Prefold Cloth Diaper

Prefold Cloth Diaper

GroVia Bamboo Prefold Cloth Diapers are an economical absorbency option for use in your favorite GroVia Shell, cover, or pocket diaper. They are versatile, easy to clean, silky soft and trim. Available in 4 sizes. Sold in packs of 3.

Main features

  • Use in your favorite GroVia Shell, cover, or pocket diaper
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Economical absorbency option
  • 55% Rayon made from bamboo, 45% Organic Cotton

Verified reviews


Great prefold, but skip size 1!!

I purchased a few of each size of the Grovia prefolds. After prepping them, the size 1s are smaller than my chinese prefolds I bought 3 years ago that fit my newborn in 2009. My second son is 4 weeks old, and was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth, and dropped to 7 lb 13 oz. At his lowest weight, these were small and didn’t contain poop very well. In my opinion, they shrink. . . a LOT.I give the brand and size 2s a high rating–I can use a size 2 in a diaper cover trifolded, and it is awesome–it holds a lot of moisture, and contains the poop very well–and they are much softer than my chinese prefolds. I’m just surprised at how SMALL the size 1s are, for my average sized newborn.I recommend these prefolds–but I would definitely skip the size 1s. a size 2 will fit a newborn just fine, with room to grow.

Amelia Sutton, VT

Love these!

I am a huge fan of trifolding prefolds in covers and was excited to try bamboo for my new baby. These are probably the softest and squishiest prefolds I have ever tried! They fit perfectly laid in my Flip or Diaper Rite covers on the smallest setting and will work on the medium setting too. They aren’t the trimmest diaper option, but in my opinion, they are trimmer than cotton prefolds I have tried and less stiff/heavy. Absorbency is great as well. My 6 week old is a really heavy wetter and we already have to double up her pocket diapers for night time but so far no leaks with these alone in a cover at night. Love the pretty stitching colors too.

Sophia Hawks, MI

Best Prefolds Available

We’ve tried Bummies, Thirsties, GroVia, new cheap chinese prefolds, and 20 year old actual cotton prefolds, and GroVia beats them all by a mile. If I could go back, we’d just buy these. Don’t bother with size 1 unless you have a premmie… size 2 is plenty small enough with a fold for a few weeks. My son grew out of them by 3 months.GroVia prefolds + Thirsties snap covers = the best available option. GroVia covers are just too big for the first few months, and while they didn’t leak through to clothing, we were changing the covers way too often to be worthwhile.EDIT: I originally reviewed these when my son was 3 months. He is 6 months now and I am still a GroVia fan, with one caveat: perhaps my son has a large bum, but, he’s only 18lbs and the “15-25lb” size 3s no longer fit him very well. This may be because we are pinning, and so more fabric is needed at the top to go around (I think if you were using pocket diapers this might not be as much of an issue?), but, we’re finding we need to size up faster than I expected, and I am worried he may grow out of the largest size before we’re ready.

Kathrine Sycamore, SC


These prefolds are soft! Shrank a little more than my Osocozy prefold but still usable of course! I feel that they are slightly more absorbent than the Osocozy.

Nellie Spring Valley, NY

Great for my heavy wetter and great quality/price

LOVE these prefold. Very absorbant and have not had one leak so far (pair with Thristies cover). The are of great quality and the price is VERY good!!!

Molly Holly Hill, SC

very absorbent but very big

Super absorbent and soft prefold, but too big for my big guy even. Folding them down in the front just made for too much bulk. I mainly use them as a spit up cloth to lay under baby’s head and as a night time nursing pad in the early days.

Lora Henderson, NE

Great night time solution

These are really high quality prefolds. Not only are they really soft but they absorb so much that we exclusively use them for night time diapering. I plan on getting larger sizes as my baby grows. If you want a cheaper alternative to the Grovia soakers you really can’t go wrong with these prefolds.

Lawanda Willow, AK

Perfect for a heavy wetter!

I bought these for my 18 month old for overnight use. We’ve been having trouble at night with her diapers leaking through after only 6 hours, but these work perfectly. We’ve used them for almost a week and not a single issue with leaks! These prefolds fit perfectly with a Thirsties Duo cover.

Sonja Comerio, PR