PottyCover – Disposable toilet seat covers.

PottyCover – Disposable toilet seat covers.

PottyCover is a disposable, oversized toilet seat cover for children, that covers the sides and the front of the toilet to keep away germs and wetness. The extra large front flap keeps legs and clothes from touching the front of the toilet. The side flaps cover the sides of the toilet where kids hold on to maintain their balance, keeping their hands away from germs. This is a must-have product for potty-training and beyond. All parents know how stressful it could be walking into a dirty public bathroom with a 3 year old who needs to go potty. PottyCover takes away the stress by creating a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child. Each seat cover is individually packaged in an easy to open bag, making it convenient to carry in your purse or the back pocket.

Main features

  • Provides a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child.
  • Oversized design provides maximum coverage by covering the sides and the front of the toilet.
  • Soft non-woven fabric for comfort, coated with a layer of plastic to keep germs and wetness away.
  • Individually wrapped for parents on-the-go.
  • Stays on the toilet without any messy adhesive strips.

Verified reviews


A mommy must have

I have 2 little girls that drink a lot of liquids and obviously have to make a lot of restroom stops. It grossed me out when their little hands rubbed the sides of the toilet seat and their legs rubbing the bottom of the toilet. This toilet cover almost covers the whole toilet and there is definitely no skin contact. I sometimes use it myself and I wish they were a little cheaper, but worth it.

Tia Manokin, MD

Great product although pricey

I think this is the 3rd time that I am ordering this seat cover. I usually order 5 packs at a time. This seat is the perfect toilet seat cover for both toddlers and adults! No part of your skin will touch yucky public tolilets and it is a bid padded (not super padded but comfy on your bum kind of padding). My mom has used this and asked me to give her more! One of our friends also needed to use the public restroom and we gave one cover to use and she was impressed at how comfortable this seat was and how it covered the entire seat! This is great to have in your purse for those emergencies! I will buy more even though it is quite pricey because I am a germaphobe:)

Lucia Free Soil, MI

Fantastic and Awesome Company

These are so great, I love them. I had to cancel my first order because there was a mixup with Amazon on the whole add-on item thing and I didn’t want to pay for shipping. The owner of the company sent me the nicest email approving the cancel and then sent me a free pack in the mail with another nice note. It is so rare to find a company who cares about their customers and provides exceptional service. Love this company! Unfortunately, I used these while still potty training and proceeded to go through 4 of the 6 in 45 minutes as my crazy toddler kept insisting she had to pee over and over (turns out she just thinks it’s fun to use public bathrooms! gah!) So I need to order more asap. I wish these came in a 20 pack as we’re out and about a lot.As far as the cover goes…the 6 come in their own little bag which is so helpful, they open and can be set up very quickly and, most importantly, they cover the area where the feet dangle protecting your kid’s undies from touching disgusting public toilets. They are perfect! A+ for the seat cover and A+ for the company!

Eva Eagleville, CA


These potty covers are packaged conveniently and easy to use – none of the double sided tape you have to mess around with as your child is doing the desperate potty dance. I am very pleased with them and even though they are a bit more pricey than other potty seat covers, they are worth it – what’s the use of cheaper potty seat covers if your child poops their pants while you peel the tape or when they don’t stay put and your child sits on the nasty toilet seat anyway?

Bettye Mekoryuk, AK

life saver!!

my family and i love going on hikes and public places this toilet seat cover is wonderful, no matter what the shape of the toilet is this toilet seat cover always does a great job, it stays on the same place and protects the little ones from germs, i would highly recommend this product!

Guadalupe Duquesne, PA

Perfect for nYC

these are absolutely the best thing for living in NYC where the public bathrooms are so gross perfect love how big they are

Holly Depauw, IN

great invention!

like this a lot…had to restock 3 more pkgs…it does slide a little bit when the child sits down on it..so gotta watch on on thatalso, it takes a bit of an effort to open up…when you have a child who HAS to go really bad, it’s a bit nerve wrecking to keep telling her to wait, wait for mommy to open this thing up…but other than that, works great…

Patrice Greenbush, ME

Way more coverage

I use the potty covers under a portable folding potty seat we have. It keeps my kids’ legs clean–unlike a similar cover I purchased at Babies R Us that covers the seat only and not the leg area. We take them everywhere. They are folded small and individually packed so they are easy to carry in my purse or the diaper bag. I only wish they were a little less-expensive. But, I will say they are the best potty cover we have found.

Maribel Lummi Island, WA

Love it

This product really covers the toilet set well. There is no part of the seat exposed even the front cover.

Kris Dietrich, ID

Wonderful Potty cover; Covers it ALL!

Initally I purchased 3 packs of these along with a portable potty. These potty covers are GREAT! They cover the entire contents of a toilet; additionally they overlap all sides of a toilet which is great because when the child tries to hold on, he/she will not touch the toilet, only the pottycover. Will definitely order more!!!!!!!!UPDATE – 25 April 2012. I have tried two other brands of Potty Covers and these by far are the absolute best. They win, hands down, no competion!!!!! We live in Kuwait and in the malls and restaurants, the bathrooms are pretty clean and are cleaned frequently, however, when using a bathroom where the condtions are less than desirable, I can not be without these for my 3 year old Princess! As stated in my earlier review, these cover the entire contents of a toilet seat. Additionally, they provide front coverage which is great for protecting the child’s clothing from touching the base of the toilet. These are also individually wrapped, so you can always have one available in your purse without having to worry about contamination. I will always give these the maximum amount of stars available.

