Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer, White/Blue

Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer, White/Blue

The new Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer from Pourty has a unique squeeze flex action and adjustable prongs so that it fits securely on to the toilet seat. Adult toilet seats come in many shapes and sizes and most potty seats have no size adjustments. This means that they can wobble around making the child feel insecure when they sit on them. The Flexi Fit’s clever design allows you to adjust it once per toilet seat for a great secure fit each time. Its squeeze flex action enables you or your child to put it on and off the toilet easily. The potty seat is made from a sturdy and smooth plastic and is contoured to make it comfortable for the child to sit on with confidence. It also incorporates a full splash guard below and above the seat to prevent unwanted spills. The Flexi Fit comes in a stylish but discrete white with a blue rubber rim. Please note that the Flexi Fit may not fit as securely to large rectangular toilet seats.

Main features

  • Flexible secure fitting toilet trainer
  • Adjustable to fit wide range of toilet seats
  • Sturdy and comfortable seating area
  • Full splash guard below and above the seat
  • Adjust prongs only once per toilet seat

Verified reviews


So far so good.

We have a relatively new toilet, oval shaped. This trainer snaps in very easily and I like that it does not slip or move, and also that it seems comfortable enough for our toddler. He hasn’t used it yet, other than to ask to be put on it, sit for a bit and then slide himself off of it.As with all of these products, don’t leave your child unattended, at least not until they can reach the floor with their feet. Or whenever. Just be careful out there.

Lucinda Lake Havasu City, AZ

Best we have tried

We have used a couple other seat reducers (the other we like is the Prince Lionheart WeePod Basix), and this is the best. We have one toilet with an odd shaped seat (seems a bit wider/rounder), so the other seats never fit very well (the soft structure of the other one mentioned ended up splitting when used on that toilet). This was very easy to adjust so it sits securely yet is removable when necessary. The hard plastic seems durable (I assume less comfortable than the soft designed seats, but our toddler knows the idea is to go potty not just hang out on the potty at this point, so not an issue for us at all). It seems very well made, too. The splash guard is adequate for us, too. Very happy with this!

Felicia Clear Brook, VA

Portable, doesn’t slide around, easy to clean

We love this thing. It fits on every seat we’ve tried, our son will go on it, and the rubberized bottom doens’t slide around, even when you don’t use the included adjustable tabs that will hold it on the seat. Definitely recommended.

Taylor Baldwin Park, CA

Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer Review

This is an awesome addition for families who use and love the Pourty Potty. The seat topper fits on most toilet seats and has prongs to stay in place. Children familiar with the Pourty Potty will feel comfortable. The seat also has a gap in the backrest to help children have easy access to wipe. Fantastic!

Sylvia Pembroke Pines, FL

Seems like a great seat

We’re just at the very beginnings of the potty training stage, so I can’t speak to the full use of this yet. However, so far it seems very well made, does not slip, toddler fits comfortable and with it being pretty much a solid plastic piece it’s easy to clean.

Nikki Victoria, VA

Works as stated

My grand daughter loves it.. I bought the bumbo step stool so she can get up herself.. it fits nice and snug…its’ very sturdy and well made. It doesn’t slide or slip. Very satisfied with this product.

Ofelia Vineyard Haven, MA

Works great on all our different size toilets

The only thing I would change is I wish it had a hook to hang it on the potty hook we have on the side of our toilet.

Grace Kahului, HI

Works Well But Not Exactly As Described

My boy has no trouble getting onto and off the Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer and seems comfortable using it. Plus, the splash guard does a good job preventing spills. All in all, the trainer works well but not exactly as stated. When setting up the Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer you are suppose to adjust the prongs to be a little further in from the toilet seat edge. This means to put the trainer on the toilet seat you must squeeze the rear of the trainer in slightly. The trainer then stays securely in place because the prongs are pushing against the edge of the toilet seat. However, when I adjust the prongs to be a little further in from the toilet seat edge the rear of the trainer bows up. As a result, I adjusted the prongs on the trainer to be flush with the toilet seat. Setting it up this way, the trainer does wiggle a little but is easy to pull off and put back in place because it just lifts up when taking it off and slides down when putting it back, no flexing necessary. I would have preferred the toilet trainer work as described so it would be very secure on the toilet seat. Still, I’m happy with the purchase as it looks nice, does a good enough job staying in place, and my child has no problem using it.

Francine Fonda, NY

The adjustment pieces are a pain and can mess up your toilet. Get the Baby Bjorn seat!

I purchased this to replace a Baby Bjorn potty seat. Mostly to save money. The Baby Bjorn last us through 2 kids so about 4 years. It finally got a cracked handle so it was time to junk it.My son is 3. He knows how to use the potty all by himself. This includes putting the potty seat down, climbing up and down on his own, etc etc.This seat comes with two plastic pieces that slide onto the seat to adjust to the size of your toilet seat. They are extremely loose and when I tried to adjust it to the proper setting to keep the seat stable the plastic pieces moved to the next setting.I came to the reviews and read that you have to squeeze it to get it on but this would not work for my son. He has past the age of needing help with the potty so I shouldn’t have to go into the bathroom each time he needs to go to put the seat on the toilet.I also read the review about the plastic piece getting stuck in the toilet! You seriously would never consider this to be an issue unless you have had to replace a toilet because something was stuck. We have and it isn’t fun or cheap! When I saw how loose the pieces were I was really concerned that my son would drop one into the toilet and flush and we’d have to buy ANOTHER replacement toilet.So I sucked it up, returned this one, and paid the extra for the Baby Bjorn. It has no loose pieces. It has a dial that you can adjust to the size of the toilet. Plus it has a handle that is perfect for hanging. I recommend the Baby Bjorn over this seat!

Peggy Highgate Springs, VT

Fits perfectly

Fits my toilet perfectly. Has a little adjustable thingy on it so I think it would fit most toilets. The little part in the front is high enough for my son so we don’t have crazy pee accidents. Only complaint is it would be nice if it had some sort of hook so when it’s not on the actual toilet seat, I could hang it behind the door instead of having to leave it on the floor. But if that’s my only complaint then it’s really well made.

Lenora Troy, VT

Not excellent, but good enough

The one I used to have was not sturdy enough and kept moving around whenever my son sits on it, so I decided it is time to change it. It doesn’t fit perfectly on the seat but at least it doesn’t move around either. It is easy to clean and easy for my son to put it on the seat whenever he needs it.

Dionne Greenville, AL

Great seat for boys

I have a boy who’s just getting comfortable going on an adult sized toilet vs his potty seat. This fits our oval seat well, just as well as the Bjorn seat which we have in another bathroom already. The plus is that this seat is way cheaper. The only downside is there’s no good way to hang it, so it just sits on top of the toilet.

Pauline Creston, IL