Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty, Blue

Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty, Blue

The Pourty Potty is a one piece potty with a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip so that you can empty the unpleasant contents without any mess or dribbles. It is compact and sleek and it comes in four attractive colours, blue, pink, purple and white. Parents love Pourty because it is easy to empty and clean. Whenever you empty a basic potty you have to empty the contents over the seating area and any pee dribbles down the outside of the potty and all over the place. In contrast to this, the Pourty potty has a handle at the front making it easy to pick up your child’s potty and pour the contents out of the back away from where the child sits or touches. The lip at the top of the duct is designed so that there should be no dribbles down the outside of the Pourty. You can then simply refill the Pourty with water and wash it out. It is very comfortable for the child to sit on because the seating area is wide and ergonomically designed. The two sides of the back rest offer ample support. It is made out of thick sturdy plastic making it harder for your child to knock over. It is stable to sit on which gives the child confidence when toilet training. The Pourty is bigger than most one piece potties but smaller than some two piece potties. Children from 6 months to 4 years old find it comfortable to sit on and are in a good healthy position to go to the toilet. Doctors agree that adopting the squatting position is the healthiest way to have a bowel movement. It is also lightweight and compact enough to be used as a travel potty.

Main features

  • Unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip making it more hygienic and easier to empty and clean
  • Handle at the front so that you pour waste out of the back away from where the child sits or touches
  • Wide ergonomic seat for greater comfort for boys and girls
  • Sturdy plastic and wide base for extra stability
  • High splash guard

Verified reviews



It is everything it commits to. I love the pourable concept and it is super easy to clean. Plus, you can’t beat the price. My only issue is that it is a little low for my two-year old and hard for her to squat down that low.

Lina Caddo, TX


I bought two of these potties for my 21m twin boys. We got these for a potty training bootcamp, and I’m so glad I picked these! They clean Super quick, and are the perfect size for my boys. They found it easy to use, and one of my boys preferred it to the Prince Lionheart potty we started with! Honestly, I do too!

Rachael Livonia, LA

Good for boys

Very simple unit that helps keep boys’ urine from going out the front. Recommended by friend and glad I purchased this and not one of those fancy potties.

Peggy Egan, SD

Ready to buy a new potty

As this is our first child, I didn’t know what to look for in a potty. I thought this would be good since it looked easy to empty and clean, but we haven’t been able to get that far with it.Our daughter is getting interested in the potty and wants to sit on it. But the shape of this potty is confusing for her and she tries to sit on it backwards and sideways, which obviously isn’t at all comfortable. It also is very light and doesn’t have anything on the bottom to keep it from skidding around the floor, so it skids away from her as she’s trying to sit on it. She goes from being excited about sitting on the potty into a frustrated meltdown, which completely defeats the purpose.This might work out later on as a second or travel potty once she’s gotten the hang of it, but I’m not sure that we’ll end up getting any use out of it at all. We’re now in the market for one with a higher seat back and hopefully a lower splash guard (or a removable one).

Estela Torrington, CT

Great potty chair for babies and toddlers alike

Just like it claims, this potty pours and cleans up beautifully. Some reviews complained that it is too low to the ground and while this is true, it’s definitely something that neither I nor my daughter mind. A low squatting position is actually beneficial for the health for your colon (google it if you don’t believe me!). I also like how little space it takes up and how lightweight it is. Definitely a great product that I would recommend to anyone.

Patrica Gwinn, MI

Son doesn’t like it

I have the pourty potty and a baby bjorn potty chair. We prefer the baby bjorn over the pourty potty. The chair is more stable, and my son will sit for as long as he wants in it. The pourty potty has no grip and slides easily. Since the chair is for my son he is the ultimate judge of which he likes better. Baby bjorn wins. Pourty potty will remain in our second bathroom he rarely uses.

Eula New Haven, IL

No extras needed.

I purchased this potty for my fourth child, first daughter. She does like the toilet, even with the smaller child seat and I refused to spend unnecessary money on a bulky, noisy potty with several pieces. This potty is one solid piece. It is simple to use, empty, and keep clean. If needed I can travel with it. I am truly impressed and purchased two more for the other bathrooms.

Margret East Andover, NH

Too little for older kids

We have an average sized 2 1/2 year old. We’re working on potty training but this is just too low for him. It’s hard for him to line himself up and I am always worried he’s going to end up getting pee all over the place. It’s nice if he’s only going poop, and I like that there’s not the painful flip up cup catcher that our previous potty seat had, but I think this one just isn’t working either. I gave it 3 stars because I think it would work well for smaller children. We’ll keep this for a back up or to bring with to grandparents’ houses.