Brandie Waverly, VA

Very bad hold!

I bought this for public toilets for my daughters potty training. It turns out it doesn’t remain steady, so as soon as I tried to sit my daughter on the toilet with this it moved and defeat the purpose of using it.

Cherie Avilla, MO

Great product!

This is the best cover ever! The toilet is completely covered, so you don’t have to worry about little hands wandering around. It looks fun. Each cover is individually wrapped, so you can throw it in your bag and it will still be intact when you need it. I only wish I had found it sooner!

Dona Memphis, IN

We Never Leave Home Without Them

Unlike other toilet covers these actually cover the front of the toilet which is essential in a public restroom. They cover the entire seat and I don’t have to worry about my 2 year olds legs or behind touching the seat. These go with us on every outing and even my husband remembers to take them along when he goes out with the kids. I’m one who hates using public restrooms but these have allowed me to relax about my toddler needing to go.

Shauna Hugo, CO


these are great for on the go. It covers the entire toilet seat which is terrific!Easy packaging to slip right in your purse.

Bernice Adamant, VT

Works great but expansive

We have a few different toilet seat covers for my toddler. This one works great and has excellent coverage against all things yucky in the public bathrooms. However, it’s quite expansive. Essentially, it’s costing me $1 every time my kid has to go tinkle (and since he is just getting potty trained, he has to go quite often!!). I wish the price is better…..

Lilia Dale, NY

Great for kids

I don’t think any of us want our kids (or, in my case, myself as well) having to touch filthy public toilets. So, I bought a bunch of these and have before to keep my toddler’s skin out of other people’s stains on seats. These work well and are a decent size, but not perfect. It’s hard to come up with one design for all sorts of different seats, I know, so it looks like they did the best they could. One thing I like about a different product are the little sticky strips, which would be nice here as well, as long as they were located in a better spot. I will buy more of these, though, as they are the best alternative I have found so far.

Helga Clio, SC

Great potty cover!

These completely cover the entire toilet and makes me more comfortable about taking my child to public bathrooms. They have a thin layer of plastic on one side so nothing is going to come through. I am in the middle of potty training and these do come out to be a bit expensive for each one so when she doesn’t go it makes me sad to throw it away for the price. However, I love the coverage so I will continue to buy. Wish this was not an add-on item for Prime and you could just order when needed.

Hope Springboro, PA

they cover everything!

I love these because they cover the whole toilet seas and the bottom part too. That way my kid isn’t sitting on paper and having his pants and legs on a dirty seat. I give it 4 stars because it’s too expensive for so few, and also because it often slides out of place.

Jeannine Asbury, MO

Great product

Best potty covers I have used this far. I have tried a few brands and these are great. They don’t slip off

Jasmin Raceland, LA

Totally Covered

Amazing product for the ultimate germophobe potty training their toddler. I used it with my first child. This covers ever corner of the public toilet and then some. Maximum protection like it says. No part of your child or his/her clothing will be exposed. They can even hold the side of the toilet over the cover! Pricey for peace of mind though.

Lavonne Walker, MN

disposable toilet seat covers that cover EVERYTHING you need!

Unlike other disposable toilet seat covers, these will protect your child’s underwear and clothing when they go to the bathroom with the flat that goes from the front of the seat to the floor. Great idea and product!

Rowena College Springs, IA

Love these for the kiddos

They don’t have to touch any area of the toilet while going to the bathroom – that is a grand slam! That’s all I gotta say@

Robert Amston, CT

Great concept. Disposable but NOT flushable.

I bought these for my recently potty trained child as we tackle the fun of using not so clean public restrooms. The concept of almost full coverage is great but I was disappointed to not have caught that they are disposable but NOT flushable.So you just have to dispose of it in the garbage. The best feature is the front coverage part where their legs/pants would hang and rest on the toilet otherwise. I would recommend this product for the beginning potty training stage but with the not flushable disclaimer.

Pamela Orwell, NY

Great Product!!!

I love it!!!My 3 years old son love to "visit" outside bathroom (mall’s, supermarket’s, restaurant’s… etc), I use to use this disposable toilet seat cover, then I’ll put the folding potty seat on top of it before I seated him. This cover pretty much able to cover the whole toilet seat, so my son can keep his hands and legs "clean".

Erica Lovington, NM


I am OCD about public restrooms!! I love these. They cover the entire toilet and do everything they promise to do. I ordered about 6 packs of them and keep them in my car and a few in my purse and/or my daughter’s backpack. They are a lifesaver when your kiddo has to go potty in a public bathroom. The only gripe I have is they are not flushable which I didn’t know at first because I didn’t read the fine print on the package. Tried to just flush it and it clogged the toilet. I’ll just keep that little secret between me & my daughter as to where that happened :-).

Emilie Flower Mound, TX

Worth every penny

I have the smaller, cheaper types in my diaper bag as well, however I keep these on hand for the times that I encounter a repulsive bathroom situation. I wouldn’t use these in places where cleaning staff is on hand (so buy the standard-sized ones for those) but this is a requirement for the times that you go to say, a bathroom in a public park where the toilets and nastiness haven’t been removed since the 70s.

Patty Star City, AR