. Awesome!You get options of 30, 60, and 90 minutes. I do wish you could set it for a different time – in my case longer – but it’s beyond helpful regardless. Looking forward to using it with my one year old, hopefully sometime soon!

Hillary Fort Eustis, VA

So darn cute!

Our son loves this watch. We’re still trying to get him to make the correlation between hearing the music and going potty for himself, but will go when it plays if we tell him it’s "potty time". If someone asks him what time it is, he looks at the watch, it’s so cute. When we tell him it’s "potty time", he looks at the watch waiting for it to play. I would say we’ve had a positive experience with it. You have to push the buttons really hard to set it, but I guess that’s so little fingers can’t change the timer. We love it!

Cora Conrad, MT

ok overall but….

We are still working on potty training. The good thing about this watch is that whenever my 19 month old hears it, she so happily goes and sits on the potty (she won’t wear the watch, but the recognizes the sound and dances on the songs). Before the watch, I had to bribe her to sit on the potty and often she would resist and cry. Since the watch, no more crying.However, I wish:- It could have different time sets, not just 30, 60 or 90 min- the songs would last longer. They are just a few seconds long. Unless we are in the same room with the watch (I know she is supposed to wear it, but she does not), It’s hard to get a timely reaction from my daughter immediately. I wish I could set it to where it would play the song again, and not have to wait for the next one in 30 min.

Deidre New Iberia, LA

It really works!!!

My daughter was a stuborn potty trainer. But after 1 week using this (we had to force her to go in the begining when this went off) she was potty trained! The only down side which other people commented on is the batteries die quickly and for the cost of new batteries I wish I just got a new one because it’s had problems ever since (no sound…turning off after going off). I still give this 4 stars because it worked!

Holly Portsmouth, IA

Great idea….cheaply made

We received this watch and it was a great reminder for my child-actually helped her a lot, but it is cheaply made and only worked for about a week then it died! After wrestling with it to get the back off, I couldn’t remove the batteries to try and replace them-I am returning it and hoping the replacement they are sending works longer than one week! Great idea-cheaply made!

Liza Senoia, GA

Exactly what we needed!

We had hit a road block with pottying training my 2-year-old daugther. She wasn’t very good at telling us when she needed to go, so we were having to tell her every hour and a half or so. THEN the arguing started; I’d say it was time to go, and she would throw a fit because she didn’t want to stop whatever it was that she was doing at the time. The watch helped that problem; we set it for 90 minutes and when it went off, it was time to go. We told her "the watch said it’s time to go!" and miraculously there’d be no fight. After about a week she’d hear the watch go off and tell us it was time to go.Another perk is that the daycare-time accidents happened way less than before once she began telling someone whenever the watch went off, because they wouldn’t take her unless she told them specifically that she had to go.I love this watch! We’ll defintely use it in the future! The only down-side is that it seems like the batter lasted only a month and a half before the music slowed down considerably and the volume went way down.

Flora East Fairfield, VT

Great for potty training.

I like this watch because I don’t have to always be the one reminding my daughter to use the potty. It makes for less resistance from her.

Tabatha Ark, VA

Potty trained in 5 days!

Our son decided at 2 that he wasn’t going to wear diapers anymore but he didn’t want us telling him it was time to go try to go to the bathroom. Enter this watch after a search for potty training help. You set the watch (which isn’t actually a watch at all, it’s a timer) to go off at either 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals. We started with every 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, the watch has little red and green lights that flash and a little song will play. That’s the child’s signal that it’s time to go try.We LOVED that the watch was telling him it was time to try. As long as it wasn’t our idea, he was absolutely game for going to try. The music and lights would go off and he’d exclaim, "The potty watch says it’s time to go potty!" And off he’d run. The music only plays once, stops and the timer resets itself automatically. No buttons to push to keep it going throughout the day. You will want to remember to turn it off at night so it doesn’t keep going off all night long.The only downside to this watch that I can see is that it absolutely helps with learning to go pee on the potty. It doesn’t help so much with #2, especially if you have a little one that only goes once a day or once every other day. But peeing on the potty is a huge step to full potty-training success.I noticed that some other reviews had problems with battery life, but we never had a problem and always had it set to go off every 30 minutes.

Rose Mulberry, FL


I love the idea. Wish it was easier to program and really use. It breaks way to easily. Was disappointed that it didn’t last longer. If they fix it up I think the idea is amazing.

Lilly Nellysford, VA

Great help for early potty training!

Great reminder tool for my son in his early days of potty training. It’s not too loud which is nice – enough for him to hear it – but he didn’t hear it if he was sleeping. Overall this is really temporary as they need to learn to listen to their body’s cues to go, but this helps for those times he got distracted and didn’t make it in time without some timed reminders.

Rita Midpines, CA

Buttons are hard to work but the musical tones are great

The options for 30/60/90 minutes is the most important feature of this watch. We used it more as a timer because our son didn’t like it on his wrist.

Mayra Cumberland Foreside, ME

Very helpfully

Due to my son incontigency we decided to buy this product and it does not dissapointed us; nice experience our son love it.

Ester Geigertown, PA


I bought this when my daughter turned two to try it out. Well… it worked. My daughter is now potty trained! She loves it too! I bought her a pink one and she wore it all the time. Whenever the timer would go off it would light up and she was so excited to go potty. She used it for about 2 months before we no longer had too. I have passed it down to my niece and it’s working for them.

Lucille Isaban, WV