Paula Hudson, WY

Pourty Potty

We have tried several potty chairs and even a child converter seat for the big potty but my daughter now prefers her `little potty chair’. The reason that I like the Pourty potty so much is that it is just one solid piece so you aren’t messing with cushions, tops and other adapters which had turned out to be a waste for us. It is also a compact size but fits our daughter perfectly. The pour spout is awesome and the ease to empty it makes it such a worthwhile purchase.

Peggy Ocotillo, CA

Seems nice, but son is afraid of it

It seems very small in person and my son will not sit on this even though he is very tiny. He loves to put toys into it.

Luisa Zaleski, OH

It’s fine

I’ve never bought a potty before. I actually bought two of these as we have one at our daycare provides house. My complaint is the same as I’ve read from others. . . it’s short. My 20 month old has trouble getting off of it. I do like the easy pour idea and it does clean nicely with some Clorox wipes.Honestly, if I could return it I would. I’d like something that is a little taller, even though my bathroom has no space at all.Update (July 2013): We’ve really tried to use this potty but my two year old cannot get on or off of it by herself. I guess she is a little tall for her age, but still. I’m back online today buying something taller.

Herminia Manitou, KY

small, otherwise good.

This is a good idea, with the pour spout and handle. However, it’s really low to the ground. my tiny 20 month old has her knees right under her chin. The good news is, she doesn’t seem to care.

Hollie Koloa, HI

Works very well (for boys too)!!

After much research, we bought this potty for our 9 month old son, knowing that potty training was just around the corner. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was only $14.95 and I was worried about the splash-guard. We haven’t been able to find a potty with a good splash-guard. This potty has been great! We haven’t had any problems with any fluids going anywhere except in the potty. And it’s easy to empty and clean. I love that it’s only one piece and sturdy so we don’t have to worry about him tipping over. And the fact that the bowl is smooth means that his little bottom doesn’t get red marks on it.The one thing that I would say is that it’s a bit small. My 9 month old sits on it just fine, but even he is going to outgrow it pretty quickly. I’m not sure if this is just meant to be a very short-term potty. I’d love to see the company make them just a little bit bigger.Overall, I would still recommend this potty to anyone who is looking for one. 🙂

Sally Richfield, NE


We like that this potty is one solid piece and easy to clean. This is the second one we’ve ordered and our daughter’s favorite color is purple, so she was absolutely thrilled. She insisted on using it for a while in her bathroom at home instead of her cushy potty. Now we have a Pourty potty for both cars.

Winifred Mackinaw, IL

Perfect Potty

Thought this is not one of those multi-functional potties, it is a perfect one. I put my 4 months old daughter, who has been potty trained for a month and can sit without support for awhile, on it and it fits her perfectly. She sits on it straight like a chair with her legs on the floor. The cleaning is super quick. I just add water, shake, pour and flush!

Clara Paskenta, CA

Best Potty seat for BOYS

I got this to test out and I am in love with it. Our old one is nothing compared to how cool this one is.. Its so easy. They go potty in it. Then you just pour out the pee or poop and wash it. Did I mention the no need of taking the seat off, then taking a tray out washing it all and putting it back together. Pourty is just a one done thing. Oh and its BOY PROOF. No need of a extra piece to make sure they dont spray. This potty here has a lip to cover and splash effect! This potty here is awesome. My 2 year old son is in the whole potty training process right now, and he loves this potty. He just plops down, pee’s and I wash and bam. I got the blue one and I love it. This is a must potty seat for every mom with a boy. I mean its just so easy to clean. Use the handle in front to carry it. You don’t even get splashed because of the deepness. The one thing I would mention is some kind of rubbery grip at the bottom if you have hardwood floors it will slide when they sit and get up. Not a horrible slide just moves a wee bit, if they use the potty on their own. Works great on carpet and linoleum floors. Or just plop it on a rug if you have hardwood floors!

Latisha Elkhart, IN

Our Daughter’s Favorite!

We’ve had several different potty chairs. Our 2 year is small for her age and she prefers the design of this chair. It’s also simple and easy to clean. I will warn people with wide or big hands, that this can be tricky to wipe out after a #2. I have tiny hands, so it doesn’t bother me, but my husband cringes becuase he really doesn’t like the sides of his hand to touch the walls of the hole.

Rosa Carrizozo, NM

Love this little potty!!!

This is the best little potty I have found! It is one piece so no parts to come apart and distract my little man! It is a small potty my 18 month old fits great but my 3 yr old (39" 30lbs) uses it with no complaints. I love the pour spout as it makes cleaning up a breeze. Would absolutely recommend this potty to anyone!

Silvia Heidelberg, KY