Press ‘n Pull Plug Protectors

Press ‘n Pull Plug Protectors

Our Press ‘n Pull Plug Protectors feature an easy pop-out tab for parent-only use, and it’ll also save your nails from chipping! They clip right to your vacuum cord when cleaning so you’ll never lose them again!Plug protector covers one elecrical socketclips to electrical cord when outlet is in use so you never lose outlet plug againTwo size cutouts to accommodates various size cordsPush tab to pull out

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I recommend!

After breaking several fingernails trying to get outlet covers off, I tried several brands and found this to be the only one that didn’t fight me. I have 15 month old twins and they haven’t tried to pull them out. I also like how there is a built in way to clip the cover to a cord. So, when I pull out the cover to use the vacuum, I can clip the cover to the cord. No more forgetting to replace the cover when I’m done! I highly recommend this plug cover!

Kaitlyn Calumet, IA

Too hard to remove!

I don’t like these.Pros:1. These are very easy to install. Simply press into place.2. Color blends in well with the outlet.3. Very cheap (price, that is…see below for quality problems)Cons:1. If you have fingers bigger than the average 6 year-old, good luck getting these off when you need to. You either need to use a screwdriver to pry a corner while pushing the center “push tab”, or tear your fingers up with extreme pressure.2. You have to be a master at “Twister – the Hand Version” to get these off. Push tab serves no purpose. It was SUPPOSED to add leverage to allow you to use one-hand to slide it out of the socket, but I always end up doing the following:A: Using my right hand’s thumb and middle finger, grip the sides.B: Using my left hand’s thumb, reach up in-between my right hand’s death-grip and push hard on the center push leverC: Using my left hand’s pointer finger, reach over and down, in-between my right hand’s grip, and pull at the top of the plugD: Apply steady, painful pressure on all points, until my fingers start to hurt, or it comes off3. Little fingers can more easily wiggle their points into the protector, kind of defeats the purpose…Overall: I DON’T LIKE IT – 2 STARSAvoided one star because of the price…I shouldn’t have cheaped-out on these, spend a few more dollars, and gotten better ones. Caveat Emptor.

Kelley Marion, TX

Horrible, easy to pull out by 17 month old

This is a horrible product. Waste of money since I now have to throw them all out.My 17 month old just pulled one out without any problem.Useless and Dangerous!

Marta Cookville, TX


Terri Brownwood, TX

Absolute Rubbish

My toddler can remove these covers in about a second! They do nothing to protect your children from live outlets. You could turn your back to find your child had pulled it out and stuck something into the outlet. Terrible product. Do not buy these covers choose a different design. I have replaced mine with the Mummy’s Little Helper covers which DO stay in place and my little man can not pull out.

Elsa Connelly, NY

Absolute garbage

This company should be ashamed to sell such a hazardous product. Any child can remove them from the socket. They are a choking hazard.

Pansy Hobbs, IN


My child quickly figured out how to remove these outlet covers. Don’t waste your money. Just buy the cheapos that are more difficult for you and nearly impossible for your toddler to remove.

Tabitha Ethridge, TN

Don’t waste your money

My 11 month old can take these off with no problem. They’re junk. Don’t bother. Just use the old-fashioned, flat covers instead.

Andrea Coventry, VT

Easy to pull out by children

If you buy these, you may want to buy locally in case you need to return them. I have seen raving reviews, but I just don’t see why.These plugs just slip in to the socket and there is nothing to keep them in there like the “dual release” plugs (which we have and work). Another option is to get the plate covers.These plugs are marketed for adults. Even on the front of the box it notes “push to pop out – save your nails” and “clip to vacuum cord when cleaning – never lose it again”. You won’t break your nails on these plugs because they come out fairly easily – you don’t even need to push their little button. My 10 month old twins can wiggle these out – and they didn’t even see me install/remove them. So, you still have the electrical hazard as well as a choking hazard.I do not recommend this product based on my personal experience.I will add that I shared my sentiments with Safety 1st and they did contact me to try to resolve my dissatisfaction.

Felecia Inwood, IA